The Shy Girl and the Stripper (MF)

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 28,053
10 Ratings (4.3)
[Siren Classic: Erotic Contemporary Romance, HEA]
Sunflower “Sunny” Carlyle hates making public appearances. She would much rather stay home and write her books where she lives out her hottest fantasies through her characters. Her debilitating shyness keeps her from looking for her own happily-ever-after.
Doing his sister the biggest favor of his life, George Hartland becomes Geo Hart, a fill-in cover model and exotic dancer for the writers’ convention his sister has organized. The only thing keeping  him from going back to his ranch is the fact that he cannot wait to meet Sunny Carlyle, his favorite author.
Their first meeting is electric, and the only problem is Sunny absolutely, positively has to be on  the plane home Sunday afternoon. 
Can Geo break through Sunny’s protective walls of shyness? Can Sunny relax enough to let Geo into her very small, very controlled world? Can she break out of her shell and show him how to do a proper striptease?
A Siren Erotic Romance
The Shy Girl and the Stripper (MF)
10 Ratings (4.3)

The Shy Girl and the Stripper (MF)

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 28,053
10 Ratings (4.3)
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Cover Art by Harris Channing
A very nice book
I didn't know how I would like this book but decided to give it a try. I loved it.
Professional Reviews

4 HEARTS "Sunny may be a sassy and outgoing author on line but in person she is much more reserved and shy. When she must go to an already scheduled event by herself she is way out of her element and add in one gorgeous man to the mix and Sunny is lost. Geo knows right from the start that he and Sunny are a match but he must bring out the wonderful woman that is hiding in Sunny. Can Geo get her to trust him enough to let go and not be so reserved with him? Are Sunny and Geo a perfect match or will Sunny run and hide from the one man that makes her feel safe? Can she find the strength to grab her chance at happiness? This is another great read from Cooper McKenzie. The characters are well developed and their story moves at a good pace. Sunny is a shy woman but has wants and desires just like any other woman. It just takes a good man to figure them out and how to bring Sunny out of her shell. Geo is the man to do just that. The attraction that these two have is instant but Sunny is not ready to fall for any man and she has more than just her shyness issues to deal with right now. I loved seeing Geo show Sunny what a good man he is. He understands her and is more than willing to wait and do whatever she needs but Sunny sees this as a once in a lifetime event that will bring her wonderful memories. Watching the romance build between the two made for a wonderful read. Geo is not about to let the woman of his dreams slip away even if he has to fight that woman herself. I adore Geo. He is in it for the long haul and fights hard to prove this to Sunny and prove to her that she is worth the fight. The two make a wonderful couple and their story is a beautiful read." -- Gabrielle, Love Romances and More

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“I don’t know if I can do this without you.” Sunflower “Sunny” Carlyle looked at Shey Jones, her best friend, business partner, and the one who had arranged this trip. “Why did your mother have to get sick now?”

Shey pulled her in for a hug before stepping back. “You’ll be fine. Gigi will meet you at the airport and sure you get where you need to be when you need to be there.”

Sunny sighed. “I know. But she isn’t you and won’t put up with my crap like you do.”

“So don’t give her any crap. Pretend you’re bold and brave and show everyone that beautiful smile of yours.”

“I don’t know, maybe I should just cancel,” Sunny said, looking over her shoulder to where Shey’s car was parked at the curb.

“No way. You are going to have a wonderful time, and if you really love me, you’ll bring me back a bunch of autographed books and a boatload of stories about everything that happens. Oh, and I want pictures. Lots of pictures. Now go, relax, let go, and have a good time.”

Her heart was pounding, her entire body was in a cold sweat, and her stomach threatening to turn itself inside out, Sunny headed to the security line. Hiding in her home writing her erotic romances was fun. Going out in public to talk about her books, her loveably flawed characters, and her writing process not so much. But Shey had signed her up for this writers’ convention eight months ago, promising to be her entourage and protector if things got too overwhelming. But Shey’s mother had come down with a cold that had turned into pneumonia. While Sunny knew Shey needed to be with her mother, she now had to go fly halfway across the country and spend the next four days with strangers, without her best friend.


* * * *


Six hours later, Sunny followed the couple in front of her from the airplane up the jetway to the airport terminal. She was tired, hungry, and her back hurt from sitting in uncomfortable seats, both on the airplane, and in the terminal for too long. Stopping at the restroom to relieve her screaming bladder, she turned on her phone and found two texts from Gigi that had been sent in the last thirty minutes.

Text me when you land.

Geo will meet you in the baggage claim area.

Geo? Who in the hell was Geo?

Adjusting her briefcase on top of her rolling carryon, Sunny took a deep breath, straightened her shoulders, and started walking, joining the masses as they walked at various paces to make a flight, or find their way out of the airport. She followed the signs toward the baggage area, walking slowly while feeling like she was marching to her own execution.

Shey and Gigi had been close friends since college, which is why Sunny gave into Shey’s begging and pleading about attending this convention, where Gigi was in charge. She had even met Gigi, once, when she had stopped to see Shey on her way somewhere.

As Sunny stepped onto the escalator to go to the lower level of the airport, her pocket buzzed. She had another text. The number was not one in her phone book, but when she opened it, she saw it was from the mysterious Geo.

Under the welcome sign wearing white T-shirt and jeans.

Dragging her suitcase behind her, Sunny kept moving forward, the hall eventually leading to the large room with a half dozen baggage carousels where checked luggage would be arriving in a few minutes. Looking around, she found the sign welcoming travelers to town. Dropping her gaze, she saw him.

Tall, dark, and panty soaking breathtakingly beautiful, Geo stood like a statue, reading something on his phone. White T-shirt, blue jeans, and cowboy boots showcased the perfect male body that Sunny had dreamt about, and written about, more times than she was willing to admit. She slowed her approach as her pussy clenched, her nipples tightened and her breathing became fast and shallow. How was she supposed to speak to this gorgeous god of a man much less ride to the hotel with him? He probably even smelled delicious.

She slowed even further as he slid his phone into the pocket of his jeans and lifted his head, looking directly at her. Curly black hair cut longer on top and military short on the sides, reflected the lights overhead. Bright golden brown eyes locked on hers and would not let her go. She clenched her free hand and reminded herself to be bold, be brash, be the person the Internet world thought she was. What she really wanted was to run and hide.

“Sunflower Carlyle?” Even his voice was beautiful, deep, and warm as he took two steps towards her.

Sunny swallowed hard as she nodded slowly. “May I see some identification, please?”

He looked startled at her request. His eyes widened for a second before his expression shifted. Something in his eyes began to glow with what she could only identify as approval. He smirked as he pulled out his wallet and flipped it open. Holding it up, he allowed her to study it. George Hartland, III was the name on the small piece of plastic. The face was the same, but the picture showed him wearing his hair in tight curls to his shoulders. This was indeed Geo, the man Gigi had sent to ferry her to the hotel.

“Satisfied, Sunflower?” He asked after a few seconds when she had studied his picture and then glanced up at him several times before looking away.

She nodded. “Yes, thank you. And please, call me Sunny.”




Looking at the open door between their rooms, she said, “You’d better be naked by the time I get in there.”

There was no response as she stepped into the bathroom. Quickly taking care of business, she paused long enough to wash her hands and add a layer of glittery lip gloss before stepping out and going to the connecting door. She found Geo already there, standing in the doorway,

“You’re not naked,” she said, raising one eyebrow as she looked at him from the off-white straw cowboy hat on his head to the bright red socks on his feet.

He shrugged with a smirk. “Gigi made me promise I would not be naked with any of the conference attendees. She just didn’t say what I had to cover up”

Sunny could not help but giggle. “And the hat?”

“Part of my costume for tonight.” One had dropped from where it had been holding the top of the door jamb. His hand trailed down his chest and belly to wrap around the base of his cock. He began a slow stroking motion. “Now, sweet Sunflower, you said something about dealing with this?”

Her pussy flooded, Sunny wanted nothing more than to strip and ride his shaft for the rest of the evening. But this moment was not about her wants. This was about making it so he would fit into what would no doubt be a pair of very small, very tight microbriefs. She had been to an exotic dance review show before, once, and figured that while Geo might not wear the same male version of a G-string, he would be wearing as little as he could get away with.

Locking her gaze with his, Sunny crossed the room and knelt before the man. That put her eye to eye with the tip of his cock, which glistened with pre cum. One hand on his leg for balance, she peeled his fingers from around his cock, replacing them with her own. His cock was long and thick, just the kind of cock she always dreamt about.

Parting her lips, she blew a gentle breath across the head and down the shaft. Geo’s soft groan told her that he was as turned on by this as she was. Opening her mouth further, she dragged just the tip of her tongue across the mushroom head, the taste of his fluids sending desire through her so intense that her hips bucked, her body demanding attention that would have to wait.

“Damn, that feels good.” Geo ground out the words between gritted teeth.

Sunny smiled as she dropped her head back on her neck to look at his face as she took just the head between her lips. Swirling her tongue around it, she cleaned the skin of the smeared drops of precum, her action eliciting a gasp from Geo.

She stared into golden brown eyes as she took in more, then even more until she could take no more without choking. His eyelids dropped, giving him a sexy expression that had her thighs clenching to put pressure on her clit. After watching his eyes close and his head dropped until his chin rested on his chest, her own eyes drifted closed.

The arousal she felt giving him pleasure had her flying high without touching herself. Knowing time was growing short, she began to slide up and down his shaft, sucking and licking what she could without gagging herself, her hand gently massaging what would not fit into her mouth.

Thoughts of the rest of the world drifted far away, until it was just the two of them joined together by the giving and receiving of pleasure.

When Geo’s hands cupped her head, his fingers combing through her hair then cradling her skull, her insides melted further. Her practical side made a mental note to change her panties before heading downstairs to join the party.

Feeling the seconds ticking by, she sucked harder on his cock, bobbing up and down its length faster and faster. The hand on his leg slid up his thigh, then moved in, and gently closed around heavy balls. As if waiting for her touch, the sack drew up. Geo stiffened, his fingers tightening around her head. He made a long, low growling sound as his hips began to buck, and he began fucking her mouth.

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