Rise to Seduction (MM with MMF)

Rise of the Changelings 6

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Scorching
Word Count: 77,110
39 Ratings (4.7)

[Siren Epic Romance, ManLove: Erotic Alternative Paranormal Romance, M/M, with M/M/F, shape-shifters, public exhibition, HEA]

Nate Valez is Rick’s top enforcer. He is a sure and competent man, able to handle anything thrown his way—except when it comes to Selene or Sasha.

Selene Lopez hates Sasha. She is the one in love with Nate, not Sasha, but it seems every time Nate gets around the wereleopard alpha, he loses his damn mind.

Sasha Monroe loves to play, loves to purr, and can slice a throat in the blink of an eye. He knows Nate is attracted to him. He knows Selene is attracted to Nate. But what the two don’t know is that Sasha has been attracted to them both for some time.

He just loves playing hard to get, but when Nate and Selene's lives are threatened, Sasha must choose between protecting a key element that could possibly win the war and protecting the werewolves who are beginning to mean so much to him.

Will Sasha hand over what he has discovered, or will he let fate decide whether Nate and Selene live or die?

NOTE! You are purchasing Siren's newest imprint, the Siren Epic Romance collection. This is Book 5 of 7 in the Rise of the Changelings series. The series shares an overall story arc with many crossover characters playing major roles in each book. These books are not stand-alone and should be read in their numbered order.

A Siren Erotic Romance


Lynn Hagen is a Siren-exclusive author.

Rise to Seduction (MM with MMF)
39 Ratings (4.7)

Rise to Seduction (MM with MMF)

Rise of the Changelings 6

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Scorching
Word Count: 77,110
39 Ratings (4.7)
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Cover Art by Les Byerley



“If they find her, they will kill her!” Nate snarled so low only Sasha’s expert hearing picked up the panicked words.

“I’m well aware of what they will do to her.” Sasha pushed up just an inch to look through the glass of the car window and then dropped back down. “I’m also aware she is a very clever woman and will know they are here before they find her. What we need to do is get from where we are currently hiding to where she is currently hiding. Now that will be a hell of a lot easier said than done, mi chico valiente.”

Sasha watched as Nate’s jaw flexed. “I am not your brave boy.”

The tone was indignant, and Sasha gave the man a wicked grin. “So be it.” If only Nate would stop being so defensive. He had seen the change back at his home in Shelton, and Sasha couldn’t understand where it was coming from.

He knew he could be a real prick sometimes, but he was an alpha and it was in his DNA to be bossy and demanding. But he was also a very tactile creature. He loved being petted and played with. If only he could get Nate to play with him, maybe he wouldn’t be so wound up and ready to pounce on the man.

Besides, he loved when either of Nate or Selene’s cheeks colored with embarrassment. If they didn’t give a shit about Sasha, they wouldn’t be so easily ruffled.

At least, that was what he told himself.

He could be wrong, but Sasha wasn’t going to analyze their reactions. He had more pressing problems.

Like how to get across the center of the small town while a train of army-green trucks rolled by them. If the men coming through had been changeling, Sasha and Nate would already be dead. The two would have already been scented, fettered out, and killed. He never thought he would be so grateful for a weak sense of smell.

“So what’s the plan?” Nate asked as he pressed his back harder into the door of the car. Sasha was a bit surprised Nate was asking him. They didn’t exactly see eye to eye, and Nate had a very dominant personality. Sasha thought they would be arguing instead of Nate looking to him for leadership.

It pleased his cat to no end.

“First, stop pushing into the car before you knock it over and give us away.” Sasha had to admit, he had never met a larger man than Nate. What did the man eat for breakfast, cows? “Second, we need to wait until they have rolled by us before we use the various cars for cover.”

Nate’s expression almost made Sasha smile. He looked befuddled. He had to admit, for Nate, it was an adorable look. But then again, everything about Nate turned Sasha on. “That’s your brilliant plan? Leapfrog from one car to the next?”

Sasha gave Nate an exasperated look. “Unless you want to place trash cans over our heads and slowly inch our way across the square.”

Nate apparently didn’t find Sasha the least bit humorous. Not if the deep scowl on his face was anything to go by. Sasha ignored the man as he pulled his hair over his shoulder and began to braid it. He needed it out of his way if things went to hell and he had to fight.

Tossing the long plait back over his shoulder, he turned to see Nate watching him. Sasha held back the satisfied smile. He knew Nate watched him. Even when Sasha wasn’t looking, he could feel the man’s eyes on him.

If the werewolf only knew how much struggle Sasha went through to keep his aroused scent from suffusing the air when Nate or Selene was close by. He had wanted them for a while now. But he wasn’t going to take one without the other, and right now, Selene hated his guts. If Nate didn’t tell the woman how he felt soon, Sasha was going to throttle the man.

He had no chance in hell with either of them as long as Selene saw Sasha as competition. As long as the little vixen snarled at him—and pointed a gun in his face every chance she could—Sasha had nothing.

He wasn’t going to settle for nothing.

“I think we can start leapfrogging,” Nate said as he turned slightly and glanced up through the window.

The thought of playing leapfrog with Nate threatened to make Sasha ramrod hard. He forced the thought from his mind and took a glance for himself. The last vehicle had rolled by them. He waited another minute and then, in a crouched position, hurried to the next vehicle.

Nate’s jaw was set firm as he pushed from the car and hurriedly moved his way over to Sasha. This was going to take forever, but Sasha saw no other way of getting to Selene. She was across the square. The soldiers stood between them and her. If the humans had waited ten more minutes until they invaded this town, the three could have been on their way already.

Sasha glanced at the next car and groaned.

“What?” Nate asked as he glimpsed over his shoulder at the convoy parked haphazardly on the main street.

Sasha nodded toward the small, retro VW. “You are not small enough to hide behind that car.”

Nate glanced at the tiny car and then gave Sasha an unconcerned shrug. “You’d be amazed how I can fit my body into small places.”

Sasha’s arousal spiked at Nate’s innocent words. He had no idea when he announced he was going with the enforcer how truly torturous it would be. It seemed everything Nate said had a sexual innuendo hidden in the sentence.

Or was that just him looking for Nate to admit he wanted Sasha? Could be, but he really didn’t think now was the time to find out if Nate was playing sexual insinuations.

“You first.”

Nate looked stunned and then his eyes narrowed into two tiny suspicious orbs. “Why? Are you setting me up?”

Sasha palmed the truck and glanced over the bed. “No. If you manage to fit, I want to make sure there is room for me as well. If there isn’t, you’ll have to move onto the next car before I can follow.”

“I just thought of a flaw in your plan.”




Lust clamored inside Sasha’s brain as the need to have Nate drove sharpened spikes of sensation racing over his nerve endings and straight to his cock. Sasha knew—oh how he knew that Nate was not only going to be writhing under him, but he knew there was going to be a claiming tonight.

Two in fact.

Flattening his hand against Nate’s skin, he ran his hand up the strong muscles of Nate’s back, feeling the ripples of desire coming off of the male werewolf. Sasha dipped his tongue lower, following the seam of the man’s waistband, and then the tip of his tongue lapped where Nate’s crease began.

Nate hissed.

Sasha’s cock was a wedge of pure steel, straining in his jeans as he pushed himself to his knees. With both hands, Sasha removed his shirt, tossing it aside. He thought Nate would fight him as he reached for the hem of the man’s shirt, but Nate lifted his arms and allowed Sasha to pull it over his head.

He pressed his chest to Nate’s heated back. The skin-to-skin contact was amazing. Wicked, driving hunger rose to the forefront of his senses. The only thing Sasha could think of was having Nate, possessing him, and making the man his mate.

When Nate grabbed Sasha and pulled him over the man’s heavily muscled thighs, Sasha didn’t fight the power move. He was very interested to see where this was going. He gave a low purr as Nate grabbed his hair and pulled it back. “What do you plan on doing, Nate?” Sasha teased.

Instead of answering him, Nate gripped Sasha’s hair tightly. The hard growl that left the werewolf’s lips was the only warning Sasha had before their mouths collided. Nate’s tongue rubbed against his, fought for dominance in the kiss.

Sasha could feel the rioting pleasure rising inside of Nate right before he placed the palms of his hands on the broad chest and pushed, sending them both tumbling toward the other end of the mattress. “Submit,” Sasha growled.

Nate yanked his hair back, his jade-green eyes beginning to glow as small yellow flecks of brilliance filled them. “You wish.”

His hips bunched, grinding his cock into the fabric of Nate’s jeans. “You know you want my cock buried deep in your tight ass, Nate. Admit it.”

Sasha could smell the sweet feminine arousal fill the air and knew Selene was sitting in the chair, her legs curled under her, watching them. Sasha reached down and unsnapped Nate’s jeans, pulling the zipper slowly down as he took Nate’s soft lips in another bruising kiss. The kiss wasn’t meant to be soft, it wasn’t meant to be gentle. It was a power struggle he intended to win.

Growling into Nate’s mouth, Sasha said, “Selene, remove his pants.”

When she hesitated, Sasha yanked his head to the side, effectively removing Nate’s hold on him. With lightning-fast reflexes, Sasha had Nate’s wrists pinned on either side of the man’s gorgeous head. “Take them off, Selene.”

“Forcing me?” Nate asked with small pants of breath.

Sasha licked at the man’s lower lip. “Trust me, by the time I’m done playing with you, you’ll be begging.” The damp heat of Nate’s tongue, the satiny softness of the werewolf’s lips beneath his, were like a narcotic that he couldn’t seem to rid himself of.

Sasha wanted to consume the man.

Lifting his hips, Sasha continued to plunder Nate’s mouth as Selene tugged at Nate’s pants. When Nate fought against his shackled wrists, Sasha gave a warning growl. It was low and vibrated his chest.

“Do you think taking me will be that easy?” Nate asked.

“I sure as hell hope not,” Sasha replied honestly right before Nate flipped them, pinning Sasha to the mattress. A low groan left his lips when he saw that Selene had succeeded in ridding the man of his pants. He turned his head to see her standing next to the bed, holding Nate’s jeans in her arms, and staring at them with slightly parted lips. Her chartreuse eyes were wide with aroused excitement.

“How about I fuck you in the ass instead?” Nate snarled out the challenge. “How would you like to feel my fat cock stretching your asshole?”

A sharp breath exhaled from Sasha’s lungs at not only the sensation of suddenly being flush against Nate, but the suggestive threat.

Sasha licked a long path across Nate’s collarbone and gave a low, provocative purr. “If you think you can get it, take it.” With brute force, Sasha pushed from under Nate and was on top of him, pressing the man’s chest into the mattress. “But I don’t think you are fast enough, buttercup.” He hitched his hips, driving his jean-clad cock into the man’s ass. “You like that, don’t you?”

He tightened his hands on the man’s wrists.

“I’m warning you,” Nate growled.

Sasha leaned forward, placing a light kiss on the man’s ear. “What, are you going to shoot me?”

When soft fingers began to unsnap Sasha’s pants, he purred his approval. Selene made quick work of pulling them down and off. Damn, she was a gem. Just as soon as he had his cock buried deep in the man’s tiny hole, he was going to have to make sure she was well rewarded.

And claimed.

Neither of them were getting out of this room until Sasha made them his. Sasha tilted his head to the side. “Come here, vixen.” Selene moved closer and Sasha nipped her bottom lip. “You smell so damn sweet. Your pussy is dripping wet, isn’t it?” As Sasha spoke, he let his freed cock run up and down the crack of Nate’s ass.

Selene nodded.

“Give me a minute to convince this gorgeous man to let me fuck him, and you’ll be played with just as thoroughly, baby.”

Sasha had his canines locked onto Nate’s shoulder—without breaking skin—and growling into his flesh. “Submit to me.”

“Fuck you,” Nate replied heatedly.

“Oh, I plan to.” Sasha released the man’s shoulder and rubbed his cheek along the soft flesh. “Tell me, Nate. Do you like the angle of my dangle against your ass?”

Nate turned his head, his brows furrowed. “Your what?”

Sasha quickly sank into Nate’s mouth, into the warm power of those silken lips before he reached down and ran a lone fingertip along the man’s tight entrance.

Nate shuddered.

“I can make this so fucking enjoyable for you, hon,” he whispered into Nate’s ear. “I can make you come unglued, giving you so much pleasure that your mind will splinter. Trust me, Nate. Give me what I want.”


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