Craving Charlotte (MFM)

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 28,113
3 Ratings (4.0)
[Ménage Amour: Erotic Paranormal Mènage a Trois Romantic Suspense, M/F/M, shape-shifters, public exhibition, bondage, HEA]
Charlotte Delaney took her job seriously as a lycan warlord, an enforcer to the werewolf realm. She was part of the army that kept the dangerous creatures in line and she was good at her job. But when a mysterious creature starts killing off the lycan species she resorts to seeking Chandler and Camden Roff’s help, alphas of the Forest Springs pack.
While Chandler had interest in Charlotte from day one, he leaves her defenseless in the middle of the forest for the mysterious being to attack her. Camden finds her and brings her back to the Forest Springs pack's castle for safety as well as information. Distraught with guilt, Chandler and Camden vow to protect her and find the killer being before it hurts anyone else they love. But how do you search for something you know nothing about?
Someone amongst them is lying and the untold secrets they keep could destroy the pack and their relationship forever. Their history may have started the spark, but their passion burns hot as a flame. Can two werewolves find love with the mortal woman they crave?
A Siren Erotic Romance
Craving Charlotte (MFM)
3 Ratings (4.0)

Craving Charlotte (MFM)

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 28,113
3 Ratings (4.0)
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Cover Art by Harris Channing
Lexie wrote a wonderful story that just sucked me right in!!




Desire nearly consumed her. The rush was so intense that she stumbled from it. Rarely, if ever, did Charlotte Delaney allow the otherworld forces to affect her. It was nearly painful. She stood with a hand on her stomach as if that would really stop anything. Bile rose in her throat and she forced back the reaction. What the hell was strong enough to cause that kind of a reaction? She glanced around her and spotted glowing eyes in the woods. Two beady, yellow eyes staring back at her.

Oh, hell.

Standing, she regained some composure. He came closer and the power grew stronger. She rolled her eyes, her body pulsing with electric sparks. If he touched her, she’d come. The painfulness of the situation really made her want that touch. Just a soft brushing of his fingers against her arm and everything would be right again.

Then she saw who it was.

Chandler Roff.

The newfound annoyance enabled her to fight back the desire and turn to face him. While he had a body she wanted to lick, he was a threat to Lycan warlords and the very last person she needed to swap body fluids with.

“Turn off the charm. Nothing’s happening between us.”

“You sure about that?” Just like that, his clothes disappeared. His cock was hard and fat, dripping a small amount of fluid from the slit in the tip. It was a thing of perfection, she realized. Something that was designed to please and tease. She took a deep breath and licked her lips. “You can have it.”

She shook her head. “Quit fucking with me.”

He laughed and his body was covered again. He flipped the invisible switch on his powers and she suddenly felt normal. It was such a shame that he was an arrogant bastard. She would have really liked that orgasm he proposed.

“What are you doing here?” he asked.

“How is that any business of yours?”

“I’m the alpha leader of Forest Springs pack and you’re on my turf. If the Lycan warlords has sent you to kill one of my members, I think I have a right to know about it.”

Alpha leader her ass. He and his brother shared the role. She never understood it, but she didn’t try to. From what she’d heard they were sex fiends and liked to share their women, too. It wouldn’t really surprise her.

“My eyes are up here, beautiful. I know I said you can have my cock, but the moment has passed.”

Charlotte bit her lip to the point she tasted blood. Hell, how did he catch her staring at him? She was supposed to be smoother than that.

“Don’t flatter yourself.” Two daggers lay snug in the vest on her body. “I could rip your heart out and feed you to your own pack. I probably should.”

He arched an eyebrow. “I’d like to see you try.”

She snorted and glanced to the side. “I don’t think I have to tell you about the recent lycan deaths scattered about, do I?”

“I’ve heard. What about them?”

“I’m looking for info. While the lycan warlords do eliminate lycans with a mean disposition, we also want to protect the species to the best of our authority.”

“And you want me to believe that bullshit?”

She licked her lips. “I want you to tell me if you know anything.”

She knew she was grasping at straws. He had no intention of working with her on anything. He never cooperated with the lycan warlords.

Chandler folded his arms over his beefy chest. “What do I get in return?”

She narrowed her eyes. “Peace of mind.”

“Peace of mind? That you’re going to protect me? That’s laughable, sweetheart. Hilarious even.”

She whipped out her dagger and was on him before he even registered what happened. She pressed the deadly tip against his throat. He smelt so damn good. Woodsy. Maybe even an erotic tease of pheromones that occurred naturally in him. God, just being close to him, feeling his heat surrounding her, damn near had her back at square one.

“Watch your mouth before I cut out your tongue.” She tried for intimidating but it came across less of a threat and more of a sad attempt to keep it together. She’d been around plenty of lycans in her life but Chandler and his brother were the only two that were able to delve past her barriers and make her damn near mortal with their powers.

She didn’t like it.

Not one bit.

“What do I get for helping you?” he said it calmly, his scent distracting her from the question.

She stepped back and holstered her dagger. “I’ll humor you. What do you want?”

He eyed her up and down. The slow, sexy look lingered on her nipples until they pressed tightly against her leather vest. She wanted to look down to see if they were visible, but it would only give him something else to mock her about. He knew his effect. God help her if Chandler and Camden were both in the same room, kicking it into high gear. She wasn’t sure she’d survive that.




Camden shook his head. “Enough. Drop the towel and get on the bed. We’re not talking about this anymore today.”

He didn’t mean to bark the order at her but he was so fucking tired of talking about it. Chandler made it clear that they were running in circles. One thought led to another thought which circled back around to the original thought. It was mind boggling.

“If you want us, Charlotte, do what I said.”

Charlotte dropped the towel without protesting and she walked to the bed. Camden saw the lustful look in his brother’s eyes as he took in her naked body. He was fairly certain it mirrored his own.

She swallowed hard and stared at them both. “You could be a little more seductive. You have powers for that and whatnot.”

Camden shook his head. “I think rope is in order.”

“And a gag,” Chandler chimed in.

Her eyes widened, though not in fear but excitement. He could smell her arousal and his gaze went to the V at the top of her thighs. That damn little ring tantalized him, tempting him more than anything he’d ever experienced.

Chandler left the room to get what he wanted while Camden smoothed his hand along her calf. “You want seduction? I thought you told us to keep that stuff to ourselves?”

“I’m not a wolf. I’m not used to mauling.”

He lay on the bed beside her. Trailing the tips of his fingers along her soft skin, he caressed her thigh, moving up her side to the barb through her nipple. He brushed the tip, watching it bead. Circling lazily, he rolled her nipple with the tip of his finger.

“I never would have guessed you would have piercings.” Camden met her eyes while he continued to touch her. “Especially this one.”

Camden’s hand trailed over her stomach, drifting down and between her legs. She was wet. He flicked the small golden ring, rubbing her clit as he leaned down to suck her nipple between his lips. He slipped two fingers inside her, groaning around her nipple at the warm wetness that felt like pure ecstasy. Charlotte dropped her head back and ran her fingers through his hair. Her legs spread wider as he added his thumb to the mix, rubbing her clit with the calloused pad while he pumped his fingers in and out of her.

Charlotte was different than other warlords. He couldn’t quite figure out what it was. She had the authority but she had spunk and attitude as well. She didn’t bend easily to their will, and she was so damn sexy. He couldn’t even count how many times he wanted to do exactly what his brother did. Take her in the forest, fuck her hard on the cold, grassy floor. He was living a fucking dream by her being here, even if it were under bad circumstances. And as greedy as it sounded, he didn’t want her to go. It thrilled him even more that she wanted both him and his brother. It soothed the alpha in them and enabled them to both enjoy what they really wanted.

Camden pressed kisses along the curve of her breast, moving down so that his lips tasted the soft skin of her stomach. The bite mark was nearly gone, which was supernatural itself. The thing that attacked her must have the ability to heal fast.

It didn’t take Chandler long before he opened the door, rope and gag in hand. Camden sat up, his fingers sill playing between her legs. His brother not only grabbed rope, but the straps that held her legs wide. Camden pressed a kiss to her lips, licking her soft mouth before he pulled away to help Chandler set everything up.

Her eyes went wide at the sight of the rope and she glanced toward Camden for reassurance. Camden pulled her to her knees. The slight fear in her eyes was a horrible mask for her desire. He leaned in to cup her cheeks, tenderly taking her mouth with his own. His cock tightened as her lips demanded more from him.

His brother moved behind them, kneeling on the bed while he slipped the rope around her wrists. Charlotte gasped, her eyes going wide as he tightened them, binding them behind her back. Camden smoothed his hands down her body. Nothing too hardcore, but just enough to let her know who was really in control.

Camden changed so that he was naked and lay on the bed, propped up against the pillows. Chandler wrapped the rope around her breasts and then her thighs before connecting it to her bound arms. Her dark hair fell in her face as hooded eyes stared back at him. He stroked his cock, waiting, taking in her hard nipples and the way his brother bound her body.

“Lean forward.”

Chandler gently pushed her so that the ropes pulled tight enough that she gasped. When she was on her belly, Camden scooped her hair back and held it with one hand while he rubbed her lips with his finger.

“You’re going to suck him while I fuck you,” Chandler commented.

Charlotte gave him a sexy little grin and flicked her tongue along the tip of Camden’s cock. A loud groan left his lips as her mouth surrounded him, taking as much of his fat cock as she could stand. He tugged her hair, pulling slightly as she bobbed along his shaft. The fantasy he’d been entertaining didn’t even begin to describe the reality.

Chandler chuckled and moved in behind her. Holding her up so that she didn’t fall, he gripped her hips and pushed inside her tight cunt. She grunted softly around Camden’s dick, closing her eyes as she sucked him. He had never seen something so fucking sexy in his life than Charlotte’s lips wrapped around him. He rocked against her while the force of his brother’s thrusts forced her to take more of Camden’s cock. He bumped the back of her throat and saw stars.

Chandler smacked her ass as he fucked her. “Next time I’m going to be in this tight little hole.”

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