Dangerous to Handle (MM)

Hard to Handle 4

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 20,743
7 Ratings (4.6)

[Siren Classic ManLove: Erotic Romance, Alternative, Paranormal, Shape-shifter, Contemporary, Vampires/Werewolves, MM, HEA]

Mick White’s a magnet for trouble. When he’s sent to live with a complete stranger, Mick intends to rebel. He’ll fight his new protector Zack with every breath but the dominant werewolf has other plans for him. Zack understands him, takes care of him. Zack becomes his anchor. After years of searching for a place and a man to belong to, Mick’s finally found the one. Will Mick run or stay and see if he and Zack have a future?

Zack’s no babysitter. His best friend entrusted him with a mouthy brat but there’s more to Mick than meets the eye. Mick’s defiant but not hopeless. All Mick needs is a little discipline in his life. When he begins to crave Mick more than he should, Zack knows he’s in for a world of trouble. Zack’s wolf is pushing him to keep Mick, to claim Mick as his mate but that means betraying his best friend.

Dangerous to Handle (MM)
7 Ratings (4.6)

Dangerous to Handle (MM)

Hard to Handle 4

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 20,743
7 Ratings (4.6)
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Cover Art by Harris Channing


Mick noticed the huge man standing at the park entrance. Eyes the color of an angry storm met his own. That scar near Zack’s lip was unmistakable. Recognition hit him. In person, Zack looked so much bigger than his photos, imposing almost.

The guy was built like a house, every inch of him made of hard and rough angles. A real predator. Zack could probably break someone in half easily with brute strength alone. A man like Zack wouldn’t have any soft side to him. He’d be firm, his commands absolute.

Just looking at Zack made Mick’s dick rock-hard—an inappropriate reaction. Shit. What was happening to him? Mick never really believed in lust at first sight—until now. All the men he’d gone out with suddenly felt insignificant. Mere boys, although they were all adults.

Then Zack started for him, lip curved downwards, his stride purposeful. The werewolf looked mad as hell. Mick had a feeling all that anger was directed at him.

Zack finally took those final strides and loomed over him. “Mick. Come with me. Your brother and I were worried about you.”

Just like that, his erection wilted. Mick scoffed. “I decided to take a little tour of the city. That’s all.”

Mick always reacted defensively when backed against the corner. He should’ve told Zack the truth. That he’d gotten lost—except that would make him sound so lame and pathetic. The urge to take back his words arose. Mick could apologize, but he stood his ground and met Zack’s gold-shot blue eyes.

Eye color change. Not a good sign. It meant Zack was riled up, his inner beast peeking out.

Crap. Mick could feel waves of aggressive energy coming off from Zack. It no longer felt chilly, but warm, like he’d been thrust into a sauna. He didn’t have a yardstick to measure a shifter’s strength, but he bet Zack was more powerful than his brother.

Mick didn’t dare drop his gaze. Seconds must’ve passed, then it no longer felt hot. Zack twisted his mouth upwards, to what passed for a mocking smile. Mick didn’t think a man like Zack smiled often.

He kept looking at the small scar on the bottom of Zack’s lip, wondered what it would be like to sneak in a kiss. Would Zack push him back or would Mick manage to elicit a response from him?

“Derek said you’d be difficult,” Zack said.

“Oh you have no idea,” he said under his breath. Mick was relieved Zack seemed back to normal. What just happened? Did the shifter nearly lose his cool with him? He wasn’t done. Mick’s mouth kept running. “How would you react when your brother ships you off to some stranger you’d never met? Derek couldn’t handle me anymore.”

Those last words sounded bitter on his lips. It was true anyway.

Zack frowned at him. “Your brother only wants what’s best for you. Being away from that poisonous crew you used to run with, away from Calderon City is the best solution for you right now.”

“Why do you two have any right to decide what’s best for me?” Mick suddenly demanded. He had no idea why he was picking a fight in park with a complete stranger, a dangerous werewolf no less.

“You could’ve run. Taken a bus to somewhere else. Why didn’t you?”

That question almost sounded like a challenge, one he didn’t have an answer. His tongue was tied, his brain scrambled as he fumbled for a sassy reply. “I wanted to find out what the fuss was all about. Derek talks about you a lot,” he said.

Zack raised one golden brow. “Does he?”

“Yeah. He doesn’t shut up about his days in the army, about his other family.”

That was right. They were blood. Brothers. Mick was supposed to be Derek’s only family, yet time and time again, Derek always choose the men he called his brothers. It was like his brother wanted to return to those good old days and not worry about Mick anymore.

Jeez. Where were these angry emotions coming from? Mick had bottled them all up, chose silence and snark whenever he confronted his brother. With Zack, a guy he just met, he was ready to unload everything, all the frustration and anger he’d been feeling over the past few weeks. Mick didn’t normally open his heart to anyone easily. Trust was a luxury in his book and yet he sensed he could trust this angry wolf.

Anger lived inside Zack like an old friend, all right. He’d gotten a glimpse of it earlier. Maybe they were more alike that he thought.

“Derek and you should be grateful. I’m doing you both a favor by being here.” Mick decided now was a fine time to shut up.

“It’s getting cold. Let’s go,” Zack only said.

“I might not be a shifter but I’m tough. The cold doesn’t bother me.”

“Really?” Zack suddenly touched his arm. His big hand was incredibly warm, like a brand. “Your skin’s ice cold.”

“I didn’t bring a thick jacket,” he grumbled.

To his surprise, Zack took off the leather jacket he was wearing and placed it over his shoulders. Without warning, Zack grabbed his backpack and slung it over one broad shoulder. The shifter held out a hand to him.

Slightly taken aback, Mick rose to his feet, clutching at the jacket which seemed to dwarf him. It was no longer cold and it smelled like Zack, like aftershave, smoke, mint and a hint of wolf musk. A pleasant scent.

He grasped Zack’s hand. Zack closed his fingers over his and started to lead the way, not letting go of him once. Mick opened his mouth, about to argue he wasn’t some errant child that needed to dragged around by his parent. In the end, he decided to zip it. Holding hands like this felt a little nice. Comforting almost.

Maybe this trip wasn’t such a waste after all.




Zack groaned. “You’re teasing me on purpose.”

“It’s fun. When are you going to acknowledge that there’s something between us? Didn’t you feel anything from those last two kisses?”

“I did,” Zack admitted. “And it’s getting hard to keep my paws off you.”

“Then don’t. I’m all yours. Free for the taking. Come get me.” With that challenge, Mick ran to the bathroom.

Zack caught up with Mick easily. Once in the bathroom, he wounded his arms around Mick tightly and pressed him close. “Careful or you’ll slip.”

“I’m not worried. You’ll catch me, right?”

“Every single time,” Zack promised. With Mick pressed so close to his body, he could no longer ignore temptation. He pushed his face into the curve of Mick’s neck and inhaled his scent. Nirvana. He licked at Zack’s pulse, placed a kiss there. Zack was almost tempted to set his teeth there, leave a hickey.

Don’t, he told his wolf. One bite could lead to more, to him giving Mick his bite mark. Neither of them were ready to head down that path yet. He lifted his mouth from Mick’s neck only for Mick to turn around, so they looked at each other.

“I’m still wearing wet clothes.”

He growled. Mick didn’t need to remind him of that. Zack placed his hands on Mick’s waist and easily lifted him on the counter, sitting Mick’s ass at the edge. Mick squeaked, gripping his arms.

“Brat,” he said fondly.

“Brute,” Mick returned.

The nickname made him smile. Mick raised his arms as Zack reached for the hem of his shirt. He tugged it off, leaving the wet fabric on the floor. Next came Mick’s pants and underwear. Those fell to the floor with a wet plop as well.

Mick stared up at him, shivering. He reached out to touch Mick’s forehead, all the while eying the rest of his prize. Mick was a little pale right now, but he could easily warm his human up. Shifters burned hot naturally after all.

Mick grabbed his hand. “I’m not sick.”

Zack decided they were done with pretension. Enough playing at being noble, at doing the decent thing. Derek should’ve known better than to dangle temptation in front of him. It was Derek’s fault for entrusting his brother to Zack’s care.

Zack leaned down and took his third kiss from Mick, using tongue and teeth this time around. There would be more, Zack knew. His hunger knew no bounds, and he’d take his time enjoying the sweet treat that was Mick over and over again.

Mick clamped his legs around his waist, pulling him close. Bare flesh collided against the denim of his wet jeans. He took off his shirt, began undoing his jeans only for Mick to run his hands up and down his chest.

“Very nice,” Mick said, flashing him a mischievous grin. Mick took over unzipping his pants and took his dick out. He rumbled in appreciation as Mick stroked his rising cock with his fingers. “Don’t think I ever had anything so big inside me.”

The mention of other men being inside Mick filled Zack with indescribable jealousy. He growled softly in warning and placed a finger to Mick’s lips.

“Don’t talk of ex-lovers. Once I rut you, you’ll forget all about them. The only cock you’ll lust for is mine.” He put his finger down.

“Already forgotten. None of them mattered. I didn’t think I could care for someone else other than family,” Mick whispered. “You’re the first real thing guy I’ve ever truly fallen for. I can’t even put into words what I feel for you.”

“I know. I feel the same way, but I have the answers. I know what’s between us, what you are to me.”

“What am I?”

“My mate.” Zack had been afraid to admit those words to himself before but not anymore. It felt like a big weight had been lifted off his chest. The truth was freeing, opened up so many new opportunities.

Mick widened his eyes in surprise. “Are you sure? I mean, a screw-up with me with a tough, fearless werewolf enforcer like you?”

“You’re not a screw-up. Just a guy who made a mistake.”

Mick bit on his lower lip. It looked like his human needed more convincing.

“The mating call. It beckoned me to you.” He kissed Mick again, enjoying the explosion of sweetness on his tongue. Zack reached for Mick’s cock and began stroking it back and forth until Mick started to pant for him.

Zack wanted Mick to continue making those grunts of pleasure for him.

“That’s it, baby. Come for me,” Zack urged. He gave Mick’s balls a squeeze, before moving his hand up and down Mick’s shaft again.

Mick fluttered his eyelids. The human gripped the edges of the bathroom counter tight and expelled a breath. Mick climaxed, spilling his load all over Zack’s waiting fingers. Bliss crossed Mick’s face.

Zack lifted his wet hand to Mick’s face. He didn’t need to give any further instructions. Mick leaned forward and licked his cum right off Zack’s fingers, the motions reminding Zack of an eager kitty.

A smile formed on Mick’s lips. Blood surged thorough his dick. “We haven’t even gotten to the best part yet.”

“No,” Zack agreed. He opened the cabinet behind the sink and took out a bottle of tube.

“No condoms. Right. Shifters can’t catch anything,” Mick said.

Zack regarded to human, tried to see if Mick had any doubts about what was about to happen. There seemed to be done. Zack returned to where Mick remaining sitting. Anticipation built up inside of like a storm. A shiver came over Mick.

“You’re going to fuck me right here on the counter, aren’t you?”

“Any complaints?”


“I want to fuck you from behind.” Zack grabbed Mick’s waist and helped turn him over.

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