[Siren Classic ManLove: Erotic Alternative Paranormal Romance, M/M, shape-shifters, HEA] 
Evan Donaldson moved to Sanctuary to find a safe place for him and his Lost Boys. But when Evan meets his mate in the Alpha’s father Raphael Angel, Evan doesn’t feel worthy enough to have the older Alpha as his mate. Evan doesn’t believe Micah will accept him as his father’s mate. Especially if the secrets from his past, and what he has done, ever comes to light.
Alpha Raphael Angel has spent his whole 460 years of life hiding his true self. But now that he is in Sanctuary with his son Micah he is finally free to be himself. Once he meets his mate Evan, he knows that fate made them perfect for each other.
After a misunderstanding between the two, Evan, along with two of his boys, get kidnapped and Raphael worries that he will never see Evan again to tell him how sorry he is.
The pack must call in a very powerful and unexpected being to help them find the three and rescue them before one of them loses his life to the evil demigod Minos.
A Siren Erotic Romance
Home (MM)
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Cover Art by Harris Channing
I feel like I want to say that the stories in Angel Pack/Beyond The Angel Pack Universe keep getting better and better, but that would be an insult to all the ones that came before. Siren has many good authors and a select few that have series that rise to the next level. Ms. Walsh is one of those authors that has a muse that just decided to go crazy and the end result is something amazing. HOME is a great addition to this series and now the wait for the next installment begins.
Laura A.S.



“Hey! Stop!” Evan yelled at the truck. He wrapped his arms around himself as the cold hit him, shivers raced through him, and he began to jump from foot to foot as his bare feet started to freeze. Milo, Maddy, and Josh came walking around from the side of the house to see what all the yelling was about.

“What’s the matter, Evan?” Josh asked.

“This guy is plowing our driveway. I didn’t hire him to do it.”

The three started to chuckle. “Look closer, Evan. See who’s driving?” Maddy asked.

Evan turned back toward the pickup truck and looked at the driver. He felt his cheeks turn red when he saw that it was Raith behind the wheel. The truck stopped, and Rory jumped out from the passenger seat. Evan thought he looked adorable in his white puffy coat and white hairy thigh-high hairy boots. The beta’s mate bounced his way toward Evan carrying a tray.

“Good morning. Bailey asked us to drop these off for you. The café lost its power during the storm, and he had to throw out a few things, but these pastries and baked goods made it. He sent one tray to our house and one for you.”

“You didn’t have to drive them all the way over here, Rory. But thank you.”

“Jeez, man, you look like you’re about to freeze your balls off. Come on. Let’s go inside and get you warmed up. Raith will help the boys clear the drive before he heads on to the next house.”

Evan and Rory made their way into the house and closed the door behind them. Rory removed his boots, leaving them on the rubber mat beside the door. They walked down the short hall to the kitchen and found Raphael pulling six mugs from the cabinet.

“Good morning, Papa,” Rory said happily.

Raphael turned and gave Rory a bright smile. “Well good morning, son. I see you fared well through the storm. Coffee?”

“I would kill for a cup of coffee right now,” Rory said as he took his coat off and hung it on the back of a chair.

“Then it’s a good thing I’m giving them away for free.” Raphael chuckled and poured two cups for them. He brought them to the table, and then went to the fridge to get the milk. Evan got spoons and the sugar and brought them to the table. “So what do you have there,” Raphael asked Rory as he picked up his mug.

“Bailey sent a tray of goodies to the pack house and one for us,” Evan explained.

“Hmm,” Raphael answered with a nod.

Evan looked at his mate and saw that the man’s jaw was clenched as he brought his mug to his lips. “I’ll have to thank Bailey when I go home,” Raphael said tightly.

“Raphael?” Evan asked in confusion.

“Yes, Evan?”

“Are you okay?” Evan moved closer and laid his hand on his mate’s chest.

“I’m fine.” He stepped back and walked away. He placed his mug on the counter and turned toward the door. “I’ll go out and see if the boys would like some coffee.”

“Raphael, wait,” Evan said and walked to his mate. Raphael stopped, but didn’t look at Evan. Evan touched Raphael’s arm and whispered. “What is it, mate?”

“Just trying to maneuver around when I am your mate and when I’m not,” Raphael grumbled.

He walked to the mudroom and closed the door. Evan watched as Raphael put on his coat and boots, then left and walked out the back door with a shovel in his hand. Evan’s heart clenched in his chest. He could see the hurt in Raphael’s eyes, and he knew that he had caused it. He just didn’t know how.

“Come have some coffee, Evan. Give him a little while to work off the steam. Physical labor does wonders for their anger,” Rory said.

Evan turned and walked back to the table. “He was angry, right? I mean he sounded angry.”

“Oh yeah. He was definitely angry. You can tell by the stiff body and the clipped answers.” Rory reached into the box he brought and pulled out a chocolate muffin.”

Evan dropped into one of the chairs, placed his elbows on the table, and dropped his head in his hands. “But I don’t know what I did to make him angry. We claimed each other last night, and everything was wonderful.”

Rory squealed in delight and jumped from his chair, running around to Evan and hugged him. “Congratulations! That’s so great.”

“What’s so great?” Maddy said as he and Milo walked into the house.

“Evan and Papa claimed each other,” Rory announced happily and took his seat.

“Evan, that’s fantastic. Congratulations,” Maddy said and came to Evan, giving him a hug.

“Yeah, man that’s so great. I’m happy for you both,” Milo added and gave Evan a hug too.

Rory stood and grabbed his coat. “I’ll be right back. I’m going to go congratulate Papa and tell Raith the good news,” Rory said and hurried out of the kitchen.

Maddy moved to the fridge and took out a chocolate milk as Milo poured himself some coffee. Maddy came back and sat beside Evan.

“For someone who just got claimed you don’t look so happy, Evan. What’s the matter?” Milo asked as he joined them at the table.

“I think I made my mate mad, and I have no idea what happened.”

A flash of light came from the corner, and the three looked to see what it was. Ten extremely large men walked through the wall, but they didn’t look anything like the Legion Warriors. These men were larger than the warriors and were gruesome- looking.

Maddy stood quickly, his chair falling backward and crashing onto the floor behind him. Maddy started to shift, but before he could, three shots were fired, and the three of them went down.




Raphael released his lips and began kissing his way down Evan’s throat. He licked and sucked his way down to his collarbone and chest, finding Evan’s hard nipple. Evan cried out and bowed off the mattress when Raphael took the nub between his teeth and gently bit, and tugged on the flesh. Slowly Raphael licked his way across Evan’s flat stomach as he caressed Evan’s sides, settling his hands on Evan’s hips. With the tip of his tongue, Raphael laid a line from Evan’s belly button to the crease between his groin and thigh.

Raphael hummed as he breathed Evan in. “I am captivated by your scent, mate.”

Raphael continued to lick and tease him but never touched the place Evan wanted him to the most. His cock ached for his mate’s attention.

“Lube,” Raphael growled out.

The sound sent a shiver up Evan’s spine. He reached under the pillow beneath his head, and extracted the tube, and then tossed it to Raphael. It landed on the sheet beside him. Raphael grabbed the tube and looked at Evan with a raised brow.

“I haven’t been with anyone in over ten years. A man’s gotta take care of his needs somehow,” Evan answered sheepishly.

Raphael gave him a bright smile and popped the cap open, pouring a generous amount of the slick on his fingers. He put the tube aside and went back to licking and sucking the insides of Evan’s thighs. Evan thought he was going to lose his mind from the anticipation. Just when he was about to release a frustrated growl, Raphael licked the tip of his leaking cock.

“Mmm,” Raphael moaned in appreciation. He took another swipe across the tip before engulfing the blunt head in his mouth. Evan’s body arched as Raphael sucked him hard. Slowly, torturously, Raphael took more of Evan’s cock into his mouth and then began to twirl his tongue around his hard, heated flesh, causing lights to flash behind his closed lids.

A wet finger pressed against his crease and found his puckered hole. Raphael’s fingers rimmed the wrinkled flesh for a moment before Evan felt the tip of one finger enter him. At the same time, Raphael took his shaft to the back of his throat and swallowed. Every fragment of Evan’s mind exploded at once.

Raphael continued to lick and suck his cock as he added a second and third finger into Evan’s tight hole. He scissored his fingers until Evan’s muscles relaxed. Then Raphael added a fourth finger. He twisted and turned those fingers and pressed in deep, hitting Evan’s pleasure gland. His hips shot up off the mattress, causing his cock to thrust deep within Raphael’s throat, but the man never gagged once. He swallowed around Evan’s cock again as he pegged his gland again. Evan couldn’t hold off any more and he shot his load deep down Raphael’s throat.

Raphael swallowed and continued gently sucking until he drained Evan of every drop. Raphael pulled back and released Evan’s spent cock.

Raphael couldn’t believe it when his mate confessed to having not been with a man for over ten years. He knew that he would have to take great care in preparing Evan to take his cock. The last thing he wanted to do was hurt his man in any way. He sucked Evan’s beautiful cock with expertise, trying to take Evan’s mind off the intrusion of his fingers gliding in and out of his silken channel. When he added the fourth finger and found Evan’s gland, his mate’s body shot off the bed, and Raphael had never seen anything so erotic. The arch of his chest created a sensual line. Raphael thought he would blow his load just from the sight. When he felt Evan’s sac pull up tight against his body, Raphael knew his mate was about to go over the edge. He doubled his efforts and sucked him to the back of his throat, while at the same time pegging his gland again.

When Evan shot his release, Raphael knew he would never get enough of Evan’s taste. It was salty, yet tangy, and Raphael wanted to taste his mate every day for the rest of his life. Raphael released Evan’s cock and moved back. Kneeling between Evan’s thighs, Raphael coated his shaft with the slick and moved closer, lining up the tip of his cock with Evan’s puckered star.

Raphael grabbed Evan’s thighs and pressed forward. The bulbous tip popped past the outer ring of muscle, and they both groaned from the action. Slowly, Raphael pushed in until he felt his balls against Evan’s fleshy mounds. His eyes closed at the euphoric feeling of Evan’s silken cave wrapped around him. Raphael took a moment to not only let Evan adjust to his size, but to control his own desire.

“Please move, mate. I need more,” Evan begged breathlessly.

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