Abby's Two Warriors (MFM)

Wounded Warriors 2

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Scorching
Word Count: 58,250
18 Ratings (4.4)
[Siren Ménage Everlasting: Erotic Ménage a Trois Romance, M/F/M, HEA]
Abby’s heartbroken when Kermit won’t see her. He doesn’t want to be a burden with his injuries. Abby and refuses to give up despite the challenges ahead for them. Even if they aren’t married yet, for better or for worse is just as binding to her. And then there’s Heath. Will he be their salvation?
Heath is Kermit’s best friend, but he has a secret. He’s in love with Kermit’s fiancé but would never break his friend’s trust. When Kermit returns home a broken man, Heath wants to help, but with his own issues threatening his job, Heath thinks he’ll be in the way.
With her two best friends in trouble, Abby refuses to walk away no matter how hard they try to push her away. As Kermit struggles with the changes in his life, he realizes it’s always been the three of them against the world so maybe instead of pushing them away, he needs to open his eyes to the possibilities.
A Siren Erotic Romance
Marla Monroe is a Siren-exclusive author.
Abby's Two Warriors (MFM)
18 Ratings (4.4)

Abby's Two Warriors (MFM)

Wounded Warriors 2

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Scorching
Word Count: 58,250
18 Ratings (4.4)
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Cover Art by Les Byerley
An excellent book with great characters, I look forward to the next in the series
5 Stars

I love a woman who fights for the man she loves!!! This was an awesome book and I totally loved it!




Pain lanced through Heath’s head as someone pounded on the door to his apartment.

Who the fuck is banging on my door? What time is it?

He rolled over and squinted at the clock, groaning to see that it was nearly eleven in the morning. What the fuck? How much whiskey had he managed to put away last night, anyway?

Whoever was at the door wasn’t going away. Heath slowly slid his legs out from under the covers and planted his feet on the ground, wishing they could answer the damn door without the rest of him. Finally he managed to sit up then stand up, holding his head with one hand and the wall with the other as he shuffled to the front of the apartment to stop the damn pounding.

The damn door wasn’t even locked. Hell, he was a mess. Heath jerked open the door then tried to slam it shut again when the bright sunshine blinded him, ramping up the pain in his head behind what used to be his eyes before they’d been scorched by the fucking sun.

“Don’t you dare slam the door in my face, Heath Collins,” Abby yelled, adding even more pain if that was possible to his already deadly headache.

“Shhh, Abby. My head,” he whispered with one finger in front of his mouth. At least he thought it was his mouth.

“I don’t give a flying fuck about your head. You chose to drink. I didn’t siphon it down your throat. Give me a few minutes to scream at you and I’ll finish the job though.” He winced as she stomped across the room and pulled open the drapes, searing his eyes once more.

“What the fuck? Abby. Close the damn drapes. What is wrong with you?” he hissed out from between clenched teeth. “Why are you torturing me?”

“Because you lied to Kermit and told him we slept together. Why would you tell him that? We didn’t sleep together! We didn’t have sex, but he believes you and not me,” she screamed right in front of his face.

Heath jerked back and hit his head on the wall behind him. He hadn’t even realized she’d been backing him up while she’d been yelling at him. Though it hurt like a mother, it did help to sober him up enough that he finally understood what she was yelling at him.

“Wait,” he said in a hoarse voice. Then louder. “Wait a damn minute! I didn’t tell him we slept together. I wouldn’t lay that on him now of all times, even if it had been true.”

She took a step back and stared up at him with so much pain that Heath didn’t know what to do. Why would she think he’d tell his best friend a lie that would hurt him even more than he already was? It didn’t matter that he loved Kermit’s woman. He’d never betray his best friend like that. Nor would he come between Abby and Kermit even if his life depended on it. They were meant to be together.

“He said you told him. He accused me of fucking you and told me to get out and never come back. We didn’t have sex,” she said with a hiccup. Then she was sobbing as if her heart was broken. Maybe it was.

“Hell, Abigail. Please don’t cry. We’ll fix it, but I promise I didn’t tell him that we slept together.” He struggled to think what he had said when he’d visited with him the day before.

It was nearly impossible to think back with the mother of all hangovers redesigning the inside of his head at the moment. It was the reason he’d come home and gotten drunk. Seeing Frog lying there with part of his legs missing and all the cuts covering his body had torn him up inside. Not only because the man was his best fucking friend, but because he’d been thankful it hadn’t been him, and that made him feel even worse.

What kind of friend felt relief that they weren’t the one lying in the damn bed missing parts of their body? Not a good friend that was for sure. He should be wishing he could trade places with him instead. The guy deserved a chance to enjoy life with his fiancée without having to learn to walk on pretend legs.

“You had to have said something, or he wouldn’t have known about any of it in the first place, Heath. What did you tell him?” She was still sobbing, so he held her in his arms as he leaned against the hard wall.

“I’m not sure, but I know I didn’t tell him we had sex. We talked for a long time, but I can’t really remember what all we talked about. I just remember how sick I felt when I got home and I started drinking. Fuck!” Heath rubbed his eyes with one hand, keeping the other one on Abby’s back.

She jerked back from him and turned to stomp over to the small bar that separated the kitchenette from the living area. When she turned around, her reddened eyes still held tears, but they also held something else just as heart wrenching to Heath—hopelessness. Abby, who’d never appeared helpless or looked beaten in her entire life, looked that way now. He could see it in the droop of her shoulders and the trembling of her lower lip.

“Honey. You and I both know that nothing happened. He’ll believe it once he’s had time to think about it. He knows I’d never mess with you. I love you both like my own family. He’s already hurting and angry about this kick in the balls, so taking it out on us is the easiest thing for him right now. He’ll come around. You’ll see.” Heath just wished he believed it as well. Right now the only thing he knew for certain was that he had the worst hangover ever and the woman he loved was crying her eyes out over his best friend about something he hadn’t even done.




The sight of Heath’s fingers pulling and pinching Abby’s nipples through her clothes had his dick so hard Kermit wasn’t sure if he was going to be able to sit in the chair like that much longer. When his friend slowly unbuttoned her blouse and pulled it off of her, the sight of her plump mounds nearly spilling out of the bra stirred his balls into action as well.

“Ta—” He had to stop and clear his throat. “Take her bra off, Heath. Tell me what her nipples feel like when they’re all hard like that.”

Heath settled Abby more firmly between his thighs before unfastening her bra from behind and slowly rolling the straps down he shoulders. When he tugged it free from her body, Kermit had to adjust himself at the way her dusky nipples were now slightly redder and hard as the tips of diamonds. His mouth watered. He nearly rolled himself over to take one of the tender tips into his mouth to taste and torment, but stopped himself. This was far more entertaining and he’d still get to taste her before it was over with.

Heath resumed playing with the buds even as he moved against her. Kermit grinned. The poor man was already so fired up he’d be lucky to get his dick out of his shorts before he came.

“This is perfect,” he said as Abby’s head fell back against Heath’s shoulder. “My own naughty show to watch right in my bedroom.”

Kermit’s cock jerked at the sound of Abby’s soft moan when Heath pulled both nipples at the same time. He could tell the other man was pinching them fairly tightly by the way Abby arched her back and bit her lower lip. She loved a little pain with her pleasure. Nothing hardcore but a good bare-hand spanking had been known to make her climax much faster than plain clitoral manipulation. He wondered if Heath just knew this or if he was experimenting with her to find out what she liked. Kermit liked the idea of watching the other man slowly discover what their Abby girl liked.

“Spread your legs, Abby. I want to see what color panties you have on, babe.” He waited while she slowly lowered her hands to her skirt and while she spread her legs to rest on either side of Heath’s thighs, she pulled the material up her thighs. “Sweet Jesus.”

“What color are they, Kermit? I can’t see from here.” Heath’s voice was rough with arousal.

“White. She’s wearing nearly sheer white panties with lace. They’re hip huggers, too,” he told the other man.

“Damn. Abby girl. That sounds sexy as hell.” Heath nipped her shoulder, eliciting a cry from her.

Kermit loved hearing it and wanted to hear more of it. “Heath, why don’t you check to see if she’s wet yet? I bet she is. She tastes so damn good, man.”

Heath dropped one hand to Abby’s thigh before slowly sliding it down to rest on her inner thigh and then move over to her panties. Kermit sighed when the other man ran one finger up and down her slit through her panties, making her juices adhere to the silk material and darkening it.

“I knew it. She’s nice and wet. Taste her, Heath. She’s delicious. You’ll have a hard time staying away from that sweet pussy once you’ve tasted her,” he said.

“Oh, God!” Abby’s breathy cry when Heath slipped his fingers beneath her panties told Kermit just how much she needed to be touched.

“Fuck, she’s wet!” Heath bit out before sucking on Abby’s earlobe. “Does it make you hot to be putting on a show for Kermit, Abby girl? Do you like being watched?”

“Yes!” she hissed out. “Please, Heath. Touch me. I need you to touch me,” she moaned.

Kermit watched as the other man’s eyes grew wide at her request. Then they closed with a look of ecstasy taking over his expression when he began to play with their Abby’s pussy. Kermit was having a hell of a time figuring out who to watch, Abby as his best friend pleasured her or Heath as he discovered the joys of making Abby moan and beg.

When Heath pulled his fingers free of her panties and lifted them to his nose to inhale her scent, Kermit squeezed his cock and realized for the first time that he’d pulled his shorts down and had his hand down inside of them, stroking himself. Fuck, this was the hottest thing he’d ever experienced since getting inside of Abby that first time.

Heath sucked his fingers into his mouth and moaned, shoving Abby’s body forward, letting Kermit know he was dry humping her through his shorts. Nothing was better than the taste and feel of Abby. He already knew this, but Heath was finding out for the first time. It was heady stuff.

“Fuck! I want to suck her dry right now, but I don’t know if I can move right now without shooting off, I’m so fucking close,” Heath said around a groan.

“Abby, babe. Be real still for a minute. Don’t move.” Kermit slowly rolled over to the bed and waited until the other man’s face lost some of the intense desperation before he moved her over to his lap. “Pull your shorts down, Heath. This isn’t going to be anything fancy this time. You’re both in a bad way. Abby’s bit her lip until it’s bleeding.”

“Hell, Abby. I’m sorry. I shouldn’t have let myself get this far gone before I took care of you.” Heath’s voice was full of self-recrimination.

“Please,” she moaned. “I want you inside of me. I want you both inside of me.”

“Not this time, babe. Next time. I promise, but this time we’re in a bit of a hurry.” Kermit handed Abby back to Heath the second he had his shorts down enough he could handle her.

“Holy hell, Abby. Oh fuck!” Heath’s breathing started hitching the moment her pussy touched the tip of his dick.

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