Womankind (MF)

Forbidden Attraction 1

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Scorching
Word Count: 21,341
7 Ratings (4.1)

[Siren Classic: Erotic Futuristic Romance]

In Nova’s world, women rule. Since a child, society preached to her about the evils of men, but how could all men be bad? She’s never seen a man in the flesh…until assigned to prison duty.

Damon isn’t like the other prisoners. He makes her question everything, and does wicked things to her body. She’s his warden and forced to dominate over him in public. Behind closed doors, she gives Damon the freedom to master her body, heart, and soul.

But how can they have a future together when their love is forbidden?

Note: This book contains anal sex.

A Siren Erotic Romance

Womankind (MF)
7 Ratings (4.1)

Womankind (MF)

Forbidden Attraction 1

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Scorching
Word Count: 21,341
7 Ratings (4.1)
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Cover Art by Jinger Heaston
I accept that a scifi romance is going to be short on the details that make a believable world, but the deus ex machina that appears at the climax of Womankind is laughable. It needn't have been; a few lines of dialogue could have foreshadowed it and would even have added depth to the male protagonist. What keeps this from being a less-than-average book is the relative subtlety with which Ms Espino portrays the brutality that would exist in a world which would let one sex practically eliminate the other.

Also, the sex was pretty hot.
Pepper Mentz
It was a nice fast reading, good for a raining day.
Professional Reviews

4 TEA CUPS: "The idea of an oppressed segment of society overthrowing the people in power is a time-honored theme in science fiction, as is the inevitability that those people won’t be any better than the previous group. Womankind is about such a society where women have culled the male population to take ultimate power. The men left on earth are corralled in prison camps. I liked the variety of themes and moral lessons presented here. Heterosexual relationships are oppressed and homosexual relationships are the norm, whether that lifestyle fits the person or not. This juxtaposition creates a clear social comment in so many ways. Nova and Damon are perfectly positioned to be the people who create that change. The erotic scenes between these two virgins were by turns sweet and hot. Both of them experience their first forays with the opposite sex in a society that segregates the genders. Their association is forbidden. Some women view the idea of a love affair between a man and a woman as completely wrong, while other women think men are to be used and abused. In the midst of it all, Nova and Damon emerge as the model of sanity. Sometimes I felt the characters and plot were summarized instead of articulated. Other than that, this short novel is a must read for science fiction fans." -- Clare C., Happily Ever After Reviews

4 CUPS: "In a world so unlike our own that it borders on seeming to transport the reader to another world altogether, romance ignites with fiery eroticism. Delivered with drama and tenderness that jumps off the page, this short read offers both a fun twist on the idea of prison passion as well as a love story. There is an interesting twist at the end, which I won’t spoil, which really closes things up nicely for a short. Altogether well written and fun." --Virginia, Coffee Time Romance

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As soon as Nova shut the door to the shower room, she collapsed into Damon’s strong, capable arms. “I can’t do this anymore,” she cried.

“There’s no choice. You do what you have to do. I understand that.”

“Well, that explanation isn’t good enough for me anymore.” She started to walk down the hall before she was seen by another Man-Hunter in the system of hallways being friendly with a male. Once in the storage room, she shut and locked the solid metal door. Damon took no time in pressing her against the wall, as she did to him in the shower room. Her pussy throbbed at the promise of pleasure.

“When we’re alone, I’m in charge,” he growled.

“I have no problem with that.” Her breathing picked up on cue. She wrapped her arms around his neck and sought his lips. Damon’s body felt hot and chilled at the same time, still slightly damp, and all hard-packed muscle. She could admit to herself she was falling in love with him, though the prospect terrified her. She wanted more, more she couldn’t have in their society. Every moment they were apart, she longed for him, his presence.

He pulled back, his chest rising and falling heavily. “Take everything off.”

“Whatever you say, Damon.” She proceeded to strip off her layers, trying to mask her playful smile. He was playing some serious, sensual game, and she wanted to join him in whatever he planned. Today was different because Bernice knew exactly what they’d be up to in the storage room, so her usual spiked nerves were calmed, and she could thoroughly enjoy her man.

Once she stood naked in front of him, her body broke out in goosed flesh from the chill and her raging hormones. Damon pulled off his towel, revealing his fully erect cock, which continued to bob enticingly.

“Get on your knees, Nova. Give me what I like.” She obeyed willingly. More than willingly. She couldn’t wait to wrap her mouth around his thick flesh to show him how much she appreciated him. Loved him?

She positioned herself in front of him, bracing a hand on each of his thighs. With a quick lick, she teased his swollen head, admiring his masculine form. He pressed his hips forward and threaded his fingers in her hair.

“Nova. Behave.”

She smiled and swallowed his cock, sucking him while caressing the length with her tongue. With one hand, she gently stroked the base of his shaft, moving in just the right way to drive him wild. She knew his body well, as he did hers.

When his hands began to tighten in her hair, she pumped harder, sucked deeper. She wanted to bring him to climax, anything to help make up for his humiliation in the shower room. But before he reached his peak, he pulled her back.

“I need to fuck you, Nova. Hard. Get on all fours.”

She swallowed, staring at the feral look blazing in his eyes. God, how she loved this side of him. When he dominated, she felt forgiven in part for her role as a Man-Hunter, for the necessity to lord over him in public.

Her pussy was swollen and needy. Her juices already coated her inner thighs. Without hesitation, she twisted and dropped down to her hands. Damon’s big, warm hands found her hips and held her securely. He rubbed the head of his cock along her sensitive folds as he kneeled behind her, making her gasp and push back against him, needing him desperately.

“Beg me, Nova. Beg me to fuck you.”

She knew he needed this, needed some control in his life of imprisonment, in his lack of freedom.

“Please, Damon. I need you. All of you.” She writhed, wiggled her ass while whining and begging.

“What do you want?”

“Your cock.”

He growled, his fingers digging into one side of her hip while he aimed his dick with his free hand. Relief swept over her as he filled her in one forceful thrust. She sighed and moaned, amazed by the multitude of sensations bombarding her body. He did as promised and pummeled her pussy with strength and stamina. Nova leaned forward, bracing her hands on the cold concrete, taking every inch of him into her moist depths.

He paused his thrusting, leaning over to reach for something on a small shelf. “Nova. Do you trust me?”

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