[Siren Classic ManLove: Erotic Alternative Contemporary Cowboy Paranormal Romance, shape-shifter, M/M, HEA]
Freddy returns home to Sage, after three years of traveling, trying to find out about the wider world. The town has expanded rapidly.
A few surprises are in store, and his world is rocked from the start by the discovery of his mate Evan, a sexy African lion shifter who's run away from the circus – literally.
Freddy's homecoming triggers a new discovery, a rarity in the paranormal world. He is a dual shifter, with two animal forms inside him...and both are fighting for supremacy inside him, struggling to get out. The spirit of Sage has worked its magic, and his primary form takes the lead. A golden eagle, it gives him the power of flight, a useful weapon in the fight against a powerful, brutal militia group calling themselves Flashpoint.
Fully fledged, finally, will Freddy be able to overcome the terrors of his past, walk out of his nightmares, and into Evan's loving arms?
A Siren Erotic Romance
Fully Fledged (MM)
8 Ratings (4.6)
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Cover Art by Harris Channing
Freddy, the charming brat, has finally grown up! His quick wit has met its match in the dominant, straight shooting Evan. A lot of new characters are introduced and some of our favorite ones make an appearance. The residents of Sage have a new battle to fight as they find out just how deadly Flashpoint is. This is a great read!




Freddy cut the throttle to his motorcycle, a Ducati Diavel, eyeing the new speed limit sign with some surprise as he sped by. It had been over three years since he’d been home to Sage, Wyoming, and the town had grown a lot since in the ensuing time. They’d had one traffic light, and no signs that he could recall. He saw the town limits indicator and blinked as he saw the population. Three thousand and fifty-two. At last count, there had been less than a thousand residents.

The road into town, for the next two kilometers, was now lined with new residences, several apartment blocks, houses, a gas station, and a fire station, complete with a gleaming red engine standing proudly out front. He grinned to himself. He wondered how often the crew got to drive around on it—the town wasn’t that big. Geez.

The clinic came into view, a place he was more than familiar with, since he’d worked reception at one time. That was before his itchy feet had gotten the better of him, and he’d left Sage to go and explore the world. Three years later, he was more than ready to come home. He had missed the place. More importantly, he’d missed his family. Murphy and Aiden, who were his two dads, and his brothers and sisters, Blue, Honey, Charlotte, Mabel, and Kylie. He found a convenient parking slot and idled into it, cutting the engine and removing his helmet, glad to feel the wind in his hair after so many miles of riding through the snow-clad landscape. That last blizzard had been a bitch.

Unstraddling his bike, he stretched luxuriously, ironing out the kinks, and looked around curiously. The town certainly had grown. He recognized the quaint charm of it, John’s Café Anglais, the clinic, and a few of the businesses, but a lot of the stores and eating places were new to him.

“Freddy?” He heard the familiar voice and turned, smiling, studying the big man who strode toward him. He felt a sense of homecoming finally, a recognition that all was going to be okay in the world. Murphy, a psychotherapist, was a welcome sight.

“Dad,” he said simply, grinning when his father opened his arms wide, and he stepped into them, soon breathless from the tight squeeze as Murphy hugged him fiercely. The man had always given the best hugs. Freddy felt a lump in his throat and returned the embrace, inhaling his father’s familiar scent, enjoying the closeness after all this time. He felt a twinge of guilt, something that had become more frequent of late as he’d considered coming back to Sage. The easy acceptance, right on the street, did a lot to assuage his discomfort for not calling often enough.

“Son,” Murphy husked, kissing the top of his tousled brown hair. He eased back a tad, gripping Freddy’s shoulders in firm hands, and studied the younger man intently. Freddy had always felt that Murphy saw too much and knew, even now, that the man was reading his soul. A gentle smile appeared on his dad’s face, and tears glimmered in his hazel eyes. “You’re back for good.”

Freddy nodded. He was back.

“Welcome home, Freddy,” Murphy said, his smile widening, and went in for another hug.

“Thanks,” Freddy replied, with feeling. “I was a little nervous, since I haven’t, you know, called very often.” He shrugged uncomfortably, seeing his dad’s grin deepen and a drollness appear on the man’s face as they parted.

“You mean the once a year you actually remembered how to use a phone? Or the one postcard we received from England? Or the Christmas card you sent three weeks late, two years ago?” Murphy hugged him again, chuckling, and then gave Freddy a noogie that had Freddy squirming helplessly.

“Uncle, uncle!” Freddy squealed, laughing breathlessly. “Fine, I’m crap at communicating. Sue me.”

“I’m sure that won’t be necessary,” a well-modulated British voice drawled mockingly. “We’ll just have you shovel snow for a few days…with a teaspoon.”

Freddy finally extricated himself from Murphy’s grasp and turned to embrace John, who was grinning widely. “Hey, big guy,” Freddy said, and squealed again when the snow leopard shifter snorted and gave him a noogie, as well, then lifted him, throwing him over his broad shoulder in a fireman’s lift, and began carting him off down the street.

“Hey!” Freddy shrieked, laughing hard at the man’s antics. John had a screw or two loose, and he’d never gotten them fixed. “Sheriff, I’m being kidnapped. Help!” he cried out as he saw Sheriff Pace sauntering along toward them.

Pace shook his head sadly, high-fiving John, which had Freddy groaning. These two were incorrigible. “I’m afraid when we have miscreants who never write, or call, to let us know when they’re going to come home, there’s only one thing for it,” he said, sighing as he ruffled Freddy’s hair.

“Dad?” Freddy begged, still laughing hard as John smacked his ass.

“Son, you should know by now, I rarely get involved when the sheriff here puts his foot down,” Murphy said, chuckling. “Don’t you remember what we said when you left?”

Freddy thought quickly and groaned again. “You told me to keep in regular contact, or you’d hose me down with ice water.”




Evan purred, his tongue gliding over the smooth planes of his mate’s body, tasting every delicious inch of him. He heard Freddy’s low moans, felt the shimmer of muscles beneath his voracious explorations. His lover lay on his stomach, on their brand-new couch, his ass hitched into the air as Evan worshiped his body. He had been terrified that they wouldn’t find Freddy in time, despite the weather. Now it was time to reaffirm his love for his mate and help his lover forget that there was any other kind of sex. He wanted to claim him again, then again, until neither one of them could walk.

“Time for a little sweetener, my darling,” Evan murmured, grabbing the canister of cream he’d purloined from the fridge. Freddy squealed as Evan delivered a squirt of thick cream to the crease of his ass and then moaned as Evan followed through, sliding his tongue decadently through the mess. He gripped Freddy’s smooth butt, parting his cheeks gently, and then dived in deeper. Moaning fluently, Freddy writhed beneath the sensuous assault, yelping when Evan found the little rosebud hidden there and began probing it vigorously.

“I’ll come too soon,” Freddy moaned, clutching at the cushions desperately.

“Come, my darling,” Evan. “Let me taste you.”

Freddy wailed at that, parting his legs farther and then hitching onto his knees, giving Evan better access. “That tongue of yours should have a warning sign attached,” he said breathlessly. “You’re driving me insane.”

“Come,” Evan urged, reaching under his lover and fisting his thick cock. He ducked down between Freddy’s legs, pointing his mate’s cock downward. Freddy let out a yell and then came hard, spattering Evan’s face with cum, panting heavily. “So tasty,” Evan said approvingly, coming back up to swirl around Freddy’s balls and perineum before returning to assault his lover’s crack again.

“Oh lord,” Freddy breathed, shuddering again. Evan gripped the man’s cock again, feeling it lengthen and thicken with renewed vigor.

Diving in, Evan pushed his tongue inside Freddy, stabbing at his hole repeatedly, fucking him over and over, using his tongue as a mini dick. Freddy’s gasps and moans blended with Evan’s murmurs of approval, his hums of pleasure. Blanketing his lover’s back, Evan kissed Freddy hungrily, pushing a finger gently into his loosened tunnel, probing carefully. He found what he was looking for, nailing the man’s gland, and Freddy bucked beneath him, crying out in surprise.

“You respond so perfectly,” Evan growled. “You were made for loving.” He added a second finger, stretching and scissoring, all the time brushing against his mate’s gland over and over until Freddy was begging for release once more. “Come again, darling,” Evan urged him, nipping at his neck.

Freddy groaned, then the pungent scent of cum permeated the air as the younger man spurted all over the couch. Evan scooped up some of the sticky mess, smearing it onto his dick, using it as a natural lube. Taking a firmer hold of his mate, Evan sank his fangs into Freddy’s neck, replacing his fingers with his cock inside his lover’s chute. His mate arched his back, screaming his pleasure when Evan rammed home, sliding all eight inches inside his lover, claiming him fully.

“Mine,” Evan snarled, lapping at the sweet blood that flowed over his tongue. “Always, you are mine.” Then he began to move, sliding gently in and out of his mate, making love to Freddy. This was no quick fuck. Evan wanted to prove to Freddy what lovemaking was all about, that it could take hours, all night before they were sated. He changed tempo, ramping up to hard and fast, then slowing again, alternating thrusts with sharp, quick snaps of his hips. He wanted to eke out their pleasure for much longer. He wanted to mark his mate, bask in his lover’s scent while dousing him with his own.

“Evan,” Freddy sighed, moving his hips slowly in time to Evan’s steady thrusts. “I love you,” he said. Evan snarled, stroking Freddy’s flanks gently, undulating against him as he made love to his succulent ass.

“I love you, too,” Evan growled against Freddy’s neck. He gave a low, guttural snarl, and then came, lashing Freddy’s hole with thick ropes of come, then jerking out of his mate’s hole, marking him. “Mine,” he said again, turning Freddy’s head to the side, then kissing him hungrily as he slid his cock back in, thrusting hard now. They whimpered, sobbing with need as Evan went primal, fucking Freddy with a flurry of driving strokes. A second later, they collapsed on the couch, still joined, two more loads of cum spraying out as they found yet another scorching climax.

Content, sated at last, Evan curled his mate under him, sliding to the side, and spooning behind his lover as they dozed. In a few hours he would wake Freddy again. He wanted to feel Freddy deep inside him the next time they made love. For now, he lay protectively around his lover, not wanting to let him go.

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