Passion, Victoria 9: Flowering Passions (MFM)

Passion, Victoria 9

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 40,038
8 Ratings (4.0)
[Siren Ménage Everlasting: Erotic Ménage a Trois Romantic Suspense, M/F/M, sex toys, HEA]
Molly Godfrey moves to Passion to realize her dream of running her own florist shop. When she meets the two real estate owners, Steven and Giles Blaze, she is instantly attracted to the blond, blue-eyed hunks, but doesn’t think she stands a chance of attracting them. Molly considers herself a plain Jane with her unruly curly brown hair and hazel eyes.
Even though she accepts a night out with the two brothers and is fascinated by them, she doesn’t realize that they are attracted to her. They call into her shop each day to talk to her, but she thinks they are just being friendly.
But when Molly gets herself into hot water with the law and then drug cultivators, Steven and Giles decide it’s time to up the ante, physically and emotionally, with their woman and also to protect her. After someone tries to hurt Molly, the Blaze brothers call in their SAS trained cousins. They will do anything to keep their woman safe.
NOTE: This is original work in the Passion, Victoria series that has never been published.
A Siren Erotic Romance
Becca Van is a Siren-exclusive author.
Passion, Victoria 9: Flowering Passions (MFM)
8 Ratings (4.0)

Passion, Victoria 9: Flowering Passions (MFM)

Passion, Victoria 9

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 40,038
8 Ratings (4.0)
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Cover Art by Harris Channing
Another outstanding book in this series.




Molly straightened up from her slouched position on the counter and cursed that she was only wearing an old faded pair of jeans and T-shirt. It was really hard not to lift an arm to check her unruly wavy hair, but she managed to refrain, just.

“Hi, Molly, how are things going?”

Better for seeing you and your studly brother.

“Hi, Steven, Giles, things are moving along. How’s the real estate business?”

God, Molly, could you be any more dorky?

Giles glanced at Steven and smirked. Molly wondered if he thought she was a dork, too. Everyone else did, so why would these two handsome sexy men be any different?

“Business is good,” Steven answered and kept moving until he was across the counter from her. Giles gave her a look she couldn’t decipher and then went over to talk to Graham. Steven drew her attention when he began talking again. “Giles and I thought you might like to come out with us to the club tonight for dinner. We can introduce you around so you can meet some more people.”

God yes! Molly’s insides did a happy dance and she hoped like hell none of her feelings showed on her face. She could think of nothing better than spending time with the two tall blonde hunks but she pushed her excitement down deep.

Get a grip, Molly. They aren’t asking you out on a date they are only being friendly because you’re new in town and want you to meet new people.

No matter how hard she tried, she couldn’t tear her eyes away from his. He was built like a Greek god with his tall six-foot-two frame and muscular body. She loved his wavy blond collar-length hair and wanted to find out if it was as soft and thick as it looked. Steven’s blue eyes were so light they were almost translucent and she imagined they could see into her soul. And his body. My God, did he have a body on him. She wondered if he worked out a lot. Even though he was dressed nicely in dress trousers and a button-down shirt, every time he moved, the sleeves on his shirt clung to the muscles in his biceps and looked like they were about to rip open. It wasn’t that he wore his shirts too tight. It was just that the material seemed to cling and she nearly ended up drooling when his arms bulged and rippled.

And then there was Giles. Giles looked like he was a couple of years older than Steven but the similarities were so uncanny they could have been twins. Giles was an inch taller than Steven but he was just as muscular and bulky as his brother. His hair was straight and didn’t have the wave in it that Steven’s did, and he wore it a little shorter, but his eyes were a darker blue and not as piercing as his sibling’s. The Blaze brothers were so damn handsome, brawny, and sexy, she often found herself watching out for them.

Their real estate office was only two stores down from hers and she couldn’t help but stand by the window to her shop every morning just hoping to catch a glimpse of them when they arrived at work.

But no matter how sexy they were, Molly knew she would never even get a sideways look from these two sexy men. As far as Molly was concerned, she was a plain Jane and didn’t have anything special about her appearance or personality that would attract men like these.

Molly Godfrey was just plain all over. She was average height, had average-colored shoulder-length brown hair and average-looking hazel eyes. She was twenty-five years old and even though she’d had two boyfriends, they had been just as average looking as her. They had been nice men and treated her with respect, but there had never been any spark. Everything about Molly’s life had been average until she had moved to Passion and now that she was now the proud tenant of the flower shop, she hoped to change her boring mundane life to one with a bit more excitement. She was already starting to make friends in her new home town and hoped to make even more. She’d only ever really had Deanne and she would like to have more girlfriends to be able to confide in or just to have a night out on the town with now and then.

“Molly? Are you okay?” Steven was frowning at her and she realized she hadn’t answered his question and was standing there staring at him. Heat suffused her cheeks and she looked away. Her gaze connected with Giles and he was frowning at her, too.

She wondered if he’d heard Steven asking her out and was trying to figure out why his brother would ask someone like her on a date. Shit! There you go again, Molly, getting ahead of yourself. It’s not a date. He’s just being friendly.

“Yes, I’m fine. Sorry, I spaced out. There is just so much to do and I sort of got lost in my mind planning.” Molly cleared her throat. “Are you sure you want to introduce mearound?”

His frown got a little fiercer. “Why wouldn’t we?”

“Um…well, if you’re sure, I would love to go out with you to meet new people. It would be great for business.”

Geez, Molly, you’re rambling again. Shut the hell up.

Giles began to walk closer and Molly was having a hard time filling her lungs with air. This had happened to her when she met them for the first time in their office and it was happening again. She was attracted to them but there was no way she was going to let them know that. Molly would never have a chance with these two men so she pushed that thought right out of her head.




Molly shouldn’t have blinked because while her eyes were closed they pounced. Giles tilted her back over his arm, leaned down, and planted his mouth over hers. He kissed her with a wildness and hunger she’d never thought to see from him. He always appeared so controlled and her answer somehow released him from the leash he seemed to keep himself on.

Giles’s tongue slid along and then swirled around hers. He nipped her lips and opened her mouth wide to push his tongue back into her mouth. Molly went up in flames. The low ache, which seemed to have simmered for weeks, burned so hot and bright she wandered why she wasn’t bursting into flames.

Molly gasped when a hand slipped under her shirt and settled in on her stomach just above the waistband of her jeans. And then the hand began to move, caressing over her skin and moving higher up her torso, edging toward her breasts.

Giles broke the kiss and stared deeply into his eyes as he moved his hand up to envelope her lace covered globe. “God, you feel good, Molly. So damn soft.”

Giles looked over at Steve when he nudged his arm with his elbow.

“Let me kiss our girl.” Steven didn’t wait for a reply. He leaned forward, clasped her hips, and lifted her over onto his lap.

Molly looked up and met his gaze. If she wasn’t already burning up with desire, she would have combusted then from the intent heat in Steven’s eyes. “I’ve wanted to do this for what seems like forever, Molly. I’m so hungry for you I feel like I’m starving.”

“Oh God,” was all Molly managed to say before Steven’s mouth was on hers. She moaned when his tongue entered her mouth and gasped when he explored every bit of her recess. His tongue tickled the roof of her mouth, glided over the inside of her cheeks and then slid over her teeth between her lips.

Steven’s hands moved from her hips and up over her shirt to her breast and the other one went south. Molly was aching so badly, her breasts felt swollen and her pussy was so wet it was a wonder the dampness hadn’t seeped through her jeans as well as her soaking wet panties. When he finally lifted his head, she was so breathless she was gasping for air, but Steven’s next words halted the breath in her throat, nearly making her choke with desire.

“We want to take your clothes off and make you feel good, Molly. Will you let us?”

God yes. Hurry.

Steven lifted her from his lap and placed her back on the sofa between him and Giles.

“Don’t worry, baby, we know how to relieve that ache.” Giles slid to his knees and then his hands were on the button of her jeans. It took her a moment to figure out why he had said what he did.

“Did I say that out loud?” She looked at Steven when his fingers began to undo the buttons on her shirt.

“Yes, you did, cutie, but don’t worry, we’re just as eager as you are.”

Molly lifted her hips when Giles began to pull her jeans over them. What she didn’t realize until it was too late was that he’d also taken her panties with them. Cool air washed over her heated body and slick folds, causing her to shiver. Then her shirt was being pushed off her shoulders and down over her arms and then the front closure of her bra was released and it, too, got flung aside.

“So damn sexy,” Giles rasped and when she looked up at him, it was to see him looking at her pussy. His eyes traveled from her crotch up over her belly and torso, pausing at her breasts, where he stopped to lick his lips, and then up to lock gazes with her. “God you’re stunning.”

Molly’s face heated and she started to shake her head, but Giles reached up and palmed her cheeks. “You don’t see yourself the way we do, honey. You are a goddess.” His fingers trailed over her jaw, down her neck, and over her chest. When his hands covered her breasts and he began to knead her aching flesh, she couldn’t stop herself from crying out with pleasure.

“So fucking sensitive.” Steven growled and then he pushed one of his brother’s hands aside and licked over one of her nipples. The pleasure of having his tongue swipe over her sensitive nipples sent sparks of need straight down to her clit and she bucked her hips up, silently begging for them to touch her more.

Giles placed his hands on her knees and pushed her legs wide. He wrapped his arms around her thighs and pulled her until her arse was hanging off the edge of the sofa. “You’re so wet, Molly. I can’t wait to get me a taste of that cream.” And then he matched his actions to his words.

Giles lowered his head and the tip of his tongue licked through her pussy from her hole up to her clit. His humming made her whimper when the vibrations of his voice sent more pleasure racing through her cunt.

“Ambrosia,” Giles murmured against her pussy. “So sweet.”

Molly’s whimpering turned to a keening sound when Giles plucked at her engorged clit with his lips and then the tip of his tongue began to flicker across the sensitive little pearl.

Steven sucked her nipple into his mouth and pulled on the tip firmly. Molly couldn’t stop her head from thrashing back and forth on the sofa nor the little sounds that kept escaping her mouth. Not that she wanted to. She was in heaven and didn’t care who knew it.

Then a thick finger began to penetrate her sheath and the mouth on her nipple shifted slightly until her peak was caged between Steven’s teeth.

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