Caleb (MM)

Gates Brothers 2

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 31,526
12 Ratings (4.4)

[Siren Classic ManLove: Alternative, Paranormal, Vampires/werewolves, Shape-shifter, MM, HEA]

Omega wolf Dylan Porter thought he’d be lost forever. Taken and broken by an evil man, Dylan believes all hope is lost until Caleb emerges from a sea of darkness. Caleb’s big and terrifying but he also swore nothing bad will ever happen to Dylan ever again. Trust is forged. Heat is kindled. The mating call between them is hard to resist but Dylan is terrified of entrusting his heart and body to another again.

Caleb Gates’ mission was simple. Rescue a missing Omega and bring him back home, until he finds out Dylan is his mate. Caleb has always lived his life his own way. The laws don't apply to him or his family. Settling down and finding a mate had never been part of the big picture but after setting sights on Dylan, Caleb’s beginning to change his mind. Maybe this broken Omega can tame the heart of this wild wolf.

Caleb (MM)
12 Ratings (4.4)

Caleb (MM)

Gates Brothers 2

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 31,526
12 Ratings (4.4)
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Cover Art by Harris Channing
Surprisingly enough, Fel Fern has redeemed herself (for the moment) with this second book in the ‘Gates Brothers’ series. The characters are great but the story is equally captivating... unlike Creed and Luke’s story. Crossing my fingers that Colton’s story will be good, too!
Christy Duke


“Oh, I’m so sorry, sir,” Dylan whispered.

He hoped that would appease the massive black-haired and green -eyed werewolf who stuck out like sore thumb. For one, the werewolf didn’t look like the greasy, overweight buyers who looked at him like he was free meat. Every inch of this man screamed dangerous. Nothing about him seemed soft. He was made of hard edges, and Dylan tried to back away, only to realize the werewolf still held his wrist.

The dominant werewolf’s touch felt like a brand. For the first time in what felt like ages, Dylan could feel his wolf inside him come out from its hiding place. His wolf had always gotten him out of scraps before, but this time was different.

When Bash Wayland sold him off to Dunn like cattle, his wolf couldn’t stand the conditioning, the humiliation and degradation. His wolf betrayed him, and for that, Dylan started hating the animal who shared his skin.

He always loathed being born an Omega, considered the Omega genes a curse. Dylan was right to think that because look where he was. Some days, Dylan could barely remember his own name, his past. The life he had before he became someone else’s property. Dylan had a home, a best friend who was like his family, but those memories seemed distant now.

“I asked you a question, asshole. Who do you think you are?” demanded the buyer who Dunn had reminded him was an important friend of his. Dylan flinched. Dunn became violent and ugly when he was mad.

“Caleb Gates. Who the hell are you?” Caleb demanded, finally releasing Dylan’s arm.

Somehow, Dylan didn’t like that, and he realized with a shock that Caleb touching him somehow made him feel safe. No logic to that line of thought. Then again, Dylan felt like he was losing his mind little by little every day since his captivity.

“Gates?” The thug turned sheet white, like a ghost.

Gates. That name held weight, but Dylan couldn’t seem to remember why.

“There’s plenty of toys for everyone,” a smooth voice interrupted. “And I’m afraid, Caleb, that Dylan’s not for sale.”

Hearing Dunn’s voice, Dylan’s wolf retreated back to its hiding place instantly. Dylan dropped his eyes. The big bear shifter always looked pristine, from his polished, smoothed-back bronze hair to his dark blue tailored Italian suit. Blue was Dunn’s favorite color, and he always said he wanted his suits to match his eyes. Dunn had told Dylan that when he was in a good mood.

“You won’t make an exception?” said another male voice, another dominant werewolf who stood next to Caleb.

“Like I said, Dylan’s not on the list, Colton,” Dunn said in a firm voice.

A closer examination revealed both men shared physical similarities. Same hard-eyed look, build, and both shared aggressive monsters inside their bodies. Dylan was only attracted to Caleb. Dylan shivered.

Attracted? After the hellish ordeal Dylan had been through, he didn’t think he could want another man touching him again. The image of him sitting on Caleb’s lap sprung to mind. God. His dick woke to life at that image.

Would a man like Caleb even be able to do gentle? In his fantasies, Caleb could do both, hard and soft, wild and tender. He could already imagine Caleb closing his hand on the back of his neck, pushing him close for a kiss. At the same time, Caleb would slip his hand under his underwear, close his big and callused fingers over his shaft. Dylan yanked his mind from his foolish delusions.

He heard a click and gasped when Dunn clipped a leash to the tag on his collar and pulled him close. He choked for a second, then took a step closer to his master. That got a growl from Caleb. The other buyer, sensing a fight, quickly excused himself and hurried off.

“You see, Dunn, my brother here seems pretty fixated with this particular Omega,” Colton drawled in a cheerful voice. “Won’t you make an exception? I’m sure you have plenty of stock on hand. Replacements.”

“Why? He’s broken, certainly not a virgin.”

Dunn was right. Dylan wouldn’t fetch a high price anymore. He might be Dunn’s new flavor of the month, didn’t mean anything to Dunn, but Dunn didn’t like anyone else lusting after his possessions. Too bad it seemed like Caleb was one man Dunn couldn’t seem to threaten easily.

Dylan swore he spotted fur beginning to cover Caleb’s neck. The dominant werewolf’s eyes glowed gold in his face, and he could see a hint of fangs. Dunn wounded the leash around his arm tighter. Dylan saw a blur of movement. Blood splattered, and suddenly, his leash was attached to a dismembered arm. Dunn’s arm. Caleb Gates literally sliced it off with his partially shifted claws.

Dunn howled in agony. Dylan fell on his ass, screamed. Was this even real? It felt like he’d been thrust into some kind of B-rate horror movie. Who in the world would even dare hurt a powerful man like Dunn? The fact Caleb did it so easily should frighten him. Clearly, Caleb was bigger monster than Dunn, someone to be feared, yet he only felt a certain measure of satisfaction at seeing his tormentor hurt.

He couldn’t take his eyes off Dunn’s fallen body part. With trembling fingers, he managed to unclip the leash from his collar. Their commotion brought all the attention of the guests, the guards on them.

Dylan could see Dunn’s security team moving towards their direction, but Caleb easily grabbed Dunn towards him and pointed his claws to Dunn’s throat.

“Shit,” Colton whispered.




Caleb’s breathing turned harsh as Dylan planted a hand on his chest. His wolf came to life inside of him, badly wanted to take the Omega on his lap. Dylan practically offered himself to Caleb on a platter.

“Stop. You have no idea what you’re doing,” he said, voice coming out harsh.

“Tell me anyway.”

He grasped Dylan’s fingers in his, felt the change in Dylan’s breathing. The Omega’s quickened heartbeats reminded of the fierce strokes of a hummingbird’s wings.

“I won’t be able to control myself,” he said. “I can barely think with you sitting on my lap.”

“With you this close, my mind has trouble working as well,” Dylan said with a nervous laugh.

Caleb spread the fingers of Dylan’s left hand open and placed it over his left pectoral, where his own heart lay.

“My wolf knows this belongs to you,” he said, looking Dylan in the eye. “Does yours?”

“I can barely feel my wolf,” Dylan told him, lowering his gaze. “He’s a coward, a traitor who burrowed inside of me when I was scared, when I needed him. I hate him.”

“You’re not ready.” As much as he hated saying those words, he needed to bring the truth to the surface. “Right now, you’re clinging onto me out of need and desperation.”

Dylan gripped his biceps. Caleb’s words seemed to hold no meaning over him. “That’s not completely true. This fire between us, I feel it. I was scared of being burnt at first, but now, I’m looking at it in the eye. I want you, Caleb Gates. I’m hoping you want me, too.”

Caleb’s resolve broke, and any good and noble intentions left his mind. He gripped Dylan’s shoulders. This Omega was asking for it. He could see the lust in Dylan’s eyes. Dylan claimed he could no longer find his wolf, but maybe Caleb could bring it back to the surface. Perhaps this was the best solution to helping Dylan on his path of recovery.

Fuck and fight. Those were the only things Caleb knew. He’d never been a decent man. His father, his upbringing, and the choices he made in the past molded him, but perhaps this broken Omega could forge him into something else. A better man.

Dylan didn’t know it yet, but in some ways, he also saved Caleb.

“Please,” Dylan uttered, rubbing himself against him.

Caleb groaned, aware of his dick, pressing up against the fabric of his boxers.

Dylan’s next words pushed him over the edge.

“Help me erase all of the foul memories Dunn made. I’m beginning to think fate led him here to you for a reason. You’re starting to make a believer out of me, that we’re meant to be.”

Caleb took a handful of Dylan’s shirt, shredded it. Dylan’s shorts followed.

He let out a growl. “Now you’ve done it, Omega. You’ve let the beast out.”

* * * *

Ripping fabric startled Dylan wide awake. He looked down only to see the remnants of his shirt and shorts. Dylan opened his mouth, only for Caleb to zero in and plunge his tongue down his throat.

Dylan circled his arms behind Caleb’s neck. His pulse quickened. Who knew he was bold enough to make the first move? When Luke suggested he stay with Creed and him, he hadn’t even pondered on it. The thought of not being able to wake up next to Caleb and see his dominant wolf first thing in the morning made him panic.

Three days. They had that long to come with a plan. Dylan wanted to make good use of that time.

Dylan moved one hand down the length of Caleb’s muscled chest, to Caleb’s boxers. He slid the fabric down, curled his fingers over Caleb’s shaft, moaned when Caleb wrapped his hand around his own rising prick.

Caleb hadn’t released his mouth yet. Dylan sucked down hard on Caleb’s tongue, as they continued giving each other hand jobs. When Caleb pulled his lips away, he panted, wanting more.

“No regrets,” he said.

A rumble of what sounded like approval tore from Caleb’s chest. The dominant werewolf kissed him again on the mouth, nibbled on his lower lip, before moving onto the side of his neck. He sighed, loved the sensation of Caleb’s mouth on his skin, the slight bite of teeth. He gripped Caleb’s shoulders when Caleb bit down, hard enough to bruise, even draw blood.

Dylan halted, but Caleb didn’t sink his fangs any deeper. Disappointment sat in his chest. Later, he decided. Maybe Caleb would bite him after. With every kiss and bite Caleb left on him, Dylan could sense his own wolf, padding out of its hiding place.

Resentment lingered but not as much hate. Caleb’s own wolf felt comforting, protective. Ours, his wolf whispered. Dylan agreed.

Caleb worked his prick faster. Dylan’s breaths came out short. The pressure inside of him burst when Caleb pinched the leaking tip of his prick. He groaned, cried out as he emptied his balls, spilling his seed into Caleb’s waiting fingers.

“God, Caleb,” he said.

Caleb pressed a quick kiss to the side of his mouth. “We haven’t even gotten to the good part yet. We need lube.”

That told Dylan Caleb had never been with an Omega before.

“Unnecessary. We’re self-lubricating,” he said. Dylan used to be ashamed of what he was, but right now, he didn’t mind being born an Omega.

“Good,” Caleb said. The dominant wolf slid one digit inside of them, then soon added a second. Dylan rocked back and forth, tried to fuck himself on Caleb’s fingers. Caleb chuckled. “Soon, Omega.”

“Now,” Dylan insisted.

“Demanding wolf,” Caleb chided, but Dylan didn’t miss the fondness in his voice.

Dylan tried another tactic. “Please?”

That prompted the dominant wolf to pull his fingers out, replace them with his dick. Caleb plunged his cock inside his tiny asshole. Dylan groaned, dug his nails into Caleb’s powerful back muscles.

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