[Siren Ménage Everlasting: Erotic Cowboy Ménage a Trois Romance, M/F/M, public exhibition, bondage, spanking, sex toys, HEA]

Suzanna Creighton, running from an abusive ex-boyfriend, ends up stranded roadside in Montana. Gabriel Wallace finds her, helps her with the car repair, but has trouble finding her a motel room. His best friend Nathan Talbot suggests she move into their home and try out their ménage lifestyle as well, opening up a whole new world of pleasure and opportunities.

Gabriel, owner of Enclave Auto and a part-time deputy sheriff in the local Old West Town amusement park, is immediately enamored of Suzanna. He and Nathan, Old West Town’s only blacksmith, have never planned on permanence with regard to their relationships, but find they are unwilling to let Suzanna out of their lives so easily. She agrees to stay with them on a more permanent basis, until an unexpected scare makes her want to hit the road and keep on running.

If Suzanna stays and faces her ex, can she survive, and will she possibly endanger both Gabriel and Nathan?

A Siren Erotic Romance


Elle Saint James is a Siren-exclusive author.

Unyielding Surrender (MFM)
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Cover Art by Les Byerley
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She sat riveted and watched unblinkingly as he approached. Helpless to stop herself, Suzanna kept her gaze on his every move. She thought he would sit next to her and ask her what her problem was, but instead, he walked all the way into her. He wrapped an arm around the top edge of the barstool back where she sat. He didn’t touch her, but he was so close that she felt the warmth from his large body. He casually draped his other arm on the counter between her and her drink. She was trapped by a huge gorgeous man on three sides. And she liked it.

His legs pushed into her. The feel of his muscular thighs pressing against her legs sent a thrill down her spine. If she’d been facing to one side instead of the bar, his hips would now be wedged between her thighs. Her heart sped at the very intimate mental image. She was being totally inappropriate but found this man so fascinating, she couldn’t seem to be anything but stupid around him.

“Can I help you with something, darlin’?” he asked in a low, gravelly tone.

Juice shot out of her pussy and into her panties so fast, she made a little noise of distress. “I’m…sorry. You just…and I thought…but then…you probably don’t…” she babbled incoherently, unable to think of a way to explain or apparently finish a sentence. It wasn’t like she could say, “I’m waiting for someone that makes me crazy hot for sex, but looking at you just makes me want to spread my legs and beg for it.” She shook her head slightly in an attempt to knock the inappropriate thoughts from her mind.

He moved closer still. Legs solidly locked against her thigh, his face pressed within inches of hers. He paused as if considering how far she’d let him go. Was he about to kiss her? His lips were as tempting as Gabriel’s. Even thinking about Gabriel didn’t keep her from wanting this man, too.

She leaned forward, wanting to press her mouth to his to see if he tasted as good as he looked. Would he taste as amazing as Gabriel had? She closed the short distance between them. She felt his breath brush a light caress against her sensitive lips.

“Here’s your whiskey, Nathan.” His name is Nathan.

His focus turned toward Cooper, and her trance was also broken. She straightened and pulled away, turning to put her attention back on her drink where it belonged. Her cheeks heated with embarrassment. She couldn’t see her face in the mirror of the bar but expected the color was now flaming cherry red. How could she have gotten so distracted by this man?

The scent of leather, smoke, hot metal, and sexy man still swirled around her head. He hadn’t moved away from her. She owed him an apology for her rudeness. Perhaps once her heart slowed down to only three hundred beats a minute, she’d be able to speak.

Cooper placed another small brown napkin square on the counter and put a glass with an amber liquid down next to her glass of wine. His expression seemed puzzled. Whether by her slutty staring or Nathan’s still very close proximity, she wasn’t sure.

“Thanks.” He nodded at Cooper once as if to dismiss him, but he didn’t back away. Instead, the bartender waited as if his part-time job was sentry.

Nathan turned his head and put his intense focus back on her. “What’s your name, darlin’?” he asked in a quiet tone, apparently ignoring the fact that Cooper still stood there.

She sucked in a slow deep breath, released it, and turned to answer. But then she saw his beautiful eyes. They were lighter in color than she’d expected. Closely matched to the shade of whiskey waiting for him on the bar’s scarred wooden surface.

“I’m Suzanna.” An accomplishment, getting her name through her lips, and getting it correct to boot. Out of the corner of her eye she saw Cooper smile. He moved away from them to tend other customers.

“Good to meet you, Suzanna. I’m Nathan.” The sound of her name on his lips didn’t quiet her libido at all. If he’d kissed her, or demanded she strip naked so he could fuck her against the bar, she probably would have. He had that certain forceful manner of a man who likely always got exactly what he wanted. Especially with women.

Even so, why did this man impact her in the same way Gabriel did? Had she turned into a wanton after too much time alone? She cast a quick look down the bar at Cooper waiting on two new guests. He was boyishly attractive with his smiling eyes and ready grin, but he didn’t send her pulse beating wildly in her veins.

“I’m so sorry for earlier. The staring, I mean. I wasn’t trying to be rude.”

He moved back, and half a smile formed on his beautiful mouth. “No problem. Do I look familiar to you or like someone you know?”

“No. Not exactly. I saw you and immediately thought you’d make a perfect bodyguard, if I could afford one.” The part about wanting him to fuck her against the bar, she kept to herself.

Seating himself next to her, he grabbed his drink and took a healthy swig. He turned to her with a question in his eyes. “Why do you need a bodyguard?”

Suzanna hadn’t meant to be so forthcoming. “It’s a long story.”

He held up his glass. “I’ve got a little time.”

“That’s okay. I’m sorry to have stared you down like a morsel of food.”

He laughed. It was low-pitched and perfect.

“You don’t have to be sorry. I’m not. Actually, I thought it looked like you wanted me to kiss you.” He turned a seductive gaze her way. Her already hopelessly saturated panties paid the price. She squeezed her legs together as if it would help stem the flow of pussy juice. She wanted to kiss him with a sudden desperation that was completely inappropriate.

He winked at her and added, “A kiss would be no problem, by the way.”




Whatever Suzanna had expected would happen, didn’t. At least not yet. Her wrists were looped, barely, in two soft fabric strips that she could easily get out of, but she didn’t. The blindfold was a little scary, but just as soon as Gabriel had placed it over her eyes, both of them got off the bed.

So she waited with uncertainty coating her fragile nerves. They’d given her a safe word. She wished she could test it once, like a trial run, to ensure they really would stop. However, she didn’t want to lose out on what might be an amazing night with two spectacularly sexy men. Then again, why would they give her a safe word as a way out and then not honor it? She tried to relax another notch.

To her left, she heard one of them rustle near the chair. Had someone sat down over there? Was one of them planning to watch instead of participating? On her right, she’d heard the nightstand drawer open, the sudden tear of paper, and soon after, someone joined her on the bed. She suspected it was Gabriel but wouldn’t know for absolute certain until he kissed her.

Even blindfolded, Suzanna felt confident she’d be able to tell each man apart by their distinctive kiss. Obviously, Gabriel and Nathan tasted different. But also, Nathan was much more aggressive. She very much liked the difference of tender sliding into decadent from Gabriel and wickedly reckless from the start with Nathan.

A warm mouth closed over the tip of one breast, taking her breath away. The seductive pull of his lips sent a zing of desire straight to her pussy. Her hips shifted on the bed almost of their own volition, but in order to keep the restraints in place, she couldn’t move very far. The tactile feel of the soft sheets against her bare ass was totally amplified. The loss of her vision really did seem to heighten all her other senses. A deep inhale only registered her own scent of arousal.

She was wet. She was ready. She wanted some wicked, hot sex.

Suzanna moaned when a finger grazed her clit. Her knees bent, or rather they tried to, but the restraints kept her in place. Lips kissed a path to the other breast to play as the finger moved from her clit to penetrate her pussy. She moaned again.

The busy mouth soon moved away from her nipples and traveled south to her clit. She’d never had a man go down on her until Nathan had licked his way there a short while ago. The very idea of it happening again sent her pulse rate into the sky.

How many licks would it take to get to her center this time? Maybe one, or possibly one and a half?

The sudden rustle to her left made her turn her head. When Nathan kissed her mouth, jamming his tongue between her lips, she knew that Gabriel was the one making his way to the space between her legs.

One second after Nathan engaged her with a kiss, Gabriel clamped his mouth around her clit and sucked hard. He then released her and slid his tongue deeply into her pussy. The volcanic kiss with Nathan continued and became more and more aggressive.

Someone pinched her nipple. Gabriel sucked on her clit again. This time he didn’t stop. Suzanna suddenly felt his fingers invade her pussy. Her clit throbbed with unrealized pleasure. She was fast coming to a pinnacle she’d never experienced quite like this before.

Wanting to scream, Suzanna started to turn her head to break the kiss, but Nathan wouldn’t let her. If anything, he increased the ardor of the kiss to well past perilous levels. Another pinch to her nipple combined with the steady sucking on her clit made her belly tighten. She was about to come. No. She was about to come hard.

The fingers pumping inside her pussy suddenly shifted. One of them traveled to her rosette. She sucked in a breath, which was difficult with the amazing kiss in progress.

Every nerve ending in her body was on high alert. She hadn’t felt anything close to this in her life. And she wanted it. She deserved it.

By damn, she intended to enjoy every single second.

A finger eased slowly into her rear channel. Nathan’s tongue curled and tangled around hers with expert care, keeping her busy and building her arousal. Gabriel pushed his fingers inside her body. Two in her pussy, one in her ass. The feeling was nothing short of astounding.

Her desire ratcheted up another notch. She was so close.


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