Jeremiah's Heart (MM)

Shifters of Mystery 3

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Scorching
Word Count: 36,481
56 Ratings (4.8)

[Siren Everlasting Classic ManLove: Erotic Alternative Paranormal Romance, M/M, werewolves, sex in shifted form, HEA]

When Sylvester Condone agrees to go out on a date with Charles Sinclair, he has no idea it will start a chain of events that will unravel right before his very eyes. Jeremiah Edwards finds himself rescuing a human who has been experimented on by the alpha and doesn't think the man will live through the night. Throwing caution to the wind, Jeremiah bites Sylvester to free the human from the all-consuming pain the experiment has caused. Though strangers, Jeremiah and Sylvester form a bond they both treasure. But when the drug starts having adverse effects on Sylvester, they find the only way to stop the pain is to give Sylvester the cure—but the cure severs the bond between them. Never before has this happened, and both men feel a loss so great neither thinks he will survive. Will fate find a way to reunite them, or will both men lose what they worked so hard to build?

A Siren Erotic Romance


Lynn Hagen is a Siren-exclusive author.

Jeremiah's Heart (MM)
56 Ratings (4.8)

Jeremiah's Heart (MM)

Shifters of Mystery 3

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Scorching
Word Count: 36,481
56 Ratings (4.8)
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Cover Art by Jinger Heaston
Another great read from my favorite author!
Discovered Lynn Hagen not to long ago. All her series are really good, it's easy to get involved with the characters and this series is no different. I liked Jeremiah in the first book and loved his story and that he learned to laugh and love.
Mountain Mist
Professional Reviews

4 NYMPHS: "Going out on a date with Charles Sinclair is the worst decision Sylvester ever made. The evening ends badly and he’s forced to flee but winds up in an even worse situation. It starts a series of life-changing events he could never image. He’s scared, in pain and just when Sylvester thinks he’ll die, a voice offers him hope. When Jeremiah and his friends rescue a human their crazy former alpha experimented on, it’s obvious the man’s dying. Determined to save him, Jeremiah’s claims the stranger, stopping the pain that’s killing him. It’s an unexpected way to start off a mating but the men quickly become devoted to each other. Things go smoothly until Sylvester has a terrible adverse reaction to the serum, forcing them to break their bond. Can Jeremiah and Sylvester survive the separation and can they get back together? Jeremiah’s Heart is release three in Lynn Hagen’s Shifters of Mystery series. Due to the continuing storyline and returning characters, the books should be read in order. We met Sylvester briefly at the end of book two but didn’t get many details of what had happened to him. That’s where chapter one in this release picks up. It gives us lots of background details of his date with Charles, his capture that we didn’t see before and where Jeremiah steps in. It’s full of fear, suspense and pain and the author packs a lot into a short space, giving the reader a good idea of the turmoil Sylvester went through. It’s well done. I like this series and the underlying plot-line is progressing nicely without overshadowing the relationship between Jeremiah and Sylvester. The secondary characters, whether new or old, are interesting, adding spice, flavor, friendship and humor to the overall plot. I really want to see one with Pat and Sam in the near future. Then there’s Jeremiah and Sylvester. I like these two…so different in life experiences but a good match, nonetheless. The author has done a nice job with them and getting them together. The personalities of the characters are well developed, the story flow is smooth and the pages are filled with desire, passion, and danger. It kept my attention throughout and I’m looking forward to the next release." -- Dragon Minx, Literary Nymphs

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Jeremiah traced the soft lines of Sylvester’s face as he slept. The transition hadn’t killed the human. That was good. And although Sylvester seemed a bit out of it last night, Jeremiah was pretty sure the man knew he shifted into a werewolf—both of them. Sylvester hadn’t freaked out as badly as Jeremiah thought the man would. He’d been prepared for it.

“Where am I?” Sylvester asked as he stretched and then yawned, as if it was just another ordinary morning. One where he didn’t know where he was, but he woke up in enough strangers’ beds to not be upset about it. Jeremiah didn’t like the feeling in the pit of his stomach at that thought. His mate wasn’t going to be waking up in anyone’s bed but Jeremiah’s from this morning on.

“Safe,” Jeremiah replied as he ran his hands over Sylvester’s soft blond hair. It only went to the bottom of the man’s neck, but the strands were thick and extremely soft. Jeremiah could see himself spending hours just running his hands through it.

“And where would safe be?” Sylvester asked in a more alert tone. He glanced over his shoulder, his hazel eyes filled with concern.

Jeremiah was glad to see the man had at least an ounce of self-preservation, even though it was too late for that. After what had happened to Sylvester, Jeremiah was going to be hard-pressed to let the man out of his sight.

“You’re in Mystery, Sylvester. What do you remember about last night?” Jeremiah shifted into a more comfortable position, resting his back against the headboard as he glanced down at his mate.

Sylvester looked to be mulling things over in his head and then shook it. “Plenty, but I don’t think some of it was reality. It must have been the drugs.”

Jeremiah sighed. Sylvester was in for a rude awakening if he thought drugs had been the factor in him seeing werewolves. Maybe Sylvester’s freak-out session would still happen. “What do you think you saw?”

Sylvester sat up, the sheets pooling in his lap as he ran his hands through his hair, pushing it away from his face. Jeremiah had an urge to reach over and brush it back himself, but now that Sylvester was fully awake, the man might not welcome the touch.

“I remember being fuzzy.”


Sylvester nodded. “Yeah, like I was a dog. Were you with me last night?” he asked as he rested his hands in his lap.

“I was.”

“Then you were a dog, too.” Sylvester began to chew on his bottom lip. “I was in trouble, deep trouble, and ran. I needed help. There was this van almost parked in the middle of the street. When I ran toward it, the side door opened. But I found out that the men inside the van were ten times worse than the one I was running from.”

“You jumped into a stranger’s van?” Jeremiah barely succeeded in keeping the heat out of his voice. Just how careless was his mate? He wasn’t getting a good feeling from the picture Sylvester was painting. No, the picture was starting to look very grim. The man didn’t seem to have even that ounce of self-preservation Jeremiah had just given him credit for.

“It was better than being raped.”

“Raped?” Jeremiah was going to have heart failure by the time his mate completed the painting, he just knew it.




Sylvester felt lightning hot as Jeremiah worked his way down Sylvester’s body in slow, torturous movements, as if he had all night to drive Sylvester insane. The man wouldn’t need all night. Sylvester was so close to insanity right now that it was spiking peaks of arousal all through his body.

His breath became shallow as Jeremiah’s chin bumped the head of Sylvester’s cock. The muscles in Sylvester’s legs tensed as he waited for his lover to take his shaft into a warm mouth. But Jeremiah kept teasing him, kissing one hip and then the other. His lips moved across Sylvester’s abdomen slowly, softly, as if his belly were something to savor.

Sylvester clenched his teeth, grinding his molars as Jeremiah took his time. His legs jerked, his lower body straining not to shift around until Jeremiah had his cock in his mouth. Sylvester had a feeling that no amount of coaxing was going to make Jeremiah move any faster than his leisurely pace.

The man was excruciatingly tender as his hands played over Sylvester’s thighs, pushing them just a little further away as his lips skimmed up one side and then down the other, his warm breath making Sylvester tremble with anticipation.

Jeremiah let out a low moan and then took Sylvester’s sac into his mouth. He almost exploded as Jeremiah’s tongue rasped over one side and then the other, his tongue lapping over the wrinkled skin as his fingers dug into Sylvester’s flesh.

Sylvester’s hands reached for Jeremiah’s soft, silky hair as his lover groaned, the vibrations sending ripples of pleasure through Sylvester, making his stomach clench and his legs shake. His fingers curled into the strands, clenching them as Sylvester began to move underneath Jeremiah’s mouth.

His throat tightened as quick, hard emotions crashed into him. All Sylvester could do was moan. He wanted to beg Jeremiah to do more, but words were hard-pressed to leave his throat. There was a bond between them. Sylvester could almost physically touch it, and he definitely could feel it tying them together as Jeremiah worked his way up.

“I have to taste you.” And then he took Sylvester’s cock into his mouth.

Sylvester breathed deeper, trying to draw oxygen into his lungs as Jeremiah worked his cock down a tight throat. The muscles moved around Sylvester’s cock, bringing him such pleasure that Sylvester felt himself coming unglued, losing any control he may have had. There was nothing left. Not one shred of control as Jeremiah’s darkened eyes stared up at him, narrowed and glittering with sexual heat.

His hands flew to the sheets, gripping them so hard that his fingers began to ache. Not only was Jeremiah stealing his ability to breathe, but a sensual, highly charged explosion was working its way toward Sylvester’s cock.

His back arching, his mind fracturing, Sylvester cried out as the explosion finally reached its destination. He couldn’t stop the shout as his seed was pulled from his body, going straight down Jeremiah’s throat. He twisted and turned, gripping the sheets even tighter with his fingers as Jeremiah dragged every last drop from his body.

Sylvester had to blink, had to relearn to breathe as Jeremiah pulled away and then came over him, a sly smile tilting his lips up. Sylvester didn’t even have the energy to smile back.

“Do you want more?” Jeremiah asked as his knees settled on each side of Sylvester’s thighs.

“Yes,” Sylvester replied breathlessly. He was surprised he had enough oxygen to give for that answer.

Jeremiah reached between them, the head of his cock playing at Sylvester’s hole, teasing it. The head slipped up and down the crease of Sylvester’s ass, making him wonder when Jeremiah had lubed and stretched him. He didn’t remember feeling it, but he had been so lost in what Jeremiah’s mouth had been doing that a marching band could have been in here and Sylvester wouldn’t have noticed them.

Pleasure swirled inside of Sylvester as Jeremiah slowly eased into him. The heat of Jeremiah’s body drew him deeper into a chaotic world of sensation as Jeremiah’s cock worked its way into Sylvester.

Something inside of Sylvester began to emerge, something deep, dark, and he felt powerless to stop it. Sylvester gasped when his nails grew, and an ache inside his mouth made his tongue explore until he discovered that his canines had grown longer, sharper.

“You’re stunning,” Jeremiah murmured as his cock pulled back and then drove back into Sylvester’s ass. “Your wolf is so beautiful.”

Sylvester could feel a shift in his eyes, everything around him becoming sharper, clearer. He wasn’t sure what changes were taking place, but even Jeremiah’s touch was more acute to Sylvester.

“Your eyes are even prettier now,” Jeremiah said as he smiled down at Sylvester, his hips grinding as his cock sank deeper. “The hazel is more vivid, the color brighter.”

As freaked-out as Sylvester wanted to be over his body partially changing into an animal’s, Jeremiah’s words soothed his worries, made him curious instead of frightened. Jeremiah dipped his head, his lips brushing over Sylvester’s. And then they closed over his mouth, his tongue hungrily probing as Jeremiah drove even deeper inside Sylvester with his cock, making Sylvester cry out into Jeremiah’s mouth.

His own cock had come fully back to life, throbbing between their bodies as Jeremiah took him. Sylvester knew that Jeremiah owned his heart, lock, stock, and barrel. No other would make Sylvester feel this way. No other would make Sylvester cry out for just one more touch, one more kiss. He knew this, and he still lost himself in Jeremiah.


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