Enslaved by a Warrior (MM)

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Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 37,100
31 Ratings (4.3)

[Siren Everlasting Classic ManLove: Erotic Alternative Sci-Fi Romance, M/M, public exhibition, sex toys, HEA]

Krase warriors have a unique form of punishment… Plucked from his planet and sold to the highest bidder, Tyler Stewart thinks it’s all a dream until he realizes his new owner is an eight-foot-tall, maroon-colored alien who expects him to follow his every command. Tyler is willing to a point, but he’s nobody’s doormat. Blessed Despair has conquered five worlds, but when he retires he finds his biggest opponent is mind-numbing boredom. When Tyler manages to engage him fully, Blessed is pleased with his purchase, but soon he discovers that Tyler’s alien ways push him well beyond sexual gratification. In a desperate attempt to keep their relationship strictly sexual, Blessed uses pleasure as a source of punishment, but all he’s done is dig himself in deeper. Will they be able to overcome their physical and psychological differences, or will Tyler be thrust onto the auction block once more?

A Siren Erotic Romance


Anitra Lynn McLeod is a Siren-exclusive author.

Enslaved by a Warrior (MM)
31 Ratings (4.3)

Enslaved by a Warrior (MM)

Sold! 1

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 37,100
31 Ratings (4.3)
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Cover Art by Les Byerley
Ah, yes, if you have an alien sex fetish this is definitely for you. Everything about this story is great.

Perhaps my only dissatisfaction is the way Blessed "fixes" the enormous dick concern. It feels anti-climactic to a degree, as if some simple research would have solved this much, much sooner. But it's tolerable, so I can't be too angry about it.
Funny and a great way to start this series!
Professional Reviews

"It has everything you can possibly imagine: alien abduction, a 'superior warrior race', a hero with more money than sense, and a set of genitals that made me wonder why the heck evolution anywhere would come up with that one. There was also a weaker male, this one a man from Earth sold into slavery who made the big strong warrior reconsider his entire value system within hours of meeting him. The alien society was interesting and with more Earthlings having been abducted, I am sure we can look forward to many more entertaining stories in this series. As I said, good fun as a parody. If you enjoy stories including an abduction, slavery, and a big, strong warrior who is conquered by love, then you will probably enjoy this book." -- Serena Yates, Rainbow Book Reviews

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This had to be a dream. One moment Tyler Stewart had been hurtling toward oncoming traffic at seventy miles an hour, and then he’d been here, on what appeared to be a stage with bright overhead lights glaring into his eyes. He was naked except for a collar around his neck. Unable to see it, Tyler nonetheless felt it, and if it looked anything like what the naked guys around him were wearing, it was some kind of serious hardware, what with all the blinky lights. Only in movies did computerized gizmos have merrily twinkling lights.

A voice thundered above and around him, but Tyler contained his startled response. Dreams couldn’t hurt him. Sticks and stones could, but dirty names and funky dreams couldn’t. After a moment, the booming voice took on a more moderate pace, and Tyler was whisked to the front of the stage. Whatever he was standing on apparently moved him wherever the voice wanted him. He took this as further proof that this was all just some weird dream.

Once he was in front of the other men on the stage, the plate he was on turned him around in a slow circle. If Tyler didn’t know better, he’d swear he was being put on display. But for who? Baffled, he lifted his hand to try to block out the lights, but he still couldn’t see into the darkness. He didn’t hear anything. Even when the voice paused, there wasn’t the sound of people squirming in seats, a cough, a sneeze—nothing but silence and the voice. Either they were the best-behaved audience in the universe or there wasn’t anyone there. Well, dreams were strange. At least he wasn’t having one about that chubby guy who ran the hot dog cart again. Although, to be fair, that one was more like a nightmare. Not that the heavy guy wasn’t cute, because he was, but in the dream he did things with the hot dogs that were just wrong. Tyler loved food as much as the next guy, but he didn’t love food that way.

Tyler opened his mouth to say something, but he felt the most intense stroke down the back of his body. From the nape of his neck to the heels of both feet, a solid caress went right down his backside, causing a levitating act on his front side. In mere seconds, his cock was standing at full attention. And then his peculiar dream took an even more bizarre twist. The teasing stroke came back up, but instead of going to his neck it stopped at his buttocks. Slowly, the hand or whatever it was parted his cheeks, and then something slick, warm, and soft slid into his ass.

A cry of ecstasy passed his lips, and Tyler knew he was going to climax. He’d had wet dreams before, but nothing like this. This dream felt so real it was uncanny. Back and forth the thing in his ass probed and stroked until his cock twitched and a creamy jet was flung from his prick to the stage.

Sadly, the audience still didn’t make a sound, which really pissed him off because a show like that deserved some oohing and ahing if not a standing ovation. But no. Dead silence. Whatever the tool was that had compelled the climax from him was removed. Tyler would have sagged, but something—the plate?—was holding him up. When the plate turned him away from where he thought the audience was, he figured his little show was over, but it wasn’t.

Unseen hands again parted his buttocks, and a third pressed against his back, bending him over. If there were people sitting out there in the dark, they were getting a good look at his one-big-brown eye. Ah, let ’em look, Tyler thought. He had nothing to be ashamed of. As a construction worker who specialized in framing and finish work, he had a damn fine body. In addition to the demands of his job, he also put in his time at the gym. Not so much for the workout but more to hang out and meet like-minded guys. He’d been told by more than one boyfriend that he had a mighty sweet ass. Besides, it was all a dream anyway. Since it was, Tyler shimmied his behind a little, giving the people a bit of a show.

When the hands let go and the plate turned him around, he stood up, lifted his hands over his head, and said, “Ta da!”

Only silence greeted his display.

“Well, you can’t win them all.” Again, he lifted his hand and tried to peer out into the audience, but the lights were cleverly angled so he couldn’t. Must be some weird thing in his psyche that wouldn’t let him see out there. Maybe it was something really warped, like his parents and all his friends were observing him. God, he hoped not. He’d just made a total ass of himself if they were. But then he wondered if it was something twisted like it was himself out there watching himself. Yeah. Something strange and existential like that seemed more likely. He’d been watching a lot of old, funky television shows like The Prisoner, Twilight Zone, and Night Gallery. This was just the kind of thing that would happen on one of those shows if they allowed nudity and kinky sex toys.




Tyler felt all the breath leave his body in a rush. Just looking at Blessed’s massive cock made his ass hurt. No way would that thing fit inside him. Sure, he’d seen some pretty freaky stuff on the Internet—who hadn’t?—but just because some dude could cram an enormous dildo up his ass didn’t mean Tyler could. And he really didn’t want to find out if one way or another Blessed could make it fit because doing so probably involved a lot of pain.

“Look, Blessed. I like talking to you, too. And I’m turned on even though I can’t quite understand why, but you are just way too big for me.” Tyler looked down at his cock and then up into his eyes. “I didn’t think it was possible, but you actually have a prick that is too big to fuck.”

Blessed looked at his cock and up to Tyler. “Turn around.”

Fear tightened his skin so strongly he literally pulled into the center line of his body to present the smallest possible target. “Please don’t make me do this.”

Frowning, Blessed tilted his head. “I wish to examine you.”

Tyler was afraid that if he turned around, Blessed would just pounce on him. But then again, even if Tyler didn’t willingly offer up his ass, it wouldn’t take all that much effort on Blessed’s part to make him give it up. The guy was fucking huge. He could toss Tyler around like a rag doll.

Reluctantly, he uncrossed his legs, got on his knees, and turned away from Blessed.

“Bend over.”

Again, Tyler felt he really had no choice. He dropped down into doggy position. Sadly, it had always been one of his favorite ways to give or to get sex. After this, he probably would never enjoy it again. But then again, it wasn’t likely he was going to get with another human. Or maybe he would. For all he knew Blessed had a whole bunch of human slaves. Maybe he was a real kinky freak who liked to make all his slaves fuck for his amusement.

When he felt Blessed’s massive hands against his buttocks, he tensed.

“Relax. I said I will not hurt you. I will hold to my word.” Blessed massaged Tyler’s buttocks gently. “You enjoyed the probe on the stage.”

“I thought I was dreaming.”

“Of being sold?”

“Yeah. My dreams can get pretty wild.”

“Relax and let me look at you. I will do no more than look.” After a long pause, Blessed added, “I swear to this on my honor.”

Since trust had to start somewhere, Tyler decided to go with his gut and allow Blessed to examine him. The man was a warrior after all, and it was pretty clear after the initial need to put Tyler in his place, he wasn’t a simpleminded bully. Besides, maybe once he realized they simply weren’t compatible, he would let Tyler go. Or at least find something else for him to do rather than be his sex toy.

Tyler relaxed and allowed Blessed to part his cheeks. He waited, wondering what was going through the warrior’s mind. Did he think he’d been ripped off by the auctioneer? Tyler flashed to what he’d done on stage. No wonder Blessed thought he’d love to have something, anything, up his ass. He’d practically danced around after the probe had been put in there, and he didn’t think he’d ever come so hard. Or so much.

“You are very small.”

Blessed’s breath caressed Tyler’s buttocks and teased his hole, sharpening his awareness to that one very tiny spot on his body. He waited for Blessed to release him, but he didn’t. Just what in the world was he thinking?

“I want—”

Tyler waited for Blessed to finish, but when he didn’t, Tyler looked back over his shoulder. Blessed’s face was scrunched up as if he were searching desperately for something to say. But what?

“I would like to taste you.”

The memories of Blessed’s long, pointy teeth tightened Tyler’s ass right back up.

Blessed frowned at his reaction and then narrowed his eyes. “I meant to lick, not to bite.”

“Oh.” Tyler faced the top of the bed again. He thought that maybe Blessed was trying seduction rather than outright force. “If I ask you to stop, will you?”

A long beat of silence made him look back.

“You are very demanding for a slave.”

“I asked. I didn’t demand.”

Blessed sighed. “I will cease if you do not like what I do.”

“Okay, then.” Tyler turned away, waiting for contact. When it came, he was woefully unprepared for the sheer pleasure of Blessed’s gentle licking. God, his touch was like velvet as he slipped his tongue around in a circle. Tyler looked back and realized that Blessed’s tongue was very long and pink. It looked like a human tongue, if not a bit more pointed, and the color was different, but it matched Blessed’s coloring. And then he slid his tongue up Tyler’s ass, making him close his eyes and utter a sound that he didn’t think he’d ever made before. It was a cross between a cry of surrender and one that begged for more. It was like having a very long, flexible cock up his ass that instinctively knew all the hot spots. When Blessed removed his talented tongue, Tyler turned to see what was wrong because he sure as hell hadn’t asked him to stop.



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