Devin and the Dancer (MM)

The Millionaire's Grandsons 2

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 20,321
6 Ratings (3.8)
[Siren Everlasting Classic ManLove: Erotic Alternative Romance, M/M, paddling, sex toys, HEA] 
Devin Carmichael goes to the gay bar to clear his head after arguing with his grandfather about the old man refusing to accept advice. First his cousin Quade, then the head of IT, and now Devin himself have tried to make the old man understand the need for advanced cyber protection. But the owner of Carmichael Industries isn’t listening. When a lithe, attractive man asks Devin to dance he isn’t going to say no.
One glance at Mr. Dark, Dominant, and Delicious has Ty Glenn determined to meet him. He’s just the kind of man that makes Ty’s pulses flutter and his blood pump. The chemistry between them extends beyond just their hot and sexy dancing. Booking a room upstairs to get to know each other better in private is the obvious next step...
A Siren Erotic Romance
Cara Adams is a Siren-exclusive author.
Devin and the Dancer (MM)
6 Ratings (3.8)

Devin and the Dancer (MM)

The Millionaire's Grandsons 2

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 20,321
6 Ratings (3.8)
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Cover Art by Les Byerley




He had a thick head of black hair, heavy black eyebrows over dark brown eyes, and looked as though he’d be deliciously dominant in bed. Mr. Dark, Dominant, and Delicious was just exactly what Ty needed to make the evening perfect.

Ty walked over to the bar, where the dark-haired man sat on a stool facing the dance floor, not the bar itself. Ty stood as close as he dared to his quarry, his knees almost touching the bigger man’s. “Hi, handsome. Wanna buy me a drink?”

“Do you dance?”

“I love dancing.” That was the absolute truth. In his early teens, Ty had even considered making dancing his career, but he wasn’t sufficiently talented. However, that hadn’t quashed his love for dancing and the pure, unsullied enjoyment it gave him.

“Good. I’ll buy you a drink after we’ve danced.”

Ty grinned. He loved a masterful man as long as he wasn’t an asshat. Masterful and Alpha men were fascinating creatures. An asshat was almost as bad as an asshole and was a bully, rather than masterful.

A dance would be more than long enough to check that this man was just what he wanted for the night.

Mr. Delicious left his drink on the bar and lightly took Ty’s hand, leading him to the edge of the dance floor. Instead of standing opposite him to dance, he pulled Ty firmly against his body until they were pressed together and Ty could feel the heat of the other man through both their shirts.

His dance partner slid a leg between Ty’s and began to dance. He was definitely in charge, but Ty was happy with that. His partner led clearly and definitely and so was easy to follow. They swirled around the dance floor, Mr. Delicious casually maneuvering them both around the other dancers. At the end of the first dance, he smiled at Ty and said, “You dance well.”

“It’s not hard. You’re quite clear about what you want.”

During the second dance, Mr. Delicious tried a few more ambitious moves, but Ty hadn’t wasted his years at dance class and twisted and turned in his partner’s arms, really enjoying the opportunity to stretch himself and show off his skills a little. He’d never been good enough to make a career out of dancing, and, so far, not even out of teaching others to dance, but he still was much better than average, and he loved to dance. This was very much his happy place. Dancing with someone who knew what he was doing.

When the set of music ended, Ty was surprised when people clapped them as they left the dance floor. He grinned at Mr. Delicious and said, “I guess that means you owe me a drink.”

“It does indeed. I’m Devin.”

“Hi, Devin. I’m Tyrell but prefer Ty.”

“Ty it is. What would you like to drink, Ty?”


“Are you serious?”

“Why wouldn’t I be? Aren’t you ready to celebrate our meeting each other?” Ty gazed steadily into Devin’s face, almost daring him to say goodbye instead of getting them both a drink.

Devin nodded abruptly and waved in the direction of several empty tables. “Grab us a seat, and I’ll be back in a minute.”

Once Devin’s back was turned, Ty heaved a sigh of relief and headed for a table beside the dance floor. He’d enjoyed their dance and intended they’d do that again before Devin took him to bed. And he was determined that would happen as well. Devin stirred all his juices, ticked all his boxes, and all the other clichés about picking a partner for a one-night stand. Damn, he’d almost consider foregoing another dance to get to the bedroom faster, but not quite.

Devin returned with an ice bucket, holding a bottle of champagne, and two champagne flutes. He poured them each a glass and then said, “To getting to know each other better.”

Ty grinned. “Hell yes. I’ll drink to that. Start by telling me a little bit about yourself.”




He sat up, pulled Ty onto his lap, and took the paddle out of its wrapper. “I ought to spank your ass for flipping me over.”

Ty grinned back at him. “Yes, you should.”

Excellent. They were on the same page here.

Devin pushed Ty onto his front, face down, and whacked the paddle on Ty’s delicious ass. Ty wiggled his butt teasingly, which told Devin he’d enjoyed the spank. Encouraged, Devin paddled him harder, right, left, right, left, until both ass cheeks were a pretty pink. He dropped the paddle and smoothed his hand over Ty’s sexy ass, feeling the heat there.

Ty sighed and rubbed his cock on Devin’s thigh. Ty’s dick was hot and hard, and his cockhead was damp, telling Devin once again how much Ty had enjoyed their game. Awesome. Time to change it up some.

Devin uncapped the jar of warming oil and scooped some onto two fingers. First he smeared it liberally around the outside of Ty’s rosette, ensuing the muscular ring was completely coated with the lube. Next, he scooped some more oil onto his index finger and gently pressed it inside Ty’s ass, rubbing the lube into the inner edge of Ty’s sphincter, over and over again until the muscle started to stretch and loosen. Now he could add a second finger and spread the oil deeper inside, stretching and softening the walls of Ty’s channel as well.

While he was absorbed in his task, Ty wiggled, groaned, and rocked across Devin’s knees as the warming oil penetrated his sensitive flesh and heightened his arousal. At least, that was what Devin hoped was the reason. Just from having it on his fingers, he was certain the oil would be lighting a fire on the many nerve endings inside Ty’s dark channel. Ty’s pre-cum continued to dampen Devin’s thighs, which encouraged him to believe his guess was right.

Next, he took the butt plug out of its packaging and coated it thickly with lube. Then he pressed the plug at Ty’s back door and wiggled and rocked it as it slid inside his lover.

Finally, they were ready and could begin to play.

He swatted Ty’s sexy pink ass again and groaned as Ty very deliberately dragged his damp cock over Devin’s aching dick. Devin tugged Ty up until he was sitting on his lap and kissed him. Once again, the kiss went wild, both of them tongue-fucking each other frantically. Devin was doubly aroused by the heat of Ty’s ass on his thighs and by Ty’s damp cock pressing against his bare belly.

He pumped his tongue in and out of Ty’s mouth, dragging Ty closer to him until their bodies were pressed so tightly against each other he couldn’t even take a deep breath anymore. As they broke apart, he became aware of the subtle scent of the warming oil and the much-less-subtle scent of their own arousal. By the time he gulped air into his lungs, the mixed aromas had simply made him even more impatient to get to the fucking.

Touching Ty’s luscious ass had driven him wild with need, both the spanking and then preparing him. All Devin could think of now was bringing their time together to its inevitable conclusion.

“I need you,” he grunted.

“The need is sure as hell mutual.”

Ty was obviously doing better than him. He could only think in one short word at a time. But since Ty’s answer translated asyes, it was all good. Devin laid Ty on his back on the bed and crouched level with his hips. Ty already had both legs in the air, not holding them over his forearms as most men did but spread wide in a V-shape with his ass lifted a few inches off the bed. Devin spent about two seconds working out that Ty evidently had mighty strong abs, and then he was reaching for the butt plug, wiggling it this way and that and then steadily fucking Ty with it.

Now Ty groaned and said, “The plug is good, but a cock would be better.”

“Soon.” Conversation was beyond Devin right now. His dick was as hard as it had ever been and aching with the need to be inside Ty ASAP. But Devin held back, pushing himself to wait until he knew Ty was about to explode. He wanted this sex to be more than just an in-out-and-done experience. Ty deserved better of him. Hell, he deserved to do better for himself, as well as for Ty. They were both going to come. That was guaranteed. But Devin craved for the experience to be better than that for them both. To be memorable.

Yes, memorable.

Gritting his teeth to ensure he didn’t spoil the moment, Devin slowly twisted and turned the butt plug until he could see sweat beading on Ty’s forehead. It was doing a damn lot more than bead on him. It was trickling down his spine. But he’d finally gotten a reaction from Ty, so it was all good.

Devin slid the butt plug out of Ty and dropped it on the bed beside him, snatched a condom out of the box, rolled it on, and pulled Ty’s hips closer to him until his cock was nudging Ty’s back door.

“About fucking time.”

Devin couldn’t reply. It was all he could do to push his dick inside Ty in a slow and steady thrust rather than slamming in and letting his needy dick explode immediately. Speaking was too hard, and thinking about what to say was totally beyond him.

Then his cock was deep inside Ty’s hot channel. He held Ty tightly in his arms, and they both groaned together.

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