[Siren Classic ManLove: Erotic Alternative Consensual BDSM Cowboy Romance, M/M, spanking, cropping, sex toys, HEA]
Finnegan “Finn” Taylor is a bull rider with a lot of bad luck. After a house fire, he needs a carpenter to help him renovate. When he meets War, he knows it’s all too good to be true. Still, he accepts the man’s offer to renovate his kitchen in exchange for free room and board.
Border Agent Warren “War” Taylor is a Dom who only wants to do his job. When his director, Sam Peters, puts him on assignment at his son’s house, War knows it’s a recipe for disaster. Undercover as a carpenter, War renovates Finn’s kitchen—all the while wanting him as his submissive when he’s supposed to be watching the border.
War can’t ignore the intense attraction he feels for his director’s son. Temptation has him giving in and chasing Finn. War knows it’s only a matter of time before Finn finds out why he’s really on his land. Will Finn say yes to love and War?
A Siren Erotic Romance
Branding Finn (MM)
8 Ratings (4.5)
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Cover Art by Harris Channing
Finn was so sweet, sensitive, broken, and War was perfect for him.
loved this love these smoking hot guys Love this series
you never disappoint
donna b buccella




War ran a hand through his hair, pacing his director’s office. He didn’t like walking into someone else’s complicated mess. It would only leave him damaged in the end. Damage control was the last thing he needed to be in charge of right now. Not to mention he had a life. The guys in the Rough Riders program went in but never came out. Despite having short contracts, all seemed to be stuck within the program with no plans on moving on. It was the like the Bermuda Triangle of the border patrol.

“Perhaps Johnson would be more suited for this position.”

“Agent Johnson doesn’t have the experience I’m looking for. You do.”

There was no way he could get out of this. War saw his social life going down the drain. This just fucking sucked balls big time. For once, Peters seemed desperate to have him help out his son.

“Please, as a favor to me. You can go undercover as a carpenter. You can watch the border while you renovate my son’s house.”

The lies were starting to pile up. “I don’t know, sir.”

“It’s the perfect cover for watching the border. Finn doesn’t need to know.”

“Sir, I’m sure we’ve bumped into each other here at the department. He’s going to find out I work for the border patrol.”

Peters glared. “I doubt it. The last time my son visited me at work was like two years ago. You can tell him about your work with the BP if you want. You can tell him you do carpentry on the side, which you do.”

Fuck. War was stuck between the proverbial rock and getting fucked over. “Okay. When would you like me to start?”

“As soon as you can. Tomorrow.”

“Even if I ask him about needing help with his renovations, it doesn’t mean he’ll say yes.”

“Just don’t give him a reason to say no. Finnegan is going to be at the Southeast Action comp tonight. He’s bull riding.”

So the boss’s son was a bull rider. That caught War’s interest. He had a thing for cowboys—especially the rough kind who didn’t like to play by the rules. “I don’t know. Is he married? I wouldn’t want to infringe on his family time.”

Peters flinched and looked up from a file on his desk to look War up and down. “He’s…he’s single. You won’t be interfering with anything going on in his personal life. You still single?”

“There’s no one significant to worry about.”

“Okay then. Get out to the comp and convince my son to work with you.”


“Yes, Taylor?”

There was a weary way that Peters was looking at him that nearly broke his heart. What was going on that he wasn’t telling him about? Something was definitely wrong. “Is there anything I should know about Finnegan that could help me convince him?”

After what seemed like a lot of indecision. “You should know my son is gay. He’s not seeing anyone that I know of. But I don’t want you to be shocked if he brings someone home.”

“No, sir. It’s not a problem.”

“Whatever you do, I want you to stay on the property. We need eyes on the border.”

“I’ll do my best.”

“I’m counting on it.”

“I won’t let you down, sir.”

There were days War wanted to say fuck it and break all the rules. That wasn’t an option for him. He had bills to pay. He wasn’t reckless. Unfortunately, War had a habit of taking on more within the department than he could handle. It was probably why Peters came to him about the situation with his son. War went to the locker room and changed into a pair of jeans and boots. He wasn’t a cowboy, but he sure as hell had a thing for them. He couldn’t recall meeting Finnegan. He wasn’t even sure how old he was. The way Peters talked, he sounded like an irresponsible kid who couldn’t get his shit together. War was certain that wasn’t the case. He’d met a few bull riders in his time and all of them had been driven and competitive to excel at the sport.

War left work and got into his old Land Rover. He drove to the arena and parked. He was a bit early but this would give him some time to get a look at Finnegan without him knowing. The riders were hanging around the ring, shooting the shit. War glanced around the stands looking for anyone he knew. The crowd was taking their seats with hotdogs, beer, and popcorn. That had War remembering that he was way overdue for dinner. He went to the concessions stand and bought two hotdogs and a soda. He went to the stands and sat down, scanning the riders. He looked down at his program, finding Finnegan and his number. War frowned, looking around as he took a bite of the dog.

There he was. On the other side of the ring. He had a long, lean swagger that made his dark leather chaps swish as he walked. War swallowed hard, nearly choking when he thought of Finnegan wearing nothing but those chaps. War’s cock flexed out hard within his jeans. He resisted the urge to adjust his prick.




Within the darkness, Finn saw War’s eyes narrow on him. “You’re sweating?”

“It’s hard…I mean hot in here.”

A deep chuckle sounded from War. “It must be if you’re up.”

A shiver raced through Finn’s body as War slid his hands up and down over his arms. He wanted to feel his hands sliding up and down his dick. He licked his lips nervously as War came in closer. Finn wanted him to kiss him. It took everything Finn had not to close the distance between them and kiss him. Things were getting intense between them.

“I’m heading back to bed.”

“Can’t sleep?”

“Storm is keeping me up.”

“Me too.” War ran his hands up to his neck, rubbing his shoulders. “You’re tense.”

“You make me tense.”

“I know I do. You’re so wound up when I’m in the same room with you.”

Finn sighed. “I’m sorry.”

“Don’t be. It just makes me want to think of some ways to help you unwind.”

“I’d like that.”

“I know you would.”

Finn was falling hard and didn’t know if he’d survive the impact or the hard landing. What if he didn’t? What if War ruined him for all other men? He had no words to explain to War how he was feeling. Their eyes locked and War smiled. Everything else didn’t matter as long as he had War in his arms. That thought had him thinking about all his past mistakes with men. He was really going to do this with a man he barely knew.

Those strong hands messaging his shoulders moved up over his neck to work the tension out. His thumbs moved up the front of his neck, tilting his chin up. War licked his lips, tilting his head as War came in to kiss him. Finn moaned as their lips connected. This kiss was even better than the last. He grabbed onto War’s muscled biceps. He didn’t want to let go anytime soon. He came in close, grinding his hips against War’s. He felt his thick cock press hard against his abdomen and leg. War’s cock had gotten trapped down the inside seam of his boxers, making it shoot out the front of his leg hole.

Heat moved over Finn’s abdomen as their cocks flexed together. War’s heavy balls pressed against his. They were bigger and heavier than Finn’s. As they kissed, War moved them down the hallway and didn’t stop until he was pressing Finn back against the stairs. His hands moved over his swollen cock, stroking it tightly.

A moan of pleasure rocketed through Finn’s body as War took control of everything. He wanted to yield to this man. He was a man who normally topped, but with War he wanted to bottom. War broke his lips away, kissing his way down Finn’s neck. He left a trail of heated kisses, sucks, and nips across his shoulder. War’s thumb worked its way over his nipple, rolling it around. Finn bit his lip, groaning as their eyes locked.

“We need to slow down,” War said.

“I don’t want you to.”

War chuckled. “We shouldn’t be doing this.”

Finn was so fucking close that his cockhead felt like it was going to blow at any moment. His heartbeat was rocking through his ears. “Don’t stop! You’re killing me. I’m so fucking close.”

War groaned as he locked his hand down on top of his cockhead. He spread his legs over Finn’s thighs, working his pajama pants lower. His cock flexed out, jutting wildly in front of Finn’s hips. War muscled out his prick, rubbing his up against Finn’s. With his big hand, War locked their cocks down together and started stroking them both off.

“Look at me!”

The order had Finn’s eyes snapping open. He loved the way War took control. His cock was thicker, darker, and wider than Finn’s. He should have been intimidated by his size but he wasn’t. He only wanted more. War rubbed his left palm on top of their cockheads. Pre-cum leaked from his tip, dripping down the sides of their cockheads. Finn bit his lip as War gripped their cocks tighter.

With his right hand, War licked his two fingers to wet them. He worked his fingers down over Finn’s rim. Finn groaned as he pushed those two wet fingers into his ass, stretching him wide. When his fingers bottomed out inside in his ass and started pressing against his prostate, Finn felt his orgasm let go. His cock got rock hard. His orgasm twisted up from his balls, up his shaft, and burst from his tip as he came hard. He bit his lip as his face twisted up in raw pleasure. His eyes held War’s the entire time. Four hot lines of cum shot over his chest.

Ready for more, Finn leaned down, sucking the tip of War’s cockhead into his mouth. He sucked hard, flicking his tongue over and around his cockhead. War groaned, using his hand to pushed Finn’s head down on his cock. Finn moaned as the tip of his cockhead hit the back of his throat. He locked his hands onto War’s ass, digging his nails in as War pumped his dick in and out of his mouth.

“Fuck! I did not give you the order.”

A hard shiver rocked through Finn’s body. He had a sneaking suspicion that he was in over his head with War.

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