Servant to His Every Need (MM)

The Vampire District 8

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 40,547
10 Ratings (4.6)

[Siren Everlasting Classic ManLove: Erotic Alternative Paranormal Romance, M/M, vampires, HEA]

Dorian Grey has been kidnapped by vampire slavers and taken deep within the vampire district to give blood and be tortured for information about the human resistance. Just when he's about to be sold to another vampire and never seen again, Robin Romonoff, the gorgeous and oldest son of the Romonoff house, creates a challenge for ownership of him!

The handsome human now belongs to Robin, and while it is his intention to keep the man as comfortable as possible, it soon becomes clear that he cannot cage a free human. Robin has always disliked the way his father has done things, but he has never gone against the man. He's seen what's happened to those who have. If he frees Dorian from life as a vampire's slave, then he must quickly choose whether or not he loves the man, a man who does not love him in return, enough to risk everything he knows to go with him.

A Siren Erotic Romance


Marcy Jacks is a Siren-exclusive author.

Servant to His Every Need (MM)
10 Ratings (4.6)

Servant to His Every Need (MM)

The Vampire District 8

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 40,547
10 Ratings (4.6)
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Cover Art by Harris Channing




Dorian Grey didn’t know what he’d done in a past life to deserve being captured by an entire nest of stuck-up, noble vampires who only wanted to waterboard him until he drowned, or drink him dry of all the blood in his body. Whatever it had been, it must have been pretty shitty.

Despite that, and the fact that the chains that kept his wrists neatly locked together behind his back were starting to make him itch, he found himself with at least one person in his corner. Two if he counted Noir, but that guy, half vampire that he was, was just as much a prisoner as Dorian was since their capture a few days ago, and he was wearing even more chains than Dorian just for that.

Dorian couldn’t count on him. The vampire with the pale green eyes, handsome curve to his jaw, and sand-blond hair—and why did he did he even care about those things?—who had saved him from getting more water poured up his nose and into his lungs probably also couldn’t be trusted to help out overly much, even if the man had said he would do everything he could to make sure that didn’t happen again.

Robin, he’d said his name was. Oldest son of the Romonoff vampire line. It didn’t sound like the name of a firstborn son to a strong and proud family like the Romonoffs, but he was actually telling the truth. Somehow, he’d taken one look at Dorian, drenched as a sewer rat and probably looking just as appealing, and had developed something of a crush.

In private, Noir had pointed it out that the man might help him out in whatever small way he could, but Dorian hadn’t believed it, not until Robin had returned from chasing away the vampires who had been torturing him and looked him in the eyes.

He’d had the palest green eyes Dorian had ever seen, the color of new leaves in the spring, and though it was cliché as all hell, he’d found himself falling into them and liking it. He imagined sinking his cock inside the man and pounding into him hard and fast, making that pretty mouth of his open as he cried out.

This so wasn't the right time for that kind of thing, but he couldn't help himself.

Noir had said to do whatever he could to keep this vampire happy enough to want to save him, and that maybe Robin would sneak him out and let him run away if he was lucky, so that was exactly what Dorian planned on doing. It wasn't like it was a hard decision to make, especially considering he was already horny as hell just being around the guy.

That, and no way did he want to get tortured again. Pain he could handle. Not being able to breathe, not so much.

He wished there was something he could do for Noir, who was being forced to walk beside him as they were marched down the long and dark hall of the vampire estate to be presented to Robin’s father, Igor Romonoff.

The name itself gave off the impression that Dorian was about to meet a hunchback from out of one of the classic books he’d stolen and read as a child. Maybe it was just the way the name sounded as it rolled off his tongue. Igor Romonoff. Unfair, to be sure, but he didn’t much care about being fair after he was tied down, nearly drowned, then put into chains.

But no, the man was tall and young in appearance. Robin had pleaded with him to show all the respect he could muster for the man before meeting him. “He is over a hundred and fifty years old and he holds no value for humans other than feeding vessels. If he addresses you, look at his face, but do not look him in the eyes. Keep your voice low, and do not fidget. He hates that.”

Dorian’s first thought to that had been yeah right. Like he would ever show a vampire any respect in any universe. It wasn’t like he would be able to charge over to the throne the man sat on—really, he was sitting on a throne, and Dorian was being presented to him inside of a large throne room—but he’d had no intentions of answering the man when spoken to at all. Maybe he would yell at him a bit, call him some nasty names to see just how far he could antagonize the bastard, but those plans had gone right out of his head when they entered the throne room itself, and his inner bravado fluttered away like dust in the wind.

The spacious hall was nice enough, large, and the light in the room almost looked natural and had definitely given Noir something to pause over before he was shoved inside by the vampire guards who were escorting them.

It even took Dorian a second to realize that the light was fake. It was coming from high windows that weren’t actually windows, but screens that were designs to show images of any bit of scenery that the owner wanted. Right now they depicted a lush garden in the middle of a sunny day with blue skies. When Dorian walked past them, the pictures even moved, too, as though he was actually walking by a flowing fountain with a stone bench instead of a still image. The twittering of birds even sounded over the bubbling of the fake water, which had to be coming from a speaker somewhere.

Despite that, Dorian hardly paid any mind to that technology, or how wasteful on electricity it was in a world where there were so few power plants for that kind of thing.

Nope. The thing that made him turn coward was actually the two dead humans who were lying at the foot of Igor’s throne. One had been a man, and another a woman, both poorly dressed and barefoot, clearly slaves who worked the land rather than inside serving breakfast.




“I have never been with a human before,” he admitted, watching as Dorian pleasured himself. He could barely take his eyes away from the man's fingers as they squeezed and moved up and down the column of that beautiful dick. He had dark pubic hair, and his skin was virtually flawless. There were tiny scars on his chest and legs, but Robin didn't see those. All he could see was perfection incarnate jerking his cock in front of him. Robin shook his head, snapping out of his haze, and he remembered to pull the lube out of his pocket before undoing the button and zipper to his pants.

“Never been with a human? That’s…a surprise,” Dorian said. He pulled his hand away from his cock and hooked his fingers inside of the waist of Robin’s pants, pulling them and his underwear down.

When Robin's aching dick sprang free, it was a pleasurable relief in of itself, and he moaned.

“Why is that surprising?” Robin asked, but he hardly cared about the answer when Dorian leaned up, brought his tongue out and licked the head of his cock.

Robin hissed and thrust his hips closer to that mouth.

“Never mind that,” he said, and Robin did as he was told.

Dorian grabbed him by the back of his thighs and pulled him forward. “Lie on top of me,” he said.

Robin shifted, trying to do as he was told, but Dorian held him steady. “No, follow my lead. Put your knees on either side of my face.”

Robin blushed at the mental image of what they would look like. No one had ever asked him to do this before, but the very thought of it had his cock pulsing and lengthening even more, if that was at all possible.

He shifted himself up and onto his knees while also putting them on either side of Dorian’s face. His calves went beneath the other man’s shoulder blades, and that allowed him to sink his body down just enough so that his cock was at the perfect position to be sucked into Dorian’s mouth.

“That’s fucking perfect,” Dorian said, repeating Robin’s thoughts.

He opened his mouth and took him all the way in, which Robin hadn’t been expecting at all. He thought there would be some kind of buildup to allow the man to get used to having a long dick inside of his mouth, but he expertly sucked him back, and Robin immediately moaned and thrust against that warm mouth.

He couldn’t help himself, it was too much. Robin couldn’t hold still even if he wanted to in this new position that made everything he felt seem so much more exciting. He grabbed the headboard of the bed and thrust his hips back and forth as gently as he could, but he knew that, realistically, had he been doing this with someone of less experience than Dorian, it would hardly be considered gentle at all.

He looked down and watched the other man. Dorian’s eyes were closed again. His hands were either gripping at Robin’s thighs or gently stroking them as he hummed and swallowed around Robin’s cock.

He didn’t have to move his head back and forth since Robin was already taking care of that on his own.

“This is…you are…fucking incredible!” Robin said. His testicles were pushing gently against the other man’s chin. He couldn’t see them, but he felt it, and it was utterly fantastic as he thrust into the man's mouth. God, his lips were so gorgeous like that.

Then Dorian opened his eyes, and it almost looked as if he was smiling at him.

Must have been a difficult thing for him to achieve with a cock in his mouth, but he was certainly doing it.

“Oh! Don’t stop doing that,” he pleaded, and Dorian began sucking him again, and then he started to hum.

The sudden vibration around his cock shot right into his balls and swirled in his belly. Everything inside of Robin clenched up as he struggled not to come. The pleasure was so great that he wanted it to last forever, and he thrust harder into Dorian's mouth, and he moaned louder. Oddly enough, even when he stopped to slow down the movement of his hips, that only seemed to further heighten the sensations building inside of him, tightening his balls and making his dick swell.

“I—I want to do this to you. When this is over. I want to put your cock into my mouth and have you ride me exactly like this,” he said, and then clenched his teeth tightly against the rising pleasure that he could not stop. Even fighting against it made it that much better. He was going to come within minutes of having that moist mouth around his dick and he couldn’t stop himself, but at least he could make Dorian feel the same when it got to be his turn.

Dorian’s blue eyes seemed to sparkle. Robin was going to take that for his agreement.

Abruptly, the end was upon him and he lost complete control of his body as Robin began thrusting back and forth at a frantic speed. The entire bed shook, and Dorian would likely have a sore jaw when it was all over but Robin couldn’t bring himself to stop. “I—I can’t—I’m coming…oh!


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