Good Friends (MM)

Suncoast Society 96

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 35,319
13 Ratings (4.7)

[Siren Sensations ManLove: Alternative Consensual BDSM Contemporary Romance, spanking, sex toys, HEA]

Porter is a Dom who refuses to push because an unhealed ache in his soul from tragically losing a loved one keeps one foot firmly stuck in the past. He loves Gavin, considers him his best friend. That’s why when Gavin took the job in Costa Rica, Porter knew he had to let him go, even though it hurt.

Gavin knows all too well why Porter’s in pain—he was there by his side that horrible afternoon. But Gavin has his own relationship ghosts to deal with. All he wanted was for Porter to ask him to stay, to give him a chance to show him he can be Porter’s forever guy. To want him, and as more than just a good friend.

But between ancient heartache, mixed messages, a jealous sub, and a friend who’s anything but, will the two stubborn aviation mechanics finally be able to fix what’s wrong between them?

Tymber Dalton is a Siren-exclusive author.
Good Friends (MM)
13 Ratings (4.7)

Good Friends (MM)

Suncoast Society 96

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 35,319
13 Ratings (4.7)
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Cover Art by Harris Channing
As always, the most anticipated day(s) of the month is the newest Suncoast Society book release! Very much enjoyed Good Friends although I wanted to beat both Porter and Gavin over the head multiple times for their fear of talking through their issues.....maybe more so Gavin than Porter although Porter did finally flip out to the maximum extent possible rather than taking the opportunity to talk things through. However, love prevails after calmer heads prevail and all ends well. I hope we get a follow up on this story in the future. After they get their lives on the right track, it ends just too abruptly. Would like to see them get involved in the BDSM scene, the munch, the club. Good read! Highly recommend!
It is all about communication, and I don't think Tymber can get much clearer in this story about Gavin and Porter. Of course not everything is smooth sailing, and with a twink thrown in the spanner you got some of the ingredients for another good story.
Sara L Olesen

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Porter sipped his drink and sighed. Because normally while watching something as hot as what was currently playing out on the bed before him would turn his crank, tonight?


He had a couple of regular play partners but hadn’t managed to make schedules work with any of them for the past several months. None of them were here at the Toucan this weekend, either.

Then, there was Gavin.

Fucking Gavin.

Porter was trying not to be a bitch about this, but his best friend and long-term fuck-buddy, who was due back into the country any day now from a year spent working down in Costa Rica, had started pulling back from him without explanation three months ago, and basically went silent over four weeks ago.

Which normally would’ve seriously worried Porter, except he knew Gavin was reading his texts. Porter was getting the damned read receipts. And Gavin was active on Facebook. Not posting much of anything, but Porter saw where Gavin had liked a few items that mutual friends had posted.

Plus, when Porter had called him three weeks ago and flat-out asked him if Gavin was pissed off at him or something, Gavin had said no, he just had a lot on his mind and needed some space. Then he’d claimed he was working and needed to go and hung up, leaving Porter staring at the phone.


It’d been over twelve months since he’d last seen Gavin. How much more fucking space did he need? He thought they’d had a great relationship. Friends first ten years ago, then friends with bennies, and then full-on fuck-buddies for the last five years. Well, six, if you counted this past year they’d spent apart.

Never before had Porter ever felt such a vast gulf between them, even when distance was a factor. Hell, the plan had been once Gavin returned to the States, he was supposed to move in with Porter for a couple of months until he could decide his next step.

Honestly? At that point, Porter had kind of been hoping he could talk Gavin into giving things a try between them in a formal way, exclusive and long-term.

Except Gavin hadn’t even brought up moving in for the past several months. If this was the way Gav was going to be, well, Porter wouldn’t bring it up, either.

He wouldn’t chase Gavin. At forty-one, Gavin was a grown-ass adult. If he wanted Porter to come begging after him when he landed in the States, he could think again. Porter thought they’d had this settled before Gavin left.

Porter didn’t do games, and Gavin damn well knew it. After circling each other for ten years as friends, he’d thought Gavin would fucking know better than to act like this.

I’m forty-eight. I’m too old to be playing fucking games.

Porter also realized, as he watched the birthday bottom’s Master hubby grinning and chatting with Donner, that tonight wasn’t going to happen for him. Not here, not now.

Not under these circumstances.

Resigned, he lifted his feet from the nameless bottom’s back and gently nudged the guy’s ass with the toe of his boot. “You can go, buddy. Thanks.”

“Yes, Sir.” The guy stood and headed over to another guy, who was standing around and awaiting a turn with the bottom. Moments later, the bottom ended up on his knees as a fluffer and surrounded by four other guys.

Porter took his drink and quietly slipped out of the suite. For a moment, he stood at the railing of the second-floor hallway, which overlooked the center courtyard pool area. Below him, a typical Friday night party was in full swing in the pool courtyard, complete with loud music, raucous laughter, and happy people getting their freak on.

Normally? He had no trouble finding company or action, when he wanted it.



Porter sadly sighed. He didn’t have it in him tonight. His heart just wasn’t in it. At all.

He finished his drink as he walked toward the stairs in the breezeway and dumped the cup in a garbage can there. His room was in the building on the other side of the center pool courtyard, meaning he had to cross through the party in progress to get there.

Normally, not an option that bothered him, but by the time he’d reached his room and fished his key card out of his back pocket, a sense of irritation had settled deep within him.

Everyone had a fucking partner, it seemed like. Or they were happily single.

If he took a long, hard look at his personal situation…

No, he wasn’t happily single any longer.

He was lonely, and had been ever since Gavin left.

It also pissed him off Gavin couldn’t even be bothered to sac up and give him a decent explanation for his uncharacteristic silence. If he’d found someone to settle down with while out of the country, okay, fine, but do the decent thing and tell him that. Or if Porter had done something inadvertently to upset him, tell him that, too, so he could fucking apologize for it and fix it.

Ten years as friends, wasn’t that worth at least a little honesty? He was always honest with Gavin.

He unlocked his room door and once inside he removed his boots and turned on the TV.

No, he wouldn’t be going anywhere else tonight. He couldn’t even go home, because with the Jack in him, he knew he shouldn’t be driving. Damn sure wouldn’t take a risk jeopardizing anyone’s safety or his job with a DUI just because he was throwing himself a pity party.

He stripped, grabbed a quick shower, and stretched out on the bed, naked, to watch TV and try to ignore the sounds of the party in full swing everywhere else around him at the resort.

This wasn’t how he’d hoped the weekend would go. At all.

Then again, he had the room booked for all weekend. Maybe he’d wake up tomorrow morning and have found his mojo.

He hoped.




Porter had just pulled into his apartment complex when his phone buzzed.

His heart raced when he saw it was from Gavin…then he realized it was just an address.

Nothing more.

No message, no apology.

He headed inside and for shits and giggles tapped the address, which automatically opened his map program.


He literally lived five minutes away. Not even that.

Are you shitting me?

Before he could talk himself out of it, he grabbed clothes, shoved them into his gym bag, and headed out again, barely remembering to lock the door behind him.

When he got there, Gavin’s truck was parked in front of one of the units. He started to knock but something told him not to.

He slowly reached out and tried the knob and found it unlocked.

When he opened the door, he peeked inside and heard a shower running, but this was definitely Gavin’s apartment. He spotted the framed picture of them, identical to the one he had, sitting on the entertainment center next to his TV. It wasn’t the only familiar thing, either. The couch was new, as were a couple of other pieces, but there were knickknacks and books, pictures he recognized.

He stepped inside, dropped his bag, closed and locked the door behind him, and stripped on his way to the bathroom. There, he grabbed the shower curtain and jerked it open, grinning to see a very startled Gavin standing there, and—

“Oh, someone wasn’t given permission to fucking do that.” Porter climbed in, grabbing Gavin by the throat and slamming him against the wall, pinning him there. He reached behind him and pulled the shower curtain closed again. At five-seven, Gavin was eight inches shorter than Porter, with a slender build, but their bodies had always felt perfect pressed against each other.

The fear in Gavin’s eyes flared and flashed over to pure passion and hunger. “Sorry, Sir. I-I didn’t know if you were coming.”

Porter’s fingers closed around Gavin’s throat, not enough to cut off his air but enough to make him remember who was in charge. He leaned in and slanted his lips over Gavin’s, devoured him with hungry, demanding kisses that hardened his own cock.

“Oh, I’m going to be coming all right, boy,” he rasped. “You’ll be lucky if I let you come for a fucking month.”

More desire blossomed in Gavin’s gorgeous blue eyes, and Porter realized how much he’d fucking missed this with him. “Yes, Sir. I deserve it.”

Porter slammed him against the wall again. “Damn right you do.” More kisses. Porter reached down and slapped Gavin’s hand away from his cock, wrapping his own fingers around it and squeezing hard, until Gavin’s moan turned from needy to pained and he eased up just a little. “Remind me who that belongs to?”

“You, Sir!” Gavin said.

Porter sucked on Gavin’s lower lip and slowly stroked his cock for him. “Damn right it fucking does.” He released Gavin, and Porter almost thought he was going to have to grab Gavin again to keep him from hitting the floor, he’d dived into subspace so hard and fast. “Knees,” he barked.

Gavin sank to his knees, his mouth already open. Porter grabbed his head and started face-fucking him with all ten inches of thick cock that he had, unable to hold back this time. He needed it, needed Gavin too damn much.

Needed to stake his claim in a way his boy would have absolutely zero fucking doubts about.

Take it,” he growled. “Every goddamned drop of it. I’ll decide after that if I’m going to reward you or not.”

Gavin moaned around his cock. Porter knew that hungry moan, too. Had missed it soooo fucking much. His perfect tongue stroked and licked Porter’s cock with every thrust, his blue eyes watering but still looking up at him.

Even while Porter slid his prick all the way into Gavin’s mouth, Gavin stayed with him.

No pussy ever felt as good as this man’s mouth. Ever.

And he’d fucked two pussies in his life, so he had a valid goddamned comparison.

His thumbs stroked Gavin’s cheeks as Porter’s gaze burned hot into his boy’s. “You missed this, hmmm?”


He pushed deep, choking him on it, his balls against Gavin’s chin. “Take it, boy. Remember how to swallow ten inches? You’d better.” He smiled as he felt him struggling not to gag on it, eased out just enough to let him regroup before slamming deep again. “Remember that night I tied you up on the bed with your head hanging over the edge and fed you three loads deep down your throat just like that?”

A long, needy moan rolled from Gavin, straight through Porter’s balls and triggering his release. He pulled back and started fucking, hard and fast, letting Gavin concentrate on the head and glans with his tongue and the roof of his mouth. Then his balls tensed and he felt his orgasm hit him. As it spiraled through him, he jammed his prick deep into Gavin’s mouth again and reveled in the feel of his boy’s throat around him as he swallowed his first load of cum from Porter in over a year.

It damn sure wouldn’t be the last one he swallowed, either.

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