Three Degrees East of Bliss (MM)

Sequel to Three Degrees East of Bliss 1

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 39,811
2 Ratings (4.0)
[Siren Classic ManLove: Erotic Alternative Historical Romance, M/M, consensual BDSM, light spanking, HEA]
Jason Porter is convinced his lover Gabriel Parker is being unfaithful. Hypnosis reveals that, in the early 1900’s, Gabriel used to be a priest named Damien Fassnidge, who, due to a sexual indiscretion, was banished to the island of Barbados as punishment. Sailing from Cork to Barbados to take up his new position, Damien meets and befriends a brash, young Irishman named Nicholas Duffy, who is also on his way to take up the position as a sugar plantation manager. In Barbados, friendship turns to love. Torn between his love for the church and his love for Nicholas, Damien decides to leave the priesthood, but before he has a chance to resign, an anonymous letter is sent to the church and he is dismissed. Defrocked and ashamed, he and Nicholas plan to leave the island, but a new piece of information comes to light which puts their relationship in jeopardy. Will Jason Porter believe this unbelievable story about Gabriel Parker?
A Siren Erotic Romance
Three Degrees East of Bliss (MM)
2 Ratings (4.0)

Three Degrees East of Bliss (MM)

Sequel to Three Degrees East of Bliss 1

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 39,811
2 Ratings (4.0)
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Cover Art by Harris Channing




Although the story seemed inconceivable, still it bothered Jason, and he turned to his friend and business partner, Jack Farnum, whom he thought might be able to throw light on this incredible story.

The two men met in a restaurant, packed to the rafters and buzzing with the lunchtime crowd.

“Wish we had gone somewhere else where it was quieter,” Jack said, looking around for an empty table.

The two men were finally guided to a corner table, where Jason immediately ordered a neat scotch, and Jack, a Virgin Mary.

“Scotch at this hourJason? You’ve really got something on your mind.”

Jason told his friend the incredible story and waited for his reply.

“What do you think? You’re also a shrink,” Jack replied. “If you believe a story like that, I’ll give you every cent I have in my bank account. It’s time that you opened your eyes and saw Gabriel for what he really is.”

“I know how you feel about him, but I love him and I’m addicted to him.”

“Jason, you’re a handsome man. Women swoon when you walk into the room. Chloe has introduced you to some of her best friends who have all shown interest in you, but you have turned them all down.”

“You don’t understand, Jack. This is the way I am. Would you prefer if I led her friends on? I am a gay man.”

“Tell me something, Jason, what have you got in common with this Gabriel? Nothing,” he said, answering his own question. “When you get together with your friends, what does he talk about? How to mix a Black Russian?”

“You don’t understand, Jack. Gabe and I have been together for a little more than four years. I love him and I know he loves me. I trust him and sometimes I don’t know what to believe.”

“There’s your answer, Jason. Open your eyes before it’s too late.”

“Gabe is always there for me, Jack,” he said, pleading his case. “He knows when I’m up and when I’m down. I’m a hard man and he understands me. Pardon the pun.”

Jack raised his hand and stopped Jason.

“Please, Jason. That’s way too much information for me.”

“You’re such a snob, Jack.”

“I know. That’s why we’ve been friends for such a long time, and why you stick to me like glue.”

“I need your help, Jack. Are you going to help me?”

“Why don’t you hypnotize him yourself?”

“You know that I’m too close to the situation to be impartial. Promise me you’ll help me. For old time’s sake.”

“Only because it’s you, will I do it. Does Gabe know that we are planning to hypnotize him?”

“I told him I would ask you. You know I couldn’t do it without his permission.”

“All right. We can start next week, but this will take quite a few sessions. I’ve never really had a case like this, so that is another reason why I’ve decided to do it.”

“Will you allow me to sit in?”

“Yes, I want you to be there. This has to do with your private life, so you’re the only one I would allow to be present for this very delicate and unusual case.”

“Thanks, Jack. I owe you one.”

Jack stared at him.

“You’ve been telling me for the last couple of months that you thought Gabe was cheating on you.”

“Yes, that’s what I thought.”

“Knowing the nature of this case, it is possible that it will become very personal at times. I want your word that you won’t interrupt me, no matter what happens.”

“I’m a professional, Jack. I know this is very close to home, but you have my word that I won’t interrupt.”

“Then tell Gabe that I will see him next Tuesday, and once I’ve had a look at my calendar, I’ll let you know the time.”




Visions of his last moments with Patrick O’Malley sprang into Damien’s head, throwing his into turmoil and overtaking his body. His body no longer belonged to him, and tired o fighting against the inevitable, he gave his mind and his body over to Nicholas.

“I thought this day would never come,” Nicholas murmured against his ear. “Say it, Damien. Say it.”

“I want you, Nicholas.”

“I wish you had worn your cassock tonight,” he whispered, slowly opening the buttons on Damien’s shirt and gazing into his eyes. “I’d always thought when the time came, as I slowly undressed you, I would wonder what beautiful gift I would find beneath that cassock.”

Damien gasped. Nicholas slowly eased the buttons through the button holes of his shorts, to find a welcome gift peeping over the waistband of his boxer shorts.

“I can’t, Nick,” he agonized. “I’ve taken my vow of celibacy.”

“Ask for forgiveness,” a highly aroused Nick said, running his thumb over the head of Damien’s cock. “Tell me you don’t want me and I’ll stop.”

“I’ve taken a vow of celibacy, Nick. Oh, Nicholas,” he groaned. “I want you, Nick, but I just can’t do it.”

“What did the vow of celibacy say?” Nicholas asked, pinning him against the door and caressing his cock with long, slow strokes. “That’s meant for a man and a woman, isn’t it? Not for us.”

“Oh Nick,” Damien murmured. “Don’t make it so difficult for me.”

“I’m not going to make it difficult. I’m going to make it impossible for you to say no to me.”

Nicholas pushed Damien’s boxer shorts over his hips to get a better grip of his shaft. What Damien was experiencing made his knees week. His legs wobbled and he almost sank to the floor. Nicholas fell to his knees, removed Damien’s boxer shorts, leaving them dangling around one ankle. He gazed    hungrily at Damien’s shaft, thick, long and weeping like a leaky faucet, before running his thumb over the purple crown and caressing the ridge under the head.

“I’m going to lick you, Damien. It’s what you want. I know it’s what you want because I want it too.”

“Take me, Nicholas,” he begged.

“When you say my name like that, it makes me hard. Feel it, Damien,” he said, pushing Damien’s hand down to his cock, throbbing and impatient.

“I’m so afraid, Nicholas.”

“Don’t be. I’ll be gentle with you,” he said, his warm tongue washing over his nipples. “Don’t deny yourself the pleasures of the flesh. It is only natural that you should have these feelings. That’s the way we were made.”

“I’m afraid because of the vows I’ve taken,” he pleaded.

“Don’t be. It’s unnatural, this celibate thing, but have no fear. I’ll be with you all the way, loving you and cherishing you. It will be our secret, yours and mine. Just give yourself to me, Damien. Let me make you happy.”

Nicholas crawled down his body and stared at that dick, a dick that had taken on a mind of its own. He fisted it, lowered his head and sucked on the smooth, purple head. Cries emitted from Damien’s throat and his hips bucked up to Nicholas’s mouth. Nicholas pulled it in until it was sitting at the back of his throat, releasing it and swallowing it again, all the while his eyes holding Damien captive.

He lifted Damien’s legs and with one lick from the root of his penis, he was at the head, licking him until he was intoxicated with desire. Lowering his head once more, he pulled Damien’s balls into his mouth, and with sweet celestial nibbles, Damien almost lost his load.

“I’m coming,” Damien said, trying to stave off the impending eruption.

“Not yet, Damien,” he said, releasing his shaft. “I’ve waited too long for this. I can’t let you get away so easily,” he said, pulling the weeping head back between his lips.

“Nicholas, I beg you. Let me come. We can do it again.”

“I love it when you say my name like that. Say it again, Damien. Say my name.”

“Nicholas, let me come,” he pleaded.

“Only if you promise we can do this again.”

“Yes, we can.”

“Promise?” Nicholas asked, vigorously stroking his own cock. “Is that a promise, Damien?”

“Promise, Nicholas,” he wailed, his hips bouncing like a rubber ball. Up, down. Up, down. “Do it, Nicholas. Do it.”

Nicholas held the head between his lips, nibbling and licking until mindless ecstasy overtook Damien’s mind and body.

“Do that again,” Damien begged.

More whimpering noises escaped Damien’s lips, and he squirmed under Nick’s ministrations. Holding Nicholas’s head between his hands, he lost all control, filling Nicholas’s mouth with his seed. His body shuddered and trembled, the after-shocks more violent than the explosion itself.

Much too aroused to hold back any longer, Nicholas kept on stroking himself until he too fell over the edge of the precipice.

“I think I have found what I was looking for,” Nicholas announced, crawling up to Damien’s face and staring into his eyes.

“And what is that?” a spent Damien murmured.

“You, my delightful Damien Fassnidge. I’ve found you. I’ve been looking for you as long as I can remember.”

Nicholas walked over to the lamp, turned the adjuster down until the flame no longer ceased to exist. He then led Damien into the bedroom where he raised the flame on the lamp there. The room was adorned with a large mahogany four-poster bed with a canopy, and in the corner was a porcelain washstand with a basin and a pitcher. Nicholas poured some water from the pitcher into the basin, which he carried over to the bed and set down. He pulled a washcloth from a drawer, and proceeded to wash Damien.

“No need to do that,” he said, moving away from Nicholas.

“I made you dirty, and I want to make you clean,” he said. “I want you to lay back and enjoy what I’m doing to you.”

The feel of Nicholas’s hands about him gave him a sense of comfort and belonging. Since his last encounter with Patrick, he had forgotten how good it felt to have someone who cared about him, wrapping his arms around him and caressing him.

“Do you like it, Damien?” he asked, as he continued to stroke him while he took his time cleaning him.

“It’s a wonderful feeling. I love the way I feel tonight, but tomorrow is another day, and I don’t know how I’m going to face the world after tonight.”

“Just as you always have,” Nicholas replied, now paying attention to himself.

When the ablutions were over, he took the basin to the window and threw the contents onto the garden. Damien had seen his neighbors in Ireland do the same, but his mother had always reminded him that classy people didn’t do those things.

“The gardener would hate it if he saw me do that,” Nicholas remarked, as if reading Damien’s thoughts, “but Mabel doesn’t come in on Saturdays, and I can’t have it sitting there all night long and all day tomorrow.”

He crawled into, or rather threw himself, onto the bed, and pulling Damien close, looked into his face and smiled.

“I’m happy. Are you?”

“As happy as a man in my position could be.”

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