A Sub to Love (MFM)

Club of Dominance 4

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 38,044
33 Ratings (4.4)

[Siren Ménage Everlasting: Erotic Consensual BDSM Ménage a Trois Romantic Suspense, M/F/M, public exhibition, spanking, flogging, wax play, cupping, HEA]

Justine Downey applies for a job at a security company and doesn’t know her bosses are Dominants. The men are brawny and sexy, and awaken her dormant libido.

Garth and Derrick Jackson know their new admin assistant is submissive but are unaware of her proclivities. They want in her life and bed.

Their new employee comes in to work on her second day battered, bruised, and sick. The two men take care of her, and when they learn she is in danger they vow to protect her with their lives.

But getting her to trust them is a lot harder than they imagine after the hard life she has led. Just when she begins to open up with them and is starting to trust them with her body as well as her mind, she is literally snatched away from under their noses.

They rush in to rescue her, but will they be in time?

Note: There is no sexual relationship or touching for titillation between or among siblings.

A Siren Erotic Romance


Becca Van is a Siren-exclusive author.

A Sub to Love (MFM)
33 Ratings (4.4)

A Sub to Love (MFM)

Club of Dominance 4

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 38,044
33 Ratings (4.4)
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Cover Art by Harris Channing
Becca Van can't write a bad book. I love this series and am hoping there are more in the works in the future.
I love this series.,., sub to love was a beautiful love story with to loving sexy hot as sin Doms....woohoo it was fantastic! !!!!!!!!!
donna b buccella




Justine entered the office of Jackson’s Security and walked over to her desk, waving to Garth and Derrick as they looked at her through their open office door. She’d been up all night dealing with the police, giving her statement. She was so tired all she wanted to do was curl up in bed, cry out her grief for her brother and sleep. Her energy level was nonexistent, she was running on empty, and she was in pain.

Her left eye was so swollen she could barely open it and the bruising on her cheek was so dark it was nearly black. She’d been wearing her sunglasses since she’d walked out the front door of her rental, and had no intention of taking them off while she worked, and she’d tried to cover her bruised cheek by applying makeup. It had been a painful experience, but she had persevered and hoped like hell it would be enough to hide the bruising. Even though she thought that the Jacksons would give her time off after what had happened, she had no intention of asking for it. She had no money left and she needed her next paycheck. One thing she was really glad of right at that moment was that she had her back to the two men. The last thing she needed was for them to start asking questions until she broke down. She was only hanging onto her emotions by a thin thread, and anyone being nice to her would set her off, but she had no intention of breaking down while at work.

After putting her purse away, she turned the answering machine off and booted up the computer.

“Justine, can you come in here for a bit?” Derrick called out. “I want to show you our price lists and how we do quotes.”

She didn’t want to go in there but she couldn’t refuse. This was what she had been employed to do and she still had so much to learn. With a sigh of resignation she rose to her feet. Her head and face were throbbing and she felt herself sway slightly. Gripping the edge of her desk until the dizziness passed, she then slowly turned and walked into Derrick and Garth’s office. Derrick’s phone had just rung and he held up a finger without looking at her, silently asking her to wait. Garth was looking at his computer monitor and talking on the phone, too. Thank you, God.

Justine eased herself into a seat that was placed in front of and between the two desks. She wasn’t really feeling well and being off her feet helped.

Derrick looked up and roared, “Jesus fucking Christ, I’ll call you back.”

He slammed the phone down and was around his desk and on his knees in front of her within the blink of an eye. When he reached up for her sunglasses she leaned back away from him.

“Don’t move,” he said in a deep, commanding voice, and even though she was still in a great deal of pain, the tone and the timbre of his voice caused her to shiver with sexual awareness. But it also made her freeze into compliance.

What is up with that?

Derrick removed her sunglasses and gasped. “Who did this to you?”

“Fuck,” Garth yelled and hurried to her side. He reached out to touch her face but drew back when she flinched. “I would never hurt you, Justine. What the hell happened to you?”

She drew a shaky breath and blinked, trying to control the tears that were forming at the back of her eyes. She opened her mouth to begin explaining, but before she could, another masculine voice drew the Jackson brothers’ attention.

“What the hell is wrong with you?” Matt asked angrily. “You nearly ruptured my fucking eardrum. My ear is still fucking ringing.”

Justine didn’t dare look at Matt, it was bad enough that her bosses hadn’t taken their eyes off of her, but then he was standing behind Derrick and she slowly met his gaze.

“Shit. Who the hell hit you?” She flinched since it seemed like his anger was now directed at her.

“No one in this office would ever hurt someone weaker than they are, Justine.” Derrick cupped her chin. “Please don’t be scared of us. We’re worried about you, honey. Now tell me who hurt you.”

His voice was so deep and demanding she didn’t stand a chance. Justine found herself telling the three men about last night and wondered why she all of a sudden felt so numb. By the time she had finished explaining, the pounding in her head had intensified and she felt physically sick. She was swaying in her seat, cold to the bone and shaking like a leaf.

“Whoa.” Derrick gripped her shoulders to keep her from falling and she was truly grateful, because she felt like she could have fallen to the floor like a puddle of melted ice. “Garth, call Nate Charleston I want her checked over.”

“Have you seen a doctor, baby?”

It took her a moment to register that Garth was talking to her. The paramedics who had taken Mark’s body away had given her a cursory medical exam, had told her nothing was broken, then advised her to put ice on her eye and cheek and to get some rest. That hadn’t been possible. Justine had spent hours going over what had happened with the police and coroner, and by the time they had left, all she wanted to do was shower and fall into bed. She’d showered but the rest had been pushed aside because she’d had to get to work.




He wanted to place his fingers and thumbs over those turgid peaks and squeeze until she gasped out with pleasure and then he wanted to slip his hands down the front of her trousers and under her panties and feel the wetness between her pussy lips. She was already turned on. He could smell the cream leaking from her cunt.

Garth drained the last of his coffee to ease the dryness in his throat and took over from Derrick. “If our woman had been really bad, we could bring her to the edge of climax over and over again and not let her come until she was screaming.”

“Oh God,” Justine whimpered.

Garth glanced around the diner quickly and realized that most of the lunch crowd was gone. There was an elderly man sitting at the counter, talking to the waitress, and other than the cook out back, the place looked empty. They had been lucky enough to get a booth in the back of the restaurant that was situated so that the tall seat backs obscured the three of them from the view of the other customers. That would come in handy.

The waitress approached and took their orders, and once she was gone, Garth moved in close to her side and draped his arm over her shoulders.

Justine turned her head to look at him and asked in a whisper, “What are you doing?”

Derrick moved in on the other side of her, until they were both plastered against the sides of her body.

Garth held her gaze and slowly lowered his head. He kissed her lightly on the lips and sighed into her mouth when she opened up to him without any hesitation. While he kept her mouth occupied by slipping his tongue inside and tangling it with hers, he pulled on her shirt until it came out of the waistband of her pants. He caressed his fingers over the smooth, soft skin of her belly. Justine turned her head away from his and gulped in air. She had taken two deep breaths and then Derrick was kissing her.

He flicked the button on her pants open, slid the zipper down, and then slid his hand into her panties. Biting his lip was the only way to hold in his lustful groan when he encountered her hot, wet cunt. Turning slightly so he had the diner’s occupants in his peripheral vision, he pressed two fingers into her vagina and placed his thumb over her clit. When he saw movement beneath her shirt, he knew that Derrick was playing with her nipples and was very glad his brother was still kissing her when she mewled with pleasure.

Garth began to pump his fingers in and out of her pussy and although she tried to stay quiet, he could hear the small muffled sounds of pleasure she made. When he curled his fingers inside her and found her G-spot, he kept rubbing over the spongy flesh while he thrummed her clit. Her fingers reached down and gripped his wrist firmly and he knew she was on the edge of an orgasm. Since he wanted her to explode like she never had before he stopped his movements and waited until her internal walls stopped rippling around his digits. Her grip on him relaxed, and he held in a chuckle as he started all over again. He thrust his fingers in and out of her cunt, pushing in as far as the webbing of his hand and then withdrew only to do it again and again. Her muscles clenched on him again, and this time he wasn’t sure if it was to egg him on or because she was climbing the ladder to ecstasy again. Not that it mattered. He wasn’t about to let her control what her body did.

Once more he stilled and waited for the tension in her muscles to wane. She slumped and then Garth hooked his fingers once more and massaged the pads of his fingers over her sweet spot while caressing her clit with his thumb. He leaned in close to her ear and nipped her earlobe. “Come now, Justine.”

Her pussy tightened around his fingers, squeezing so hard he couldn’t contain the groan that formed in his chest from rumbling up and escaping through his mouth. Thank God Derrick had leaned down to cover her mouth with his again, because if he hadn’t, the other occupants of the diner would have known what they were up to. The moan Justine made as she came was muffled enough not to be heard by anyone but himself and Derrick. Little aftershocks rippled through her pussy intermittently until finally Justine’s body relaxed and slumped against his side. With gentle care for her sensitive sex, he slowly withdrew his fingers from her cunt and then removed them from her pants. Derrick released her mouth and she was panting as she turned toward him.

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