Being Free (MF)

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Scorching
Word Count: 34,026
1 Ratings (4.0)
[Siren Classic: Erotic Romantic Suspense, HEA]
Anna Marie Lopez just wants to escape the clutches of her obsessive ex-boyfriend so she runs away. When her truck breaks down in a small town in Arizona, she doesn’t expect to find an ally or love. All she wants is her truck fixed so she can move on and hopefully get as far away from her ex as possible. She hires Blake Murphy to fix her truck for her, not to get involved in her life or try to discover all her secrets. But she can’t deny Blake is a temptation she is finding hard to resist.
Blake Murphy is instantly attracted to the suspicious but beautiful stranger who is passing through his hometown. He doesn’t believe her story, that she is just on vacation for one minute. He can’t help but feel the chemistry between them but he also doesn’t trust Anna.
Maybe he should stick close to her and discover what is really going on? When he discovers the truth, will he help to save Anna?
A Siren Erotic Romance
Being Free (MF)
1 Ratings (4.0)

Being Free (MF)

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Scorching
Word Count: 34,026
1 Ratings (4.0)
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Cover Art by Harris Channing




The first thing Anna noticed was that he was huge, taller than Victor. He stood at least six-four with wide shoulders. His hair was a light shade of brown with gold streaks but also kept very short. He was wiping his hands on a rag. His eyes were a pretty green color but Anna didn’t think he would appreciate hearing his eye color was pretty. Those striking eyes were currently raking over her body and she felt her stomach do a flip-flop in excitement. Her nipples got hard and her belly tightened with desire. This was not good. She was in this mess because she fell for the wrong man. Never again did she want to be in that place.

“I would shake your hand but I have oil on it. I am Blake Murphy.” He gave her a polite smile that didn’t quite reach his eyes. He had masculine appeal with a capital M but he also had a hard, rugged look that screamed danger. Anna had the feeling he was trying to size her up and was already setting judgment. She instinctively stepped closer to Victor. Victor just felt safer.

“Passing through?” he asked suspiciously.

Anna nodded, feeling very out of place and awkward. “I’m not from around here. I was passing through when my truck gave out. I’m hoping it’s nothing too serious and I can be out of here as soon as possible.”

“I picked her up by the welcome sign on the road leading out of town,” Victor added. “I can take the tow truck and go get her vehicle. I saw Sam’s car at the diner so I know he must be out to lunch.”

Blake nodded to his brother but kept his eyes on Anna. “He’s meeting Melody for lunch again.”

Victor sighed. “He’s been seeing a lot of that girl.” He went inside the building and got the keys. He came back out and gave Blake an amused smile. “Watch her. She is suspicious of every little thing. She accused me of being a Michael Myers wannabe and called my car old.”

Blake didn’t smile but he looked at Anna with a little more admiration. “Shows she is smart. A woman traveling alone can’t be to blasé about her safety.”

Anna gave Victor a superior smile but he just laughed at her and jumped in the tow truck. She wanted to ask him if she could go, too, but he left so quickly. She was left standing there alone and feeling very uncomfortable. Blake Murphy didn’t look like the type to indulge in a casual friendly conversation.

“Come inside to my office. It’s much too hot to stand out here in the hot sun,” he offered politely and she felt odd being alone with him. He didn’t smile and joke around like Victor did. He had an aura about him that felt intense. She could easily see him as one of Santiago’s muscle men. That put her on the alert.

“Do you have a name?”

“Anna,” she said simply and followed him through the garage and into a small office in the back. The surface of the desk was covered in papers and very messy. How did he get any work done with that mess? The organizer in her yearned to clean it. She sat on a chair in front of the desk, holding on to her backpack nervously. There was a very small window so it was a little dark in the room and only one door leading back out to the garage. Blake took a bottle of water out of a mini-fridge and handed it to her. She thanked him and opened it. The cold liquid felt so good going down her throat. She had driven for a long time without stopping, hoping she would make it to a large city. Then she had planned on dumping the truck since it was registered under a fake name. She had been hoping to find a temporary job soon but now all those plans were on hold until the truck got fixed. She cursed her bad luck once again.

“Do you have any idea what happened to your truck?” Blake asked sitting behind his desk. She didn’t like the way he suspiciously looked at her. It made her feel very uncomfortable and it was hard to sit still. She tried to smooth her skirt down and checked to make sure she wasn’t showing too much leg. Now she wished she had buttoned her blouse up as far as it could instead of leaving some cleavage showing. She knew his gaze lingered on her cleavage and it both excited her and intimidated her.  Anna sighed. She wanted to give out as little information as possible but she could tell this man was much more observant than his younger brother was. “It wasn’t in the best shape from the beginning. I bought it used and it started running hot right away and losing water. I bought one of those liquid things to plug up a small leak in the carburetor.”

Blake interrupted her and the corner of his mouth lifted upward. Not exactly a smile but he was no longer frowning at her at least. “Liquid things?”

Anna smiled back at him. Whereas Victor seemed to like to joke and laugh, Blake looked like he didn’t smile much.

“I admit I’m no mechanic. It was getting hot and losing water so I walked into the auto part store. The man behind the counter suggested this liquid stuff to plug the leak he said I had in my radiator. It was fine for a while, then about fifty or so miles back I began hearing little noises, but I was out in the middle of nowhere so I just kept driving and made it here.”




Anna was nervous but excited when they finally arrived to her room. She had been instantly attracted to this man since the moment she had laid eyes on him but she had never expected for this to happen. The desire she felt sweeping through her body felt like an uncontrollable fire raging through her system. She opened the motel room, glad she had left the small lamp next to the bed on. She felt Blake behind her but she didn’t look at him yet. She wanted this night to be a good memory for the long lonely nights she had ahead of her. She slipped off her heels and took off her sweater. She turned toward him and saw his eyes widen. They went directly to her breasts and the low cut of the dress that showed off her deep cleavage and the lace edge of her black bra. His eyes were glittering with desire as his eyes devoured every inch of her full breasts.

“Thank God you kept that sweater on during dinner otherwise I would have thrown you on the table and had my desert there.”

Anna giggled. “Unzip me?”

“With pleasure.” Blake reached behind her and slowly unzipped her zipper, peeling off her dress and letting it fall to the floor. She stood in front of him with a black lacy bra. Her breasts looked like they were about to fall out if she sneezed. She had matching black panties. He had an eager look in his eyes as he stared at her, causing her stomach to tighten with excitement. She was pretty sure her panties were soaked after that scene in the truck.

He slowly traced her cleavage with his fingers and caressed her nipple with his thumb. The tip got hard as a pebble and she let out a soft little sigh. He reached behind her and unclipped her bra, letting her breasts fall free from their trap. They were firm and full.

“Beautiful,” he whispered. He leaned in and swirled his tongue around the nipple and she grabbed on to his shoulder. When he started sucking her breasts hard, her legs got shaky and she wasn’t sure how long she could stand. She put her hands in his hair and gripped him tightly. He gave her other breast the same attention and she moaned loudly. He nipped the tip of her nipple with his teeth. “Oh yes, Blake.”

“When I invited you out tonight I didn’t expect this so I didn’t bring any condoms with me,” he confessed softly, letting go of her breast. “I should have stopped at the drugstore but I was so anxious to see you naked I didn’t think.”

She smiled. “It’s okay. I’m on birth control and I recently had a complete physical. I’m clean.”

“I have never had sex without a condom so I know I am clean, too,” he promised.

A second later she felt him pick her up in his arms and carry her over to the bed and put her down on it. She scooted to the middle. He stood over her just taking his time and looking at her.

She leaned up on her elbows and watched him as he quickly undressed. His chest was free of hair and she smiled as she recalled her fantasy of him in the shower. Finally he was naked. His cock was long and thick and pointed directly at her. She crooked her finger, indicating for him to join her on the bed.

He pulled her panties off and gasped when he saw her waxed pussy. She gave him a sultry look and opened her thighs wide. Her pussy was pink and moisture gathered between her legs. She was so turned on right now she felt like she was burning up inside. She was afraid she would come before they even got to the good stuff.

“Like what you see?” she whispered seductively. She didn’t know why but she felt comfortable being herself around Blake. She was enjoying herself.

“Oh yeah, you are so hot, Anna, and I know I have to taste your sweet honey or I’ll die,” he mumbled and dove right in between her legs, making her giggle. She fell back against the bed and her laughter turned to moans when she felt his tongue sweep across her sensitive folds. He licked her up like a starving man who had been on a diet. He ran his hands up and down her thighs and opened them wider so he could get his tongue on her clit. His tongue explored every inch of her, making her wetter and wetter with each swipe of his tongue. He made sure he didn’t miss a spot.

“Oh God, Blake, it’s too much,” she whispered, putting her hands on his shoulder and hanging on to him.

“It’s not nearly enough, Anna. I want to lick every square inch of your body. If one night is all we have then prepare yourself for a long night, sweetness.” He inserted his cock inside her pussy in one thrust and she screamed out. It felt so good. He was big and she felt every inch of him against her vaginal walls.

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