Hogtying the Cowgirl (MFM)

Ride 'em Hard 3

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 43,606
24 Ratings (4.2)

[Ménage Amour: Erotic Cowboy Ménage a Trois Romance, M/F/M, light Consensual BDSM, spanking, sex toys]

Angel Garner is a young, spoiled cowgirl used to getting her own way. When Clay Roberts wins the stallion she covets at an auction, she's determined to make him sell the horse back. The only problem is the cowboy has no plans of humoring her.

Landon Wilder has had a crush on his friend's sister since before he can remember. He tries to help her get back her horse, but soon learns a trick or two from the man she claims to hate. Their sexual games soon inspire real emotion, complicating their ménage a trois. For them to have a lasting future together, it'll take two determined cowboys to properly break the stubborn, blonde filly.

Note: There is no sexual relationship or touching for titillation between or among the men.

A Siren Erotic Romance

Hogtying the Cowgirl (MFM)
24 Ratings (4.2)

Hogtying the Cowgirl (MFM)

Ride 'em Hard 3

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 43,606
24 Ratings (4.2)
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Cover Art by Jinger Heaston
BRAVO!!! Stacey you did it again. This was a wonderful story. I wasnt sure if I was gonna like Angel from being introduced to her in Hardcore Cowboys but my oh my I just adored her how she and her two hot cowboys made the steam rise around them. I am so lovin this series.
Barefoot Okie
I found this story a bit odd. I was detached from the characters. I didn't feel like there was enough emotion to pull me in and I really didn't get Angel's background. Why would handing over her stallion make her distrustful of others? After all, the man kept his end of the bargain. And her friends didn't have to sell their ranch after all. Wasn't explained enough I felt. Also she seemed to know an awful lot about sex, BDSM for an over-protected virgin living in a small town. And just what is with all the lead female character called Angel lately?
Laylah Roberts
Professional Reviews

2011 Nominee for Best Western/Cowboys
             Book in LR Cafe's Loop

4 STARS: "It's time for the little spitfire to get hogtied and claimed by two cowboys who have some problems they need to fix before their relationship can go anywhere. I remember Angel Garner from the first book of Ride 'em Hard when she was the cause of Samantha leaving her three hunky cowboys. She is used to getting her way but not for long. There is a new cowboy in town and he will tame her to his liking whether she likes it or not. Clay Roberts can't seem to let this little blonde spitfire get her way in buying the black stallion so he outbids her. He knows that he should not buy the stallion but he just could not resist making her mad. From the moment he has her over his lap and given her a couple of smacks on her ass, he knows that she is the woman for him. There is only one problem--there is something going on between her and her best friend. Landon Wilder is just amazed at how turned on he is when Clay is spanking Angel. So when he sees her later on that night, he finally lets her know how he feels about her. He knows that she is a virgin but he loves her. Only, he disappears after that first night because of his status. He is being selfish because Angel does not care but his pride takes precedence. So, when he continues to break her heart, he is shocked to hear that Angel is hurt but does not know if she will forgive him for being such an ass. Then he finds out the cowboy he befriended is the sole reason for his family business to collapse. There are some light BDSM elements in this story, mainly spanking and some bondage. The love that begins to form between the three was a wonderful thing to read. I enjoyed how each one brought something different into the relationship and actually made Angel whole. I loved seeing how Angel was able to be a sweetheart when she wasn't all riled up. She truly loved her family and friends but trust was something she lost long ago and was trying hard to regain. Ms. Espino did a great job of bringing the characters to life. I enjoyed reading about the characters from book one of this series and see how happy they were with Samantha. If you have not read the first two installments of this series, I highly recommend them. If you like your erotic romance story with a little added extra spice then this is for you. Enjoy this read and see why Angel seems not to trust anyone but was able to trust two gorgeous cowboys with her heart." -- CozyReader, The Romance Reviews

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Adult Excerpt


“If you both care about me so much, you should consider my needs.”

“What needs, baby-doll? Name it and it’s yours,” said Clay.

She bit her lower lip, letting it slowly slide out of her bite. “My body’s all hot and tingly. You can’t expect me to have two gorgeous cowboys in the room and not get aroused.”

Landon smirked. “You think I’m gorgeous?”

She swatted him. He’d always be her best friend, but now she’d have the best of both worlds. “Clay’s been torturing me, walking around half-naked, doing push-ups by the fire while all I can do is watch.”

Clay found amusement in her words now, too. He sat on the coffee table close to the sofa. “I was afraid to hurt you. That wasn’t a little fall.” He leaned forward and ran the pad of this thumb over her moist lips. “Tell me what you want.” Angel closed her eyes and savored his touch.

“I want you both to make love to me, to stop treating me like an invalid.”

“You’ve got a broken wrist,” said Landon. “We could hurt you.”

She would not lose this battle. Their reluctance to hop in the sack with her only made her pussy pulse stronger. Big, strong cowboys with raging libidos refusing her because they loved her more than satisfying their urges? It was unheard of. But she wanted them all the more because of it. “Don’t you dare refuse me, Landon. You’ve been gone for over a week without a word.”

“I suppose it wouldn’t hurt if I ate your pussy. You could just lie still with your legs open.”

Her folds were soaked, her skin crawling with need. “Yes,” she managed to say. It was a start, and she knew they wouldn’t deny her once things began heating up.

“I just washed her myself,” said Clay. “Her little pussy is sparkling clean.”

“No matter, I’d eat her anyways.” Landon got to his feet and shrugged off his padded jacket, and then pulled the quilt off her body. She was only wearing her panties and one of Clay’s old T-shirts. “Good Lord, look at the size of that bruise!”

Her hip and upper leg were nearly black, but in honesty looked worse than they felt. She’d taken the brunt of the fall on her side, but it was her wrist that broke. “I’m fine.” Angel parted her legs to pull his attention to her swollen cunt. Her panties were nearly soaked through from arousal.

Landon carefully slipped her panties down her legs and pushed her T-shirt up past her breasts. He growled as his eyes roamed over her nudity. She turned to look at Clay. He was already unbuckling his belt, watching intently.

“What happens if her blood pressure rises too high?” asked Landon as he caressed her inner thighs.

Clay shrugged. “Guess we’ll find out.”

“It’s a mild fracture in my wrist. It has nothing to do with my pussy.” She reached between her legs and touched her clit. Just the contact made her gasp. What would Landon’s warm tongue feel like? She was afire with anticipation.

“Give her a lick and see what happens.” Clay massaged behind his neck, all those toned muscles moving and shifting deliciously.

Landon didn’t disagree. He spread her thighs tenderly and lowered his blond head between her legs. He did just as Clay suggested—one long, firm swipe of his flattened tongue up the length of her folds. “How’s that?” he asked.

“More.” She’d gotten a taste and was desperate to come, to feel that blinding rush of power explode from within her. Angel was too damn pent up, and it was getting uncomfortable.

“Yes, ma’am.” Landon stripped off his shirt and settled in comfortably. His skin against hers sizzled. She felt his hot breath first. When his mouth lowered over her clit, so warm and moist, she felt a calming effect flood her veins. She sank into the sofa cushions and closed her eyes. This was heaven, and exactly what she’d been missing.

He was so skilled with his tongue, using just the right amount of speed and pressure to bring her quickly to a peak without making her feel too overwhelmed. She savored his suckling, the way his tongue delved in her cunt and teeth gently nipped her labia. With all her needs put on hold, she came to a precipice within minutes, the rush of energy traveling at lightning speed through her body until all that heat collected in her pussy. “Landon! Oh my God,” she chanted. It was there on the cusp. She wanted to jump over the edge as much as she wanted to savor the ecstasy of that preorgasmic zone.

He didn’t give her a choice. Landon picked up the speed, and it only took a few more tugs from his lips to pull her orgasm free. She called out, a deep throaty sound. He continued to clamp his mouth over her as she rode out her contractions. Her hips were off the sofa, his arms curled around her thighs. When the rush settled, she grabbed a lock of Landon’s hair and pulled up. “No more,” she panted.

“You’re still alive,” said Clay. “Now we know you won’t break.” His words were a mix of warning and teasing. What plan was he hatching behind those dark, wicked eyes?

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