[Siren LoveXtreme Forever: Erotic Alternative Menage Paranormal Romance, shape-shifter, werewolves, M/M/M/M/M/M, HEA]
Camden Young is a lonely incubus who has existed for more than fifteen centuries without a soul mate. He finally finds the right mate in Axel Christianson, a nephilim who has existed for more than twenty centuries. However, four werewolves, Patrick Tanner, Hayden Irwin, Ethan Decker, and Marcus Henderson, also want to claim him as their mate.
While the six men learn to get along with one another, they also have to contend with the appearance of Dahlia Brown, an evil witch who was blessed with a demonic gift centuries ago. The situation becomes more urgent when Dahlia somehow manages to kidnap a couple of powerful necromancers in a crazy bid for more power and revenge.
Can the six men somehow manage to find a way to get their happy ending while also ridding the world of Dahlia and saving innocent lives at the same time? Or will evil triumph over good?
Note: This book contains double anal penetration. 
A Siren Erotic Romance
An Unexpected Beginning (MMMMMM)
4 Ratings (4.5)
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Cover Art by Harris Channing
This is the second book in the Eternity Trilogy. This was awesome read. The personally of all the characters were well written that you could feel how they could work together. Love the chase that Cam send the boys on to caught him. This is a must read book
virginia lee




“Wipe that weird grin off your face, babe,” Marcus said.

Ethan stuck his tongue out at the other man before shaking his head a little to clear his mind. It was a rather slow day at the gym, and he couldn’t stop his mind from wandering off. Doing paperwork in the office was boring him to death. A week had passed since their meeting with the seven witches from the Sampson coven. There was no news from those witches yet regarding any leftover items from Dahlia Brown, but he didn’t expect any news for a while. After all, it had been centuries since the errant witch actually interacted with anyone from the coven. He knew that the Sampson coven owned a large mansion a few miles outside the city limit because his werewolf mates and he were invited there once. He estimated the witches might need a while to search through the various rooms, not to mention the attic and the basement.

“Thinking about Axel and Camden?” Hayden inquired with a smile.

“Yeah,” he admitted. “I still love Patrick, Marcus, and you, though.”

Hayden only chuckled at him before returning his focus to his own set of paperwork. Ethan might be an alpha werewolf himself, but there was a hierarchy among Patrick, Hayden, and him. Patrick was the strongest alpha among the three of them, so Hayden and he always deferred to the other man. Since Hayden was more powerful than him, he was relegated to the position of the third alpha in their relationship. Anyone outside their relationship might think that Marcus was automatically the weakest among them.

Physically, that was indeed the case. Alpha werewolves were always much more aggressive and dominant compared to their beta counterparts. However, people would be surprised to learn that Patrick, Hayden, and he were more terrified of Marcus. They didn’t understand that the beta werewolf was their emotional link. Marcus helped to glue them together as mates. Without Marcus’s presence, the three of them might have gone feral and tried to kill one another instead of collaborating as one united front.

“Any news from the Sampson coven?” Patrick asked the moment he stepped into the office.

Ethan shook his head. His first alpha mate walked by him, squeezing his shoulder and rubbing his cheek with a warm, rough palm. He purred a little. It was a basic way of scenting a mate. All four of them scented one another, but beta werewolves were naturally more affectionate. Hence, it was always a treat when either Patrick or Hayden became rather touchy-feely. He jumped a little when there was a sudden loud banging sound behind him. He turned around and saw that Hayden had pushed Patrick against the wall quite roughly. The two alphas were kissing each other lustfully, both growling and fighting for dominance. He was about to step in to separate them when the two men stopped just as abruptly. Apparently, it was one of those days.

Both Patrick and Hayden were stoic in nature. They could both be very constipated emotionally. Patrick was much worse than Hayden, though. Once in a while, they would attack each other and start making out like horny teenagers, but it never lasted long. Afterward, the two men would grin affectionately at each other, caressing and scenting madly. It was their strange way of communicating. Marcus and he were used to the two alphas’ unusual behaviors, so they didn’t worry about them anymore whenever the two men made out rather violently out of nowhere. He waited until the two alphas were done scenting each other before breaking the silence.

“Pat, anyone outside—” His question was interrupted by the ringing sound from his smartphone. He picked it up from his desk and looked at the number. It was the leader of the Sampson coven, Janice Sampson. He answered the call immediately. “Hey—what? … Slow down, Janice. I don’t understand what you’re saying.”

“What’s going on, babe?” Patrick asked him softly.

He raised one finger as a nonverbal signal for his lover to wait for him to finish the call.

“Right. … Right. … Of course. Don’t worry, Jan. I’ll contact them. … Yes, we’ll wait for him and do our best to help you. … Okay, later.”

“What happened?” Marcus inquired.

“You guys can’t hear her side of the conversation?”

His lovers shook their heads. He exhaled a slight sigh of irritation at Janice. The witch must have magicked the conversation to be protected from prying ears. She did that once in a while. He frankly didn’t understand the logic. He could have told anyone about their conversations, so any magic she did to shield one side of it was totally pointless. Witches were weird sometimes.

“What did she say?” Hayden prodded.

“Two of her members have been kidnapped.”

“What? Is she certain? Maybe they’ve gone away somewhere with bad mobile phone reception. Maybe—”

“Pat, they disappeared off the coven grounds without telling anyone.”

“Witches need a break once in a while,” Hayden pointed out.

“These are the necromancers. Remember what Axel and Camden told us about them? They don’t interact with anyone outside the coven. At all. Janice confirmed it over the phone, as well. These necromancers never go anywhere without another witch from the coven with them.”




“Why didn’t the mausoleum disappear earlier?” Marcus questioned no one in particular as the six of them made their way up the stairs.

Camden chuckled at the beta werewolf before answering.

“Only the size was an illusion, Marc. The rest of the mausoleum is real.”

“I’m curious how Dahlia managed to capture the necromancers in the first place. The Sampson mansion is very heavily warded by powerful magic. I may not know much about magic, but I could feel it all over the mansion and the land it’s built on when I was there last time,” Hayden remarked casually.

“We can check in with Joseph soon,” Patrick replied.

Camden was holding hands with both Ethan and Hayden while Marcus was between Patrick and Axel. Neither Axel nor he had informed the werewolves of their decision to mate yet, but they would do that as soon as they got into the bedroom. He shivered a little in anticipation. This was going to be amazing. He could feel it with every fiber of his being.

“Should we watch a—”

“No, Pat.” He dragged Patrick the last few steps into the bedroom before pushing him roughly against the wall and kissing him lustfully.

Camden groaned louder when he felt a pair of lips on the back of his neck, their owner lapping and licking insistently. He lifted his arms and allowed both men to pull his T-shirt off. He then turned around and came face-to-face with Hayden. He also noticed Ethan and Axel sandwiching Marcus on the bed, kissing the beta werewolf passionately as they stripped naked at the same time. He tore Hayden’s shirt off, causing the alpha to growl loudly against his neck. He smirked and unzipped Hayden’s jeans before rubbing his right palm flat against the alpha’s erection, which was straining against his boxer briefs. Then he felt Patrick’s hard cock poking against his jeans-clad ass and he moaned. The other alpha must have taken everything off while he was busy with Hayden. Hayden abruptly aligned their lips, and he whimpered into the man’s mouth as they kissed each other frantically.

Meanwhile, Patrick slowly pulled Camden’s pants and underwear off. He could feel the cool air in the room on his leaking cock. He also felt his hands being pushed away gently while Patrick stripped Hayden naked. He pulled away from the kiss and smiled at Hayden before the alpha led him to the bed with Patrick following closely behind him. He pressed Hayden’s chest slowly to indicate that the alpha should lie down on the bed.

However, he didn’t climb on top of the werewolf. Instead, he stepped slightly closer to Marcus and dragged the beta away from Ethan and Axel. The five men looked at him in confusion until he positioned Marcus to lie flat on his back on the bed and pointed his cock into the beta’s mouth before moving lower to take the werewolf’s cock inside his mouth, too. He motioned for Ethan to get behind him and for Axel to penetrate Marcus.

Both Patrick and Hayden seemed to understand what his plan was. As soon as Ethan started pounding into him, he noticed Hayden moving toward Ethan’s ass. Patrick stood behind Axel for a moment, spat onto his cock to slick it up, and pushed it into the nephilim’s tight hole. The movement drove Axel’s cock deeper into Marcus’s ass. Camden groaned deep in his throat when he felt Ethan’s cock pushing even harder into his ass, which was simultaneously accompanied by the alpha’s slight whimpering sound. Hayden must have buried his cock in Ethan’s hole rather forcefully.

He couldn’t focus much at all, though. He was overwhelmed by multiple sensations all at once. His mouth and ass were filled with his lovers’ cocks while his own was sliding down Marcus’s warm throat. There were also the various noises made by everyone in the bedroom, not to mention the increased amount of sexual pheromones. His eyes dilated and he breathed everything in greedily.

One part of his mind thought about the upcoming days. Once they were all mated, he got to have all of these men for the rest of eternity. He would never need to hunt for sexual partners ever again. His mates would be more than adequate to sate his hunger and fulfill his every need. He took Marcus’s cock deeper into his throat and sucked it even harder, rejoicing in the beta’s whimpering sound. He wanted to drink the beta werewolf’s cum, but he didn’t expect the warm seed to gush out so abruptly down his throat. Nevertheless, he swallowed it all hungrily.

Marcus’s orgasm seemed to be a trigger for everyone else. He saw Axel’s balls pulling up, and the man’s cock pulsed faster and harder as it unloaded inside Marcus’s ass. He glanced up with the beta’s cock still inside his mouth and groaned when he saw Patrick’s face scrunching up right before the alpha gave one last push into Axel’s ass before stilling inside it, filling the nephilim up with cum.

He pulled away from Marcus’s cock and whined louder when he felt Ethan’s warm cum gushing into him. Simultaneously, he heard Hayden growling as the alpha reached his climax and hammered harder into Ethan’s ass, which in turn drove Ethan’s cock deeper into his hole. His vision whited out after that, and he gritted his teeth as he pumped his cock faster and deeper into Marcus’s throat, filling the beta werewolf’s mouth with his cum. The feeling intensified when Marcus sucked even more enthusiastically on his cock. He gripped the beta’s thighs harder with his fingers as he continued to ejaculate. Then he slumped facedown onto the bed, still absorbing the fantastic amount of sexual pheromones in the air. This was one of the best orgasms in his entire existence.

After a while, they disentangled themselves from one another, but he wasn’t done.

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