Drakon's Angel (MM)

Return of the Originals 4

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Scorching
Word Count: 37,292
6 Ratings (4.8)
[Siren Classic ManLove: Erotic Alternative Paranormal Romance, M/M, shape-shifters, HEA]
Kanael is tired. He has been without his mate for more than two millennia and his control is slowly slipping. Time heals all wounds and his are no exception. Well, at least they are scabbed over. He is ready, past ready and he needs to set to rights his broken mating bond with Kraken, his drakon. He'll need to leave his family and go searching for his long lost mate if he wants to ever be happy. And protect those he loves from himself once his control over his own nature breaks. He needs Kraken to make him whole again.
Kraken is broken, a shell of the Original he had once been. Past choices he had thought were right have torn apart his world and inconceivably managed to break his mate bond with his other half, Kanael. Now he wanders the world under the control of the enemy and prays for the torture to stop. 
Will his mate find him in time? Will Kraken find the strength to trust in his other half again?
A Siren Erotic Romance
Drakon's Angel (MM)
6 Ratings (4.8)

Drakon's Angel (MM)

Return of the Originals 4

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Scorching
Word Count: 37,292
6 Ratings (4.8)
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Cover Art by Harris Channing




“Somebody is coming.”

Kanael rushed down the staircase, stopping brusquely in front of the big wooden door guarding the entrance to their mansion. His dark, inky hair was pointing in all directions as if he had repeatedly passed his hands through it, his pale skin paler than ever and marred with a bruised expression as if he was pained by something and he had obviously not slept in a decade. His usually cool and collected behaviour was shot through the window, and he was fidgeting, a nervous energy surrounding him. His gray eyes could not decide what to settle on.

“Where? What?”

Dale waddled from the corridor leading to the kitchen and abruptly stopped a few meters from the panicked man. Kale was resting, or so they said. Said resting involved some suspicious grunts and moans from his and Aeri’s floor, audible with their sharp hearing in almost all the mansion. Caden was two steps behind his mate, as usual during these last weeks of his pregnancy. Not that he considered it a hardship to follow his mate around, if one was to judge by the starstruck expression he wore around Dale. Kanael’s looks were almost identical to his nephew’s. Same hair, same nose, the difference was in the startling moss-green eyes Dale had. That and, even tired and in the last trimester, Dale glowed with health while Kanael was pale and gaunt, almost sickly skinny.

“Papa! I want more! More! More!”

“In a minute, cupcake. Uncle Kanael needs our help now.”

“No, he doesn’t. The two men at the gates need our help.”

They looked at each other, perplexed. Kanael stopped fidgeting, stopping to closely look at the little girl now wearing a serious, anxious expression.

“One of them is hurt.”

Caden just smiled after sniffing and smelling a faint trace of blood and two new musky smells on their property. His little minx was extraordinary. She was more than they could guess yet, apparently. Her senses were exceptional, as always. Kanael tried to calm a little and frowned at the massive wood door. He had thought… Well, obviously he had been wrong, and just because he couldn’t see in the intruders’ future, past or present didn’t mean Kraken was one of them. Kanael had never been able to foresee anything connected to his mate. Too much like seeing his own future, he guessed. Dale grimaced in sympathy, correctly interpreting his friend’s expression, the hope mixed with despair and regret.

“Let’s see just who they are, shall we?”

“The fuck you’ll go outside, Dale!”

Dale rolled his eyes at his overbearing mate towering over him and currently glowering quite fiercely. As if he was intimidated. Yeah, sure, he was shaking in his boots, or wolf shaped slippers, as was the case.

“How do you suggest finding what they want if we don’t open the door?”

The man’s glower darkened, and Kanael snickered behind them. Dale resembled Kanael too much for anyone to order him around. Physical attributes notwithstanding, he also had Kanael’s steady but scalding temperament.

“I’ll go and check this out while you kids figure it out, okay?”

He opened the door, leaving the two newly mated lovebirds frowning at each other and on the verge of jumping each other’s bones by the look of the erections both of them were sporting. Hell, with all the pheromones the two drakon brothers and their mates were releasing, Kanael had permanent blue balls, lately turning into purple. What else was new?

“They’re at the back gate, not the front. Through the garden, Uncle Kani.”

He would have jumped through the roof, only there wasn’t one here outside. Fuck, but was she stealthy!

In front of him, Daliana patiently waited for her uncle to reach her before making a run for the back garden, knowing that the shiny man would follow. Uncle Kani was special like her Daddy Caden. Her Papa Dale and his other uncle, Kale, were special too, but in a different way. There was her uncle Aeri—whom she absolutely adored as he was always taking her seriously and had taken to teaching her some really cool tricks with some very sharp toys—and then her brothers, the pups that were still hiding inside Dale, well, those were so shiny that she could barely look at them sometimes. The ones waiting at the gates were special too. She could sense it from there already.

“You are a very special little lady, you know that?”


“I shine. I know. Don’t worry, Uncle Kani, you shine prettily too.”

Kanael swallowed and tried to abstain from awwing at the adorable, confident face the little minx had turned up at him. He could smother the pumpkin in kisses later. For now, better focus on the problem they had. They took another couple of steps and finally glimpsed the back gate. He could feel that tug from last night again. Something will change today.

Kanael had turned to better see who was darkening his steps unannounced, and the big, wobbling man had turned toward him at the same time. He was racing to the gates before he even realized that he was moving.




Kanael moaned and fell almost on his face. His mate grabbed his butt and separated his cheeks, feeling him up and probing around for a few seconds before teasingly biting on the plump posterior. Kanael may have been small in stature, but he had meat on his bones, especially on his backside. His drakon loved to play with his ass and always made silly comparisons, like saying it reminded him of two apples, peaches, even pie once with cream if he tried hard enough. Yeah, apparently it was Kanael’s fault that the drakon had a biting fetish. He didn’t mind at all. Bite away.

“Point that pretty cock my way. I want to lick you all over.”

“Oh, gods. You’re gonna be the death of me. You look all reserved and forbidding with your simple black clothing, that terrible scowl you’re so fond of. And then you smile at me and say something like this. How could I not melt to the spot? Get working, mate, and grab my cock if you want it. If I touch myself now I’m not stopping until I paint that pretty face of yours.”

Kanael smirked and Kraken didn’t disappoint, the growl he let out at being called pretty making Kanael’s dick weep a copious amount of pre-cum. Kraken snorted and bit sharper on his bum.


“Uh-uh. Angel, remember?”

“Devils are just another kind of angel, love. Right now, you’re up to no good, and your intentions spell trouble coming my way. Lucky me, no?”

Kanael turned his head to look back at his mate and pouted prettily. His mean mate answered with an amused snort. The new stinging bite and a long swipe of that marvelous tongue that Kraken loved to torture him with more than made up for it. The drakon started by mouthing Kanael’s balls, sometimes licking the nectar off the rosy head. His pucker contracted and squeezed on the finger pressing in, like it wanted to hold that finger prisoner forever. Kraken bit on the inside of his thigh, and Kanael jumped slightly, impaling himself hard on the intrusive finger.

“More! Two, three, all! Now, you damn drakon! Stop teasing me!”

They’d had sex twice already today, and his muscles were accustomed with the feel of his mate inside him. It was where Kraken belonged. It was a pity it wasn’t anatomically possible for them to always be one inside the other. Preferably at the same time. He felt Kraken’s amusement at his impossible mental image that continued to shift with no clear resolution of how their parts would fit. Kanael smirked and mentally sent his mate an image of him with an erection growing in the place of his nose. Kraken choked on one of his balls and slapped his ass hard.

“Trouble. That should be your name.”

One rough hand pushed him down on his belly, his cock not so pleased with the lack of attention. A slow rutting on the sheets took care of that, and Kanael stopped laughing, stopped thinking entirely. He even stopped breathing when Kraken’s dick nudged his hole before steadily impaling him in one smooth push.

Hands on the flexing muscles as Kraken pounded down in him, Kanael strained to push back or pull closer, either and both. He bit on the pillow, sighed when Kraken let all his weight fall down on Kanael’s back. Those capable, strong arms circled his shoulders and head, mouth tormenting Kanael’s neck and shoulder while he continued to circle his hips, going deeper, harder, closer. He felt the laughter and joy, pushed back to take more, his heart so full of love that he would have understood what Kraken was feeling even without their mind link. They were always one, but more so when connected like this. In these moments only they existed and their feelings for each other. He opened blind eyes and turned to look at Kraken, wanting to see that intense expression, the grimace resembling pain at the moment of climax, the way he bit his lower lip always trying unsuccessfully to curb his shout of completion. Kraken felt him reaching out, shoved in to the hilt and locked burning eyes on his mate, emptying all that he felt inside Kanael. One of his hands quickly went under them and started to jack Kanael off, eyes still not releasing him from their spell. His other hand held on his neck steadily, effectively pinning him to the bed so Kanael could only arch in the now slow and tender thrusts while his mate took care of him and his pleasure. One of his own hands covered the one at his neck, and with a hungry kiss, he felt his orgasm tingle down his spine and overflow and spill over Kraken’s tight grip while his entire body was possessed.

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