Two Spirit Ranch: Triple Trouble (MMMM)

Two Spirits 4

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 44,246
11 Ratings (4.5)
[Ménage Amour ManLove: Erotic Alternative Paranormal Ménage a Quatre Romance, M/M/M/M, shape-shifters, public exhibition, HEA]
Jace Holloway is rescued from a nightmare. Used as a lab rat for experimental drugs, he has been kept in a hellhole beneath the town of Sage, Wyoming by an ambitious mayor and a doctor with a god complex. He awakens from a deep coma to find himself in the arms of three hunting dog shifter brothers, Sky, Marvin and Bryce.
The brothers’ mating instincts have kicked in, and they can’t wait to share their sexy mate, having spent years being denied simple pleasures while working for the cult, the Will and the Word. Acting as henchmen for the cult, their eyes are opened to the evil ambitions of the mayor, and they turn against their employers to help the Two Spirit Ranch. Now they are caught up in a war that just keeps escalating, and the stakes have just increased. They have their mate. Can their sweet kisses help him forget the terrors of the past?
A Siren Erotic Romance
Two Spirit Ranch: Triple Trouble (MMMM)
11 Ratings (4.5)

Two Spirit Ranch: Triple Trouble (MMMM)

Two Spirits 4

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 44,246
11 Ratings (4.5)
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Cover Art by Harris Channing




It felt like seconds later that a loud commotion had Jace waking with a start. Alone now in the bed, he immediately missed the warmth of Marvin’s hard body. Flushing, he remembered how the three brothers had brought him to orgasm with just their kisses and their hands on his body.

“Who are you? What did those bastards give you?” Jace recognized David, the adopted son of the ranch owner, Joe McKellar. He frowned at the teenager, wondering what the kid was talking about.

“What drugs did they give you? We just heard that the cult found a way to create a hybrid, a killing machine. Something that could track down shifters and then kill them. Something terrible.” David still wasn’t making much sense, but it began to dawn on Jace that he was being accused of something.

“If you’re asking if they injected me with drugs, you know the answer to that is yes.” Jace was still fuzzy from sleep, his answer slow yet calm, in direct contrast to David’s manic behavior. “If you’re asking if I know anything about a monster they created, the answer would be no, I don’t know anything.” He let a tinge of sarcasm into his voice. “Unless you think I am perhaps some kind of monster? Since I’ve been in a coma for several months, I’m unable to help you with that one.” He frowned, watching the suspicious look on the kid’s face. He felt a jolt of horrified surprise. David did think he was a monster.

“I have the ability to sniff out what kind of shifter you are. I’m fairly sure by now you would know if I also had the ability to rip you to shreds. After those accusations, you’d be in pieces right now if I was the monster you think I am.” Jace felt the prick of tears at his eyes, staring into angry blue that showed a flicker of remorse now. David was apparently now realizing he had been a little hasty.

“What the hell is going on here?” Lex entered the room with Leo hot on his heels. “David? Why are you yelling at my patient? Why is he crying?”

“I was told the cult had created something nasty. They used subjects in the lab for their evil experiments, and they have someone or something that can be used to track and kill us. This thing has no soul, no remorse, supposedly. We have young cubs here. Mothers who are sick from having no food for months on end. All of us are at risk if this hybrid is loose.”

“And you think I am capable of killing you all?” Jace shouted, tears falling like rain down his face. He was no monster. He had fought so hard to not let those bastards destroy him, to not turn him into a killer. He’d taken an overdose for shit’s sake. “I put myself into a coma so they couldn’t. I OD’d so I was useless to them. I had no choice whether to tell them or not. They had drugs that made you tell them whatever you felt like inside. I’m not a monster. I’m not a monster.” He began sobbing, repeating the mantra over and over, rocking himself on the bed.

David stepped forward, but was blocked by Lex. Leo moved to stand beside his mate, scowling at David fiercely.

“That young man has suffered as much as any of us at the hands of your uncle. The same uncle who put me in a cage, put you in a cage. The uncle who murdered your parents and was prepared to murder you, too, to get what he wanted. If you’d take your head out of your ass for just a second, you’d realize Jace here is no more a monster than I am a bloody house cat.” Leo was shouting at the end, nose to nose with David.

“Stop! Please just stop,” Jace begged, crying helplessly. “I don’t want you falling out over me. I’m nothing. I’m just a worthless junkie. Don’t do this, please.” Jace tried to get out of bed, fumbling with the side, wanting to run from here. He hated the currents of anger that hit him like physical blows. He could feel every emotion, every nuance as though he could reach out and touch them.

“Jace. It’s okay, you don’t have to go anywhere. This hothead needs to learn to think first before he overreacts.” Lex turned to stop Jace, stumbling back as Jace fell awkwardly off the side of the bed, his legs like jelly.

David moved quickly, trying to stop them both falling. Leo shoved him back, defending his mate from a possible attack and all four fell in a heap on the floor, limbs flailing.

“If I’d known Twister was in the health care curriculum, I’d have come back sooner,” Murphy drawled, walking into the room. He rolled his eyes as David flushed bright red, looking shamefaced. Leo got to his feet, helping Lex and Jace up and getting Jace situated back in bed. David remained on the floor, not looking at anyone.

“I take it David ran in here, guns blazing, trying to protect everyone?” Murphy looked like he was biting back a slight smile at the embarrassment making way onto David’s face. Jace felt calm return once again, relieved that the anger had dissipated as quickly as it had reared its ugly head.

“David thought I must have been injected with some stuff that would turn me into a raving psychopath,” Jace muttered, wiping at the tears on his face. Long strands of blond hair clung to his damp cheeks and he brushed at them irritably. “Apparently he’s known me long enough while I’ve been in a coma that he senses I’m about ready to kill everyone, since you’ve all treated me so despicably.” He heard Murphy’s laugh at the sarcasm, but didn’t look at him, trying to quell the tears that just kept falling. He’d never felt so desperately miserable in his life.




“You’re just so stunning. You have no idea, do you?” Jace blurted, his feet moving without him realizing. His hands stroked a slow path over the glistening skin, tanned and smooth, from the broad shoulders right to those succulent looking glutes. “I remember, when I was trying to wake up, hearing your voices. All of you, talking to me so gently. Telling me how much you wanted me to be yours. I thought I was dreaming and didn’t want the dream to end, didn’t want to wake and find myself back in that hellhole again.” His tongue darted out, licking a long trail along the dip of Sky’s spine, feeling the ripple of muscle beneath his touch as Sky let out a low sigh of pleasure.

“I knew when I was moved here, on some level my senses realized I was safe. I haven’t felt that way for so long. The doctor who came was like some kind of Victorian physician, completely oblivious to his patient’s pain and suffering. Like in those old mental asylums where people went and were essentially tortured in the name of science.” Jace blew a soft breath against the mass of tanned skin, smiling as goose bumps erupted on the smooth surface.

He went lower, kneeling, blowing against Sky’s crease, smelling the muskiness of the hidden prize he sought. “I know he visited me until recently, until I was moved to safety. That’s when I felt you and Bryce and Marvin. My brain knew it was time to come back to the living.” He tongued one luscious cheek, rasping against the downy surface before giving the ripe globe a tiny bite. Sky yelped, and the smell of pre-cum became much stronger. Jace watched as Sky’s hand came down around to the front of his torso. He bit again then licked the small wound then sucked hard, leaving a dark bruise on the silken flesh.

“So beautiful.” Jace moved to the other cheek, his ears picking up the sounds of a fist stroking along a moist surface, the slight noise telling him Sky was jacking off as he played. He smiled, delivering another bite and sucking another hickey up to the surface.

Sky groaned, leaning forward and presenting his ass for further kisses. Bracing a hand on the side of the tub, fist pumping along his thick cock, the groans came thick and fast when Jace repeated the torment over and over. His hands stroked Sky’s sleek flanks and then moved down, caressing the thick thighs that tremored with the effort of keeping upright.

“Hmmm, what have we here? Like ripe plums, all big and juicy.” He pushed Sky’s legs further apart, finding the heavy weight of Sky’s balls swinging gently, swollen and waiting for his touch. He nipped the skin of the sac, nibbling around the edges then licking all over the wrinkled surface, loving the salty taste mixing with sweat and Sky’s most intimate flavor. Dipping his head, feeling like he was bobbing for apples, he rolled the sac around on his tongue before opening wide and mouthing the delicious bundle.

Sky jerked his hips, panting hard. Jace slapped the firm ass, leaving a red mark as punishment for moving. He felt Sky shudder, moaning deliberately so as to create added stimulus to the luscious balls in his mouth. Jace felt another jerk and delivered a second slap to Sky’s other pert glute. 

“Naughty, naughty.” Jace popped Sky’s balls from his mouth, leaving them in a soppy mess of saliva. He began to lick his way back up along the flavorsome crease, parting the hard cheeks with both hands before burying his face between the sweaty globes, humming in pleasure.

“Holy fucking crap!” Sky was practically screaming now, head thrown back in blissful agony , trying to stave off his orgasm. Jace noticed the clenched fist, the cessation of noise, and reckoned Sky was pinching his cock to stop the thing exploding.

“Don’t come yet, sexy, I want that load in my mouth. Soon.” His tongue found the tiny pink hole, quivering expectantly . His thumbs pressed to each side of the hole, and he buried his tongue inside, pushing hard. Sky jerked, his hips pushing back, trying to fuck himself on Jace’s tongue, which began stabbing in and out.

“Fuck, brother. That’s hot as fuck.” Bryce growled from the doorway. Jace ignored him, his attention focused on giving his savior the best rim job of his life.

“Fuuuck!” Sky was screaming louder, trembling like a leaf, his legs quivering.

“Now I want you to fuck my mouth.” Jace yelped as Sky turned around suddenly, both hands gripping Jace’s head firmly, one fisting around the long braid that tamed his honey-blond mane.

A thick, throbbing, leaking monster of a cock pressed against his hungry mouth. Opening wide he looked up, meeting eyes so dark he was lost in their depths. Sky pushed, inserting his dick halfway, taking control of Jace’s mouth. Jace was unafraid, trusting his mate not to hurt him. Eyes locked, he felt Sky begin thrusting, the succulent treat fucking his mouth gently, the rhythm smooth but powerful.

“How’s this, darling? Is this what you want?” Sky growled the words, pumping in and out. Jace’s hands gripped the backs of the alpha’s strong thighs for balance. “You have no idea how fucking erotic that looks, watching my dick fucking your sweet mouth. So fucking good.”

Letting out a guttural roar of completion, Sky let loose all of a sudden. His dick exploded, sending his huge load of thick cream to the back of Jace’s throat. Still thrusting, Sky kept coming, wailing now as his balls unloaded for what seemed like hours. Finally, jerking erratically, his hose stopped firing, out of juice. Jace moaned in protest, his tongue dipping into the tasty slit, not wanting Sky to pull out just yet. Sky’s seed mixed with the saliva covering Jace’s chin and cheek, dripping to his chest. Sky growled as he pulled out, his cock leaving its juicy dock with a pop.

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