Hearts on Fire 6: Healing Sophia (MFMMM)

Hearts on Fire 6

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 43,401
29 Ratings (4.7)
[Siren Ménage Everlasting: Erotic Ménage Romantic Suspense, M/F/M/M/M, light spanking, HEA]
Sophia is in hiding in Treasure Town. She's scarred physically, mentally and emotionally and it takes time for her to open up and trust even making a friend. After everything her ex has put her through—as well as the feds not being able to protect her—she truly fights against letting her guard down for four Navy SEALs trying to get into her heart. But they are persistent, damn sexy and determined. How could she not fall in love with them? They are patient and understanding as they help her to heal. Just as it seems her new life is perfect and she's well-protected, her ex sends men to find her, to kill her new lovers and to take her away. She thinks her SEALs are dead, but just as she fights for her life and is ready to die, she finds out that her Navy SEALs will do anything for her love and that there is nothing stronger then the burning love of five hearts on fire.
A Siren Erotic Romance
Dixie Lynn Dwyer is a Siren-exclusive author.
Hearts on Fire 6: Healing Sophia (MFMMM)
29 Ratings (4.7)

Hearts on Fire 6: Healing Sophia (MFMMM)

Hearts on Fire 6

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 43,401
29 Ratings (4.7)
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Cover Art by Les Byerley
Another wonderful book by Dixie Lynn Dwyer!!!! Loved this story!
wow! I think this is one of my favorite's of Dixie's so far. I can't imagine the things that Sophia has been through but I love the way the men in her life don't stop fighting for her. Awesome book!!!




The moment the young woman, Sophia Brown, stepped out of the car, Lew’s eyes were glued to her. She was gorgeous and had a hell of a figure on her. Even the other agents watched her closely as she made her way toward them.

Jeremy and Nate embraced.

“Good to see you. Sorry it had to be on these terms,” Jeremy said to Nate.

“Me too, Jay. Next time,” Nate said.

“You’ve got it,” Jeremy replied, and then Nate introduced Jeremy to Lew.

Lew gave him the once-over. The man kept eye contact with Lew, and Lew thought that was a good sign. The man didn’t seem to be hiding anything, but he did keep a hand at Sophia’s lower back. She looked nervous as her eyes darted to Lew and Nate then around the area and back to Jeremy.

“Sophia, I’m Nate, a good friend of Jay’s.”

She gave a soft, not quite authentic, smile.

“Hello, Nate, Jeremy told me all about you and your friends,” she said in a shaky voice.

Then she looked at Lew, who had to give his head a little shake to get with the program. He’d seen plenty of women in his lifetime who were drop-dead gorgeous, but none of them compared to Sophia. This immediate attraction and protective feeling came over him, and that was not cool. Never had that happened.

“I’m Lew. I’ll be watching over you for the duration of your stay,” he told her as their eyes locked, and she lowered her head and turned away. She was more than shy. She was scared.

Jeremy placed his hand on her shoulder.

“Remember what I told you. You can trust Nate, Lew, and his team. The four of them live next door to the house you’ll be staying in, and Nate, his brothers, and their woman live about ten minutes from here,” Jeremy told her.

She swallowed hard and nodded.

“They have our secure contact numbers. I’m going to call you on that special phone I gave you to check in when I can.”

“I’ll be okay, Jeremy.”

Jeremy held her gaze and then gave a soft, reassuring smile, and she just stared at him. Lew couldn’t help the odd feelings he had. He wondered if there was something romantic between Jeremy and Sophia. Then he wondered why he’d even thought that and why it bothered him.

It was odd, but as Jeremy and the agents left, and it was him, Sophia and Nate alone, he could see how uncomfortable and fearful she really was.

“So, I guess the first thing we should do is show you around the place. Lew and his team have a beautiful beach house that’s all yours. Their house is this one right here,” Nate told her, and she looked at it.

“It’s very big. I wouldn’t expect to see so many trees. It’s almost hidden,” she replied in a soft tone.

“Well, wait until you see the back yard,” Nate told her and winked.

“Well, let’s start off here by the driveway,” Lew said. “In the garage we have a series of vehicles. If you need to take one, we’ll work out a schedule. Down this path leads directly to a walkway that leads to your house, as well as another entrance to the beach. However, we tend to use the back door to our porch.”

“Jeremy mentioned that one of the local markets offers delivery service for food and things,” she said as they began walking toward the pathway. Sophia picked up the large duffel bag, despite Nate’s offer to carry it for her. She also had a backpack in purple on her shoulder.

“Shopping is only a short five minutes from here. You can use the car, or if it’s just a few items, we have bikes,” Lew suggested.

Then she looked at him. “I’ll need that number for the delivery service please.” Then she continued to walk down the path.

Lew looked at Nate, who seemed to read into that statement too. Perhaps she was still living in fear and really didn’t trust easily. It would take some time. But Lew was really interested in reading the file Jeremy had given him.

As they approached the dividing walkways between their house and Sophia’s beach house, she stopped in her tracks. She seemed completely affected by the view, the gorgeous semi-private beach before her and the roar of the ocean as it hit the shoreline.

“Stunning, right? One of the best views in Treasure Town,” Nate said, and then she cleared her throat and walked to the left.

* * * *

Sophia was speechless. Never in her life had she seen any place more beautiful than here. She couldn’t help but to inhale deeply. The scent of ocean air filled her senses. She could imagine listening to the sound of the waves rolling into the shoreline as she lay in bed at night. The house was just as stunning as Lew’s but smaller, and from where the deck stood, she could see his deck and what appeared to be a swimming pool.

“Your house doesn’t have a swimming pool, but there is a hot tub under there. I’ll come in once a week and make sure it’s clean. The chemicals all up to level, so no need to worry about it. Just enjoy it,” Lew told her, and she looked away from him.

The man was so big she could hardly stop the fearful shaking feeling in her gut. She didn’t even want to speak and come across so intimidated. She didn’t know these men. She didn’t trust them, or anyone for that matter, and the sooner she established she wasn’t socializing with anyone, the better.




Lew cupped her cheeks between his hands and tilted her head up toward him. He looked so powerful, in charge and dominant. She needed that. She wanted their control, their protective personalities and their bodies surrounding her.

“It’s beautiful. Are you happy, Sophia?”

She was shocked as all her emotions flooded her heart. Her desire to have these men be physically part of her ruled her every thought.

“Not yet,” she whispered and felt all their hands on her. Cerdic’s fingers traced the cherry blossom tattoo. Gideon caressed her shoulders, and Andreas held her arm.

“What else will make you happy?” Lew asked.

She took an unsteady breath. “Belonging to the four of you,” she said and released her hold on the material, letting it fall to the floor at her feet.

“Sweet Jesus, Sophia,” Andreas whispered.

“Finally,” Lew whispered as he kissed her deeply and their hands began to explore her body.

It was wild, more wild and arousing than she could have ever imagined.

Lew devoured her moans as Cerdic pressed her panties down and suckled her inner thigh. Andreas cupped her breast, and a moment later, she felt his teeth, his tongue, and then mouth feast on her.

Gideon squeezed her ass and pressed up against her as he suckled her neck.

“You’re already ours Sophia. God, this body is made for us. Let us make love to you now, tonight.” Lew released her lips and cupped her breasts.

“Yes. Yes.” She hissed as Lew pulled on her nipple. Cerdic stroked her pussy with his tongue, and she pressed her ass back against Gideon. His hands gripped her ass cheeks, and he pumped against her ass.

“Let’s get her upstairs so we can spread her out and really get a look at this body,” Andreas said.

In a flash, they all pulled back, and Lew lifted her up into his arms. She wrapped her arm around his shoulder and neck and held his gaze.

“Let go with us. We want all of you, together.”

She knew what he meant, and she was more than ready to explore this and be part of a ménage with them. She wanted what her new friends had. She wanted a life, a future, and she felt desperate to have it all with them.

“Protection?” Andreas asked as he stripped off his clothing. Those sexy, deep muscles and mega-hard thighs both aroused her and scared her. He could crush her.

“I’m on birth control,” she whispered, knowing she had the IUD. She gasped as Gideon squeezed her ass cheeks and suckled her neck from behind.

“Oh God.”

“I love this ass. I’ve been watching it for so long. I’m going to fuck this ass tonight, Sophia,” he told her just as Cerdic fell to his knees, lifted her thigh up over his shoulder, and plunged his tongue into her cunt.

She moaned and leaned back against Gideon, who thrust against her ass, his cock covered by boxers, his bare chest pressed against her back. She felt feminine.

Cerdic replaced his tongue with a finger. He stroked her over and over again, and she came, she flowed, and thrust her hips forward.

“You’re a fucking goddess, Sophia. Your body is perfect. You’re perfect for us,” Lew said to her, and as she locked gazes with him, he was stroking his cock, standing there naked in all his delicious glory. Then she saw the scar on his chest, and he pressed closer and kissed her. She gripped his hair and kissed him back.

When he released her lips, she ran her palm over the scar. “Lew?” she whispered, and he shook his head.

“I survived so I could be here with you and my brothers and make you ours.”

She moaned just as she felt Cerdic pull his fingers from her cunt and Gideon stroke his fingers into her pussy from behind and then back over her anus. He did this repeatedly, and the thought of him taking her there had her shaking and spilling more cream.


She moaned, and he pressed a finger against her anus and pushed in. Cerdic took that moment to press fingers to her cunt. All the while Lew stroked his cock and Andreas sat on the edge of the bed, naked and stroking his cock.

“Now. We need her now,” Andreas stated firmly, and they pulled their fingers from her body. Gideon lifted her up and placed her onto Andreas.

He gripped her hips. “Ride me, baby. Make me yours.”

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