Phoenix's Challenge (MM)

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Scorching
Word Count: 31,235
6 Ratings (4.2)
[Siren Classic ManLove: Erotic Alternative Paranormal Romance, werewolves, M/M, HEA]
Having grown up in pack that frowned on gay relationships, Blaine makes a deal with himself—one night and one night only. If he finds a man he’s interested in, he’ll sleep with him. That should have been the end of it, except the man he met was Phoenix, and all Blaine’s carefully constructed plans went out the window.
Blaine can’t stop thinking about Phoenix. Despite everything, he wants to see Phoenix again. What he doesn’t want is for his life to get so complicated. Phoenix becomes his only way out.
Face to face with Phoenix, and trapped in a dangerous situation, Blaine makes the only decision he can: to trust Phoenix to back him up. But the attraction between them is as strong as it was during their first explosive encounter, and Blaine finds himself unwilling to resist.
But why should he? It's Phoenix.
A Siren Erotic Romance
Phoenix's Challenge (MM)
6 Ratings (4.2)

Phoenix's Challenge (MM)

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Scorching
Word Count: 31,235
6 Ratings (4.2)
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Cover Art by Harris Channing




“That’s not a way to treat a customer. A loyal customer,” Phoenix commented, taking another swallow of his beer.

“It’s really not,” Orion agreed, giving a flirtatious smile to the dark-haired girl leaving the bar, a colorful drink in her hand. She fluttered her eyelashes at him even as she rejoined her friends.

“See? That’s how you’re supposed to act,” Phoenix said.

“Don’t be cute,” Daniel said flatly, unimpressed.

Phoenix hid a laugh behind his glass. “I’m a sweet guy.”

Daniel eyed the concoction he was still drinking. “Yeah, I noticed that.”

He looked down the length of the bar, but the only customer present was engaged with Orion and none of the wait staff were headed in their direction. He turned back to Phoenix.

“I didn’t expect you tonight,” he said, curious. “You’re later than your usual time.”

Phoenix nodded. “I just came off shift.” He shrugged. “I was too wired to sleep.”

Phoenix worked as paramedic. He sometimes came to Blue Star to relax. Occasionally he even got laid, since Blue Star catered to a diverse crowd. Mostly, he enjoyed the beer and chatted with Daniel and his coworkers. It was a welcome respite from his other responsibilities. Daniel gave him a sharp look.

“Bad?” he asked. He’d listened before when Phoenix had needed to talk.

Phoenix waved his concern off. “No, just the usual.”

Daniel snorted. “With you, that could mean anything.”

“It’s fine. I’m just enjoying my drink,” Phoenix reassured him. “What were you watching so intently when you didn’t notice me coming in? A new girl?”

As far as Phoenix knew, Daniel was single. He flirted with his customers, but usually didn’t even try to go further. There was no one in his life right now so it was possible he’d seen someone who piqued his interest.

“A guy,” Orion answered his question. He’d half turned toward them and had a shit-eating grin on his face. Phoenix almost choked on his drink. Daniel had never had any problems with him, he wouldn’t be working in Blue Star if he had, but as far as Phoenix knew, his friend was completely straight. And now he was staring at a guy?

“Enough with comments from the peanut gallery.” Daniel glared at his coworker. Orion just grinned wider.

“Spill,” Phoenix encouraged him, noticing Daniel wasn’t denying the accusation. He grinned with obvious amusement. “I have a very boring life. You should help me live vicariously through you.”

Daniel snorted.

“Don’t overdo it,” Daniel chastised him, amused despite himself.

“I was not,” Phoenix protested. Truth to be told, he liked his life boring, both in his official and unofficial job. For a pack alpha, it was infinitely better when nothing happened or at least nothing he needed to involve himself in. Phoenix would prefer that his life stay boring. His love life? Well, that could use some excitement, he thought absently, counting back to the last time he’d felt interest in someone. He looked pointedly at Daniel. That was why he had friends.

“Fine,” Daniel said grudgingly. He leaned over the bar until his head was next to Phoenix’s. “Have a look,” he said, jerking his head to the left. “The third booth, alone, in a dark blue shirt?”

Phoenix did, staring into darkness until his gaze fastened on the dark-haired guy in what was, without a doubt, a silk shirt, judging by the way it wrapped lovingly around his shoulders. He was wearing jeans, long legs stretched out in front of him. He had a glass in one hand, fingers caressing it absently, as he looked at the dance floor. Sinfully long eyelashes hid the color of his eyes. As Phoenix watched, he raised the glass, lips resting idly at the rim. Heat unfurled low in his belly, and Phoenix went rigid. He had to shake his head. He looked back at Daniel.

“That’s a guy,” he said. “A really attractive guy. I applaud your taste”—he ignored the traitorous flare of arousal he got just from looking at him—“but still a guy and you’re not into guys.” His lips curved into a grin. “Or is there something you forgot to tell me?”

Daniel huffed in exasperation, pulling back from him. “That’s what I get for being honest with you,” he accused.

“I thought you weren’t honest with me, you never said you play for both teams,” Phoenix shot back. “Really, you can tell me. I have heard it all. I have likely done it all to be frank. I would be delighted to...”

Daniel spluttered, and Phoenix dissolved into laughter.

“It’s not about sex, you jackass,” he groused.

“You were busy ogling a guy,” Phoenix replied, resisting the impulse to turn and do the same.

“Yes, but...”

“It’s about money,” Orion announced cheerfully from where he was standing at the other end of the bar, apparently still following their conversation. Daniel glared at him.




He dropped lower until his mouth was on Blaine’s neck. Blaine gasped, digging his fingers into Phoenix’s shoulder.

“You…” he started, only for Phoenix to slant his mouth over his, slipping his tongue between open lips.

Blaine lost himself in the kiss, body vibrating until he tried to move and Phoenix’s weight stopped him.

His eyes flicked over the room bathed in sunlight, long windows ranged along two of its walls. It was late afternoon. The room was open, every space on the ground floor connecting to this one. Phoenix hummed as he tugged Blaine’s shirt up, nails scrapping over Blaine’s nipple, leaving it red and peaked. Blaine groaned and shifted his legs, thigh bumping into Phoenix’s. He growled in frustration. Phoenix, the bastard, didn’t move an inch and continued to lazily explore Blaine’s chest.

Blaine swallowed heavily. “We should go to the bedroom.”


Gritting his teeth, Blaine pushed at him. “If you don’t plan on finishing it, I—”

“I am.”

Words rolled over his belly, adding to the fire already burning in his body. He couldn’t believe how turned on he was, for all that Phoenix did and didn’t do. Both of them were still clothed, and for all he could sense the outline of Phoenix’s cock through his jeans, Phoenix was not moving against him, content to keep Blaine under him. Once again, he took in his surroundings guiltily.

“It’s my house,” Phoenix said idly.

“It’s the alpha house.”

His eyes darkened. “I am the alpha, Blaine.”

Like he was able to forget, what with the way Phoenix kept him where he wanted him.

“Anyone can come in.”

“They aren’t going to.”

There was an undertone of threat in Phoenix’s voice, right before he leaned in for another kiss. That could either mean Phoenix knew no one was planning to come in or, and here embarrassment flooded Blaine, that they would realize what was going on before barging in on his alpha and his lover and wisely keep away. Blaine wasn’t sure which one was worse. He swallowed, throat tight, and watched mesmerized as Phoenix slid down his body.

“You didn’t lock the door,” he managed to say, voice rough.

“No,” Phoenix agreed, his breath warm on Blaine’s belly.

“I…” The words stuck in his throat, and he was helpless as Phoenix licked his belly.

The dark head moving over his hips caused a switch to flip inside him. He remembered their first night, Phoenix insisting on the light. Somehow, doing this in the middle of the day, not even in Phoenix’s bedroom, made it harder. His body didn’t seem to care. He was curling into Phoenix even as shame spilled over him.

A whine left his throat as Phoenix’s fingers slid over and under his zipper, tugging his jeans down. He exhaled in sharp relief. Phoenix was now nuzzling his hip, Blaine’s naked and freed cock rubbing against his cheek. Blaine bit his lip to the quick, swallowing the words.

Suck me.

Would Phoenix even do that? He shifted under the other man, desperate for something.

“Relax,” Phoenix ordered, voice silky. “You are strung tight as wire.”

He stood up, giving Blaine’s thigh one last caress. Blaine sighed, running a hand through sweaty hair.

“What are you...” he asked once Phoenix was back.

He got an amused look in return as Phoenix opened the small tube he’d brought over. Blaine stared at him, then felt a flare of jealousy.

“What were you doing with it on the job?” he demanded.

Phoenix arched his brow.

“Calm down. I just bought it. I’m not sleeping with anyone else.” He uncapped the tube.

“Good to know,” Blaine muttered, opening his legs wider as Phoenix reached under his balls. By now he was familiar with the quick bite of pain. He skipped a breath and forced himself to stay calm. Phoenix had distracted him when he was doing this other times. Now, however, he couldn’t focus on anything other than the digits spreading inside him, preparing him to be fucked. He was uneasy this time and couldn’t relax. Despite it, he whined in displeasure when Phoenix pulled back.

“Move up,” he ordered, his tone brooking no argument.

Blaine did it without thinking. His lover tugged his clothes out of the way then bent to take him into his mouth.

Blaine swore, his voice breaking, and grabbed Phoenix’s shoulder once again. He bucked into Phoenix’s mouth before he got a hold of himself. Phoenix didn’t seem to mind, his mouth busy on Blaine’s dick. It wasn’t the first time Phoenix had done this. He was too good for that. Blaine could barely breathe, his thoughts a jumble as sensations ran over him. He barely noticed when Phoenix opened him with his fingers again. He panted, bracing himself up on his elbow so he could watch his dick disappear into Phoenix’s mouth. It looked almost as good as it felt. He quivered, blood heating as pleasure threatened to overwhelm him.

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