Love Under Two Masters (MMF)

The Lusty, Texas Collection 16

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 19,918
21 Ratings (4.6)

[Siren Ménage Everlasting: Erotic Consensual BDSM Ménage a Trois Romance, M/M/F, spanking, HEA]

Daisy Kendrick knows she has but one chance to fix her life, and the lives of her former two masters. With the help of two other Doms—Jordan Fitzpatrick, owner of Reckless Abandon, and Robert Jessop of the Lusty, Texas, Jessops—Daisy lures Christopher Lyons and Rory Phelps to her side.

Daisy will beg as she’s never begged before, and give Christopher her ultimate trust by submitting to his whip. She knows it’s her fault their relationship crashed and burned years before. Only she can fix it.

Daisy soon learns, however, that things aren’t quite as she believed them to be—and she’s not the only one eaten with guilt, and not the only one who has a plan.

Deserted, alone together and naked, it only remains to be seen whether or not three hearts can trump a load of pride, and if Daisy will realize her fondest wish, a lifetime of love under two masters.

Note: This for-sale version has been revised and expanded and is at 19,918 words. The original short version at 14,186 words is available for free only inside the BookStrand App.

A Siren Erotic Romance


Cara Covington is a Siren-exclusive author.

Love Under Two Masters (MMF)
21 Ratings (4.6)

Love Under Two Masters (MMF)

The Lusty, Texas Collection 16

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 19,918
21 Ratings (4.6)
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Cover Art by Les Byerley
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AWESOMELY DELICIOUS!! This book was hot, sexy, sigh AND drool-worthy with outstanding characters. I loved this novella, but anything Cara Covington writes is no doubt, sure to please lovers of erotic, ménage romance readers of all kinds. Well written Mrs. Covington!!
Marie Brown
Cara has done it again! It was awesome as a novella. I always think that they are too short even when full length cuz being in Lusty is a treat. I loved how they healed and completed each other. Buy this book!!

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Daisy resisted the urge to look at the clock yet again. She knew how much time remained until they arrived. Needing to take her mind off her nerves, she inspected her preparations inside the surprisingly posh cabin.

The building itself had been a hell of a surprise. Apparently the combined families of Lusty, Texas—chief among them the Benedict, Kendall and Jessop clans—had a peculiar idea of what all a “cabin in the wilds” should be. She supposed she could understand that. The families’ forebears had founded Lusty back in the eighteen nineties, in order to have a place where they could live and love as they chose. Daisy could only shake her head in wonder. What in today’s world was referred to as “alternate lifestyles” was normal life in Lusty, Texas and had been for more than a century.

Considering her own personal history, and the reason she was there, knowing that an entire town not only allowed but embraced the concept of ménage relationships certainly lifted her spirits and gave her hope.

Daisy brought her thoughts back to the house around her. Plunked down seemingly in the middle of nowhere, this house would put some five-star resort chalets to shame.

One large master bedroom, complete with the biggest bed she’d ever seen, dominated the second story. There were three smaller bedrooms, too, one up and two down. The master bath she could only term drool-worthy—an aquatic playground that would make any hedonist proud.

Daisy really hoped they’d get the opportunity to play there.

She owed a debt of gratitude to two men, one of whom she’d known from four years before, and the other, a friend of his she’d only just met. The latter was a local doctor who’d just returned to Texas after years spent up north working at an inner-city hospital. He’d generously arranged for her to use this home-away-from home belonging to something he called the Lusty Town Trust. Robert Jessop had assured her there was plenty of water and plenty of juice—for the water heater and the electric generator—to keep the spa tub hot, the fridge cold, and the small kitchen stove functioning for at least the next week.

Beyond those luxurious amenities, they had firewood for the fireplaces should heat become an issue, a computer that had awesome satellite Internet tucked away in the pantry, and hurricane lamps and battery-operated lamps scattered throughout the place to bring light into the darkness of the night.

Would her plan bring light into the darkness her life had become over the last four years?

Daisy’s gaze took in her own recent contributions to the décor. There, in plain sight, lined up on the kitchen table was an assortment of toys and accessories enough to outfit any modern-day, private dungeon.

The sound of a Jeep approaching caught her attention. Any moment now, she’d hear the rotors of a helicopter. Yes, there they are!

The planning, the waiting, and the nerves had all finally culminated to the here and now. The waiting was nearly over, but Lord, now that the moment had arrived, she didn’t know if she could get through the next few minutes. Daisy only knew she had to try.

Life these last four years without the two men she loved had been sheer hell.

She had dreamed of this, planned for this, and longed for this every moment of every day for the last year and a half. Once she’d been free of the threat her brother posed, once she’d discovered, quite by accident, that she wasn’t the only one who suffered, she’d stepped outside of her own comfort zone, taken the bull by the horns, and, with the help of a man named Jordan Fitzpatrick, come up with a plan.

Daisy inhaled deeply and steadied her nerves.

Maybe the men wouldn’t be able to forgive her for the deception that would bring them all together at last, that would force them to deal with their unfinished business.

Daisy reached for the door handle and said a quick prayer. Never mind me, then. Just let me fix what I broke, just let me get them together again, lovers reunited.

Her heart would be shattered if they rejected her, but under the circumstances, she’d consider the sacrifice of her own happiness fitting.

It would be the willing sacrifice of a faithful submissive, honoring her two masters.




Christopher positioned them on the bed so that they lay, head to toe, facing each other. Daisy could guess what he would demand of them, and a fine trembling overtook her. Yes, she wanted this. She wanted both of them, separate and together, in her mouth or her cunt or her ass. Anything and everything, she wanted it all.

It’s been so long since I felt whole.

“Rory, can you smell her? Our Daisy is so very wet and needy right now. Doesn’t she smell like the most delectable ambrosia ever?”

“God, yes. I love swirling my tongue along her clit and plunging it into her pussy. I love fucking her cunt with my tongue and lapping up her honey.” Rory blew a stream of air on her that felt as if it ruffled the plump flesh of her shaved mound, making her labia quiver and her clit stretch.

“Daisy, I see your eyes are riveted on Rory’s cock. Look at the tiny drop of pre-cum he has waiting just for you. Do you remember what he tastes like? So very hot, so very tangy—so very Rory. Have you missed the taste of him, love?”

“Oh, yes. I love having Rory’s cock in my mouth. I love the scent of his balls and the way his cock shoots his wonderful cream down my throat.”

“I remember the tastes and the textures of you both. I remember every exciting moment we spent together in each other’s arms and in each other’s bodies. I’ll clean and medicate your welts. You take care of each other’s more basic, earthy needs. Move closer to each other. Use tongues and lips and teeth to lick and kiss, to suck and nip. Pleasure each other, and me, now.”

Christopher’s voice dropped to a deep, sensuous croon, weaving a blanket of sensuality around them all. “Nuzzle and inhale. Lap and lave. Ah, yes, Rory, I see the desire in your eyes for our woman’s cunt. Pleasure her. Pleasure yourself.”

Daisy shivered at the wondrous sensation of Rory’s tongue lapping her slit from base to clit. His hot breath bathed her, and when he set his open mouth upon her, his lips wet, his mouth drawing on her, sucking her cream from her, she moaned.

She wrapped her right hand around Rory’s cock, moving her head nearer to him even as she brought the glistening, purple bulb to her own mouth. She used her tongue to devour the droplets he’d already given her, a free sample of the feast to come. She twirled her tongue in the tiny slit on top of his cock and relished the sound of his groan. Then she opened her lips wide and took his cock deep inside her mouth, sucking him in until his cockhead brushed the back of her throat.

“God, that is so fucking hot to watch. I wish you could see how totally carnal you look together. Mm, the way Rory keeps moving his head back and forth over your delicious cunt, Daisy, tells me he loves your flavor. Ah, Rory, I can imagine the heat of Daisy’s wonderful mouth showing you a slice of heaven. Wild, wet and wonderful. You both need more, don’t you? So very much more. God, Daisy, your body feels like a furnace. Your heat is pulsing out your delicious, sexy aroma.”

Daisy gave herself over to the myriad seductions of Christopher’s deep voice as he stroked a salve on her light welts and Rory’s mouth as he drank her juices from her pussy, making her hotter and hornier than she’d been in years.

She trembled and felt Rory shaking as well. Arousal, greedy and glorious, spiraled through her, beginning the climb toward that rapturous free fall. Daisy surrendered completely to the pleasure of the moment, to the glide and the slide and the thrill of heat and velvet, of the completely carnal cravings filling her, and spilling from her.

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