Hyden and the Gardener (MM)

The Millionaire's Grandsons 4

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 20,596
4 Ratings (4.3)
[Siren Everlasting Classic ManLove: Erotic Alternative Romance, M/M, HEA] 
Hyden Carmichael wants to start his own company but will his idea work? He’s planned to leave his grandfather’s company for months but it’s a huge step to take. And will he ever find his very own Mr. Right like his brother and cousins have done? 
Oakley Munro isn’t sure he can trust this man in a smart business suit. His idea is radically different yet his house is almost empty both of furniture and people. It sounds like something illegal to Oakley and he isn’t going to risk his own business and integrity on something outside the law. He’s a gardener but he’s not planting drugs. Not even for Mr. Sexy in the Business Suit.
Hyden decides the only way to explain everything properly is to take everyone up to the cabin in the mountains. Maybe then Oakley will trust him. Maybe then they’ll get to know each other a whole lot better as well. But will Oakley agree?
A Siren Erotic Romance
Cara Adams is a Siren-exclusive author.
Hyden and the Gardener (MM)
4 Ratings (4.3)

Hyden and the Gardener (MM)

The Millionaire's Grandsons 4

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 20,596
4 Ratings (4.3)
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Cover Art by Les Byerley




Mr. Business Suit had dirty-blond hair, and light blue eyes, which were giving Oakley a thorough check over. Oakley didn’t mind. Plenty of people wanted to be sure they could trust the gardener before they contracted him to rip up their garden and landscape it, or even before they hired him to weed their garden. Not that this man had a garden, just a large field overgrown with grass and weeds and the white goat inside it. Unless there was a garden around the back of the house. Maybe he had one there, although most people preferred something more attractive at the front of the house. Still, it was none of his business. Oakley maintained his silence.

“I did a Google search on you and your business, Mr. Munro.”

If that was supposed to surprise him, it didn’t. Oakley conducted Internet searches on people before he began any expensive work himself. He liked to ensure he was going to get paid, not stiffed for his work and expenses.

“You’ve done some very innovative work that I really liked.”

“Thank you.”

“I’m about to radically expand my company in a new direction, and I need someone who can be both innovative and efficient. There’s a firm but guaranteed budget for this project, and you’d need to sign a confidentiality clause until it’s completed and I’m ready to go public with it. Are you interested?”

“There’s no problem about the confidentiality clause. I’d need to see the outlines for the project and the budget before I could comment on the rest. I can be as innovative as you wish, but the size of the budget has a major effect on the timeline and the consumables used.”

“What do you mean?”

“It costs money to hire bulldozers and ditch-witches. A man with a shovel is cheaper, but it takes longer to dig the hole.”

Business Suit grinned. “I take your point. We won’t need a bulldozer. The work will be inside.”

Oakley stepped back shaking his head. “No, no, sorry, not interested. I don’t do drug crops, thank you all the same.”

He turned to go as the man said, “Fuck. You shoot straight from the hip don’t you?”

Other people had said that before, but he wasn’t the one who’d sworn.

“It’s not a drug crop for fuck’s sake. It’s a house inside a glass house.”

Oakley swung back. “A house inside a glass house? In that case why do you need a gardener?”

“You’d better come inside. This might take a while.”

Oakley followed the man up onto a broad stoop and down a long hallway. He glanced inside all the rooms as they passed each doorway, and it didn’t make him feel any better. Most rooms were empty or almost empty. It sure looked like the perfect setup for a drug house to him. As soon as they reached a sunny kitchen at the back of the house, he said firmly, “I don’t do drugs. I mean that. Right now I don’t know your name, and I promise I’ll just leave because I know absolutely nothing about you or your plans. But I’m telling you straight, I’m not getting involved in anything to do with illegal plants.”

“For fuck’s sake you’re starting to sound like my grandfather. Which part of ‘there’s no drugs, nothing illegal’ are you not listening to? Some people in Sweden have encased their summerhouse in a glass house and turned it into a year-round, livable, sustainable home. Sweden, you might know, is a hell of a lot colder in winter than Ohio.”

“The idea is intriguing. Is that what you want to do?”

“I don’t think there’s enough of a market for it. But I do think there’s a market for a small two-room house, encased in a glass house and surrounded by growing things. Fruit, vegetables, flowers, herbs, whatever you think will work. There are plenty of rich people always looking for the new best thing to add to their huge estates. They don’t want to give up their private jet and their luxury lifestyle but they do care about conservation and sustainable living. This is the perfect thing for them. They can help the environment and enjoy the benefits of conservation and still be unique, special. I plan for each house and the glass house to be one-of-a-kind, built to the wishes of the new owner. Of course I’ll need at least one already built to use as a sales pitch, but after that, the buyers will choose their own designs.”

Oakley dropped onto a stool at the kitchen counter and pulled his sketchbook out of his back pocket, along with a lead pencil. “How big is this going to be? Where do you want the garden?”

“I want the garden to flow around the house. Vines or creepers over the porch railing, that kind of thing.”

Oakley nodded. “Ceramic pots of flowers or herbs by the door, maybe a passion fruit vine or jasmine if the owner doesn’t have allergies. I get it.” He sketched a simple rectangle for the house and then drew a garden flowing around all four sides of it, with some big trees against one wall of the greenhouse.

“Those trees will be on the correct side to provide summer shade but let in light over winter,” he explained.

Oakley labeled various garden plots and added in a box for vegetables. By now Business Suit was leaning over his shoulder going “Um, uh-huh” in his ear. Oakley rather liked the hint of manly scent coming from him and his warm breath tickling Oakley’s ear, and his senses. It was hot. In fact, Business Suit himself was hot and sexy, too.




He pulled out a packet of tiny clothespins and held them up. Hyden just stared at him, obviously not making the connection. Oakley grinned. This was going to be even better than he’d thought.

He ripped the packet open and took out a clothespin, and then he leaned over Hyden’s body, making sure to rub his belly over Hyden’s cock, which already had a damp head. The man was excited and ready to come, but Oakley intended to make them both wait a while yet.

Oakley sucked one of Hyden’s hard little nipples into his mouth and then clipped the miniature clothespin to it. As quickly as he could, he repeated his actions on the other nipple.

“What the fuck? Oh.”

Oakley grinned. “Oh, indeed. Here, now you do mine.”

Hyden moved much more slowly, but he sucked and licked at both Oakley’s nipples then affixed the biting little metal clips. For the first few moments they hurt, and then warmth spread out from them, moving steadily south and settling in his groin.

Now it was time to double the stakes in this game.

He grasped Hyden’s cock in his hand, holding him just above the balls and licking up the side of Hyden’s shaft. Then he took a clothespin and gripped some loose flesh with it. Even while Hyden was still staring at his cock, Oakley began adding a second clothespin and a third. After four, he decided that was enough and rolled Hyden onto his belly.

“Time to prepare your ass, he said, slapping it hard. Then he pushed Hyden’s body down, knowing his nipples would press into the mattress and the metal clips in his nipples would dig in and bite harder.

Once again, Hyden groaned and then gasped. The jolts of pleasure-pain were Oakley’s strategy to distract Hyden while he readied that mighty fine ass for his cock.

Oakley scooped out a dollop of lube and began massaging around the entry to Hyden’s ass. Every now and then he broke off his rubbing to pet Hyden’s shoulders or side and once to press down hard on Hyden’s center back so the clips on his nipples would remind Hyden of treats still to come.

It didn’t take long before he had one finger and then two inside Hyden’s dark channel, opening and stretching it, softening and loosening the tissues, making the way ready for his own cock.

And all the time Hyden wiggled, fidgeted, whimpered, and groaned, ensuring Oakley was, at all times, very aware that they were partners in this act. Two men, preparing for sex together. Finally, he was sure Hyden was completely ready for him and slapped his ass.

“I think we’re done here.”

“I’m certainly very nearly done. Any more done and it’d be too late,” said Hyden, rolling over.

Oakley laughed and leaned over Hyden, sucking his nipples and releasing the clothespins.

“Now you do me.”

Hyden copied him faithfully and then said, “This isn’t fair you know. I didn’t get to pin your dick.”

“Maybe next time.” He was slower removing the metal clips from Hyden’s cock, wanting to be very sure the flesh was soothed properly at each step. But finally he was done, and Hyden lifted and spread his legs. He looked so hot like that Oakley’s hands shook as he tried to pull on a condom, but he finally managed to get it done.

Oakley gradually inched his body closer to Hyden’s until his cockhead rested at Hyden’s rosette. At last, he held his lover in his arms and kissed him. “I love you, Hyden. You mean everything to me.

“I love you, too. I said it before, and I meant it then, and I mean it now. There’s something between us that I’ve never known before. Something damn special that I don’t want to lose.”

“I never want to lose you,” Oakley promised as he drove his cock deep inside Hyden. The passageway was tight, so tight it squeezed him within a hairsbreadth of coming and so damn hot that sweat broke out on his forehead. But he ignored both those things to pause and kiss his lover.

Oh fuck. Kissing Hyden was his absolutely favorite thing to do. Well, next to fucking that was.

Slowly he withdrew, took a deep breath, and pressed back inside. Out and in he pushed, but instead of following his lead, Hyden held on to his arms and drove himself back onto Oakley’s cock so fast and hard his eyes crossed with the need to come.

“Wait, slow down,” he gasped.

“Not happening. How about you speed up? I want to come,” argued Hyden.

“Not happening…yet.” Oakley used Hyden’s words against him, deliberately pausing before sliding in again and holding Hyden’s hips in a tight grasp to stop him slamming back onto Oakley’s body again.

Hyden moaned and then bent forward, dragging his fingernails up and down the insides of Oakley’s thighs.

“Fuck.” Oakley started ramming in and out of Hyden faster, even though he’d made a conscious decision to do the absolute opposite. He couldn’t prevent himself. He was so full of mingled lust and love for the sexy, mischievous, laughing, and wholly luscious man with him that nothing short of the zombie apocalypse could have stopped him. And maybe not even that.

Hyden pulled his face down and kissed him lightly. They were both too busy moving their bodies in the demanding rhythm of sex to concentrate properly on the kiss. But it was hot and tender and just another symbol of how amazing a partner Hyden always was.

Oakley lost all hope of controlling himself, jackhammering his cock in and out of Hyden fast and furious, with Hyden slamming back against his body, encouraging him on every stroke. Sweat ran down out of Oakley’s hair, stinging his eyes and dropping onto Hyden’s body, which was already covered in his own perspiration. Now they slipped and slapped against each other as they continued in an intense rhythm that couldn’t last long.

Oakley slid to the side a little and twisted his hips. As his lust-fogged brain had hoped, his cockhead brushed against Hyden’s prostate gland.

Hyden shouted, and cum spurted between them as Hyden’s climax broke the frenetic pace of Oakley’s strokes. He lifted a hand from one of Hyden’s hips and tugged on the shaft, loving the slippery feel and sharp aroma of Hyden’s seed. Then his own climax tingled at the base of his spine. His hand still gripping his lover’s shaft, Oakley slammed into Hyden’s body again and again. His climax changed from a tingle to a roar, blasting from him as his seed exploded into his condom.

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