The Shifters of Mystery Collection, Volume 1 (MM)

Shifters of Mystery

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 74,470
0 Ratings (0.0)

[Siren Everlasting Classic ManLove: Erotic Romance, Alternative, Paranormal, Werewolves, Public Exhibition, MM, HEA]

Sage's Mystery

When Sage is made an outcast in his pack for being gay, he travels to a town he purchased online, a town called Mystery that was sold to him dirt cheap. The place looked as though it was ready to fall down around him, but Sage was determined to call it home.

William roamed aimlessly for years, never having a place to call his own. When a stranger shows up in Mystery and states that he’s the new owner, William is ready to grab his bag and run. But when Sage invites him to stay, William knows that he has found the man of his dreams.

But Mystery holds a dark secret that Sage is determined to find the answer to. When howls erupt on the night of his shift, Sage fights to find out Mystery’s past and keep William from becoming one of them. But plans don’t always work out the way one would want them to when William is pulled violently into Sage’s world.

Welcome to Mystery.

Santana's Discovery

Santana grew up hating werewolves for their senseless killing of his parents. He joins a radical group that is out to destroy the werewolves, not knowing that the leader of this group has been lying to him the whole time.

Isaac moved to Mystery wanting a chance at a better life. He thinks he's lost his mind when he starts falling for Santana—the man who's already shot him once. As much as he questions the attraction he has for Santana, he knows the struggle to remain aloof is fruitless.

When the full moon rises and the shift occurs, Isaac finds that Santana, the very man who shot him, has risked his life to save Isaac. Can Isaac convince Santana to be his mate, and can Santana accept the cold, hard facts of what happened in Mystery so long ago?

And will Santana ever allow Isaac to bite him and turn him into the very creature he's hated his whole life?

Lynn Hagen is a Siren-exclusive author.

The Shifters of Mystery Collection, Volume 1 (MM)
0 Ratings (0.0)

The Shifters of Mystery Collection, Volume 1 (MM)

Shifters of Mystery

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 74,470
0 Ratings (0.0)
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Sage's Mystery


“I will not have a gay son!” The alpha roared as he knocked the cabinet over, crystal and fine china crashing to the floor. Glass shattered everywhere. “Get out!”

Sage looked over at his mother, who was weeping in a corner. He wanted to go to her, comfort her, but he knew his father wouldn’t allow it. He squared his shoulders and glared at his father. Sage knew it was a challenge, but if he went by the alpha’s words, he was no longer a part of this pack.

“I’ll leave, Father. But you should know that some of the pack disagrees with you. They have decided to leave with me.”

His father roared as he leapt across the dining room, pinning Sage to the table. His nostrils flared as his canines gleamed in the fluorescent lighting. “You will not take anyone with you. If so much as one person leaves with you, I’ll hunt them down, along with you, and kill whoever it is that was stupid enough to defy my orders!”

Sage clenched his jaw as he lay on his back, staring up into his father’s angry blue eyes. “Very well.”

His father reared back and slashed Sage across the face with his claws and then held his hand out. The beta hurried forward, handing the alpha a small red satchel. Sage fought to get free, but his father was stronger, more determined to kill what love Sage still held for him as he reached into the small bag and pulled out a sprinkle of silver.

Sage howled as his father ground the silver into his wound, cementing it for life.

“You bear the mark of an outcast now. Go, and never return!”

Sage pushed up from the table, giving his father a heated glare one last time before storming from his parents’ home. As he walked through the small village to his house, pack members scurried away, unwilling to be associated with an outcast. Sage clenched his jaw as he made his way home.

Once inside, Sage gathered his belongings, shoving various items into suitcases and duffel bags. He knew he wouldn’t be returning, so he had to get what he could fit into the bed of his truck.

He stumbled slightly at the raw pain radiating from his face as he walked outside and tossed a few of the bags into his truck.


He turned to see his best friend Jeremiah heading his way. Sage walked back into his home, grabbing a few more bags when Jeremiah walked inside.

“Leaving without me?” he asked as he leaned against the living room doorframe.

“You can’t go with me. My father said that anyone leaving with me will be killed.”

Jeremiah snorted. “Since when did that stop me before?”

Sage grinned at his best friend as he picked up three duffel bags, tossing them over his shoulder. “I know you’re crazy as fuck, but don’t go against your alpha.”

Jeremiah pushed away from the doorframe as he grabbed a bag from the living room floor. “You’re not going this alone. I won’t let you.”

Sage knew Jeremiah would be stubborn. He had to stop his friend from having a hunt called down on him. He sat the bags down and fished a small piece of paper from his front pocket. He looked around to make sure no one was near before lowering his voice. “I bought a small town about five hundred miles east of here. If you can find a way to get away from the pack without raising my father’s suspicion, join me.”

Jeremiah curled his fingers around the paper and nodded. “I’ll find a way. You won’t be alone for long.”

Sage gave Jeremiah a quick hug before grabbing the bags once again and loading his truck. He gazed over the small village that he once called home, seeing a group of men standing off to the side. The four gave a slight nod, telling Sage that they would soon be joining him.

Sage sighed. Sometimes it sucked being the next in line for alpha. But then again, he no longer had to worry about carrying that mantle.

He was an outcast, no longer accepted in his pack, or anyone else’s. Sage grinned as he saw his father step out onto his front porch.

He might be an outcast, but he had plans for his life and the small town he now owned. And god help his father if he was ballsy enough to come after him.

Because Sage didn’t plan on walking away the next time they crossed paths.




“You don’t want me,” he said as he rocked back and forth over William. “You don’t know what you’re saying. I’m falling hard and you can’t be the one to catch me.”

William reached up, tracing his fingers over Sage’s scar, his lips parting as his eyes snapped up to Sage’s. “I may be smaller than you, but I’m sure I wouldn’t let you fall.”

Sage leaned in, his lips a hair’s breadth from William’s as he panted heavily, fighting against what his body was begging for. He licked his lips and then pulled his head back slightly. “You don’t know what you’re asking for, slim.”

“I’m asking for one night. I’m asking for you to love me for just a few short hours.”

Sage’s arms shook as he held himself up, hovering over William and slipping quickly over the edge to giving in. Sage lifted one hand, skimming it over the soft skin of William’s face. He wanted the same thing, but he knew it wouldn’t be just a few short hours or just one night. The beast inside of him was already snarling and snapping for him to bite William and then claim him.

Claim him as Sage’s mate.

“You make me forget that I’m an outcast.”

“Then we both have something in common.”

Sage curled his fingers in, pulling them away from William’s face. “I walk a lonely road. I can’t offer you anything.”

And he couldn’t. He had no pack to offer William. No protection against the harsh world that Sage lived in. If he mated William, and it worked, his mate would automatically be an outcast as well. Sage was torn in two. William was looking at him with longing, giving himself over to Sage, but could Sage keep him safe?

“There’s something you should know.”

William shook his head, placing a finger over Sage’s mouth. “It doesn’t matter.”

The hell it didn’t. The only way it wouldn’t matter would be if Sage fucked William but didn’t bite him, an almost impossible feat. Sage reached between them, running his hand over William’s stomach, feeling the slight jerk as they connected. His eyes shot to William’s, seeing him bite his bottom lip, and then his legs parted.

Sage growled again. “A few hours.”

William nodded quickly as he reached down and tossed the blanket aside. Sage groaned when he saw that the only thing William had on was one of Sage’s oversize T-shirts. Sage pushed the hem up with a finger, seeing William’s balls and then his hard cock.

He pulled his hand back, fear making him second-guess what they were about to do. William quickly grabbed Sage’s hand, placing it back on his thigh. He could feel William’s hand shaking.

Sage ran the tips of his fingers over William’s hand, stilling them before he ran a knuckle up the length of William’s shaft. He heard a quick intake of breath as his fingers traced over warm, succulent skin. His common sense was trying to kick in, trying to yell for Sage to run, but Sage didn’t listen.

He stood, ridding himself of his clothes before kneeling back down, his eyes taking in the sight underneath him. William pulled the shirt from over his head, tossing it aside and laying his hands on either side of him to rest on the floor. His chest was expanding and contracting rapidly as he lay there waiting for Sage to do something.

Wetting his fingers with saliva, the only thing he had available to him, Sage reached down and circled his fingers around William’s entrance. William’s legs lifted as he planted his feet on the floor, raising his ass slightly, giving Sage more room to do with what he wanted.

He locked eyes with William as his finger slid into William’s body and then back out, repeating the move a few more times before pushing it in all of the way. There was no way he could fight it now. Sage had felt a small part of what things would be like between them, and he was hooked.

Groaning, Sage twisted his fingers. William’s channel was as soft as silk, grabbing Sage’s fingers and pulling them in. He could feel the need in him rising like the hottest fire, clouding his brain as he watched his fingers play.

William watched him, raising his lower half even higher as pure, liquid lust radiated from his eyes. Using his free hand, Sage reached forward, curling his fingers over William’s shoulder, pushing at it slightly to keep the man in place. William nodded his understanding as he stilled.

Sage glanced back down to what he was doing, his fingers a hypnotic pull for his eyes as they glided in and out, adding a third, and then scissoring them. Sage’s lips parted, his breathing labored as he fought not to take William in the ways of his people, savagely, swiftly, and snarling for the right to mate. William was human, needing him to be gentler than Sage was used to.

Pulling his fingers free, Sage yanked William closer and then pressed the head of his cock against the stretched hole. He pushed just the very tip of his cock in, feeling his control slipping fast.

This was a bad idea. Very bad, but Sage was too far gone to stop it now. His entire body shook as he exhaled, trying to take William in a human way, slow, gentle.

But he wasn’t human. Sage was a beast. A werewolf. A vârcolac. Sage gasped as he thrust forward, his muscles quivering as he stilled, straining against the need to fight William for the right to claim him.

William cried out, his legs leaving the floor and wrapping around Sage’s waist as his fingers curled into Sage’s bare chest. The cry broke through his restraint as Sage’s pupils dilated and his claws started to slip from his fingernails. Sage clenched his jaw as his canines grew longer, extending far beyond normal. 


Santana's Discovery


“You get up when I tell you to get up, boy,” Flip sneered as he spit on the ground next to Santana’s head. The smell immediately hit Santana’s nostrils. The disgusting odor of snuff and bad breath mingled together enough to make him nauseous. Santana wiped the blood from his lip as he lay on his back, glaring up at the hick standing before him looking as though he ruled the fucking world.

Santana wanted desperately to wipe the smug satisfaction from Flip’s ugly mug. The man thought he was god’s gift to the world, but in reality he was nothing more than a small guppy in an even smaller pond. Santana was starting to regret ever coming across the crazy ass bastard. It had sounded like a dream come true at the time when Flip talked him into joining his radical group to wipe out the were-creatures. The offer had been dropped into his lap when he was on his path of vengeance.

Now he wasn’t so sure he had made the brightest move. Maybe he shouldn’t have let his hatred be his guide. Flip didn’t seem to have a full set of marbles. The man had craziness in his eyes from the very beginning. That should have tipped Santana off about the guy, but his hate had blinded him and now he lay at the bastard’s feet with a busted lip and a bruised backside.

Piece of shit hick.

Santana cringed before he could stop the reaction as Flip knelt down beside him. The man rested one arm on his thigh, and used the other to balance the hunting rifle on one shoulder. As disgusted as he was with the man right now, Santana knew better than to piss off a person holding a loaded gun. And Santana had no doubt that the mean bastard would use it.

“Now, I’m going to ask you one more time, boy. Where are the were-creatures?”

The threat was clear in Flip’s voice, and Santana wasn’t sure why he was defending the werewolves who lived in Mystery. Hell, he should be helping Flip hunt them down. Werewolves were what killed his parents, killed the town, and now Santana found himself reluctant to tell this backwoods asshole anything about the creatures.

Sage’s confession that humans, not werewolves, slaughtered his family had him second-guessing everything he had ever believed. He wanted revenge, but not at the price of innocent men. He wasn’t sure if the werewolves in Mystery were innocent or not, but his conscience wouldn’t allow him to point a finger in their direction until he was one hundred percent positive that they didn’t kill anyone.

Damn, he wished Sage’s confession had come before he had met Flip. That would have made shit a lot easier.

As it was…

“Boy, I’m getting tired of waiting.”

Santana gritted his molars until they hurt. If Flip called him boy one more time, he was going to kick Flip’s ass back to his shack in the woods. And what in the hell was with his alligator boots? Was the guy for real?

“Pick him up,” Flip instructed the men around him. Santana panicked, kicking out and shouting as he was dragged from the resting spot he had been knocked down on. “We’re going to teach this boy about lying to us.”

“Stop!” Santana shouted as multitudes of hands began to grab for him. He didn’t know what else to shout in order to make them let him go. This was crazy, insane, and probably going to get him killed.

He had shot two of the werewolves a few days ago and then became their prisoner. But Santana had managed to escape when everyone was asleep. He was seriously thinking that he should have stayed inside.

The werewolves had treated him well considering he had tried to kill them. They had fed him, made sure he was able to use the bathroom, and gave him a room to sleep in. And he had snuck out in the middle of the night the first chance he got. Now as Flip pressed the heel of his alligator boot into Santana’s stomach, he wasn’t so sure that had been the right thing to do.

“Tell me where they are and all this will end.” He turned his head, spitting on the ground once more, and then curled his lip up as he narrowed his eyes at Santana. Yeah, that whole spitting thing? Totally gross.

Santana was afraid how this situation would end. He no longer cared about protecting the werewolves as much as he was trying to save his own ass right about now. He had a feeling that once he told Flip that they were in one of the houses a mile from town, the man would blow his brains out just for giving him such a hard time.

“They left,” he lied. “They knocked me out, and when I came to, they were gone.”


“I’m not lying!” Santana shot back at Flip, praying the man couldn’t see the lie in his eyes.

“Then I guess I don’t need you anymore.”




Isaac stilled when he felt the claws on his free hand elongating and his canines trying to descend. That had never happened before. What the fuck was going on?

“What’s wrong?” Santana asked as he pushed at Isaac’s shoulders, trying to get Isaac to lean up and look at him.

“Something is happening to me. I’m not sure you want to see it,” Isaac said as he swallowed hard.

“Let me see you.” Santana pressed the palm of his hand against Isaac’s face.

Isaac took a deep breath and leaned back, staring down at Santana, feeling the most vulnerable he had ever in his life.

“And this has never happened before?”

Isaac shook his head. “I am an unmated vârcolac. The shift only occurs on the full moon. I still have five days. No part of me should be shifting.”

“Unmated?” Santana asked as he stared at Isaac’s canines. “What does that mean?”

“It means I haven’t found the right person to spend the rest of my life with,” Isaac answered, unable to stop his fingers from moving inside Santana. The human gasped as his eyes fluttered, his legs spreading even further apart.

“Are you going to bite me?” Santana asked softly.

“No,” he answered honestly as he kissed Santana’s chin. “But I can’t promise the same answer as the time grows nearer to my shift.”

Santana’s hands threaded through Isaac’s hair, tugging at it slightly as Isaac kissed his way to the man’s ear. “If I bite you when in my vârcolac form, you will become a werewolf, and also my mate,” he whispered softly. “So think long and hard before begging me to bite you.”

Santana’s throat moved tightly under Isaac’s lips as the man underneath him swallowed hard. “Then I’ll settle for you fucking me.”

Isaac smiled into Santana’s skin, inhaling his scent as he continued to move his fingers inside Santana’s body. “I can give you that.” Pulling his hand free, Isaac reared back and grabbed the lube. As he spread the clear gel onto his cock, he reached over and began to stroke Santana’s shaft, watching the man arch and moan. “Pull your legs back.”

Santana cupped the back of his knees with his hands, pulling them back with shaky hands as Isaac leaned forward, pressing his chest into Santana’s legs, helping him hold them in place as the tip of his cock touched Santana’s tiny entrance. “This would have been much better on your hands and knees, love.”

Shaking his head, Santana eased down onto Isaac’s shaft, a gasp leaving his lips as the head of Isaac’s cock stretched Santana’s body open, gripping the head tightly. Isaac closed his eyes for a moment and breathed out slowly, calming the need to thrust to the root. He could feel his muscles straining and his jaw clenching with the effort.

Santana dug his fingers into Isaac’s chest, his nails breaking skin as he panted heavily. If the man didn’t move soon, Isaac wasn’t going to be able to control himself. There was no way he could stay like this much longer.

His molars ground together as Santana eased down a little more, teasing, testing. Isaac’s hands were balled into fists, smashed into the mattress as he commanded his body not to move. Santana’s eyes widened when Isaac’s hips snapped uncontrollably, pushing his cock just a little further into Santana’s sweet ass.

“You liked that, didn’t you?” Isaac asked as he watched Santana’s eyes begin to smolder. He repeated the action, his cock sinking a little deeper.

“I want to…” Santana gasped and then whimpered as Isaac pressed in an inch more. He was taking his time, allowing Santana’s body to adjust to his intrusion, but heaven have mercy if it wasn’t torturous for Isaac to do so. He could feel every move Santana made, every shift of his body, and the feeling radiated down his cock, sending waves of pleasure shooting through his bloodstream.

Isaac pulled back slightly and then eased back in, going just a bit further this time. He watched Santana’s face, watched for any signs that the man was in pain. He could see a mixture of pain and pleasure as Santana moved with him, easing down as Isaac moved forward. Isaac had never felt anything so exquisitely torturous in his life.

Santana’s hole pulsed around his cock as Isaac gritted his teeth, his canines breaking skin on his lower lip. Sweat began to trail down his back and temples as he fought to go easy on Santana. How the hell did humans do this? Isaac was going out of his mind as his hips strained to hammer into Santana’s tight little ass.

Isaac shouted in surprise when Santana thrust down the rest of the way. His cock pulsed out the same beat as his rapidly beating heart as he gazed down into the human’s dark brown eyes.

“Take me,” Santana begged as he began to move his hips.

Isaac dropped to his arms, stopping his weight from crushing the man as he pulled one of Santana’s legs into the crook of his arm, Santana hitching the other around Isaac’s waist. He pulled back and then thrust forward, shoving his cock to the hilt inside Santana before repeating the act.

“Isaac,” Santana cried out as he gasped for breath.

“Nobody has ever been inside of you until now,” Isaac said as he leaned forward, scraping his canines over the spot between Santana’s neck and shoulder, temptation riding him hard to bite the human. “And nobody else better ever come after me.”

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