The Alpha's Property (MM)

The Night Forest Pack 2

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 35,955
20 Ratings (4.1)
[Siren Everlasting Classic ManLove: Erotic Alternative Paranormal Romance, M/M, werewolves, HEA]
Zayne Acker risked everything to help another omega escape an abusive relationship and forced mating, just to find himself in a forced mating of his own. He hates Peter. The man was nothing but cruel to Zayne when he first arrived in this new pack. Peter put a mating bite on the side of Zayne's neck to prevent his old pack from having a claim on him, and now he's in lust with a man who can't stand him. A man who has feelings for someone else.
Alpha wolf Peter never trusted Zayne, but he didn't want the man going back to an abusive pack. He did the only thing he could think of to keep Zayne — bite him and make him his mate. His inner wolf wants to lay claim to what belongs to them, and the beast is not in the mood to wait around. If Zayne gets too close, Peter won't be responsible for his actions.
A Siren Erotic Romance
Marcy Jacks is a Siren-exclusive author.
The Alpha's Property (MM)
20 Ratings (4.1)

The Alpha's Property (MM)

The Night Forest Pack 2

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 35,955
20 Ratings (4.1)
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Cover Art by Les Byerley
This was a bit of a frustrating read. Mainly because, well...... MEN! Their communication skills suck. The back and forth and misunderstandings could have totally been fixed if they'd bothered to talk about anything. *rolls eyes* But, I really liked Zayne and Peter grew on me.
Christy Duke
This addition to the series is just as great as the first one.
We have an alpha, a straight one, mate an omega to keep him from being taken back by his abusive former pack. Of course there is conflict, misunderstandings and great sex but still...things don't go all that great. Once again, once I started I couldn't put it down until I finished it.
Hoping for more books to this series!
Professional Reviews

"Ever since Zayne was the one to help Dylan escape from their abusive alpha and pack I have been looking forward to his story. The pieces I got to see in the previous story, which was really about Dylan finding his mate in Alpha Galen, were not encouraging. Zayne might have escaped ill treatment to the point of beatings for punishment, but when Peter bit him to make sure the former pack had no hold on him, Zayne ended up in a forced mating. I was not sure about Peter’s motivations, and with both men hating each other and what had happened so much, theirs was never going to be an easy story. And I was right: ending up as the alpha’s property means tough times for both Zayne and Peter. Zayne is an omega, and doesn’t expect much from life. Based on how omegas were treated in the pack he ended up running away from, that is not a surprise. But the one thing he did not expect was to end up being mated to a powerful alpha – a man who is always grumpy, hasn’t got a friendly word for anyone, and never smiles. Well, that is Zayne’s experience at least. And what is worse is that Zayne’s efforts to stay away and hope that Peter will leave him alone don’t work. Peter is after him, and as the mating pull gets stronger, Zayne finds it more and more difficult to resist. He also feels more and more attracted to Peter, physically at least, and Zayne hates that. Peter is a tough nut to crack. He has reasons for being distant and distrustful, and the more I found out about them, the more sense his behavior made. Peter doesn’t trust Zayne, but he also didn’t want him to have to return to the pack that abused him. And failing any brighter ideas, he did the only thing he could come up with in the heat of the moment – he gave Zayne a mating bite. It was an action driven more by his wolf than his brain, but now Peter wants more. He is extremely attracted to Zayne, but there are issues in his past he has to deal with. Issues he needs to talk to Zayne about, but he can’t get himself to do it. What a mess! If you like conflicted werewolves who try to fight their inner wolf but can’t, if you want to find out how two men who hate each other manage to deal with having to live together, and if you’re looking for a read that is full of anger, passion, danger, hot physical encounters, and slowly developing feelings of love, then you will probably like this novella." -- Serena Yates, Rainbow Book Reviews

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“Don’t die, please don’t die.”

If he died, it would be entirely Zayne’s fault for trying to run, for running when he knew deep down there was no way for him to actually get away. That was never going to happen.

“You’re an alpha. This can’t kill you. You’re too strong.”

Maybe the wound was healing right now. Maybe it wasn’t healing because of how dirty it was.

If Zayne could just get him to wake up, he could help Peter walk back to the pack. They could go to a hospital. He could get some work done on himself and his wound would heal and close in no time.

“Peter! Wake up! Please wake up!”

Zayne shook him a little more. He felt the man’s throat just to make sure his mind wasn’t playing tricks on him. He breathed a heavy sigh when he felt the pulse of Peter’s heart.

“Christ. I wanted to get away from you five minutes ago, now you won’t wake up for me even when I beg you to!”

Peter’s eyes fluttered, but he didn’t groan, he didn’t move otherwise, and the smell of blood was really starting to make Zayne nauseous.

Which was weird, because it wasn’t like he’d never smelled blood before in his life. Back in Leeroy’s pack, if one of the omegas had said something stupid, a hard enough backhand would put the smell of blood in the air. Then there was the fact that the betas had to fight for their food all the time. The smell of blood had always been in the air, and if it wasn’t a thick smell, then it lingered enough to notice.

But this smell, the smell of Peter’s blood, made Zayne’s stomach churn and roll. He didn’t like it. He didn’t like what it meant, or how there was a ringing in his ears as he tried to get himself and this desperate panic under control.

“Peter! I’ll mate with you! All right? Just get up! Get up and we can go back! I’ll be your mate!”

He was already Peter’s mate, but if Peter could hear him, then he’d know what Zayne meant.


“Peter? Peter!” Zayne shook the man’s shoulders more. He did it harder, and then he lost all control and slapped the man full-on in the face. He did that three times before Peter let out a stunned breath of air, his eyes popping wide as he spotted Zayne sitting above him.

Zayne was so stunned that Peter finally opened his eyes that only then was he able to recognize the terror inside himself for what it was. The fear that he never would have woken up, that Peter would have died in front of Zayne, because of Zayne.

Zayne exhaled hard. “Oh my God!”

Peter looked around, his eyes wide, and as awake and aware as though he’d just had a jolt of caffeine injected directly into his arm.

“The bear?”

Zayne wiped the moisture away from his eyes. “It’s gone.”

Peter tried to sit up. He hissed and grunted as he looked down at the mess on his chest.

“Fuck,” he said.

“I know, sit still,” Zayne said, pushing himself away from Peter. He went to get his jacket, but it was too muddy and dirty. His shirt would have some of his sweat in it, but it was the cleaner option to press to the wound.

“Are you crying?”

Zayne shook his head, removing his shirt and going back to Peter. “No.”

Peter watched him as Zayne knelt down. The shirt didn’t exactly make a good bandage, but he supposed it was a thousand times better than nothing at all.

“Did it hurt you?”

Zayne shook his head. “No. You nearly died.”

“No I didn’t. I feel fine.”

Zayne honestly couldn’t tell if Peter was just saying that because he wanted to be a macho alpha, or if he really meant it. He hoped it was just the man trying to look tough. Wasn’t there something about not feeling any pain right before death? Was that a thing?

God, and he cared if Peter lived or died. Not just cared, but Zayne’s hands trembled as he gently pressed his shirt to Peter’s wound.

“That’s good enough. I can do the rest.”

Before Zayne could object to Peter moving around, potentially making his wound worse, Peter rolled onto his side and used his knees to push himself up. When he stood, he swayed just a little.

Zayne rushed to his side, putting himself under one of Peter’s arms before the man could object to it.

Peter looked down at him. Zayne looked away before he could show the alpha any of his weakness.

Peter’s voice sounded suddenly growly. “I guess this means you’re not going to run away anymore?”

Zayne bit his lips together. He shook his head. “Not like there’s anywhere I can go, anyway. How’s your ribs?”

“Slashed, but I don’t think they’re broken. They don’t hurt enough.”

That was honestly kind of shocking. Zayne had looked at the wounds and had seriously thought that bear’s claws had gone all the way through, breaking the ribs. He must have only scratched across them, winding and injuring Peter enough for him to pass out. Maybe his body had been trying to heal itself and that had caused the black out.

“I’m glad you’re going to be fine.”

“Never run away again,” Peter said, practically hissing the words, and Zayne was embarrassed enough that he nodded, totally humiliated.

Peter was angry with him, and it was understandable because this never would have happened if it wasn’t for him.

He felt like he was about to do the walk of shame back to the house, but then Peter growled again, grabbing Zayne by the chin in a grip hard enough to hurt as he turned his face up, and Peter crashed their lips together in a fierce and claiming kiss,




Zayne still wanted an orgasm, however, and he reached down, his hand finding his cock. He stroked it, keeping himself hard and aroused while Peter rushed to prepare him.

Peter kept one hand on Zayne’s hip, while he used his other hand to thrust his fingers back and forth in Zayne’s hole. The burn when Peter used three fingers was monumental, and he had to say something.

“More lotion. Use more of the lotion,” he gasped, the pain and pleasure warring for supremacy within him.

Peter pulled his fingers away, but thankfully did as he was told, reaching for the bottle of lotion and using more on his fingers. He smeared a little over Zayne’s hole, and the immediate cool sensation felt good. God, that felt really good, and it didn’t hurt quite so much when Peter pushed his fingers back inside of Zayne’s asshole.

It felt like Peter was thrusting his fingers. He must be looking for Zayne’s prostate. Right. This was Zayne’s first time, but it was Peter’s first time with Zayne. He didn’t yet know Zayne’s body.

Enough time masturbating with a toy had taught Zayne enough of what he needed to know, and he started to give directions.

“Hook your fingers, pull back a little.”

“Like this?”

The jolt of pleasure Zayne got when Peter’s fingers grazed against his prostate was almost enough to make him jump. Zayne had to put both his hands down onto the mat beneath him just to hold himself up as he panted heavily.

Peter was great at it. He seemed to know Zayne’s body so well already. The mating. The mating must be making him so skilled with Zayne’s body already. That had to be it.


Zayne nodded, swallowing hard and forcing the words out of his mouth. “R-right there. God, right there. Oh!”

He started thrusting back against Peter’s fingers as Peter stroked his sweet spot again and again. So good. God, it felt so good. He could hardly think about anything other than the pleasure, and how much he didn’t want it to end.

His balls tightened, and Zayne’s toes curled from the warmth and sensations that assaulted him. Fuck, if he didn’t do something, he was going to blow because the buildup was getting to be too much for him to handle.

“I’m...I’m ready. F-fuck me, please. I’m ready.”

He totally didn’t know if he was ready or not, just that he needed Peter’s cock inside his ass right now.

Peter released a low-sounding growl, one that made a shiver travel up Zayne’s spine as the powerful alpha pulled his fingers out of Zayne’s entrance, then lined up the head of his cock with Zayne’s hole.

“More lube, put some on your cock,” Zayne instructed. He wasn’t sure if Peter’s cock was dry or not since his hole felt pretty wet, but considering how quick Peter was to try and push inside him, he was willing to bet the man had let his excitement get the better of him.

Peter pulled back, and Zayne felt his need to make haste, to hurry up, warring through Peter with his need to be slow and calm. It was kind of sweet.

When Zayne felt the thick head of Peter’s cock pressing against his asshole, he was confident the man had used more of that lotion to make the entrance easier, and it was easier. The burn was still there, still enough to make Zayne hiss as he felt himself being pierced by that thick shaft. Peter moaned, then Zayne did, too, when his inner muscles gave way, allowing Peter’s thrust inside to feel more like a glide, until he was balls-deep.

Then where was nothing but pleasure, the feeling of being too full, but also of how good that fullness felt.

“Oh fuck, yeah,” Zayne moaned, pressing his forehead down on the mat as Peter lost no time in thrusting hard and fast, making Zayne feel better than he’d ever felt in his entire life.

He wanted so much more of that feeling.


* * * *


He was so tight. Zayne was so fucking tight. He fit like a glove around Peter’s cock. It felt better than it should have. It felt better than Peter thought it would ever feel.

It felt better than she had felt.

That thought made him sad, but only briefly, because this new mating pushed her out of his head. It honed his entire focus on the omega beneath him. Zayne moaned and keened like he’d never felt this much pleasure before, either, like he didn’t quite know what to do with it.

Peter couldn’t blame him, and soon his hips were slapping harshly against Zayne’s ass. The sound of their flesh slapping together in the air was enough to spur Peter on, to make his balls tighten even further as he slammed into Zayne’s ass like a wild animal.

“Like that! Oh God, just like that!” Zayne cried out.

Peter wanted to give him more of what he wanted, so he didn’t stop. He didn’t slow down. What was meant to be a hard fucking had turned into exactly that, and Peter was glad that Zayne wanted it so much because Peter didn’t think he’d be able to stop now even if Zayne told him to. It was all about reaching the end, about having his orgasm and coming inside Zayne’s body, marking him with that scar, as well as Peter’s scent.

Mine. Mine, mine, mine.

The wolf cried that out over and over again. Well, not really. The wolf couldn’t talk, but if it could, that was exactly the sort of talking it would start doing.

Zayne suddenly propped himself up onto his hands, no longer holding the position of head down and ass up, but this was good, too, because as Zayne threw his head back, shut his eyes and moaned as he bounced back onto Peter’s cock, Peter could see the mating scar on the side of his throat.

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