How Cassie Got Her Grind Back (MFM)

Divine Creek Ranch 87

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 113,269
40 Ratings (4.8)
[Siren Ménage Everlasting: Erotic Cowboy Ménage a Trois Romance, M/F/M, light consensual BDSM, HEA] 
Cassie Villalobos promised Samson and Ivan Cutter on the day they graduated high school that she would pursue her dreams of becoming a singer-songwriter, no matter what.
Raised under the dictatorial thumb of her father, Cassie’s promise went unfulfilled. Newly single, her hands are full running her coffee shop, Divine Drip, and dealing with her aging parents, and lothario ex-husband.
Samson and Ivan left Divine after graduation, never intending to return, but they’ve never forgotten their love for Cassie.
Banked embers flare between the three at their thirty year class reunion. Although she has friends in ménages, Cassie is intimidated by the desire of two men, believing she is past her prime and the men set out to change her mind.
Samson’s passion for sadism is balanced by Ivan’s easy affection, and Cassie finds the combination irresistible. Hope flares for fulfilling all her dreams while stirring the distorted illusions of someone obsessed with controlling her.
A Siren Erotic Romance
Heather Rainier is a Siren-exclusive author.
How Cassie Got Her Grind Back (MFM)
40 Ratings (4.8)

How Cassie Got Her Grind Back (MFM)

Divine Creek Ranch 87

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 113,269
40 Ratings (4.8)
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Cover Art by Harris Channing
Once again, Ms Heather knocks one out of the ball park!!! Highly recommend it!
Kalissa Wayne
Another great book. Love this series. Love all the characters.

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Hank Stinson cut in with the next dance. “You having a good time?” Cassie nodded, and he said, “You should tell your pretty face then. Don’t let Dorene Lester’s pettiness bother you. She’s jealous.”

Jealous? What could I possibly have that she’d be jealous of?” The thirty extra pounds that had crept on a bit at a time over the decades sure wasn’t it.

Hank looked at her and exhaled slowly, and she had the distinct impression she was testing his patience for some reason. And he didn’t answer her question but asked another. “Why haven’t you talked to Samson?”

Because I’ve been depressed, and it wouldn’t matter what he said. I’m blaming my hormones. And he hurt my feelings, and I have a right to be pissed. In the end, she kept it simple. “I don’t wanna.”

“You should. He cares about you. They both do—”

“Not helping, Stinson,” a growly voice said from behind her. “May I cut in?”

Hank looked pleased with himself as he grinned and nodded, just in time for the song to change. Couples left the floor, and she felt more exposed as she looked up at Samson as Luke Bryan’s “Strip It Down” began playing. He looked so sexy in his jeans, cowboy boots, and white button-down shirt with the sleeves rolled up, and she had such a sense of portent she could imagine herself doing that for him as the lyrics dictated, under his direction.

“Don’t talk. Just listen, okay?” Samson said as he took her right hand in his left and gently but firmly pulled her toward him. He was so solid, and he smelled so good. And then she realized he’d given her an edict. She opened her mouth to speak, and he stopped her.

With his lips.

She squeaked. Actually freaking squeaked. He kept the kiss chaste and short. She heard a soft snort and glanced to the right and saw Grace and Jack sail past them on the dance floor. Cassie licked her lips and tasted a hint of mint with a tinge of whiskey. Had he fortified himself out in the parking lot before coming in? If she’d thought to bring a bottle, she sure would’ve.

“I’m sorry, Cassandra. Very sorry. I’ve had time to think about the wedding reception, what I said to you, and what I remember about the way you were raised. I apologize for speaking critically of your dress. I wasn’t criticizing you, honey. And I didn’t dislike the dress or how you looked in it. I disliked the way I felt as I noticed how many men were staring at you that night. Not noticing or observing you. Staring at you. One was even ogling. I know I didn’t have the right to be territorial. I still don’t. I understood when you didn’t return my calls that you had your reasons. But I’m here right now, telling you I’m sorry.”

His eyes were shadowed pools of blue, and she saw his sincerity in the slight furrowing of his brow as if he wasn’t sure she would forgive him the slight.

“You’re forgiven. And I apologize for the silent treatment. But just so you know, I had to talk myself into that dress for the wedding reception. I was already sensitive about it. And once I found out you were there, I was even more self-conscious. It wasn’t an easy thing to wear something so…”

“Seductive? Jessica Rabbit didn’t have nothin’ on you in that dress.”

Cassie laughed at his reference and said, “Jessica Rabbit? You’re exposing your age.”

He maneuvered her in a perfectly executed circle, and she recalled what a good dancer he’d always been. “I can’t help it. I’m getting old, and I’ll use whatever tools are available.”

“You’re not getting old.” You’re mellowing just fine, handsome. “And you cut your hair since the last time I saw you.”

“It was time for a change. Like it?”

“I think it’s nice both ways. I like your beard, especially since you keep it neat.”

“Lotta gray in there, though,” he said with a chuckle.

“Not gray. Sexy silver maybe.”

“If you say so. You forgive me?”

She snorted at that ridiculous statement about his age. “Yes. But explain something to me?”

“Anything,” he replied immediately, and she noticed the hope in his open expression and had to smile at him.

“If you weren’t turned off by the immodesty of my dress, because I’ll admit it was pretty low-cut and snug around certain…key areas, then why did you pull back from me, as if you didn’t want anyone to think you enjoyed being close to me?” The hollowness she’d felt at his withdrawal echoed in her memory. “You’ve never been the type to do that…at least as far as I can recall.”

Samson chuckled and leaned down to whisper, “I am when I have an erection I don’t want to frighten you with. I wasn’t turned off by you, chiquita. I was turned on. Really turned on.” She blinked up at him, and he grinned and then arched an eyebrow at her. “What would you have done if you’d known? I could barely talk you onto the dance floor. I didn’t want to ruin everything with my show of horniness, but I managed to ruin everything anyway with my opinions. Untended horniness makes me cranky.”




Touching her cheek, Ivan said, “I didn’t mean to be so rough. You make me…God, that was good. I don’t normally lose control.”

Her body vibrated, every muscle, every tendon, and every nerve. Even her hair follicles trembled with pleasure. An intense aftershock hit her, and she startled beneath him as her pussy squeezed his cock once more, drawing a gasp from him. She giggled. “I think you short-circuited me.”

He chuckled and started to pull back from her, but she wrapped her arms and legs around him and whispered, “Stay, please. Don’t leave. Not yet.”

He rested his weight on his elbows and tilted down to make eye contact with her as he stroked her hair from her cheeks. “I don’t want to crush you.”

“Please, crush me,” she replied. “I’ve never…”

“Never what?”

“Never felt so…”

His kiss was fleeting and warm before he gazed into her eyes. “Loved?”

There it was. Now if it could last and grow. “Yes.” How else could she describe the sensation? Her thighs splayed wide open, his big body cradled between them, his thick cock still lodged and half-hard deep inside her, his heart beating a rapid rhythm against her breasts smashed between them. The sensation verged on euphoria, and she never wanted to let go of him. “Yes.”

He tucked her to him and then rolled them over so she was now on top of him, his cock still penetrating her. The movement shifted him inside of her, and she moaned as her clit pulsed with pleasure. She giggled, surprised to find she was quite ready for another round when she’d been certain before that she’d want only a nice, quiet coma to recover in. The thought brought Samson to mind. So, perhaps she might have the sexual energy to deal with two men after all?

Some small noise got her attention, and she realized she’d dozed off when she opened her eyes and the moon was in a higher position in the window. She usually slept under several layers no matter the season. Just the idea of falling asleep with him, completely uncovered and kept warm by him, made her feel sexy.

He’d shifted her in her sleep so she was tucked against his side and one of her thighs was draped over his, held in place by his hand. Her hair was also spread out all across his chest, as if he’d been playing with the loose strands. Maybe he’d liked having her all over him as he’d fallen asleep. Her pussy tingled, and she realized he was awake as his hand slid over her hip, back and forth in a gentle caress.


“Mmm,” he murmured as he hugged her closer.

“Do you still think Samson might come over? I mean with his work in Morehead and us here, do you think he would?”

“Would you like it if he did?”

She nodded against his heavy pectoral muscle, and his chest hair tickled her nose until a slight shudder rippled through her, making them both chuckle softly. “Have you thought of what it might be like to watch your brother make love to me? And for him to watch you make love to me? If it comes right down to it, can the two of you both be…you know…naked in bed with me. Watching? Participating?” She grew wet as she spoke, and the twitching of his thickening cock next to her thigh was her first clue how he felt about it. He took in a deep, raspy breath and expelled it as he palmed her ass, pressing her against him.

“Practically every day since Samson first told me he’d made contact with you again. Why? Did you think we’d have difficulty?”

“Well…I wasn’t sure if that would ruin your mood, you know, to…”

“Tell me.”

“To fuck me after Samson has, when I’m all shaky and jelly-boned.”

His cock was definitely getting harder. “You mean after he’s made you come and your body is primed for me to fuck you and make you come again…” He pulled her over him with surprising ease so she straddled him. Tilting his hips, he moved so his cock made direct contact with her engorged clit, and she moaned. “Fuck, yes. Cassie. Never doubt I’d still want you just as much.”

She spread her legs wider to get traction with her knees, the motion entirely erotic. He gripped her butt cheeks, spreading them, which sparked life into the nerve endings in her rear opening and making her cunt tighten as she sought and found his blunt head and arched, eagerly taking his thick, hot length inside her.

“That’s right, baby, take it,” he said as he pressed her body tight against his, increasing the friction as she rubbed against him, her cunt trembling on the verge of another surprising orgasm. Her control slipped as he slid a blunt finger to her anus and pressed with controlled insistence. She gulped in air.

“Not only will we not mind watching each other fuck you, we’ll eventually fuck you together, sweet Cassie.”

“But you’re so big!” she replied, rubbing her pussy against him, inhibitions lost as he responded with firm thrusts.

Breathlessly, he said, “And we’re twins in every sense, love. Two big cocks inside your sweet pussy and ass, giving you everything we’ve got.”

The mental image of her sandwiched between their big bodies, at their mercy, was all it took. Her climax detonated, sweet, hot, and so intense it was nearly painful it felt so good. He spread his legs and lifted slightly, using his heels to get more leverage and pumped against her until he came, cursing softly as he panted and finally relaxed beneath her again.

“I’m not used to this much…activity…in one night, but I think, for you and Samson, I might just become a nymphomaniac,” she said.

Ivan chuckled, and then a deep voice from across the darkened room said, “Sweetest words I’ve ever heard, chiquita.”

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