Devin's Mercy (MM)

Shifters of Mystery 4

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 49,447
51 Ratings (4.7)

[Siren Everlasting Classic ManLove: Erotic Alternative Paranormal Romance, M/M, werewolves, light consensual BDSM, sex toys, HEA]

Devin was forced into a war he didn’t believe in. Worse, Devin was used as an outlet for Alpha Martin’s sadistic bouts of rage. When Sage, a longtime friend, hauls Devin home, locking him in a cage for fighting on Martin’s side, all hope seems lost that his life will ever be normal again.

Mercy walked alone, even with friends surrounding him. Devin was someone from his past, a man he kept at bay. But when Mercy discovers Devin locked up in the basement, a war rages inside himself to stay away from the tempting young man. But his conscience won’t let Devin remain behind bars. No matter how attracted he is to Devin, Mercy isn’t going to let his libido rule him.

As distant as Mercy tries to remain, he finds himself helping the werewolf through his nightmares, finding that Devin still has feelings for Mercy.

Can Mercy keep Devin safe when the alpha is determined to destroy the small pack in Mystery? And can Devin heal from wounds so deep that he contemplates ending his very own life?

The battle in Mystery is coming to a pinnacle, and Mercy fears the one man he let into his inner circle just might be killed in a war that should have never taken place to begin with.

A Siren Erotic Romance


Lynn Hagen is a Siren-exclusive author.

Devin's Mercy (MM)
51 Ratings (4.7)

Devin's Mercy (MM)

Shifters of Mystery 4

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 49,447
51 Ratings (4.7)
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Cover Art by Les Byerley
So awesome. I can't wait for the next book!
Another fantastic book by Lady Hagen!!!



Devin couldn’t believe he had gotten dragged into this stupid-ass war the alpha was waging against humans. It wasn’t his damn war. He didn’t even believe in what the alpha was fighting for. In his opinion, it was a war that shouldn’t have started in the first place.

All he wanted was to get the hell away from the man, but the next thing he knew, here he was, being ordered to fight Jeremiah, a man he had known his whole life.

Devin didn’t want to fight Jeremiah, but couldn’t tell the werewolf that. Not only would his alpha probably kill him for showing weakness, but he wasn’t sure what Jeremiah would do to him. Devin kind of liked breathing with both lungs and didn’t want to chance having that privilege taken away. Jeremiah wasn’t a man to tussle with. He was prickly at best most of the time, and one big-ass man who terrified Devin.

Devin wasn’t a fighter. Never had been. And he wasn’t sure what to do to stop Jeremiah from killing him. Using the word please wasn’t going to work. Not in this situation.

“You agree with Martin?” Jeremiah asked as he stepped to his left, Devin doing the same. He prayed to god Jeremiah didn’t hand him his ass. The man was huge! “You would sacrifice your life for his maniacal scheme?”

“He is my alpha. It doesn’t matter what I think. I follow his lead.” Gods, he couldn’t believe he was saying that. But Martin was within earshot. Not only did Devin have Jeremiah to contend with, but if he wussed out now, he would have the alpha trying to experiment on him next.

Martin had delivered that very threat before coming here.

No thanks. He had seen what Martin’s experiments did to people. Devin wasn’t willing to become a guinea pig. So he either had to fight Jeremiah or deal with Martin’s wrath. Those two choices were so damn dismal that Devin wanted to scream.

“Then you are truly a fool.” Jeremiah leapt, taking Devin down and clamping his teeth over Devin’s throat. Jeremiah applied pressure to his neck, but Devin kept his head angled in a position that made it hard for Jeremiah to get a good bite. They had been friends once, and Devin prayed Jeremiah remembered that.

He didn’t want to die.

“Kill him!” Martin shouted at Devin.

Jeremiah eased back, but kept his weight on Devin. In that instant, Devin could see in Jeremiah’s eyes that the werewolf didn’t want to hurt Devin. He was thankful for that. Devin was already scared beyond words. “Do you see what he is doing? He’s willing to kill his own species to get what he wants. Do you see him coming to your rescue? Is he fighting to save you?”

Devin’s eyes shot over to Martin, and he knew for a damn fact that the alpha wasn’t going to help him and he didn’t want the alpha’s help.

He wanted to get up and go home.

This was crazy!

Martin curled his lip up at Devin and then turned his back. Devin growled, his eyes narrowing in on the alpha. Maybe he should just let Jeremiah finish the job so Devin wouldn’t be Martin’s tool any longer. He was sick and tired of the man taking his frustrations out on him. The alpha was pure evil and didn’t hide the fact when he beat the crap out of Devin.

“Let me up so that I can kill him myself,” Devin snapped as the anger began to mount inside of him. It was bad enough that Martin abused the shit out of him. But now he wanted Devin to kill one of the few friends he had ever made?

“No, you will leave, never to follow Martin again,” Jeremiah said as he continued to sit on Devin. Hell, Devin didn’t have a problem with that. It wasn’t like he enjoyed being around the tyrant in the first place. He would gladly skip his happy ass out of town, away from Martin, and away from all the insanity that surrounded him on a daily basis.

Not a problem.

Devin’s eyes cut over to Sage and Mercy, watching them kill every last lycan Martin had brought with him. Too bad Martin wasn’t dead. He swallowed hard, praying that wasn’t his fate, and wishing it were. It would end his pain and suffering if Jeremiah finished him off.

But Devin was soon forgotten as Martin’s latest experiment emerged from the woods. The man’s name was Charles, and he was just as pissy and ornery as Martin. If the alpha were gay, they would be a perfect match for each other. Devin hated Charles more than he hated Martin. The alpha had given Devin over to the bastard and his depravities, and Devin felt nothing but raw hatred in the depths of his soul when he stared at the man.

He could only hope that Sage or Mercy killed the scumbag.

“I’ll get my hands on Sylvester. Mark my words, Jeremiah. But until then, I have a new test subject, and Charles is more than willing to help my cause.”

Devin literally shrank back when Jeremiah growled and then jumped off of him. Charles howled and then moved closer to Alpha Martin. Devin wished Jeremiah would kill the son of a bitch. He hated Charles with every breath he took. Just remembering the bastard’s hands on him made him want to roll over and vomit.

Devin quickly scrambled to his feet when Martin shifted into his werewolf form. The alpha was huge as fuck. Sage, Martin’s son, was the only werewolf to match Martin in size. Devin wasn’t sure where to go or what to do. Even with several feet of distance between him and the alpha, he was terrified. He wasn’t a fighter, but he knew how to defend himself.

He watched in fascinated horror as the alpha and his son took swipes at each other. Devin crossed his fingers and held his breath, hoping to the gods that Sage defeated the bastard. Out of the corner of his eye he saw Jeremiah take off after Charles and hoped the sick bastard met his demise. Charles deserved nothing less than a brutal ending.




When Devin moaned, leaning his head back and closing his eyes, a look of pure ecstasy washed over his face. Mercy knew he wasn’t giving Devin up. There was no way in fucking hell he was letting this man go. He had craved the smaller man for years, and now that he had him, Devin was his.

He slid the palm of his callused hand down Devin’s back, cupping his ass as he laid soft kisses on Devin’s neck, alternating between licks and nips. He could feel Devin’s hard shaft against his abdomen, but didn’t attempt to do anything with the man’s arousal.


Devin gave a low whimper as he dug his fingers into Mercy’s shoulders, trying his best to pull Mercy closer.

“Slow down, tiger,” Mercy murmured.

Devin buried his face in Mercy’s chest as Mercy leaned on one arm, using his free hand to trace small circles around Devin’s hip, watching the skin rise up in goose bumps. It amazed him how responsive Devin was to his touch. The man was such a sensual being. Mercy was certain he would never get enough of Devin. He was pure, liquid heat in Mercy’s arms. He had feared Devin would be stiff and cold in bed after what had happened to him, but the man was slowly unraveling, small pants making his chest rise and fall rapidly. Devin was anything but cold and stiff.

Well, he was stiff, but not in the sense Mercy had feared. His cock was hot and weeping against him, iron hard and letting Mercy know that Devin truly wanted him.

Devin’s fingers flexed. “Are you going to torture me?”

Mercy wasn’t sure how to take the question considering Devin’s past. “In a pleasurable way, tiger.”

Devin nodded into his chest.

Mercy reached up and tucked his index finger under Devin’s chin, lifting the man’s head and then taking a long, sweet, drugging kiss. When he pulled back, a smile formed on his lips. Devin looked so enraptured that Mercy just wanted to hug the man. “You taste like heaven.”

Slowly, Devin’s eyelids fluttered open, his blue-grey eyes shining. “I do?”

Mercy chuckled and then nipped Devin on his chin. “Yes.” He couldn’t believe how natural being with Devin felt. Mercy wasn’t one to show affection, or become playful in bed. But Devin seemed to bring those qualities out in him and Mercy found that he liked it.

When Devin leaned up and kissed the scar on Mercy’s chest, Mercy shuddered as pure pleasure racked his body. Devin never looked more stunning than he did as he took from Mercy. It was exquisite agony as Devin took his time, exploring Mercy.

He leaned back, lining their cocks up, and then wrapped his hand around them. Devin watched him cautiously, curiously, until Mercy started stroking both of their shafts.

“You’re not going to fuck me?”

The question was asked in surprise. Mercy winked at Devin as he twisted his wrist, squeezing both of their cocks as he watched Devin watch his hand. He loved how Devin hissed out his pleasure, his chest rising and falling rapidly. Mercy also watched for any signs of agitation or displeasure, but the only look on Devin’s face was ecstasy.

“Reach under my pillow and hand me the lube.”

Devin slid his hand under the pillow and handed over the tube. He watched intently as Mercy snapped the lid open and poured a generous amount onto his hand and then both their cocks.

“Oh,” Devin moaned when Mercy grabbed their shafts once more. “Feels good.”

Tossing the bottle aside, Mercy scooted closer, using his free hand to caress Devin’s sac. Rapturous pleasure surged through Mercy as his cock swelled further. His own sac tightened against his body as he watched the slit on the head of Devin’s cock drip with the clear liquid he was dying to taste.

“Mercy, please,” Devin begged.

“Please, what, tiger?” He knew what Devin wanted, and Mercy wasn’t denying he wanted the same, but he needed to ease Devin back into sex, not sling him back into the act with the aggressive way Mercy liked to take his partners. Devin wouldn’t be able to handle him, not after what he had been through.

“Please, fuck me.”

Mercy reached lower, teasing Devin’s hole with his finger as he stroked their cocks faster, a rush of heat beginning to consume him. “You want my cock here?” he asked, his voice ragged as he pushed only the tip of his finger into Devin’s tight entrance, fighting the wave of hot, delicious need that urged him to push all the way in to the last knuckle. His cock pulsed and swelled further. Incredible heat was at his fingertip and oh, god how Mercy fought against his instincts to just take.

Devin hissed, nodding his head rapidly as he tried to impale his ass onto Mercy’s finger, pushing back, trying his best to shatter what little control Mercy had.

Out of sheer will, he kept his finger from sliding all of the way into the tight channel. He was not about to give in to his own needs no matter how badly he wanted to bury his cock deep into Devin’s body. This moment was too damn important to screw up.

Bowing his back, Devin’s moans became louder, more needy as he writhed around. Mercy pressed at Devin’s hole as he began a frenzied thrusting with his other hand, his cock so engorged it was almost painful. He wanted them both to find their orgasm together. He wanted them both to spiral out of control and fall headfirst into the madness that was building between them.

“M–Mercy,” Devin panted as he thrust his hips, driving his cock deeper into Mercy’s tight fist.

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