Just Another Classic (MM)

Cade Creek 21

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 32,895
19 Ratings (4.6)

[Siren Publishing: The Stormy Glenn ManLove Collection: Alternative, Contemporary, Romantic Suspense, M/M, HEA]

Lexter Mathis was between jobs now that Senator Khor had retired and moved to Cade Creek. It wasn't so much that he couldn't find a job, but more that he couldn't find a job that truly interested him.

Life became fascinating again when Tony Garza saved him from an overzealous admirer. Lex found someone he really wanted to get to know better. Between get-togethers and endless phone calls, Lex felt they were truly on their way to something wonderful.

Things take a turn into the dark side when Lex's home is robbed. Could he be going crazy? Were random things really missing? The truth became real when Lex is assaulted. He needed help. Someone wants to possess him. With nowhere to turn, Lex calls the man he's quickly falling for, but what happens when Tony doesn't answer? Who will save him now?

Stormy Glenn is a Siren-exclusive author.

Just Another Classic (MM)
19 Ratings (4.6)

Just Another Classic (MM)

Cade Creek 21

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 32,895
19 Ratings (4.6)
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Cover Art by Jess Buffett


"Lex, come to Cade Creek. You'll love it here. I promise."

Lexter Mathis smiled as he reached for his drink of whiskey then took a long sip before setting it down on the table again. "I'm not sure Cade Creek is a town for me, sir."

He was a big city boy. Small towns gave him hives.

"Drop the sir crap, Lex," former Senator Wilson Khor II said. "You don't work for me anymore."

I chuckled. "Yes, sir."

"Seriously, Lex, come to Cade Creek. I could really use your help. This damn committee has great ideas, but very little organization. We need someone with your knowhow, your connections." Wilson chuckled. "Hell, we need someone who can spell correctly."

"I don't know."

"If the committee gets too boring for you, you can always work with Jayden down at the newspaper."

"Not a chance in hell."

Wilson laughed, but Lex knew the man understood him. He might have been Wilson's assistant, but the guy had never treated him as help. He'd been treated as a friend, which was one of the reasons he was so loyal to Wilson.

He just didn't know if he was ready to move to Cade Creek.

"Just think about it, Lex. I know you've been searching for something new since I retired and I really think this committee thing is something you could sink your teeth into. The guys who serve on it are all good men. They are just not sure how to accomplish the things they hope to accomplish. They could use some help."

"I'll think about it." That was all he could promise at the moment. He wasn't sure what direction his life was headed in, but he was almost positive it wasn't Cade Creek. "Hey, look, I need to go. I'll call you next week."

"All right, Lex. Stay in touch."

"Say hey to Jayden." He still couldn't believe Wilson had married another man. The former senator was a handsome man. If he'd know Wilson was gay, he might have made a play for him himself.

Or not.

He had a few rules he tried to live by. Close to the top of that list was the one that said he didn't date his boss unless he wanted to look like an idiot. It was mixed right in there with his rule about not dating a straight man.

Lex shoulders slumped a little as he slid his phone back into his pocket then picked up his drink again. He felt as if he was at the beginning of something, but unable to take the next step to get there. He just kept waiting for some sign of where he was supposed to go from here.

Although he'd had several offers, he knew he didn't want to work for anyone in politics again. Wilson Khor had been the last great politician as far as he was concerned. The rest of them could all go rot.

He'd even had a few offers from corporate CEOs, but he really didn't want to work for them either. None of them had been right. It wasn't the money. He had plenty of that. Wilson had paid him very well to keep his life in order. It was the job descriptions he'd been given.

Lex considered himself less of an executive assistant and more of a life coordinator. When he worked for Wilson, he kept the man's life in order, doing everything from making sure his suits were picked up from the dry cleaners to assisting him with research into impending senate votes.

He basically kept Wilson's life organized, and he was good at it.

Damn good.

It was his own life that he sucked at. Well, not the organized part. He had been told more than once he should have been diagnosed with OCD. He could get a bit obsessive with some things, like his clothes. He hated his clothes not being clean and neat. He was almost fanatical about it. He had reasons, but he tried not to think about them too often.

He sucked at figuring out where his life was headed. He had his dreams and then he had reality. They didn't often mix together. He long ago learned to lock his dreams away and only bring them out every now and then, look them over, play with them a bit, then pack them away again and face reality.

And reality was a real bitch.

Lex looked up when a glass of amber liquid was placed on the table in front of him. "I didn't order this."

"The guy at the bar did."

Lex glanced toward the bar. The place wasn't jumping yet, but there were at least five guys sitting at the bar. "Which one?"

"Dark brown hair, pale pink shirt and grey suit, sitting at the far end."

Lex didn't even have to look. "Please thank the gentlemen for the drink, but take it back."

"You don't want it?"

Lex held up his glass. "One drink is good for me."

He never, ever, accepted a drink from someone he didn't know or he didn't watch the bartender make. He'd had a friend accept a drink from a stranger once when they were in college and he'd been drugged and raped. Lex wasn't about to let that happen to him.

"Are you sure?"

Lex smiled up at the waiter. "I'm sure."

The waiter shrugged, picked up the drink, then carried it back to the bar. He carried over to the guy at the end of the bar and set it down in front of him before leaning in to talk to him. Lex knew he'd made the right choice when thunder clouds crossed the man's face.

"Crap," he whispered to himself when the man got up and started across the room toward him. He so didn't need this shit right now.

Well, he never really needed it.

Self entitled pretty boys with more money than brains were a dime a dozen in Washington D.C. Hell, they practically grew out of the woodwork. And they always thought they were the best thing since pre-canned beer.

They weren't.

"Hello, sweetness."




Tony smiled when he inhaled and smelled the unmistakable scent of man and sex. Considering how he'd spend the previous night, he wasn't surprised by either scent. His grin grew when he opened his eyes and saw the beautiful black haired man sleeping next to him.

Lex had been a surprise, but a delightful one.

"And I thought this trip was going to be boring," he whispered to himself, but apparently, it was loud enough for Lex to hear him. The man's eyelids fluttered before lifting. A wide smile crossed his face.

"Good morning."

"It certainly could be," Tony replied as he grabbed the man and rolled over on top of him. Saying Lex was stunning was like saying the sky was blue. He was so damn sexy, he made Tony's teeth ache. He wanted one more taste of the man before he had to head for home.

Tony grinned and tugged the blanket off of Lex, barring the naked man from his toes to the tip of his head. Lex started panting when Tony dropped down to his knees between Lex's legs.

Tony slid his fingers over Lex's legs, tracing lightly. Lex's lips parted, his eyes growing a little rounder as Tony bent forward and began to nibble his way up the man's body, alternating between each leg.

Lex's legs jerked when Tony nipped him behind one knee. He licked a line up Lex's leg from ankle to knee before biting down gently. Lex inhaled deeply, his erection jerking as a fine line of pre-cum dripped free from the head.

Leaning up, Tony used his tongue to lick the clear liquid before settling on his stomach, between Lex's legs. He flicked his tongue out, lightly bathing the tight skin of Lex's ball sac.

Lex jerked beneath him as if he had just been electrocuted. He tilted his hips and spread his legs farther apart, opening himself up to Tony even more.

Tony enjoyed the long groan that fell from Lex's lips as he leaned in and licked across the head of the engorged shaft. Lex's legs trembled under his hand, delighting him even more. Tony liked knowing he could get to his mate in such a way that the man couldn't control his reactions.

"Don't ever hide your reactions from me, Lex."

"No, no," Lex panted as he fell back on the bed.

"I want to hear every moan, every groan. I want to know if I do something you like and even when I do something you don't like."

"Li-like it all."

Tony continued to explore his beautiful body with his tongue. He had no mercy on Lex, licking a long line up the man's erection before taking the flared head into his mouth. Lex squirmed, his hips rocking back and forth until Tony pressed his hands into the man's sides, stilling him. That didn't stop Lex from trying to shove his cock all the way down Tony's throat.

The room filled with the sweet sounds of Lex's pleasure. The man wasn't a quiet lover in the least. His cries echoed in Tony's ears. He sucked the man into his mouth until he hit the back of his throat. He did this several times until he felt how close Lex was to coming.

Tony pulled back, placing a kiss on each side of Lex's inner thighs. Lex lay there panting, his eyes focused on the ceiling as he licked his lips, his lashes fluttering down as he pulled in a deep breath.

Tony reached over to the nightstand and grabbed the bottle of lube he'd used the night before. He lubed his fingers then took Lex's cock back into his mouth while inserting his finger inside of Lex, little by little. Once Lex could take all of him with ease, Tony inserted a second finger, and then a third.

He sucked on Lex's cock slowly, leisurely, not in a way that would have Lex shooting off. His goal was to keep Lex swimming in pleasure as he stretched him. He wanted him on the edge, but not falling over.

Glancing up, he watched heat flare in Lex's green eyes. When Lex saw that Tony was watching him, his eyelids lowered, becoming heavy with lust. Unable to stand it any longer, Tony grabbed a condom and rolled it down his aching shaft. He grinned as he watched Lex's chest began to rise and fall a little faster.

Tony dropped to one arm, stretching over Lex. He lined up his cock and pushed forward. He grit his teeth as he watched his cock being swallowed by Lex's tight hole. The long low moan pouring from Lex's mouth matched the growl of pleasure rumbling through his chest.

Tony shuddered at the tight feel around his cock. He slammed his eyes closed, concentrating, beating back his overwhelming need to take Lex hard and fast. His body ached, muscles tense as he fought for control, fought for a single breath.

In the blink of an eye, Lex had his legs wrapped around Tony's waist and was pulling him closer, riding his cock as best he could. He snagged his hand behind Tony's neck. "Please."

Planting a hand on either side of Lex's head, Tony thrust inside the depths of his tight body, growling out his pleasure on every stroke. He rocked his hips, Lex so tight and hot around his cock that he was barely holding on to his control. Lex's inner muscles gripped him like a slick, velvety fist. Lex bowing his back, taking his cock deeper.

Sweet mercy, Lex was breathtaking.

"Oh, hell." Lex tossed beneath him, his lips parting as he held on to Tony. "Don't stop. Please, harder."

Tony nipped Lex's chin before slowly raising his eyes, taking in the dazed look on Lex's face. "I won't stop." He didn't think he could even if he wanted to, which he didn't.

He slid nearly free of Lex's body, his teeth clenching, the sweat growing thicker as he slid back into the tight depth once again. Lex's muscles clenched, hot, milking his erection, his sanity, his very control.

His plan had been to take Lex to the brink of madness, making him teeter over the edge before falling. But it seemed it was Tony who was looking down into the abyss. The sweet man's body nearly had him going out of his mind.

His body was slick with sweat as he drove his cock harder, deeper, savoring every delicious groan that escaped Lex's lips. His balls were drawn tightly to his body, aching for release. Lex panted and whimpered, moving sensually against him as he tried to come.

Tony doubled his efforts.

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