Stealing His Heart (MM)

Nehalem Pack 25

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 38,935
20 Ratings (4.8)
[Siren Everlasting Classic ManLove: Erotic Alternative Paranormal Romance, M/M, shape-shifters, HEA]
Being homesick has brought Kamden Kline-Kemp back to Silver Creek. He loves his family and wants to be close to them and the local college has offered him a scholarship to play baseball for them. The stars have aligned as far as Kamden is concerned. What could possibly go wrong?
The moment PJ Henson sees Kamden play he knows they are fated mates but there are a few hitches being thrown into PJ’s plan of a perfect life. First off Kamden is ten years younger than him, still in college, and PJ is his new baseball coach. Second, Kamden’s straight.
This isn’t how Kamden saw his life going but he refuses to let PJ go. The only hiccup in their plan for a happy ever after is Kamden’s dream of becoming a professional baseball player. He has to decide what’s more important, following his dream or making a new and better one with his mate by his side.
A Siren Erotic Romance
AJ Jarrett is a Siren-exclusive author.
Stealing His Heart (MM)
20 Ratings (4.8)

Stealing His Heart (MM)

Nehalem Pack 25

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 38,935
20 Ratings (4.8)
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Cover Art by Harris Channing

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Henson jogged toward them with a smile on his face. His eyes were locked on Kam’s and Kam couldn’t look away. Kam shifted uncomfortably from foot to foot as his eyes traveled over Henson. The man was huge. He had to be at least four inches taller than Kam’s six-foot height. And the man seemed to be made up of only muscle. Kam could see the way they flexed through the material of his clothes. He wore a pair of black Under Amour gym shorts and a gray T-shirt that had the school’s name written across the front.

As Henson got closer, the strong scent of burning wood grew heavier and filled his nose. A fluttery feeling swam around his stomach. Another aroma mingled with the burning wood smell, something earthy, like the way the forest smells after a hard rain. That deep, rich odor broke whatever spell Kam was under. He narrowed his eyes, trying to figure out what that smell was exactly.

“Hi there.” Henson held out his hand. “It’s my pleasure to meet you, Kamden.” The man held out his hand.

Up close Kam could see that Henson’s eyes were a crystal-clear blue, and a rush of heat tickled at his neck. “Hello, sir. It’s nice to meet you as well, Mr. Henson.” Kam reached out and took Henson’s hand. The moment their fingers connected, it was as if a spark shot through Kam. His grip tightened as if he’d been shocked.

“Call me, PJ.” Henson’s hand tightened on Kam’s.

Kam saw something flash across Henson’s face. His eyes flared a bright blue for just an instant.

“Until you’re on our roster, we don’t have to be so formal.”

“Yes, sir.” Kam pulled his hand free from Henson’s. He narrowed an eye and sniffed the air again. He did it in a subtle way. The smell coming off Henson, as nice as it was, was also different, not entirely human.

“Hello, PJ. It’s nice to see you again.” Caleb stepped forward and shook Henson’s hand.

Kam couldn’t take his eyes off the other man. He wasn’t sure what Henson was but he was for sure about one thing. Henson was a shifter.

“Nice to see you again as well, Caleb.” Henson looked away from Kam to his father. “I’m really happy to meet Kamden finally.” Henson glanced over at Kam.

“Me too.” Caleb patted Kam on the back. “I hope he decides to go here in the fall.”

“Me too.” Henson crossed his arms over his massive chest and smiled over at Kam.

The weight of Henson’s stare was just too much and Kam had to look away. He wasn’t sure what was wrong with him. Being around other guys had never affected him like this before. Hell, he was straight as an arrow, but suddenly he was looking at this man, Henson, and was finding him extremely attractive.

“So shall we start the tour?” Sean asked, looking over at them.

“Yes, sir.” Kam walked alongside Sean, doing his best to keep his distance from Henson.

For the next forty minutes, Kam was shown around the baseball stadium and locker rooms and even got to look inside the training facility the players used that was attached to the stadium. Kam had to admit the school was impressive. Kam was really starting to regret not at least looking at Hemsworth before he chose to go out of state to college. The ball field was beautiful, and from what Henson and Sean had said they really took care of their players. They wanted to win games, yes, but not at the expense of the players getting hurt. Not a lot of schools were like that.

After the tour Henson excused himself. He had a coaches’ meeting he needed to get to. Once he was gone, Kam was able to breathe. That strange butterfly feeling went away and he could take deep breaths without his dick trying to get hard. But along with that sudden relief came a bad case of longing. As crazy as it sounded, even to his own ears, he kind of missed Coach Henson. He ached with the need to be close to the older man.




Kam stiffened as PJ pressed his in closer. All coherent thoughts left him, and the ability to speak. All he could do was feel. Hard muscles pressed in close to his. Sweat and heat combined to make a new scent, one from both of them. Kam groaned and thrust his hips against PJ’s. Nothing had ever felt so damn good.

“I’m seriously turned on right now.” Kam glanced up through his tick eyelashes.

“What am I going to do with you?” PJ asked as he leaned in close to Kam’s lips.

PJ loosened his grip, trailed his hands downward, grabbed a hold of Kam’s firm ass cheeks, and squeezed.

“Anything you want,” Kam said breathlessly. He moved his arms up and around PJ’s neck and rubbed his face over his hairy chest, wanting to cover his exposed body in PJ’s heavenly rich scent.

“You sure about that?”

PJ caressed up and down Kam’s crease. He jumped when a long finger probed deeper, slipping between his hard cheeks and rubbing over his hole.

“No.” Kam chuckled, but it quickly turned into a moan as PJ rubbed on the outer rim of his hole harder. “But I know I want you.” Kam raised his head to look into PJ’s startling blue eyes.

“I want you too,” PJ whispered as he moved in for a kiss.

Kam’s nails extended, and he dug the sharp tips into PJ’s shoulders as their tongues dueled. PJ kneaded the hard muscles of Kam’s ass, pulling his cheeks apart and exposing his hole to the warm night air. Kam thrust his hard length up against PJ’s over and over. The scent of their pre-cum filled the air, and Kam sucked harder on PJ’s tongue.

PJ gripped Kam tightly and lifted him off his feet. Kam found himself lying on his back on the hard ground. PJ kissed his way down Kam’s smooth, sweaty chest, stopping to suck and lick at his hard nipples and Kam grunted in pleasure.

No one had ever played with his nips before, and Kam felt like he’d been missing out. God! The way PJ flicked his tongue and sucked hard had Kam whining and begging for more. All too soon, PJ moved down farther, tonguing Kam’s hard abs as he went lower.

“You’re so hard for me.” PJ fished Kam’s cock and looked up at him. “And juicy.” PJ held Kam’s gaze as he stuck out his tongue and flicked it over the weeping tip. “So delicious. I need more.”

PJ encased Kam’s stiff member with his hot mouth. Kam’s eyes clenched tight, and lights flashed behind his eyelids. Never had a blow job felt so good, and he was pushed to the edge so quickly. Already Kam could feel his balls tighten and drawing close to his body. He was so close to shooting his thick load down his mate’s mouth, and there was nothing he could do to stop it.

“I’m coming,” Kam cried out and PJ sucked harder, swallowing the thick length.

A loud roar bubbled up Kam’s throat and out his mouth. He couldn’t control himself. Rope after warm thick rope shot from the tip of his cock, and PJ never once stopped sucking. All too soon, his cock became too sensitive, and he pushed lightly at PJ.

“Stop, please.” Kam chuckled. “My dick can’t take anymore.”

“I don’t know about that.” PJ sat up. He had his hand wrapped around his long shaft, tugging in fast movements. “I think you’d be surprised with what your body can do.” PJ grunted. “Don’t move.”

Kam stilled at PJ’s order. PJ climbed up Kam until his nine-inch cock was so close to Kam’s face, Kam could reach out and touch the wet hot tip with his tongue. PJ moved his hand over his cock in a rapid movement. His face was contorted and his muscles tense. Kam raised his hands and ran them lightly over PJ’s thighs. A drop of pre-cum landed on Kam’s lip, and he stuck his tongue out to taste it. An explosion of fire and wood ignited in his mouth.

“Open your mouth.” PJ reached down this other hand and pressed open Kam’s mouth. He hadn’t needed to do that. Kam was hungry for more. “Want you to drink down every fucking drop.”

Kam raised his head and captured the blunt red tip in his mouth. PJ groaned in surprise, and Kam hollowed out his cheeks wanting to taste more of his mate. Sucking dick was all new to him, but it was as if his body knew exactly what to do. Kam knew what he liked done to him so he just did that for PJ. He ran his tongue around the flared cap and stuck his tongue into the tiny slit.

“Oh fuck!” PJ shouted as his cock erupted.

Thick, hot cream filled Kam’s mouth. It was bitter and strong but tasted like the best thing he had ever put in his mouth. Kam groaned as he drank down his mate’s seed.

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