Dustin & Heath: Puppy Love (MM)

Silver's Studs 12

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 41,516
11 Ratings (4.5)
[Siren Classic ManLove: Erotic Alternative Romance, M/M, HEA]
Dustin Swift and Heath Bristol couldn’t have been more different if they’d tried. Dustin was a neat freak and Heath was a slob. If those differences weren’t enough to challenge them, there was also the potential danger of Heath’s job as a bodyguard. Dustin didn’t know if he could live with the fear.
Heath thought Dustin was hot, sexy, and positively delicious. The man was a librarian and wore suits and ties to work. That should have been enough to warn Heath off. Heath wore leather, torn jeans, and skull rings. They were like night and day, but Heath decided he would give the two of them a chance. If they could learn to live with each other’s quirks, he believed they could have a long and happy future together.
But can they have a future together? Or are their differences too great?
A Siren Erotic Romance
Dustin & Heath: Puppy Love (MM)
11 Ratings (4.5)

Dustin & Heath: Puppy Love (MM)

Silver's Studs 12

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 41,516
11 Ratings (4.5)
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Cover Art by Harris Channing
Loved Dustin and Heath story. This was sweet sexy loving story. Finding that other half that will complete your whole. Loved this
awesome story awesome series
donna b buccella




Looking up at the man across from him, Heath couldn’t do anything but stare. Dustin stared back. “Dusty, you could eat a whole raw onion and it wouldn’t have any effect.”

Dustin chuckled. “Good to know. Now, let’s eat.”

As they ate, Pip appeared and disappeared, each time dragging a toy around with him. Heath noticed the dinosaur had been replaced by a pink rhinoceros. He doubted there was any point in scolding Dustin again.

They agreed it was like dinner and a show, as Pip got into a wrestling match with the rhino. They enjoyed the distraction. Actually, Heath was relieved to have it as he entered unchartered territory.

When they finished supper, they cleaned up. There wasn’t a bit of stromboli remaining. Heath took the cloth and the cleaner to wipe the table with. As he did so he felt his nerves begin to jangle again. This was it. They were going to watch a movie now. And eat popcorn.

“Come along, little guy,” Dustin said as he walked through the kitchen, Pip at his heels. “Want to go out to pee?”

“I’ll take him,” Heath said, quickly putting the cloth and cleaner away. “He’ll think I don’t like him anymore.”

“He’s a great dog. We haven’t had a pet dog in years. The dogs that live out at the barn are working dogs. They don’t really care much for people, although a couple of them will chase a ball or a stick when they’re in the mood.”

“Unfriendly dogs, good to know. I guess I won’t be wandering around the barn by myself.”

“They stick with the cattle. We had several heads stolen about five years ago. Now the dogs go where the cows go.”

Pip hurried outside ahead of Heath, Dustin following behind. A hand was at his waist. He didn’t jump this time. The touch, as light as it was, felt good. His nipples puckered and he took a deep breath, relieved Dustin was willing to take the initiative. It was a good thing. Heath was beginning to relax into this new situation.

Because he was now in a hurry to watch the movie and eat popcorn, it seemed Pip was taking forever to do what needed to be done. When he was finished, Heath nearly ran across the yard to clean up after him.

Turning around after disposing of it, he discovered he was alone in the backyard with Pip. “Well, daddy is going to have some grown-up time with Dustin. I think it’s time for you to go to sleep.”

It only took placing the piece of blanket from his carrier into the bed Dustin had bought him to convince Pip it was time to sleep. He burrowed under it and didn’t move another muscle once he settled in. Heath turned around, ready to put the movie in the player, and his jaw dropped. Dustin walked in the room almost completely naked, a knit blanket draped over his arm.

“I always watch movies naked, don’t you?”

“Uh, yes?”

Because he didn’t believe he should be messy in the other man’s house, Heath excused himself to go in the bedroom. He undressed quickly and returned to the living room. There was no sign of Dustin, Pip was still sleeping, and movie previews were playing on the TV. Standing naked in the living room didn’t seem a little weird—it was a lot weird. Was Dustin playing some kind of joke?

Heath went into the kitchen when he heard popcorn popping. Dustin looked at Heath with a smile. “Has the movie started yet?”

“Not yet.”

Hazel eyes skimmed over Heath with interest. “I like your tattoos.”

Surprised, he blinked. His tattoos were so much a part of him that he gave them no more thought than he did any other part of his body. He knew some people were turned off by tattoos, especially if there were a lot of them. Dustin, however, seemed to genuinely like what he saw. Heath’s tattoos began at the base of his neck and covered most of his torso to his waist. They covered both arms and his back. Some were dark, others were bright. He felt they represented his life perfectly.

“I have a tattoo,” he said as he poured the popcorn from the pan into a large bowl. He then poured melted butter over it.

Heath’s gaze skimmed over Dustin’s flawless skin. “Where is it?”

Laughing, he turned around, presenting his back. Heath did a slow perusal once more and finally found the tattoo. It was about an inch tall on Dustin’s right buttock. It was a sweet little bunny standing up on its hind legs, as if trying to get a better view. As far as Heath was concerned, the bunny had the absolute best view.


“Thank you. I got it during my rebellious phase.”

“Does your mother know?”

Heath shook his head. “I wasn’t rebellious enough to tell her. I also appreciate breathing. What do you want to drink? Wine cooler or beer?”

“Beer. Definitely beer. I’ll get it. What’ll you have?”

“Cherry wine cooler.”

Following Dustin into the living room, Heath had to grin as he watched the little bunny move. It was the strangest evening he’d ever experienced, but he couldn’t remember having so much fun with a man he was, hopefully, about to have sex with.

As soon as he sat down on the sofa, Dustin sat down beside him and spread the blanket over them both. The bowl of popcorn was placed on top of that. They had their drinks close by and the remote was in Dustin’s hand.


He wasn’t. Still, the evening had been filled with surprises, doing a lot to ease his nervousness. If he was honest with himself, Heath had to admit that he couldn’t wait to discover what the quirky man seated beside him had planned for them.




“I’m going to fuck you until you beg me to stop.”

It was a vow, a warning, and something Dustin hoped Heath was able to follow through on. “That’s certainly not going to happen.”

They tumbled onto the bed, their mouths locking together in a kiss so hot Dustin felt as if he was being scorched from head to toe. Grasping the broad shoulders above him, he held on as Heath proved he was a lip master.

Melting into the mattress, Dustin wondered how long he could keep Heath with him, if all went as he hoped it would. He did have some vacation time. There were also sick days he could use.

Heath’s tongue dueled with his as his much larger body settled between Dustin’s legs. The way he had it figured, he and Heath could stay in bed for nearly six weeks. When Heath shifted his weight and rolled, taking Dustin with him, he wondered how good he was at faking a cough because he loved being on top, too. Would his boss believe he was sick?

Their mouths broke apart. He gasped for breath as he lifted his head and stared down at the man beneath him. Heath appeared slightly smug, as if he knew where his talent lay. Dustin couldn’t blame him. His balls were aching and he knew it wouldn’t take much to push him over the edge.

“We need to do this,” he stated, staring into gray eyes filled with lust.

“Ya think?” Heath winked. “As much as I hate to say it, I need you to get up for a minute.”

“Not necessary.” Leaning toward the table, Dustin snagged the bottle of lube and a condom. He handed the latter to Heath. “Will that work?”

“It will. Now, I want to stretch you, so you still have to move.”

Surprised, Dustin stared. He’d only had one lover that wanted to prepare him. Having Heath doing so would make the entire experience of their first time together all the more intimate. Taking a deep breath, he released it slowly and moved to Heath’s side. He watched as Heath rolled the condom down the length of his cock before taking the lube and opening the bottle.

Perhaps what Dustin liked most was that they continued to face each other as Heath prepared him. He hooked his leg over Heath’s hip as he reached between Dustin’s legs and pressed a slick finger into his tight asshole. As one pushed into him, he had to force himself to relax. It had been so long since he had been with anyone that he hadn’t quite been ready mentally for the pinch of pain and the burn as Heath added a second finger. Breathing through it, he went in for a kiss to provide additional distraction. He slid his hand over the smooth skin covering Heath’s head. The man’s shaved head was very sexy. Dustin explored it with the tips of his fingers, sliding them over the man’s skull, down the back of his neck, to the valley between his shoulder blades, created by the thick muscles.

Pulling back, their mouths separating, Heath asked in a deep, raspy voice, “Are you ready, Dusty?” He had always disliked being called Dusty—until now.

Dustin opened his eyes and nodded. “Yes.” He sucked in his breath as Heath withdrew his fingers and added more lube to his latex-covered cock.

A moment later Heath was rolling again, putting Dustin beneath him. Their gazes never broke contact. They watched each other as Heath lifted away slightly. Dustin pulled his legs back to his chest, making an offering Heath didn’t hesitate to accept. Dropping his gaze, he watched as the head of Heath’s cock pressed through the ring of twitching muscles. Heath pressed forward until he bottomed out, once again stealing Dustin’s breath as he was bombarded by the most incredible sensations imaginable. The simple act of joining with Heath was enough for him to know he never wanted to give him up.

Knowing it and saying it were two completely different things, however. Dustin knew it. Letting go of his legs, he wrapped them around Heath’s waist and grasped powerful biceps with hands that were trembling.

Heath didn’t waste any time. He began to thrust and withdraw, slowly at first, and then with greater force and speed, until he was pounding into Dustin in a way that had his eyes rolling back in his head and shouting Heath’s name.

Reaching for his cock, he stroked it, matching the tempo of the cock slamming into his ass. Unbelievably, it took more than he thought it would to send him over the edge. Heath must have recognized this, as he chuckled and lowered his head so he could nibble on the side of Dustin’s neck.

A moan escaped him as every inch of his skin seemed to tighten. Dustin closed his eyes and focused on the incredible sensations flowing through him. He panted and moaned, beginning to twist as he reached a level of frustration. He wanted to come, but his orgasm was just out of reach.

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