Cowboy Boots and Unfinished Business (MFMMM)

Cowboy Boots 2

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 82,954
110 Ratings (4.3)

[Menage Amour: Erotic Cowboy Menage Romance, M/F/M/M/M, Multiple Partners, Consensual BDSM, sex toys]

The Remingtons are faced with tremendous loss. Their father is gunned down in front of them and after the smoke clears, the only thing left is their need for revenge and their desire to protect those they love.

Leaving their lover in Italy, the Remington brothers return to Missouri with a plan to lure their enemies to their familiar homestead. Once there, they meet up with Veronica Leigh, an intelligent operative who seeks more than retribution for Wilson Remington’s death.

Veronica is in Missouri to discover a life she was never meant to lead. In the process, she finds a family she’s ready to claim for her very own, but in doing so, shares in their grief and heartache before she finds her way home.

Note: There is no sexual relationship or touching for titillation between or among siblings.

A Siren Erotic Romance

Cowboy Boots and Unfinished Business (MFMMM)
110 Ratings (4.3)

Cowboy Boots and Unfinished Business (MFMMM)

Cowboy Boots 2

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 82,954
110 Ratings (4.3)
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Cover Art by Jinger Heaston
very unusual story. liked it.
kathy miller
An excellent storyline and characters
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2011 Nominee for Best Series All Around
                in LR Cafe's Loop

4 CUPS: "Getting the chance to work for the Remington’s on their home turf is what Veronica Leigh has been waiting for. The five brothers are a force to be reckoned with, and she cannot wait to test her skills with the best of the best. Sloan and his brothers, Dusty, Logan, Drew, and Benson have left their precious Kelsie in Italy as cancer slowly ravages her body. She is too frail for the trip home to Missouri, and does not need to be near the bloodbath when they take their revenge on their father’s killer. Veronica steps into her role as easily as a chameleon, and she realizes almost instantly that she is dealing with the real thing, not look-a-like operatives. She has always had a thing for Dusty, but to deny that the others are just as breathtaking is beyond her capabilities. The guys are heartbroken over Kelsie’s illness, and when two of them decide to go against Sloan’s wishes to bring her home, Veronica is able to finally meet the woman who owns the heart of these five fabulous men. Two crushing blows are dealt to the Remington men, and there is only one woman strong enough to hold them together, if they can keep her alive long enough to realize it. Very seldom will you find an erotic romance with such a deep and pain-filled thread running throughout. Kelsie’s cancer touches all of the characters in this story, and you get a close and intimate look at how it tears at the heart and soul of these five men, as well as the newcomer, Veronica. The pain and suffering is not sugar-coated at all but then neither is the heat and passion they all share. There is no black and white to their emotions or their desires, and while their reactions may be hard to understand at times, you definitely appreciate the depth of their feelings." -- Lototy, Coffee Time Romance & More

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Straddling her middle, he reached for the blindfold. “Call me your master and I’ll make your day.”

She shook her head and he said, “All right, you were warned.” He slipped the soft blindfold over her eyes. She saw nothing, felt everything.

The ball of his hand massaged her mound. “You’re ready now, aren’t you subbie?”

“Yes, but my nipples.”

“What about your nipples?” he asked, chuckling. “They’re beautiful, by the way.”

“They burn.”

“Burn how?”

“For your mouth.”

“I’ll drop my head and drive you crazy if you’ll call me your master one time. Just once.”

“You get off on that, don’t you?”

“Damn straight.”

“How about I call you King Cock?”

He laughed. “How about I call you my little pussy cat?”

“Works for me.”

“All right, King Cock it is,” he said. “But only when it’s appropriate.”

He swatted her pussy again and she flinched. “More!” she exclaimed arching.


“More, King Cock, more.”


* * * *


Sloane heard something behind him and looked up to find a very amused pair.

Logan mouthed, King Cock, and Dusty simply shook his head.

His brothers must’ve found them on the monitor. He wondered how long it took them to yank their pants on. He placed his finger over his lips and motioned for them to sit down on the nearby leather sofa.

Logan’s eyes were full of the kind of lust a Dom feels when he watches his submissive train, and poor Dusty looked like he’d already white-washed his denim Wranglers.

“Who’s here?” she asked, raising her neck from the green felt.

“Me and you, doll. Now, about my king cock,” he taunted, eyeing his brothers and shooting them a smile.

“What about it?” she snipped. “I’m tired of this game. I want you to fuck me.”

Dusty leaned forward. His hands dropped between his legs and he observed.

“You do?” he teased. “With my fingers?” he asked, stretching behind his back and patting her pussy. At the same time, he reached around with another hand, too, and smacked her with the crop three times.

“Good God, Sloane, I’m wild for you. I’m so fucking hot I can’t wait for you to rip into me.”

“I know,” he assured her. “I can’t wait to feel that sweet little pussy milking my dick, doll.”

He moved closer until his penis tapped her lips. “Suck it, subbie. Make me come.”

She drew him in with the suction, relying on him to guide his cock in-between her cheeks. “Sloane,” she said, kissing the tip. “I don’t want to play anymore.” Nuzzling his length with her cheek, mouth, and chin, she said, “Please, give me your body.”

Sloane smirked and enjoyed watching Dusty and Logan squirm.

Holding her chin steadfast, he said, “Open, sub. Open and suck.”

“I just said I don’t want to play anymore.” Between each and every word, she sipped at his cock, lapping at him like a hungry little kitten.

“I can see that,” he said. “Want to use your safe word? Say the word and this is all over.”

“Uh…” she swiped at the tip.

“That’s what I thought. Now, take me in-between your cheeks, baby, and blow. Make it yours, subbie. Put a name on it if you have to, but suck like you mean business, sugar.”

Her mouth swelled with his size, and she gave him one hell of an enticing thrill. She licked at his tip, twirling her tongue around the shape of his head, and then lapped at his shape, licking up and down as he thrust closer to her throat.

“Ah yeah, subbie,” he said, now completely unaware of their audience. “That’s my little sub, take my cock, honey. God, yeah, I’m so horny. I’m going to come.”

Then, the little minx defiantly thinned her lips and stopped one hell of a great blow job. “What the fuck?” he barked.

“You don’t come until I do.”

Sloane eyed his brothers. Dusty and Logan shook their heads and acted like the biggest job they’d ever performed in their lives was in controlling their laughter.

“Funny,” he growled. “And just for that, I have something to punish you with.” He climbed off the table and worked quickly, which wasn’t easy with a throbbing hard-on guaranteed to leave him with blue balls if he didn’t get inside her soon. Pushing the batteries into the vibrator, he used his teeth to clip the end off a lube packet and saturated the toy before he moved the tip to her pussy.

The soft hum vibrated against her folds and she arched, trying to find the one thing guaranteed to penetrate sooner than his cock.

He motioned for Logan and Dusty. Dusty smiled when he saw the evidence of her moisture and Logan undressed. Hell, he didn’t blame him. If he were in their shoes, he’d do the same thing.

Pushing the vibrator closer to her pussy, her lips spread, welcoming the invasion. “Yes, subbie, that’s right. Do what comes natural.” And then he shoved the toy inside her walls and stood back to observe.

Her hips flew off the table in about two-and-a-half seconds. She bit down on her lip and released the most sensual cry Sloane remembered hearing. “That’s my girl,” he encouraged. “Feel your orgasm. Take it. Submit to pleasure now, darlin’.”

“What’s it feel like, subbie?” Logan walked to the side of the table and slapped her pussy until she cried out for more. “Like that, do you?”


“We’re both here,” Dusty grated out.

She smiled then and let the vibrator completely take over her body, rising and falling, her breath not her own to control. Unable to close her legs, she thanked Dusty when he cupped her breasts, kneading them like weighted balloons.

“Ah, Veronica, you have the most beautiful breasts.”

“Well, shit,” she said. “Don’t just play with them. Suck my nipples before they pop.”

“You’re not in any danger of something so vile,” he promised, licking the pointed gem just a little here or there.

“Feels good,” she reported. “Ah, Dusty, I wish I could run my fingers through your hair.”

He stared down at her rosy little nipples and adding some friction to her pretty beads, he clamped the rosy pearls and attached a golden chain between them. Giving her a tug before he moved away, he said, “Now you’re perfect.”

“All right,” she said. “That’s it. This is all I can stand. Take the vibrator out. Ohhhhh,” she cried. “Ah, jeez, here I…come again!”

They stood back, thoroughly engulfed in the show she provided, and watched her lips part, her pussy accept, and the impalement of the vibrator as it danced in and out with her tight muscles controlling how deep or shallow the toy penetrated.

Dipping the cold clay colored stone into the lube, Sloane handed Logan the plug and said, “Now, you’re going to stretch for me so when we take you, you’re ready for the lovin’ we want to give you.”

“Okay,” she said, in a quivering voice.

Sloane lifted her up, using both hands to spread her, and Logan used the tip of the stone to impale her ass.

“Oh, God….I’m coming again!”

“That’s good, subbie. Orgasm. Find your pleasure. Ride it out.”

“Oh! Oh! Take it out!”

Logan tapped the end of the stone. Dusty pulled at the nipple chain and her multiple orgasms were violent, her body shaking all over the place, leaving her in a damp pool of pure bliss.

“That’s good, sugar.” Sloane issued his approval, kissed her mound, and removed the vibrator.

Her bottom closed around the butt plug and he observed. Even though she couldn’t see him, she must’ve known they watched her.

“Aren’t you going to let me have it?”

“It’s stuck,” she announced.

“Stuck?” Sloane asked, amused.


“You know what I think?” Logan asked. “I think you love the feel of something buried in your ass.”

“Yes,” she readily admitted.

Sloane ran his fingers up and down her side. “Are you ready to fuck, baby?”

“God, yes.”

Dusty lowered his lips to her nipples and kissed them, running his tongue over one hard point and then another. “Sweet baby, these little gems are so tight.” Distracting her by kissing them, he pulled one nipple free of the claw-like contraption and then another.

She yelped when he released her nipples, but Logan quickly lapped at one while he took care of licking the other. “Shh,” Dusty said. “Let us kiss the sting away.”

Her body arched against their mouths, and she moaned in pleasure when Sloane fingered her pussy, lightly touching her folds, tracing the shape of them and then twirling one finger high into her channel.

Dusty pushed the blindfold away from her face. “Hi, you.”

“Hi,” she replied, breathless.

Dusty moved away from the table and undressed where she could see him. Sloane and Logan released the binds holding her to the table, disposing of all the toys in the process.

Approaching her again, Dusty kissed her and said, “We’re going to reward you by taking you nice and slow.”

She smiled. “Sounds like heaven.”

“It is,” he promised. “We’re going to make easy love to you, baby.”


* * * *


Dusty lied like a mother-fucker.

Her body felt like a soft pretzel loaded down with cream cheese by the time they finished with her, and she wasn’t too happy about it.

While the sex was phenomenal, there wasn’t anything slow and easy about the way Sloane took her. Thank God, at least he didn’t have her ass.

Dusty fucked her ass, and Logan dominated her mouth, which thank goodness, he didn’t waste any time putting to the best of uses. He’d fucked her silly for about a second and a half before he shot off like a rocket, his hot rocks slapping erotically at her chin.

Sloane was a different story. Whatever impression she gave him by taking him up on a little role play, he liked it—a lot. Even after Dusty slid away from her ass, he still hadn’t found his release.

Tugging her toward him, Sloane pushed her breasts up to his lips and took turn about, playing fair with one nipple and then another, lavishing them with a tongue that never tired of the teasing.

Her legs bracketed around his middle, and her arms fell over his back. “Ride my cock, baby. That’s good, sub. Milk this thing.”

She felt her skin blush as he watched her bounce over him, enjoying the way he parted her folds and left room for nothing more than pleasure, silky sweet pleasure.

Sloane’s size filled her. From the length to the width, he was actually a perfect fuck for her body, sealing off the opening as he plunged inside her walls. Her body seemed to pull him deeper and hold him in place. She felt every vein in every stroke as he ripped into her sex, and she held on to the moment because she knew if nothing else, the moments they shared were limited.

She wasn’t going to submit to him because she liked Sloane Remington like this, riding him wild, watching that untamed lust unravel. It empowered her, put the balls in her court, and she enjoyed the fuck out of the way he made her feel like this—not like a submissive little honey ready to take his next order. Hell no, she was his submissive—like it or not—when she worked for him in the field, following orders.

Now, he was under her control. Gripping his shoulders, she rotated her hips to accommodate his. Her hair whipped around them. He framed her face and kissed her while she moved over him, keeping her leverage while he pumped closer and closer to his release.

“Come,” she whispered against his lips.

“Ladies go first.”

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