Brothers of Were, Goddess of Love (MFMM)

The Men of Five-0 6

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 39,033
43 Ratings (4.5)
[Siren Ménage Everlasting: Erotic Fantasy/Paranormal Ménage a Quatre Romance, M/F/M/M, werewolves, spanking, HEA]
Orion and Palidor Venificus, members of the Brothers of Were, are on the hunt for rogue wolves killing their people. Searching for their lost brother, Draco, they come across Ariella Crimson in danger of being attacked. They remember her as a child, keeping watch as their parents visited. The Venificus, McFay, Crimson, and Sinclaire packs are well connected. Ariella’s all grown up, and their wolves are very interested.
Being a Fae and Were, and having some plans of her own, Ariella uses magic to keep her intended mates at bay. She’s twenty-two, and not exactly ready to settle down. But once she becomes the hunted, and her special abilities tune her into what is about to happen, she allows her mates to claim her. She puts her own life in danger in order to locate Draco and will need all the power of their love and connection to save their pack territory from annihilation.
This is only the beginning, and Ariella’s discovery is sure to change Were history for all of time.
A Siren Erotic Romance
Dixie Lynn Dwyer is a Siren-exclusive author.
Brothers of Were, Goddess of Love (MFMM)
43 Ratings (4.5)

Brothers of Were, Goddess of Love (MFMM)

The Men of Five-0 6

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 39,033
43 Ratings (4.5)
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Cover Art by Les Byerley
Awesome series
enjoyed reading felt like I new them great story.




Charity stared out into the bright beautiful night. She was restless, and so it seemed were many of the wolf packs as their howling and excitement filled the darkness. The night of the full moon was approaching, and with it would come many changes. She sensed the foreboding, yet wasn’t certain of the outcome. The Goddesses had not revealed much. Charity’s concern was of her son, Draco. It had been nearly five years since his disappearance. She knew that she couldn’t use her powers to find him, or at minimum ensure his safety. It was his destiny, his purpose to find himself and to drift from his brothers.

Orion and Paldor had been called to assist in the special organization, the Brothers of Were. They, too, now grown men, were warriors of the Goddesses and had to find themselves and train for what was to come.

She swallowed hard. Accepting such fate was not easy for a mother. She loved her children with all her heart and soul.

Although they wanted to remain in the vicinity of the estate and work with their fathers, Maximus, Luther, and Dante, they had received the special calling. Charity sighed, gripping the bars on the balcony railing. She feared for their lives, for their futures, and their bond as triplets. They were going to be challenged, and with that challenge would come difficult times for their family and close friends. Charity thought of Lexi and Antoinette. Their bond was still strong as ever, yet a dark power lurked somewhere around the families. She closed her eyes, and again thought of Draco.

Wherever you are son, know that I love you. You are strong, and you are capable of so much good. Do not allow any darkness to penetrate your soul, or take you away from your rightful place on the throne.

Strong arms wrapped around her, making her shutter in surprise. She was so lost in thought, she hadn’t realized that Maximus approached. The feel of his warm lips against her neck, and his large firm hand cupping her breast, instantly eased her mind.

“I was looking for you. Why did you leave our bed?” he asked, kissing along her shoulder, making her belly quiver, her nipples tighten, and her pussy swell with need. After years of marriage and lovemaking, after their children were fully grown, she still craved her mates like a youthful lover.

She covered his hands and leaned back against him as she tilted her head to give him better access to her neck.

“I couldn’t sleep.”

He paused. “Something’s wrong?” She heard his concern. Rightfully so. Being mated to the Chosen One led to adventurous circumstances. She chuckled.

“My heart is heavy, Maximus. There is something coming. I feel it, yet the Goddesses are not giving me any sign of what.”

“Then you must wait, and we will be ready. Perhaps it is the fact that Orion and Palidor will be in the area this weekend. We haven’t seen them in two years time. Their positions are so important to all of us, and all the many members of this realm and other realms.”

“I yearn to see them. I know that they are providing a great service to our cause. They have faced many dangers, and have had to deal with so much. They still concern themselves with finding Draco.”

Maximus hugged her snuggly. “Perhaps they will be successful? You know better than I do, that Draco will one day return to us, and his rightful place on the Venificus throne. Luther, Dante, and I are getting older, and our sons will need to take our places soon.”

“Who is getting older?” Dante asked as he and Luther joined them out on the balcony.

Charity turned toward her mates. Their bare chests, large muscles, and handsome features ignited the same response in her as Maximus’s approach.

“Our mate says that there is something dark coming. Charity worries about Draco, Orion, and Palidor,” Maximus said, as Luther pulled her into his arms and hugged her to him. Dante pressed a hand to her back.

“We all wish for Draco’s safe return. I’m certain that he is fine,” Luther said.

“I hope so. My visions are getting stronger and stronger. I fear that he will face some kind of challenge, and everything in my being indicates that he will need not only the love and support of his family, but the bond of his brothers. I pray to the Goddesses that he chooses correctly.” She closed her eyes and absorbed Luther’s embrace, as well as Maximus’s and Dante’s presences. The bond they shared was strong, but the black power in the distance held strength, too. Be resilient, my son, wherever you are.




Ariella moaned as they shifted her how they wanted her. Being so petite and light, these huge wolves turned her around and continued to assault her with their sexually talented tongues, fingers, and hands. Her ass and hips were hanging over Palidor’s thick, hard thighs, and Orion’s fingers continued to thrust into her pussy.

She felt her body begin to tighten, when suddenly Orion lowered his mouth to her mound and replaced his fingers with his tongue. She screamed her release, feeling her body explode on impact as Palidor cupped and pinched her nipple while he sucked on her neck and shoulder.

“Orion. Palidor.” She said their names and rocked her hips against Orion’s mouth and tongue. She felt his long thick tongue press deeper and knew he was using his wolf abilities to draw more out of her. She’d never had sex before. She’d never let anyone near her private parts, yet here she was allowing two brothers, wolves, to control her body.

She tightened up and Palidor pulled on her nipple. “Oh.”

“Relax and enjoy it. This body, these breasts belong to us.

Orion pulled his mouth from her pussy and she felt half relieved, half abandoned.

“And this pussy and ass, too.” He stroked his tongue from the crack of her ass, over her sacred hole to her pussy. She shook from his words, his tone, and Palidor’s declaration.

“Your turn,” Orion said to Palidor as Orion lifted up, pulled Ariella into his arms, and hugged her to him. He kissed her on the mouth and she could taste herself on his lips. He twirled his tongue around hers and she felt his hands over her ass spreading her cream from her pussy to her anus. His hold tightened as she moaned into his mouth and tried to lift up. As his finger pressed over the tight bud and then moved down over her pussy, she began to rock against him.

She felt Palidor’s hands on her hips and she tightened and then allowed him to lift her to her knees. She was now facing Orion, on her knees in the front of the SUV, with her bare ass facing Palidor.

His hands moved over each globe and squeezed.

“By the Gods, your ass is perfect, mate. And your cream is teasing my senses. I need you.”

She felt a rush of desire fill her body and soul. Orion pulled her lower to his chest, causing her ass to push back and her legs to spread wider. She knew Palidor’s intentions and she wanted it.

Palidor used both hands to caress up her inner thighs to her mound. When his fingers collided with her wet, useless panties, she was shocked when he tore them from her body. Her breasts thrust forward from the move, and Orion captured a mouthful of her breast. He sucked so very hard she tilted forward as her ass pressed backward, and then she felt Palidor’s fingers push between her wet folds.

Moaning, she allowed them to continue, and when Palidor started to thrust his fingers a little faster into her cunt, she began to ride his digits.

The feel of his other large hand against her hip bone, holding her in place and guiding her thrusts, aroused every feminine instinct inside of her. She shivered with need and then she felt him lower behind her. A moment later, he pulled his fingers from her pussy and replaced them with his wolfen tongue.

“Oh, Palidor. Holy crap, what are you doing? Oh!” She moaned and Orion continued to suckle her breast and pull on the nipple. Then he moved her hand over his crotch and that was when she felt his erection.

“That’s what you do to me. Touch me, baby. Come on.” He thrust his hips upward. She was hesitant to do as he asked, but he was insistent and so was Palidor as his palm slapped against her ass cheek. Her pussy exploded, and in response she wanted revenge. Unzipping Orion’s pants, she quickly shoved her hand down in there and gasped. He was huge and hard and her wolf growled low.

“That’s it, baby. Your wolf knows her mates are here.” Orion told her. He scooted further toward the passenger door and spread his legs. Palidor adjusted his position as he continued to feast on her pussy.

Ariella felt her eyes change and she started to breath heavily. She looked down and saw the pre-cum on the tip of his thick, hard cock. She licked her lips.

She wanted to taste him. She didn’t care about her desire for independence and to avoid mating. She wanted what was hers. Lowering down, she licked the top.

“Holy Goddesses. Yes.” Orion growled and then gripped her hair. In defiance of his dominant move, she sucked part of his cock into her mouth. Up and down she moved her mouth over him, and his hold lightened and then suddenly went loose. He thrust upward, meeting her strokes, and she craved more.

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