Soaring Free (MFMM)

Club of Dominance 6

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 55,040
15 Ratings (4.1)
[Siren Ménage Everlasting: Erotic Consensual BDSM Ménage a Quatre Romance, M/F/M/M, HEA]
Joni Meeks has only ever known betrayal at the hands of men. She has so much pain and grief inside her she never wants another relationship with a man.
Gabe Solar, Nicholas Flange, and Thomas Quentin know Joni is the woman they've been waiting for, but when she runs, they think she is lost to them forever.
Fate steps in and she ends up working for them. Little by little they begin to break down the walls surrounding her heart to get to pain buried deep down inside of her. 
There is trouble in the shadows and none of them know where it's coming from. 
The three Doms want Joni by their side so they can protect her, but Joni is adamant to keep them at an arm's length. But she's facing a losing battle against three experienced Doms.
When Joni comes face to face with her enemy, will the three men be able to save her in time?
A Siren Erotic Romance
Becca Van is a Siren-exclusive author.
Soaring Free (MFMM)
15 Ratings (4.1)

Soaring Free (MFMM)

Club of Dominance 6

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 55,040
15 Ratings (4.1)
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Cover Art by Les Byerley
A good book
I love this series and this book!!!!




The only thing that was a constant in her life was good old fashioned hard work and self-reliability. Until someone proved her wrong she didn't think she'd be changing her opinion anytime soon.

Joni sighed when she realized she'd spaced out. When she glanced up at each of the men they were all looking at her with worried expressions on their faces and she wondered if she'd given some of her thoughts away by her facial expressions. If she had there wasn't anything she could do about it now, but she wasn't about to voice any of her private thoughts.

"Okay," she said after thinking back over what she been last told. "The women who let men dominate them have an out if they want it. But what happens if the man or men don't take any notice?"

"That would never happen," Tom said. "There are security cameras everywhere which are monitored at all times the club is open. There are dungeon monitors who scout the place to make sure the subs and Doms play by the rules."

"Dungeon monitor?" Joni asked.

"Security guards if you will," Gabe replied. "Dungeon monitors are usually experienced Doms. All Doms take a turn as monitors. Turner made sure that every qualified dominant member agreed to volunteer as a monitor."

"How can a person be qualified to be a Dom?"

"We attend classes," Nic answered.

"Why would you want to do that?" Joni asked.

"We like to be in control," Gabe began. "Being in control is a turn on for a dominant just like giving up control is a turn on for a submissive. Subs aren't the only ones who have their pleasures enhanced by endorphins. It’s a rush when we can make a sub scream in ecstasy or send them deep into subspace."

"What's subspace?" Joni asked and hoped they hadn't heard the breathless quality of her voice. She couldn't believe all this talk was getting to her. Her pussy was so damn wet her undies were uncomfortable and her clit wouldn't stop its damn throbbing. It was like her heart had somehow connected to her pussy and every time it beat her clit ached and her cunt clenched releasing more of her cream.

She'd never reacted this way in her life, not even with the sleazy lying Angus, and didn't know what to make of it.

"Subspace is when the mind and body connect on a level so deep the sub goes into a dream-like state. I heard Charlie say it was like floating on a cloud. Everything around her was pushed away yet she was highly aware of her Doms movements at all times. She likened it to being in a state of hyper-awareness yet floating surrealism." Gabe crossed his arms over his chest and waited for her response, because she was frowning again.

"That sounds like a total contradiction."

"I suppose it is," Tom said. "The only way a sub could ever know what subspace is like is if they experience it for themselves."

Joni narrowed her eyes at him and wondered if he was trying to challenge her into taking the bait he was dangling. She may look like a dumb blonde but she wasn't that naïve. At least not anymore. "I'll take your word for it."

She decided it was time to get back to work and back onto things she knew about. "You’re going to need to order more fresh vegetables, and since Brent has emailed through an extensive list of fresh herbs and from the records I can see that's a regular occurrence, I think it would be better to set up planter boxes along the kitchen windows and grow them ourselves. That way he has whatever he needs on hand and can pick them as he needs them."

"That's a great idea," Tom said as he rose to his feet. "Do you want to handle that or should one of us?"

"I will."

Tom nodded then looked at his cell phone when it buzzed. "We need to get out to the bar, Nick. The regulars are starting to arrive."

Nic nodded and stood up. "I'm glad you applied for the job, Joni. I think you are going to be a valuable asset to us."

Joni's heart filled with warm fuzzies and she couldn't stop the smile that formed on her lips. "Thank you. I'll try not to let you all down."

Tom and Nic nodded and left the room.

"What time does the bar open and what are my working hours?" Joni asked.

"Brent and his team get her at ten to prep for lunch, although we only serve burgers and simple faire. Dinner is a little more opulent and our busiest time, but finger foods can be ordered too. We don't like to have people drinking with no possibility of eating too."

"That's smart. There is nothing worse than a drunk man with an empty stomach," Joni said.




Nic waited with bated breath for Joni's answer. When she looked him in the eye he didn't need her verbal affirmation to know what her reply was going to be. He could see it in her eyes, but he still wanted, needed to hear her voice affirming her body language.

She reached up and cupped his cheek and although he wanted to rub his skin on hers, he held completely still. And then the soft whisper of her voice filled him with elation.


Thank you, God.

Nic didn't waste any time. He shifted her more fully onto her back and then moved over the top of her and wished he didn't still have his boxers on. His cock was so damn hard it was throbbing along with each beat of his heart.

He lowered his head and was pleased when her eyes slowly closed and then he was kissing her. He normally would have gone slowly, but he was so hungry for her he couldn't stop himself from devouring her. His tongue pushed into her mouth, rubbing along and swirling around with hers in the beginnings of a passionate dance. He lifted to his elbows and skimmed his hands over her surprisingly large breasts. She was quite a petite woman and though she was in proportion her breasts were bigger than a handful.

When his hands made contact with her rib cage she whimpered and the closer he got to those magnificent tits, the louder her noises of passion became. He finally cupped them in his hands, savoring the weight of them as he kneaded and molded them with his fingers and palms.

He thrummed the taut rosy peaks with his thumbs and her mewls became more guttural and sounded a little surprised as if she'd never gained pleasure from having her nipples touched. That only made him more determined to make sure everything he did with her elicited more of her desire. When his lungs began burning he broke the kiss, gasped in a breath and moved his way down her neck, licking, kissing and nibbling, taking note of each erogenous zone before continuing on.

Licking around the outside of one breast, he smiled when she arched her chest up toward him, silently begging for more. When he felt a caress of air at his back he knew that Tom and Gabe had entered the room, but ignored them as he finally laved his tongue over the taut berry and then sucked it deeply into his mouth.

She cried out and gasped with need and then he moved onto her other nipple, giving it the same attention he gave the first. When she was writhing beneath him, her legs moving restlessly he shifted down her body, stopping to suck on the soft yet toned skin of her lower abdomen, before licking around her belly button.

Nic maneuvered between her legs, using his shoulders to spread her legs wider and he inhaled deeply, taking the sweet musky scent of her arousal into his nose and lungs as he stared at the trimmed strip of hair on the top of her mound. Her bare, plump, pussy lips glistening with her creamy dew.

After wrapping his arms around her upper thighs he spread her wider and lowered his head, taking a long slow swipe with his tongue through her juicy folds, relishing the flavor of her cream on his taste buds.

She cried out when the tip of his tongue flicked over her engorged clit and he opened his eyes to watch her as he took another lick. Tom and Gabe had stripped down to their underwear and were in the process of getting on the bed either side of her, but she was so caught up in the pleasurable sensations he was bestowing on her, she didn't seem to notice.

Nick's cock pulsed and a drop of pre-cum dribbled from the slit coating the head of his dick making him so ravenous for her, he wanted to crawl back up over her and sink into her heat right then, but first he needed to show her how good he could make her feel.

He levered up onto an elbow, still with his arms wrapped around her thighs and as he lapped at her clit, he penetrated her dripping, wet cunt with a finger. She gasped and moaned and when he felt her hands in his hair he met Gabe's eyes and nodded at him.

Gabe nudged Tom and then they each took a wrist in one of their large hands, lifted them above her head and pinned them to the mattress.

"Oh god," she gasped out between panting breaths before she was silenced with Gabe's mouth on hers.

Nic began to stroke his finger in and out of her juicy hole, making sure to lick her in sync with his pumping digit. Each time he pressed back in, he ramped up the speed and depth of his penetration, as well as his lapping tongue. When the muscles in her legs began to shake and became more tense he knew she was climbing the peak to ecstasy. Her muffled cries were music to his ears and he glanced up as Tom bent to suckle on one of her nipples, while Gabe began pinching and plucking on the other one.

Her arousal was so high her pussy was leaking copious amounts of juices, coating his fingers and hand, and he added another finger. He and his friends were big men all over and he needed to make sure she was stretched out so they wouldn't hurt her when they made love to her.

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