Bearing Up for Her Love (MFM)

Shifting Desires 2

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 50,000
10 Ratings (4.5)
[Siren Ménage Everlasting: Erotic Paranormal Ménage a Trois Romance, M/F/M, shape-shifters, HEA]
Wren isn’t afraid of having bears, Warren and Eason, for mates. She’s not even worried that there are two of them. Wren just isn’t ready, period. She needs to make sure her brother finds his mate first. But something sinister is going on that is worse than even the hunters who are after them.
Eason’s dual bears fight constantly to be in control but one touch from Wren and they are more than ready to work together to protect their mate. Warren isn’t daunted by their mate’s insistence on holding off on the mating until whatever is going on in their little town is exposed and stopped. His only worry is that whatever it is will destroy their mate.
Together the bears and the wild dogs struggle to uncover who is behind the attacks on the wild dog pack. When a new twist walks in verifying that the wolves are part of the problem, Wren’s brother declares war on them and the fight is on.
A Siren Erotic Romance
Marla Monroe is a Siren-exclusive author.
Bearing Up for Her Love (MFM)
10 Ratings (4.5)

Bearing Up for Her Love (MFM)

Shifting Desires 2

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 50,000
10 Ratings (4.5)
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Cover Art by Les Byerley
Another awesome book from Marla!!




“Easy, man. You’ve got to settle. Remember what we’ve worked on.” Warren kept his voice relaxed and prayed Eason could reign in his bears.

“Trying. Want mate,” Eason pushed out from his elongated canines.

“I know. So do I, brother. We’ve got to go slow with her. She’s already spooked by us, and she’s got that wolf bastard sniffing after her, too. If we push her, she’ll run just like our Ursa did. It’s too dangerous for her to be out there on her own.” Warren was worried that was going to happen anyway if the alpha wolf kept after her. It was obvious to anyone with two eyes that she didn’t like him.

He couldn’t understand why Wren’s brother, the alpha of the African wild dogs was pushing her into the wide open arms of the alpha of the local wolf pack. What did he hope to accomplish, and why when he seemed to honestly care about his sister would he force her into a mating she didn’t want?

“Fight wolf bastard,” Eason snarled.

Warren sighed. This wasn’t going well. If Eason couldn’t control himself or Warren wasn’t able to rein him in, he would be deemed a danger to the sleuth and have to be destroyed. Not only was the crazy hybrid bear his best friend, but he was the other half of his bonded pair. Without Eason, Warren would feel incomplete even with his mate by his side. Whatever had started to happen in the bear community to give them bondmates again Warren wasn’t about to doubt the need.

He and Eason had essentially grown up together. His mom had been a black bear and his father a grizzly. Normally in the shifter world, when two different types mated, the resulting offspring would carry one or the other animal but not both. The strongest genes took over and dominated the others. In Eason’s case, instead of becoming either a Grizzly or a black bear, he held both inside of him and became something that was odd as hell to look at.

“Breathe through it, Eason. Think about keeping your mate safe, and that if you can’t control your nature you won’t be able to care for her.” Warren hoped Eason relaxed soon. They had work to do.

As a hybrid, Eason always fought his dual bears to keep in control of both of them. It made him a strong bastard but also a very volatile one. Their Ursus, the leader of their sleuth, had taken a big chance in letting him come with them to their new home. Their old Ursus hadn’t wanted to allow Eason to leave the safer life they’d had back in Alaska. He couldn’t hurt anyone if he lost control at times. In the more populous parts of the US, it would be seriously dangerous if he got out of hand.

“I’m better, brother. Thanks.” Eason dropped his head back against the tree he was leaning on. “Her scent lingers here where she changed the other day. It tore at me. I’m sorry.”

“It’s okay. I had to really fight my own bear. He wants to go get her just like yours does. We’ve both got to tone it down until we can woo her to our bed.”

“It’s the first time I’ve lost it that bad in a long time. What’s going to happen if I can’t control it outside of our old sleuth? I don’t want to go back with my mate here. I don’t want our Ursus to have to kill me either.” Eason hung his head.

“Don’t think like that, man. Just remember to focus, and I’ll help. We’re a team just like always. There’s nothing we can’t conquer together.”




Wren forgot what they’d been talking about. She knew it had been important, serious, but right then all she could think about was her throbbing clit and achingly empty pussy. She needed them inside of her. The wild dog started panting as she wrapped one leg around Eason’s as high as she could get it.

Eason obliged and grabbed it so that she could keep her balance. With Warren pushing at her from behind, his thick, hard dick rocked against her ass so that with each thrust of his hips, she ground her pelvis against Eason’s equally hard cock. The thickness of the zipper caught at her clit with each movement.


Had that been her voice? Was she actually begging for them to screw her? Wren tried to rein in the lust filled need of her shifter side but to no avail. The mangy bitch wanted what she wanted and right then it was two tall, tasty bears.

“Fuck, Eason. We’ve got to get her somewhere horizontal. I’ve got to taste that hot, wet cunt of hers. I can smell how sweet she is,” Warren said.

“Smells spicy like red clover honey. I can’t wait to bury my face between her legs and rub all over that pussy.” Eason moaned then gave her one hard quick kiss before picking her up and throwing her over his shoulder. “Come on, brother. There’s bound to be a room with a bed in here somewhere.”

Wren squealed when she suddenly found herself hanging upside down over Eason’s wide shoulder. Then she sobered and smiled wide enough her teeth probably showed. This was the perfect position to do some ass squeezing. Of course it would be a lot more fun and productive if he’d been naked, but she could work with what she had.

Reaching down, she grabbed both ass cheeks through Eason’s jeans. The soft growl that vibrated down his back, echoed on her chest making her nipples instantly tighten to hard, tingling tips.

The feel of teeth biting her upper thigh right where it met her ass startled her then deepened her arousal to the point of pain. God she wished she could reach his butt with her head. She’d show him how a wild dog bit. Later, when he was naked and trying to rest, she’d sink her teeth into both of their asses and mark them as hers.

“Hurry up, Warren. Find that fucking bedroom. She’s pinching my ass.” Eason’s laughter filled his voice.

“Here it is. Throw her on the bed and we’ll get those clothes off of her,” Warren said as he jerked the covers off the entire bed.

“Hey! I just made that bed up,” Wren snapped.

“Do you want them all dirty, baby girl?” Warren asked as Eason threw her down on the bed.

Wren bounced once but got to her feet before the second bounce. Both bears had wide, pointed teeth exposing grins on their faces. Those smiles didn’t cover up the intense arousal they seemed barely able to keep in check. The scent of their need along with the primal look in their eyes stopped Wren for a second as she took it all in and processed it. The wild dog inside of her howled in delight.

“Wild baby,” Eason took a step closer putting him against the foot of the bed where he could stare into her eyes. “Good lovin’ is downright dirty. If it’s not, you aren’t doing something right. Once I get between your legs, I’m going to eat you up and rub my face all over that juicy wet pussy of yours. I can’t wait to smell like you, wild pup.”

If she hadn’t been turned on before, Wren was literally shaking with need now. Every nerve ending in her body was on high alert, tingling just under her skin. Talk about rubbing, she wanted to grind her body all over there’s, getting her scent all over them and carrying theirs on her. Wren was in deep trouble. They were well on the way to owning her heart and soul.

“Get those clothes off of her, Eason. If they aren’t gone in five minutes flat, I’m ripping them off of her. Need to sink my dick all the way inside that cunt and fuck her until she screams my name.”

“Her ass is mine,” Eason said as a deep growl vibrated from his chest. “I can’t wait to feel that tight little hole stretching around my cock.”

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