[Siren Ménage Everlasting: Erotic Paranormal Cowboy Ménage a Trois Romance, M/F/M, shape-shifters, werewolves, HEA]
Werebear Nicole Monroe found her true mates. But Brennan and Case Cagle are werewolves, making a future with them an impossibility no werebear has ever faced. When they leave town, she’s devastated.
Years later, the Cagle brothers return to Forever, ready to brave the werebears of Shatland to claim their mate. Nicole’s thrilled as the three meet in secret, determined to handle whatever obstacles the Werewolves of Forever and the Werebears of Shatland might throw at them. But is their love already faced with disaster? Can a werebear mate with werewolves?
When the pack and the clan find out, all hell breaks loose forcing Nicole and her two werewolf lovers in the middle of the fight. Can the people of Forever and Shatland accept them? Can they have children? Or will the animosity between clan and pack tear them apart?
A Siren Erotic Romance
Jane Jamison is a Siren-exclusive author.
Loving Her Two Werewolves (MFM)
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Cover Art by Les Byerley
Another great book by Jane Jamison. I love werewolves.




They’re back.

Nicole rubbed her arms, unable to believe she’d really seen them. Was it her imagination playing tricks on her? Had she seen two guys who just looked like the Cagle brothers or had she really seen them? But no two guys could ever compare to the real men. They were bigger, stronger, more handsome than she remembered. Their broad shoulders filled out their shirts, their lean waists leading to perfectly fit jeans that had seen better days like their worn boots. While Case wore black—a black hat and black shirt—Brennan had gone the opposite way with a white hat and white shirt. They were the best sides of a similar coin and she couldn’t wait to cash them in.

Oh, my God. Case and Brennan are back.

Maybe if she ran the words through her mind enough times, she’d actually believe it.

She’d picked up on Case’s subtle hint to meet them in the alley. And she’d known enough not to head straight for the meeting place. It had taken every ounce of willpower she had to put her back to them and walk away, but she’d done it. All for the chance to meet them in secret.

The next twenty minutes had been spent roaming around town, letting as many people see her as she could. Then, once she’d thought she’d let enough time pass, she’d slipped out the back of the All Night Pharmacy and into the road running behind the length of the shops, then over to the alley. She was just thankful the vampire, Deacon Slater, hadn’t seen her. He was one of only a few people who dared to have businesses in both Shatland and Forever.

It had been a calculated risk to go through the pharmacy, but she’d figured it gave her a good shot at not being seen. Not only did Deacon rarely come out during the day, leaving the daytime management to his human employees, but he divided his time between both towns’ pharmacies.

Her heart sank when she finally made it into the alley and didn’t find them already there. She stepped behind a Dumpster, hiding from people passing by on the sidewalk.

Had she misunderstood Case’s gesture? Or worse, had they changed their minds and no longer wanted to meet her? What if they’d seen her and hadn’t recognized her? What if they hadn’t liked what they’d seen? Did they like brunettes? Her brown eyes? Was she too fat? Too short? Too…werebear?

No, she’d seen how Brennan had quickened his pace toward her. He’d known her and he’d wanted to go to her. And there’d been no mistaking Case’s quick nod toward the alley.

She leaned against the wall and studied the pavement then drew in a long, slow breath. If they did come, she didn’t want them to see how flustered she was.


She jerked her gaze up to see Case and Brennan hiding behind the other Dumpster resting against the wall across from her. “You came.” She blushed, realizing how she’d sounded. As though she’d yearned for them. As though she was relieved to see them. The fact that both were true didn’t matter. She had to find out how they felt before she let them know how much she’d missed them.

“We couldn’t have stayed away.” Brennan checked the street, then hurried over to her side of the alley. He leaned against the wall on her left side as Case strode over and took her other side.

Just being so close to them was enough. Yet when she reached out and placed a palm on each of their chests, she knew. There was no mistaking the surge of sexual electricity searing between them, sliding up her arms and into her body.

It was real. The connection she’d felt years earlier was still there. If anything, it was stronger than before.

Reflected in Case’s dark depths was the same yearning she felt. Joy burst inside her. Turning to Brennan, she looked for the same reaction and found it.

They’d only spent the one night together so long ago, cocooned in the innocence of their ages, but it had been enough. Enough for her to feel like she knew them. Like she wanted them for the rest of her life.

If only it were possible for them to be together.

“How have you been, Nicole?”

She frowned at Case. That was what he wanted to ask her? As though they were school friends reconnecting at their high school reunion? A few moments before, she’d been sure of their feelings. Positive they’d experienced the connection, too. But now? After what he’d said? Could she have been wrong? She wasn’t sure how she should answer.

“I’m fine. And you?” She wanted to scream at Case, to demand he tell her he knew what she knew. That they were destined to be together even if they were werewolves and a werebear.

“Are you two serious?” Brennan took her chin and turned her to face him. “Why the hell are we making small talk? We don’t have any time to waste.”

“He’s right,” added Case. He glanced toward the street before continuing. “Meeting in Shatland is just asking for trouble.”

Her heart pounded in her chest. “We can’t meet in Forever.” She didn’t care where they met up. Just as long as they still wanted to.

“Then you’ll meet us somewhere else? Some neutral place?”

She ached to skim her fingers along the stubble on Brennan’s jaw. “Name it and I’ll be there.”




Her pulse pounded in her ears, setting up a steady, yet frantic rhythm. Her breath quickened. Every inch of her was alive, oversensitized to every stroke of their hands, every lick of their tongues.

Brennan pushed his way up until he could nibble on the back of her neck. His cock pushed at the crease of her buttocks, and she wiggled her butt, hoping he’d take the hint. He’d be the first to take her from behind. “Easy, Nic. Let’s get you ready.”

Hadn’t his tongue and fingers done enough? Yet, she loved the feeling of his wet fingers sinking back into her. “Ready?”

“Yes.” The word came out in a rush of warm breath.

He eased into her, giving her body time to adjust, and pushed harder. She cried out, first in surprise and pain, then in pleasure just on the other side of the sting. He filled her as her anus muscles grasped hold and held on.

Case wiped his mouth as he got to his knees. He pressed his cock at her sheath’s entrance. Lifting her leg to place hers over his, he gave her a smile, then quickly thrust inside her. His huge cock stretched her pussy, making her tight walls give way.

Brennan took her chin and turned her face toward him. His tongue swept into her mouth, his tongue playing tag with hers. He tasted so good, so musky, his beast and man mixing together.

The two men who she’d chosen long ago matched their hard strokes as they pounded into her. She whimpered, feeling as though their cocks were meeting in the middle of her, striving to tear her apart. Her body writhed against the bedspread, bucking up one touch only to thrust against another. They commanded her, not with words, but with their presence, each of them taking what he wanted. She gave to them as she’d never given of herself before. They could do as they wished to her and she’d beg them to do more.

Brennan nibbled on her bottom lip, then with one last flick of his tongue, ended the kiss. He fondled her breast, teasing, pinching her nipple.

“You’re so fucking tight.” Case’s words came in puffed bursts of air.

“And she’s all ours, bro. Right, Nic? Say it. I need you to tell me you’re ours.”

She looked into Brennan’s lust-filled face, saw how much the amber had filled his eyes, and felt her happiness double, triple. They were her men no matter what obstacles stood in their way.

“I’m yours and you’re mine. No matter what.”

They understood what she meant. She didn’t need words to tell her what her heart already knew. They’d have her back just as she’d have theirs.

Case and Brennan thrust in and pulled out, then thrust into her over and over. Their bodies pounded against hers. Their hands captured her breasts. She moaned deep in her throat, filling the sound with all the emotion whirling inside her. Her body was spinning out of control, and she’d soon lose the battle to hold back the enormous release growing inside her. She was a powerful, strong woman and gave herself to them freely, without holding back anything.

Her body hummed with ecstasy and her heart filled with joy. The slow burn that had started the moment she’d seen them walking across the street of Shatland fired out of control. Her pussy clamped around Case as the walls of her anus gripped Brennan. They had her caught between them, but she was the one holding them to her.

Her pussy wept as the edge of the high plateau came ever closer. The whirlwind built inside her and grew stronger until, all at once, a huge orgasm ripped free, tearing through her, rendering her defenseless. She cried out, darkness skirting around the edges of her mind. Brennan roared his release seconds before he pulled out and rolled away, grabbing at the bedspread to catch his seed.

Case pushed her on her back again, then plunged into her hard and fast. His face was a mask of determination. Groaning, he leaned back to rest on his legs and brought her up to sit on top of him. His cock pierced her again, and she screamed, throwing her head back. Cupping her breast, he lifted her nipple to his mouth and sucked. He took hold of her hips and thrust harder, ramming his cock into her pussy again and again.

Tensing, he stilled for a moment, then uttered an oath before sliding into her again, his body a battering ram against hers.

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