The Witch's Protector (MF)

The Protectors 2

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 45,940
8 Ratings (4.8)
[Siren Classic: Erotic Paranormal Romance, shape-shifters, witches, werewolves, consensual BDSM, sex toys, HEA]
They’re the men mothers warn their daughters to stay away from.
In 1957 the tiny village of Middle Brook is caught between two warring MCs, the Mongrels and the Lupines. As a fledgling Guardian witch, not yet in full control of her immense powers, Joanne Lilley knows to stay away. When she witnesses the Mongrels leader being run off the road, the instant connection she feels to the wolf shifter changes everything. Is he the one destined to awaken her?
Henry Hastings is the Alpha of his pack and the village’s Protector. He’s a man with a vision—all shifters will unite against the evil that haunts Cumbria at night—something the Lupines vehemently oppose. Finding his mate is a young and innocent witch wasn't part of that vision, but the fates have decided.
Being with him places Joanne in danger, as her awakened powers are sought by his enemies.
When disaster strikes, Henry is faced with an impossible choice…
A Siren Erotic Romance
The Witch's Protector (MF)
8 Ratings (4.8)

The Witch's Protector (MF)

The Protectors 2

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 45,940
8 Ratings (4.8)
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Cover Art by Harris Channing
Ramona Alba I was lucky enough to be gifted with The Witch's Protector by Doris O'Connor; since I'd read and reviewed Her Bear Protector, the first book of the Protector Series, I was itching to know what happens in the tiny village of Cumbria to Mrs H and the people she guards.

This installment is a change of pace showing the backstory of the sleepy little village and how their guardian witch and protector wolf came to be, as told by Joanne herself on All Hallow's Eve in the present. No need to mention the romance between these two or the scorching hot scenes they share. This author's name guarantees it!

Joanne is insecure of her powers and her destiny. As a young witch, her paranormal powers are often beyond her control and most of the time, cause a completely unpredictable situation. It's further complicated when it's revealed that she's also the guardian witch of her community. What she needs to fulfill her future is her life's mate. When she comes across a wolf being abused, all sorts of feelings come to the fore and bring emotions she's never ever experienced. No one more than she knows to stay away from this bad boy!

Henry knows of Joanne, in fact, he knows everybody in Cumbria because he's their protector wolf. But the slight redhead piques his interest more than the usual citizen. And the sparks that fly from her fingertips when she probes his injuries testify that she's something more than the ordinary to him. He's unwilling, though, to bring harm to her if they start a relationship of any sort.

But there's big trouble lurking in their village, something that wants to keep them apart permanently, if possible. Only they can stop it. However, can they stop the attraction they feel towards each other? Should they even be together?

Tons of fight scenes litter this story of a pack coming-to-be and a love that cannot be denied. It's an unexpected mix of action and erotica guaranteed to make you want more, and whets your appetite for the next installment of The Protector Series.

Doris O'Conner has done it again with The Witch's Protector. I am on my tippy-toes until The Lion Protector comes out next! Soon, please!
A great book
Professional Reviews

5 STARS: "A Guardian Witch has to find her protector in order to get control over her powers and reach her full potential. In Joanne's case, her protector turns out to be one of the bad boys that mothers warn their daughters to avoid. Henry has some kinks and expects his little red to agree to his terms. In return, he will be her protector and love her for a lifetime. The story opens in the present time with Joanne telling the tale of her meeting Henry (an alpha wolf-shifter and Protector) back in the 1950's on All Hallows Eve to her family and friends. It is an annual tradition to share the story. So, the story goes... Joanne would provide medical care to the community. The community was facing a lot of issues with two warring Motorcycle clubs. On her way home one day, she witnesses the leader of the Mongrel's, Henry, get attacked and rushes to his rescue. He immediately knows she is his and wants to welcome her to his world. Henry feels she is innocent and will have to adjust to his ways but Joanne is ready for him and for her powers. She is brought into his world of pleasure and love. There is an acceptance for all who wish to join them in the fight against evil. This is my first time reading a book by this author. I do really like the storyline and the introduction of the characters. You jump right into the action and there are no slow points in the story. The characters' dialogue is fun and sexy and very revealing of their natures. You can definitely feel the connection that Joanne and Henry feel for each other. Joanne is written as a strong woman who is not afraid of being submissive with her lover. As the story takes place in the late 1950's, Henry has to be creative in making his own tools for their enjoyment. She does jump in quicker than I (or Henry) expects. I would not have thought she would have much knowledge of the BDSM lifestyle, as Joanne says she was raised by a puritanical guardian who was very uncomfortable with even the slightest bit of revealing clothing. I suspect their connection helps overcome any concerns she has about embracing this dramatic change. I am still a little ambivalent about the foreshadowing of what is to come at the opening of the book. It made me more sad and reflective than I would have been without the knowledge of what is to come fifty years in the future. I tend to like surprises. This book is a great read for those who like erotic stories with a paranormal element. The dialogue is fun and sexy and the characters are written in an approachable way so that you feel a connection right away. The BDSM is part of a loving relationship. I am not a huge reader of BDSM stories. When I do read those stories, I prefer ones that are within a relationship and not just part of a hookup. I like to read about pleasure rather than pain and the desire to connect rather than just to dominate others. I would love to read more of the stories about this group of friends and family. I feel like I am part of the group now, too." -- LiaL, The Romance Reviews

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Heavens above, it should be illegal for any man fill his clothes like Henry did. Like the rest of his pack, who kickstarted their bikes, the minute they spotted her, he now wore a leather jacket, with the Mongrels inscribed on it. His nostrils flared as she approached, and his eyes bled briefly to the soft glow of his wolf and Joanne forgot to breathe for the few steps it took to reach him. Just like before he seemed to command her will with the intensity of his piercing blue gaze. He grasped her hand when she got close enough, and inhaled against her neck.

“Breathe, little red. You’ll enjoy this, trust me.”

There was that word again—trust. Joanne pulled a shuddering breath into her lungs, and gave a tight nod.

Henry smiled and kickstarted his own bike. The powerful machine roared into life and Joanne could feel the vibrations rise up through her toes. Oh my, she hadn’t really been expecting that, as her clit contracted and shivers of excitement darted across her skin.

The infuriating man noticed of course, because he revved the engine up more, winked at her, and then leant down to whisper in her ear.

“Just think about sitting on top of this, with all those vibrations right where you need them. You have my permission to come as many times as you want, as long as you imagine it’s my cock inside your tight little pussy.”

Joanne opened her mouth to give him what for, but nothing came out bar a strangled squeak, and Henry laughed and revved the motor even more. He handed her a Mongrels leather jacket and the ugliest helmet ever, and having recovered her equilibrium somewhat, she stared at him.

“You have got to be kidding me, if you think I’ll put that on my head.”

Henry ignored her, straddled his bike, and grinned.

“You’re the one who insists she needs to get home. I’ll be quite happy to keep you here, little red, preferably tied to my bed and gagged, so that you can’t mouth off at me.” He paused for a second, and Joanne knew she had blushed as red as the late blooming roses wrapped around the porch of the pack house at those outrageous words. He hadn’t tempered his voice either, and his assembled men all grinned.

Oh he was going to pay for that, just as soon as she figured out how she could get him back for those words.

“Wear those, if you want to go home, or don’t wear them and stay here. Those are our choices, little red.” His tone had that edge of command that turned Joanne’s insides to mush, and meant she had scrambled into the jacket and plonked that god-awful helmet on her head before she even knew what she was doing. Henry crooked his finger at her and she dutifully stepped closer. The jacket had be one of his, because his scent surrounded her, and calmed her nerves.

Once she was close enough, he zipped the jacket all the way up, fastened the helmet under her chin, and dropped a kiss on her nose.

“Good girl, now that wasn’t so bad now, was it. Hop on.” He thumbed over his shoulder, and with a deep breath in Joanne clambered aboard the bike.

“Hold on tight now, little red.”

That was he only warning she got, before he tore down the dirt road that led up to the pack house, and Joanne shrieked, and hung on for dear life. His shoulders shook as though he was laughing at her, and she called him all sorts of names in her head. If only she could curse him into a toad or something.

Henry took a corner out of the forest and onto the main road, and even those thoughts flew out of her head, as the bike tipped and she screamed again. Oh. My. God. He was determined to kill them. By some miracle the bike didn’t veer off into the ditch, and once on the open road he went even faster. Air rushed by at dizzying speed, and Joanne was dimly aware of the other bikes surrounding them in a tight unit, before she screwed her eyes shut, buried her face in his broad back, and tried her best not to throw up.

After what seemed like an eternity they finally slowed down, and her terror fled. She became aware of the vibrations travelling up through her core, and she gave an experimental wiggle. Oh, that felt way too good. Before she could do it again, however, the engine shut off and Henry slowly pried her fingers off the death grip she had around his waist.

“Let go, little red, you’re home.”

The murmured words finally sunk in and she let go of him and opened her eyes. Olaf came up to hold the bike as Henry got off and then helped her of it.

“Steady there, sweetheart.”

He grasped her round the waist as her legs gave way and then to her dismay swept her up in to his arms and walked up to her cottage. Instead of opening her little gate he stepped over it, and before she knew that they were doing they were on her door step. Situated away from the road as it was, they couldn’t be seen, and Henry slowly slid her down his muscled frame, and then crowded her against her front door.

“Safely delivered home, see. I always keep my promises.”

He pulled her keys out of his jeans, opened the door for her and then pushed her up against the wall. One leg between hers, he used his body to hold her up while he grasped her hands and pinned her arms up on the wall above her head.

A shiver of need went down Joanne’s spine. Held like this by him, she couldn’t move as he filled her vision until all she wanted to do was surrender to him completely.




“Don’t move now, little red. I’ve got my razor in my hand.”

 Fear coursed through her veins at the scraping sensation across her inner thigh, so close to the most sensitive part of her, and she didn’t dare breathe, when he scraped along her vulva and then lower.

“That’s my girl, but remember to breathe. I won’t cut you, I promise. There you are, all pink and hair free. Almost done, sweetheart.”

Breath coming in shallow gasps, Joanne could do nothing but absorb the erotic sensations, as she felt him part her inner lips and the cool blade slid against her flesh. Every stroke left heated tingles in its wake, and her clit clenched in need, until she was once again hovering on the brink of another release. How was it possible to have come so many times already, and crave yet more? By the time Henry had run the blade right up her anus and back, Joanne was ready to scream.

“All done, let me wash this off, and then, my sweet girl, I’m going to fuck you so hard.

There was a clink of something hitting glass, the cooling sensation of a wash cloth being laid over her pussy and then the bed dipped again. Joanne held her breath as she felt the thick, satiny soft skin of Henry’s dick slide through her sodden folds, and then he kissed her.

The pressure in her pussy became unbearable as Henry pushed slowly into her channel. Joanne yanked on her restraints, and whimpered into the kiss, as he inched in a bit, withdrew and then inched in a bit deeper with every slow and measured thrust.

He broke the kiss and ran his elongated canines along her neck, his breathing as harsh and uncoordinated as her own.

“Fuck, yes. You’re so tight around my dick, baby. So fucking tight. Relax, let me in. You can do this, sweetheart. Look at me.”

The edge of absolute command in his strained words meant she obeyed immediately and she gasped when she looked into the eyes of his wolf. Right now he looked more animal than human, his beast rippling under his skin, and her heart beat even faster. She ought to be terrified, but as his intoxicating scent increased, and pulled her further under his spell, a sense of rightness settled over her.

Henry smiled, showing a set of razor sharp teeth, and when he bent his head to bite down on the string between the pegs still clamped to her breasts, everything stilled. He yanked on the piece of cord and pain exploded in her nipples and shot in white hot darts of pure need straight down to her clit. A gush of her feminine arousal followed, and Henry slid fully into her cunt. With both holes filled and her Henry looming over her, Joanne could scarce breathe, as the waves of arousal pulled her under, and then he began to move.

Face contorted as though in pain he pumped his hips slowly in and out of her. One hand buried in her hair, the other clamped on her hip, he increased his pace slowly, and Joanne panted her need as every stroke sent her nerve endings into spasms of delight. His thick dick rubbed her clit on every stroke and Joanne climbed the dizzying heights of her impending orgasm at lightning speed. She hovered on the edge, gaze locked with his, and she whimpered and bucked against him, as her body took over. Only then did Henry let go, and he fucked in an out of her with enough force to shake the bed. The wet sounds of their frantic coupling filled the air around them, and the force of her orgasm hit her with the full speed of an out-of-control mustang.

“Yes, fly for me baby, come on.”

Joanne couldn’t keep her eyes open as her orgasm pulled her under and Henry moved faster still. He flung one of her legs over his shoulder, changing the angle of his thrusts, while he yanked out the plug in her ass. The action kept her orgasm rolling, as ripples of need shook her body.

Before she knew what was happening, Henry withdrew. Her arms came free, and he flung her face down on the bed. One of his beefy arms came round her waist to yank her butt up, and then the pressure in her ass was back. Only so much heavier than before. Joanne moaned and screamed and pushed against him, anything to stop the burning pain of his entry. By the time he was finally seated in her ass, and his balls hit her clit, another orgasm ripped through her, and Henry swore. Pain gave way to pleasure so intense that Joanne could hardly breathe.

“I’m fucking you right in the ass, baby. You’re mine, no one else’s but mine.”

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