Healing the Wolf (MM)

Wolf Country 3

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 25,632
4 Ratings (4.5)

[Siren Everlasting Classic ManLove: Erotic Romance, Supernatural, Fantasy, Shifter, Alternative, Contemporary, Paranormal, MM, HFN]

Tim Scott has had enough of being beaten down and having his heart broken by shifters.

So when he finds himself falling for the brother of the werewolf who didn't want him, Tim decides it's time for him to leave the pack.

A pack of werewolves is no place for a human.

Alpha wolf Ivan Mitchell is not having it. His former mate broke his heart, and stabbed him with a silver knife, and Tim was there to pick up the pieces. Having Tim leave? Unthinkable. So now this alpha will do whatever it takes to convince a human who's scared to love that he is right where he belongs, and that some shifters can give him more than he ever imagined. Protection, stability, and maybe true love.

Marcy Jacks is a Siren-exclusive author.

Healing the Wolf (MM)
4 Ratings (4.5)

Healing the Wolf (MM)

Wolf Country 3

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 25,632
4 Ratings (4.5)
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Cover Art by Harris Channing


"Don’t move out?”

“No, don’t move out. Stay here. This pack is perfect for you.”

“I’m a human,” Tim said, as if Ivan could forget.

In fact, he was getting annoyed with the entire conversation.

“Why would you even want to leave? I thought you wanted to be near Taylor and Odette?”

“I do, but Taylor is mated to the Alpha now, and Odette is working on getting her degree so she can actually be a proper medic for you.”

“So you’re going to leave them because they’re not paying enough attention to you?”

“What? No!” Tim frowned at him, as though Ivan really had insulted him.

He couldn’t bring himself to care.

“Then what is it? Is it my house?”


“It’s not comfortable enough, that it?”

“Jesus Christ, what is your problem? I was just thinking about going off on my own. I wasn’t going to spit in Garrett’s face on the way out of here.”

“You’re needed here. We’re understaffed after those other foxes came and the more hands we have to work, the better.”

Tim inhaled a deep breath. How was it that he was able to make himself look as though he was struggling for patience when that was all Ivan? Ivan was the one struggling for patience. Ivan was the one who had a reason to be angry.

He thought so, anyway, but Tim wouldn’t stop looking at him as though he was the one who was losing his mind here.

“Honestly, what the fuck is your problem? You scared you’re not going to have someone to clean up after you when I’m gone?”

That stung way more than Ivan thought it should, and his hands itched to wrap around Tim’s scrawny little neck and strangle some sense back into him.

“You think I want you here to be my servant?”

“What else is it?”

“You are not my servant now, and you never have been.” The more he thought about it, the more the entire thing irritated him. “Don’t you ever try talking that stupid shit to me ever again.”

“Right. I just do your dishes, the laundry, and tidy up around here in general, and that has nothing to do with your pissy little freak out session.”

The wolf inside him growled, rising to the surface. “Watch your fucking mouth. I don’t make you do a damned thing around here.”

“Of course you don’t make me, and I never complained either. Doing a couple of chores around here… I figured it was the least I could do for you letting me stay here free of charge.”

“How was I supposed to know you were doing all of that when you didn’t tell me?”

“Did you think the dirty towels were picking themselves up off the floor? Or that your clothes were folding themselves and tucking themselves into your closet?”

This was both annoying and humiliating now.

It was enough to get Ivan thinking a little straighter, but not enough to stop his fists from clenching. “I didn’t know you were doing all of that. I apologize for not noticing, and if you want me to, I will pay you for the service.”

Tim threw his hands into the air, turned, and walked off. “Unbelievable.”

What the hell?

Ivan followed. “Isn’t that what you wanted to hear?”

“No! I’m not trying to get anything out of you, and I don’t want to complain at you like some upset little housewife! Can we just drop this already?”

He tried to go into his room, but Ivan followed him inside before Tim could slam the door on him.

“No. You’re telling me all about this right now. If that’s not it, then why are you leaving?”

“Maybe it’s something I need to do for myself.”

“Bullshit. You always said how Taylor and Odette were your best friends. Practically your family. They’ve decided to live here, and I know you well enough already to know you wouldn’t let a few rude comments chase you away.”

Though he was still going to find out who said those things to him and get back them. If someone said something cruel or horrible to Tim and it was making him want to leave, then Ivan was going to pay them a visit.


Now Tim was refusing to look him in the eye. The smaller male clenched his own hands to fists, and Ivan could hear his heart thumping.

As though he was scared.

“Do you think I would hurt you?”


“Then what are you frightened of?” The fact that Tim looked so scared, of him, was enough to make Ivan calmer. He didn’t want to terrorize the man. He didn’t want Tim scared of anything, and the fact that he might be frightened of Ivan struck him in an odd way.

“I just…” Tim barely glanced at him. “I like you.”

Ivan cocked his head to the side. Just slightly. “You… like me?”




It was hot. Their breaths mingled together between kisses. Tim couldn’t seem to catch his breath. He was constantly struggling for more air but he always wanted more of Ivan’s mouth. His body was alive and on fire in a way he’d never felt before, and he couldn’t stop now.

He might just be a human, but it was as though he had an animal of his own alive and roaring inside him, desperate for more.

Ivan pulled himself out of his clothes so fast it felt like Tim blinked and they were gone. They were moving so fast there was no chance to think about what they were doing, about how Tim might regret this.

Which was exactly the way he wanted it.

He let his hands roam up and down Ivan’s sculpted chest. The man was cut. Tim could only enjoy what he saw, what he felt, and he didn’t have the chance to think about how skinny he felt in comparison.

Ivan didn’t seem to mind the difference, and that was the important bit as the man leaned in, opening Tim’s thighs and pulling Tim’s knees around his waist.

Fuck, he was so damned strong. Tim moaned as their cocks came together, sliding against one another for the first time, the friction shiver-inducing and even kind of beautiful.

Of course Ivan’s cock was bigger.

Much bigger.

Not a contest. Tim had to remind himself of that. As Ivan curled his long, thick fingers around their pricks, Tim reminded himself that the man wasn’t measuring and comparing them.

“This what you want?” Ivan asked, his voice low and throaty in a way that made Tim bite down on his lower lip.

“Uh huh,” Tim mewled, his spine arching as he thrust back against Ivan’s cock. “That… that’s what I… Oh fuck,” he moaned.

No, no. He was going to come already. It was too soon for that. They’d barely done anything but Tim couldn’t seem to stop himself.

The building pleasure erupted within him. His cock and balls tightened before that rush of pleasure burst from him. He came all over himself and Ivan’s chest. It was so humiliating. He didn’t want the other man to look at him. Tim couldn’t make himself look up at Ivan.

“Baby, that was hot,” Ivan said.

Tim thought the other man was lying to be polite, but then, without warning, Ivan pulled back, taking him by the waist and pulling him up before turning him around.

Tim blinked, shocked to find himself suddenly on his hands and knees when he barely realized he’d been moved at all.

He glanced over his shoulder, smiling back at the other man. “I think I could get used to you doing stuff like that.”

Ivan didn’t say anything. He seemed focused on his hands. Somehow, somewhere, he found a bottle of something he was clearly going to use for what they were about to do.

Ivan turned back around, his face flaming up hotter than the whole rest of his body.

He had no idea how that was possible because every inch of him felt like it was burning up.

But then something slick and a little on the thick side pressed against his pucker.

He tensed up instinctively, but it took him another second or two before he realized that wasn’t Ivan’s cock. Those were two of his fingers.

Tim clenched his hands into the sheets.

Jesus, if the man’s dick was thicker than his fingers, then Tim was about to have a wild ride.

“Let me know if…” Ivan didn’t finish what he was about to say. Tim had to pretend he didn’t hear it.

Too much talking was going to ruin the fragile mood they’d found themselves in, and Tim wanted to feel good. Even if Ivan regretted this afterward when the world went back to normal, he wanted to at least have tonight.

Ivan pushed his fingers deep. Slowly and steadily, he pressed his fingertips against Tim’s inner walls, as though determined to touch everywhere that could be touched before finally making it to his prostate. Tim felt it the second Ivan’s finger brushed up against it because the shock of pleasure had his eyes flying wide, and his fingers damn near ripping holes into the sheets.

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