Wild Alpha (MM)

Ashfall Mountain 6

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 20,729
9 Ratings (4.7)

[Siren Classic ManLove: Erotic Romance, Alternative, Paranormal, Shape-shifter, Vampires/Werewolves, MM, HEA]

Werewolf Alpha Talon is slowly losing his mind. He can’t hold his pack together, much less his murderous wolf. When Talon sees an Omega in trouble, Talon jumps to Jasper’s rescue without a second thought. When Jasper ends up in his bed later that night, Talon tells him to leave but the stubborn Omega refuses to budge. Jasper’s able to do what no one else can—center his wolf. With Jasper, Talon thinks he can be a decent man, a better Alpha. But sooner or later, Talon knows his inner demons would win. He’ll only doom them both.

Jasper has never met a more infuriating man than Talon. Talon’s all growl and bite, but it’ll take more than that to run him off. Jasper might be an Omega, but he’s found an equal in Talon. Other shifters call Talon a monster but Jasper is able to look beyond physical appearances. Talon needs fixing, but more than that, he needs love and acceptance. Talon is stuck with him, whether he likes it or not.

Wild Alpha (MM)
9 Ratings (4.7)

Wild Alpha (MM)

Ashfall Mountain 6

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 20,729
9 Ratings (4.7)
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Cover Art by Harris Channing


“Hey, you,” slurred a voice. Jasper pretended to be interested in his half-empty beer bottle and hoped the speaker would go away. A burly blond guy took the empty seat on his table. His dark-haired friend pulled up another chair to join him.

They smelled like fur. Musk. Just great. More shifters. Not werewolves but some kind of feline breed. They were loaded with muscle, too. Not as much as Talon, but faint alarm bells rang in Jasper’s head.

“What’s an Omega doing in a shit town like Ashfall?” asked the blond. Both males looked decent, handsome almost, but Jasper didn’t trust those identical smirks one bit. “Omegas are really rare, kept a secret by large packs, but I don’t see any pack ink on you.”

Crap. This was going in a bad direction. Jasper was used to this. An Omega emitted special pheromones that attracted all kinds of weirdos. Jasper prided himself on being a survivor. He could usually worm his way out of any situation, and tonight wouldn’t be any different.

Sweat beaded on the back of his shirt. When was his target going to move?

“He’s alone,” said the blond guy’s friend. “Why don’t you come with us? We’ll show you a good time.”

“No thanks.” Jasper abandoned his drink. From the corner of his eye, he spotted Talon leaving the bar. His cue to exit. Hopefully he’d be able to shake off these two assholes as well. Before he could take a step towards the exit, someone grabbed his arm. The blond.

“Hey, we’re not done talking to you. You can’t just ignore us,” the shifter said with a frown.

Jasper used the crowded bar to his advantage to slip away. One step, two. Jasper yanked open the door and exit. Cool night air hit his face. He looked left, then right of him. Disappointment filled him. No sign of Talon the scary Alpha.

How could Jasper miss him? A huge guy like that wouldn’t just disappear into thin air.

Jasper entered the parking lot, refusing to give up. He’d used up the last of his travel money to get to this remote town. Jasper had no other options left.

Someone grabbed the back of his shirt. He gasped as the blond shifter from the bar wrapped one big hand around his neck and shoved him against the nearest truck. Another shifter, a dark-haired guy leered at him. Jasper punched and clawed at the shifter, but his opponent held him at arm’s length.

“Rude little fucker. We’re not done with you,” the blond guy said. “We asked you nicely earlier, but you need to be taught a lesson.”

“Omegas can’t act all high and mighty,” said the dark-haired guy. “You need to be taken down a notch, and I know the solution. You’re going to like the taste of my dick.”

“No!” Jasper lashed out his left leg, catching the blond in the ribs. The blond grunted, releasing his hold on Jasper’s throat for a moment. Jasper didn’t bother to deliver another blow. He ran like the wind. The blond guy cursed.

“After him. He won’t get far.”

Jasper’s heart pounded as he bolted past more cars and trucks. An Omega werewolf like him would never be able to outrun two dominant bullies like them. Seconds later, he felt claws on the back of his arm. Air left his lungs as one of the shifters shoved him violently against a car again.

“You little prick. Stay put or I’ll break your legs,” sneered the blond.

Jasper was about to scream, but the dark-haired male put a hand over his mouth. Jasper tried to bite off his fingers, but that only earned him a stinging slap to his left cheek.

“Hold him,” said the blond, beginning to unzip his pants.

A terrifying howl filled the parking space, making the blond pause. The shifter was still trying to get his zip when a something big, fast, and angry slammed right into him. Jasper caught a glimpse of fur the color of rust, of blood, and feral golden eyes.

The blond dropped to the dirty ground, eyes wide open, a huge gaping wound on the side of his neck. It happened in just a few seconds. The dark-haired guy let Jasper go, took one quick look at his friend, then bolted for the opposite direction. He didn’t get far.

A monster of a werewolf went after him. He was massive—bigger than any werewolf Jasper had ever since, every inch of him packed with pure muscle. The dark-haired shifter never stood a chance. Claws pierced through the back of his shirt. The guy fell down. Hard. Blood bloomed over his white shirt like roses. The demon werewolf set his long, wicked fangs to the shifter’s throat. The sound of skin ripping felt loud in his ears.

Jasper slumped against the car door, stumped, utterly petrified. He couldn’t move a single muscle in his body. The demon wolf hadn’t forgotten him. It—he turned to look right at Jasper. His heart thudded. Was he next?




“Too slow.” Talon yanked his pants down, along with his boxers.

Jasper’s heart beat like rapid gunfire. He kicked his pants aside. The next thing he knew, Talon cupped his ass, his hand like a brand. The Alpha tugged him close, like it was his right, before finally sealing his mouth over Jasper’s.

The heat, the sheer masculine taste of Talon surged down his throat. Talon’s dick lay full and heavy against Jasper’s belly. Talon’s chest, his body felt like a solid wall against him. Talon plundered his mouth hungrily, like they weren’t going to see tomorrow. The Alpha touched him everywhere, as if Talon wanted to memorize every inch of his skin.

Jasper could feel his body responding. Talon put one hand over his ass cheek again and gave it a squeeze. Jasper rubbed himself shamelessly against Talon. The kiss went on forever. When Talon thrust his tongue down his throat, the lake and the forest disappeared. Jasper shut his eyes, gripped Talon’s biceps.

He’d never been kissed like this before. Like he was being consumed from the inside and out. Talon could practically suck his soul out of his body. Jasper forgot about everything. His problems. His constant running. Talon’s demanding mouth felt so good.

Jasper wanted to stay right here. To never leave. He’d let Talon do anything he wanted. The Alpha knew it.

Talon parted from the kiss, breathing harshly. The Alpha’s eyes glowed bright gold, like twin suns set in his face. Both man and beast looked right through him. It seemed Talon could read him like an open book, expose all his secrets, and Jasper had been keeping some. They felt like a heavy burden he just wanted to get rid of.

Talon cupped his cheek, the gesture surprising him. A man like Talon wasn’t capable of sweetness, or at least that was what Jasper thought.

“Lie down,” Talon ordered.

Jasper thought it would be uncomfortable, lying on his back on the hard ground. He was wrong. The grass tickled against his skin. The lake looked brilliant from this view. Talon soon joined him. The Alpha straddled him, used his hands to keep the weight of his body against Jasper’s. Talon kissed his mouth again, but quickly pulled away.

A needy moan slipped from him as Talon left more kisses, bites down his neck, his collarbone. Talon moved down to his chest. The Alpha took one flat nipple into his mouth, sucked hard on it, before biting down. Jasper groaned. His cock felt close to bursting as Talon pulled away. Talon moved his lips to Jasper’s ribs, his stomach, and finally, arrived at his cock. Talon pried his thighs apart, then dipped his head low, lips touching the crown of his cock.

Talon licked the pre-cum gathered there, all the while watching his expression.

“I’ve never had an Alpha or any man go down on me before,” Jasper whispered.

Talon actually curved his lips to what passed for a smile.

“Before we continue, you need to know something about me,” Jasper whispered.

Talon waited. His yellow eyes looked intense. Eerie.

He blushed. What if he ended up disappointing Talon?

Talon only licked him from root to tip in answer. Jasper squirmed, moaned when Talon opened his mouth and started going down on his cock. Jasper clawed at the grass, tearing them from the roots as a groan spilled from his lips.

Talon sucked every inch of him, even used a little bit of teeth. The Alpha had him coming in seconds. Talon pulled his mouth away just as the pressure inside Jasper exploded. He shut his eyes and emptied out his balls. When he opened them again, he saw he painted Talon’s six-, no, eight-pack abs with his jizz.

Seeing him staring, Talon only leaned in close and took his mouth again, leaving him wanting more.

“Fuck me.” The crude words left his mouth unthinkingly. Jasper felt himself growing hot. Talon put his hands on Jasper’s waist and flipped him with apparent ease, so Jasper was now on all fours. Talon’s strength should’ve scared him, even just a little, but it didn’t.

Here he was, offering and wiggling his ass at a terrifying Alpha in the middle of nowhere, out in the open where anyone could walk in on them, and Jasper didn’t feel a single shred of shame. That emotion had flown out the window a long time ago.

Talon walked around him, saying nothing. When the Alpha pushed a hand to his shoulders, he understood. Jasper lowered his chest into the grass, rested his cheek on the ground. His ass was high up in the air, an almost obscene angle. Hearing Talon’s growl made him feel hornier than ever.

Talon positioned himself behind Jasper. From this angle, Jasper knew the Alpha could see all of his delicate bits exposed—ass, cock, and balls. Talon would be able to take him deep this way. His head burned. A fever raged inside him. His heart beat fanatically. Talon spat on his hand, slid two fingers inside him, and paused. Jasper could feel his surprise.

“Omegas are self-lubricating.” Once those words left his mouth, there was nothing else to say.

That fact used to embarrass the hell out of him, but Talon didn’t seem to care.


“Yeah?” he asked. “Until this moment, I’ve always hated what I was.”

“Don’t. You have no idea what you are.” Talon pushed three fingers in him, now and he moaned as the Alpha began to work him, widen him for access.

“What am I?”

“Mate. Mine,” Talon responded with a growl. Was the beast in Talon doing the talking? Jasper realized he didn’t care. The world might call Talon a monster, but Jasper knew the Alpha would never hurt him. Ever.

“I’m your mate? You’re sure?”

It seemed Talon was no longer capable of forming words, because he growled again. Talon answered him by penetrating him. He gasped as Talon buried himself to the hilt. A burn started, but he knew it wouldn’t last. Talon would make him feel good. He wouldn’t just use Jasper up and leave. There was something special between them, and Talon had called Jasper his mate.

Mate. That one word sent a bolt of excitement down his spine.

He moaned, felt every inch of the Alpha’s cock in him.

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