Marla Monroe's Special Collection, Volume 1 (MF)

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 186,629
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Box Set #76: Marla Monroe's Special Collection, Volume 1 (All 3 books for $3.99)

In Hot and Bothered, Savanna’s sex life has become a little boring. Now, she’s looking for something—or someone—to spice things up. She wants someone who can get her all hot and bothered with just one look. Savanna thinks she finds a winner in Dustin, but he lacks one major asset: a steady job. Dustin wasn’t looking for anything when he met Savanna, but she is everything he’s ever wanted in a woman, and he falls for her fast. But when Dustin’s lack of a job causes Savanna to balk at a relationship with him, Dustin is hurt and pissed off. Can these two turn the spark between them into a long-term and steady burn? Or will they flame out?

In Peyton’s Pleasure, Peyton is burned out on love. After escaping from an abusive and controlling relationship, all she wants is a little fun and freedom. When she meets Ryker, who instantly sets her blood on fire, Peyton thinks she’s found just the distraction she needs…until Ryker starts to hint at a relationship. Ryker is ready to settle down, and he wants to do so with Peyton. But every time he mentions any type of commitment, she pulls away. Well, fine. If it’s sex she wants, Ryker’s going to make it all about Peyton’s pleasure. But will he win over her heart as well as her body?

In Nina’s Neighbor, Jack Montgomery moved in next door to Nina Scott nearly a month ago, and he’s been testing her resolve ever since. In an unlikely turn of events, Jack saves Nina from a case of sunstroke, and the two strike up a budding relationship. But when Jack takes her on a bike ride over the weekend, someone from his past returns and tries to use Nina to get to him. Will Jack be able to keep Nina safe from the ghosts of his past? And if they escape with their lives, can their relationship survive? 


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Hot and Bothered (MF) Peyton's Pleasure (MF) Nina's Neighbor (MF)

Marla Monroe's Special Collection, Volume 1 (MF)
0 Ratings (0.0)

Marla Monroe's Special Collection, Volume 1 (MF)

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 186,629
0 Ratings (0.0)
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Cover Art by Les Byerley





Savanna rolled her eyes and pulled him down to her for a kiss. He deepened it, and soon they were back to mutual groping. She ran her hands up under his shirt and played with his nipples. He did the same with hers. She made a whimpering sound and tried to pull his shirt over his head, but she was too short. He bent over to give her better access. She managed to pull the shirt off without falling. They stopped and looked at each other and laughed. They each began taking off their shoes and pants. Since he didn’t have on underwear, it took her longer to undress than it did him.

“No fair, I have more clothes to take off than you do.”

“I didn’t realize we were racing to get undressed.”

She didn’t answer him. Instead, she pushed him until the back of his knees hit the edge of the bed and he fell backward. She followed him down and grasped his cock with both hands. He stilled immediately when he would have tried to stand back up. She smiled and squeezed, then released and went to her knees between his legs.


He couldn’t say anything more because she licked her lips and proceeded to lick his cock like a lollypop, one long stroke after another. One hand reached between his legs and found his balls. They cupped and gently rolled them as she began to place soft, openmouthed kisses along the stalk of his penis. She sucked with each kiss until he was pushing against her mouth every time she did it. When she reached the mushroom head, he expected her to kiss it, as well, but instead, she ran her tongue all around the cap and then over the slit, dipping inside until he grasped her head in both hands and held her still. God, he couldn’t take much more.

She didn’t move, only waited until he relaxed to lick the head again, and then before he knew what she planned to do, she had swallowed him whole, right down to his balls. When she stopped, he struggled not to push her farther down. The weight of her long, thick hair rested on his chest and abdomen. It felt like heavy silk draped across him. He wanted to hold her head still while he pumped upward into her mouth. Instead, he waited, and she swallowed, milking him as her throat muscles contracted around him.


She moved back from his balls, sucking all the way back up and then went right back down. She rolled his balls and pinched at the skin behind. He lost the need to come that had been building with each stroke of her mouth. It didn’t last for long, though. As soon as she released it and began moving on his cock again, the need rose fast and furious. He grasped her hair and pulled her off him. He couldn’t take it anymore. He needed to be inside her, but first, he wanted her to be ready for him.

He stood up and pulled her to her feet at the same time. Her eyes were heavy with need just as he was sure his were by now. He smiled and pushed her back on the bed. She went willingly with a smile. He dropped to his knees between her legs this time. She spread them without needing to be told. Using one finger, he trailed it all around her mound. Dustin teased her pussy with his tongue. Never really delving inside, just licking around the outside until she was trying to chase his tongue with her pussy. He spread the lips and ran his tongue from the bottom to the top but stopped just short of touching her clit. She moaned and whimpered.

The hood over it stood out, seeming to want to be licked. He licked all around it but resisted the little nudges she kept making in that direction. Finally, she grabbed his hair and demanded he suck her clit. It was what he had been waiting to hear. As soon as she let go of him, he sucked it inside his mouth and flicked his tongue over and over it until she screamed. He stopped and waited for her to catch her breath then started it all over again. Just when she was about to explode, he stopped and stood up. She stared up at him with a question in her eyes. He stooped over to fetch a condom from his jeans pocket and slipped it on.

Dustin flipped her over and put her on her hands and knees. Then he wet the end of his cock with her pussy juices and pushed. She groaned and pushed back against him until he entered her just a little bit. He stopped and pulled out and did it again. She grew wild with need, and still he stopped just short of fully entering her. He wanted her begging. He didn’t have to wait long.

“Please,” Savanna cried.

“Please what?” he asked.

“Fuck me. I can’t stand it anymore. Fuck me, Dustin.”





Then there was the stranger on the opposite end of the table from Grady. He stood a little over six feet, with broad shoulders and what could only be a muscular chest by the way he stretched the solid black T-shirt he wore. That wide chest tapered down to a narrow waist followed by a tight ass that instantly caught Peyton’s attention when he walked by her on his way to Grady’s table.

Of course, she hadn’t missed out on the front view at all. His jeans were worn in all the right places, and if that nearly white patch at his groin was any indication, he would be hung like a horse. Just her kind of man.

It took effort to drag her gaze away from the handsome stranger. His long black hair pulled back at the nape of this neck added intrigue to those equally black eyes. The crooked nose didn’t subtract from his rugged good looks one bit. Maybe the tats helped to give him that naughty look about him. Peyton wasn’t sure, but she needed to stop staring like a randy teenager and get back to her job.

Sid nodded at her when she called out her orders. His shiny, bald head and the earring in his left ear always reminded her of the Spic and Span commercials. Speaking of tattoos, Sid had them in abundance all over his body. He’d shown off the ones on his chest and back to them one night after closing when Jane, one of the other waitresses, teased him about it. Peyton liked Sid. He didn’t take any nonsense and ran the bar like the business it was, which was one of the reasons she loved her job.

Once Sid set up the beers, she arranged them on her tray and headed for the table where her hunky stranger sat. Maybe she could wrangle an introduction out of Grady. For some reason, Peyton had the feeling that this man wouldn’t be into relationships. He looked like he knew sex inside and out and put the dirty into it. Yeah, he’d be perfect.

“Here you go, guys.” She handed each man his beer.

When she got to the stranger, he grabbed her wrist instead of the beer. She met his eyes without blinking.

“You missed,” she teased.

“Nope, got what I was aiming for. What’s your name?”

“Peyton. What’s yours?”

“Ryker.” He let go of her wrist to take the beer.

She smiled and gave Grady a playful hug before sauntering off to take another round of orders. The hairs on the back of her neck stood up all evening. She knew he watched her and the thought thrilled her. If he were with Grady and the others, he had to be safe—basically. Yeah, she wanted him.

His group broke up a little after midnight and began leaving. The bar didn’t close till one, and it was usually two before she was off. No way would he still be hanging around at that time of morning. Maybe he would come back next week. She worked Thursday through Saturdays at the bar and waited tables on Sundays and Mondays. Maybe she should search Grady out and find out more about Ryker. But then again, she didn’t want to appear too anxious. That would turn a man like him off in a second. No, she’d wait and see what happened.

By two that morning, Peyton’s shoulders were killing her. They’d had a fairly busy night so there was a lot to clean up. With three of them working the floor, it didn’t take as long as she feared it would. She was ready for a hot shower and some sleep. Her shift at the diner started at eleven the next morning. Well, that morning actually.

Peyton slung her purse over her shoulder and walked outside the back door with Jane and Lee Ann. They always walked outside together after closing. Sometimes Sid would watch them and sometimes he didn’t. Tonight he was busy figuring up the till. They made it to Jane’s car first and left her once she was safely locked inside. Then Lee Ann was next. She waited while the other girl started her car. She used Lee Ann’s headlights to make it to her car without a problem. Lee Ann waved at her and pulled out. Peyton started to slide into her car when someone walked out of the shadows toward her. She opened her mouth to scream.

“Don’t scream, Peyton. It’s Ryker.” He walked out of the night and into the dim light of the street lamp.

“Hey, Ryker. What did you need?” Her heart slammed in her chest with unease.

“You.” He smiled and her stomach did backflips.




He took a step forward and crooked his finger. “Come here, Peyton.”

She shook her head back and forth as she took another step back.

Ryker smiled and stopped. He stuck his finger down toward the floor.

“On your knees, Peyton. Now!”

She immediately sank to her knees without thinking. Yep, she was a natural submissive, all right. He quickly crossed the room and grabbed her by the hair before she realized what she’d done. He drew her to her feet and shoved her toward the bed.

“Get up on the bed.” He watched as she fought herself before giving up and climbing up on the bed.

“Lie on your back and stretch your arms above your head for me.” Ryker took each wrist and tied it with the soft cotton rope to the headboard.

Then he attached the spreader bar to her ankles after removing her jeans. She hadn’t bothered with panties. Good. He ran his finger up her crack and dipped quickly inside her pussy to find it already wet for him. Yes, she was into this.

“What are you going to do to me?” she asked, a nervous tone in her voice.

“I’m going to make you come harder and longer than you’ve ever come before,” he said.

He watched her shiver as he let his hand caress her ass. If he had his way, she would pass out from the pleasure. That was his plan, anyway.

Ryker ran a finger from her knee up to the juncture of her hip and pelvis. She jerked in reaction to the light touch in the sensitive place. He now knew every part of her and how she reacted when stimulated at each area. He knew how to bring her fast and hard and how to slow her down. He knew what got her hot and what cooled her off. He would use it all tonight to prove to her she belonged with him—forever, not just a few fun-filled nights.

A fine film of sweat appeared across her lower lip now. She was beginning to get aroused just from the bindings. Good. He bent over her chest and blew a breath across her nipples. They peaked with her quick indrawn breath. Their dusky pink shade complimented her pale skin. He ran the tip of his finger around the outside of each nipple but didn’t touch the nipple. Then he leaned over and nipped at each of them. She shuddered.

“I love how your nipples stand up to be noticed. I think they want more attention than I’m able to give them when I’m busy with that delectable pussy of yours.”

He reached over to the bedside table and pulled out the sliver nipple clamps he’d bought with her in mind. A thin chain connected them. There was a weight for when she was standing up that would pull on them nicely, but he didn’t need it today. No, he’d do the tugging himself. He ran his tongue around and around on nipple then fastened the clamp to it and slowly adjusted the tightness until her quick indrawn breath let him know it was at the right tightness. He repeated this on the other nipple and when both were settled, he gently tugged on the chain that bound them together. She moaned for him, that deep sensual moan.

He checked her pussy and found her even wetter than before. He could hardly wait to bury himself in that hot, wet tunnel. There was still plenty to do before he could indulge himself in her sweet heat.

“I wish you could see how lovely your breasts look bound for me. I’d love to see you with a diamond drop between them,” he said.

Next he pulled out a hook and rope. He attached the hook to the spreader bar at her feet and walked to the head of the bed. He slowly pulled the rope until her feet were almost at her ears. Bent double, her ass and pussy were bare for his appreciation. He anchored the rope to the bed frame and returned to the foot of the bed where he could tease her to his heart’s content.

Ryker ran a finger through her escaping juices at her pussy and teased her clit for a few seconds before running his tongue from top to bottom in one quick swipe. She jerked and moaned for him.

“Oh, please, Ryker. That felt so good. Do it again.” She squirmed.

“Oh, I will. Just not right this minute. I have something else for you first.”





She must have fallen asleep because, suddenly, cold water dripped on her chest. She jumped up and head-butted her neighbor, who stood looking over her shoulder.

“Ow!” she complained, holding her head.

“Sorry, didn’t expect you to jump up like that.”

He had the deepest voice she’d ever heard. It strummed through her pussy like fingers over guitar strings.

“Why did you drop water on me in the first place?”

He spread his arms. “I didn’t mean to. It fell off my beer can. I had it in the cooler.”

“So what are you even doing over here?” After she said it, she realized how bad it sounded. But still.

“You’ve been out here for over an hour, and I figured with your fair skin you’d be burning right about now. Just thought I would wake you up so you could go inside.”

Nina sighed and looked down at her obviously burned legs.

“Thanks, I’m sorry for snapping at you. You startled me awake, and I don’t know you,” she tried to explain.

“It’s fine. I would scream if I was standing over me, too.”

He held out his huge hand. “Name’s Jack Montgomery.” His massive hand dwarfed her tiny one. He didn’t try to squeeze it.

“Um, I’m Nina Scott. Nice to meet you,” she said.

It took all her willpower not to follow the sweat rolling down his chest to the waistband of his cut-off blue jeans. They were cut pretty short and, oh, God, he wasn’t wearing underwear! There was a hole near the pocket, and she could see bare skin. She snapped her eyes back above the waist and became mesmerized at the tattoo of a tiger chasing its tail in the center of his chest. Before she knew what she was doing, she’d reached out to touch the magnificent work of art. When her hand came in contact with his hot, wet skin, she came to her senses and snatched it back.

Jack grabbed her wrist and pulled it back to his chest. “You can touch. I don’t bite...hard.” He chuckled.




“How are your legs feeling?” he asked.

“They’re fine. Why?”

“I want to teach you the basics of motorcycle riding.”

“Really?” She tried to hide her smile, but he caught it and spanked her ass.

“Ow!” She frowned at him but didn’t complain.

He reached over to the bedside table where he’d set out several condoms. She obviously hadn’t noticed them before, but she arched a brow at the number sitting there. He just wiggled his eyebrows at her. Jack rolled on a condom and directed her on how to ride a bike.

“First of all, you have to get on the seat just right. Come here and let me position you so you’ll know what I mean.”

She rolled her lips inside to keep from smiling. He looked at her sternly as she climbed above him and let him guide her over his rigid dick. He stuck a finger up inside of her and swirled it around to be sure she was indeed wet. She was almost sloppy wet.

“Now, slowly lower yourself until you feel the seat between your legs.” She complied as he watched his cock slowly disappear inside of her. It took several seconds for her to finally manage to take all of him.

“That’s good. That’s real good, baby. Now tighten your legs against the edges of the seat. Yeah, like that.” He ran his hands up and down her thighs, careful of her healing burn.

“Now, remember these two things. If the bike is going uphill, you lean forward.” He pulled her forward and slightly off his cock. “If the bike is going downhill, you lean back.”

Jack pushed her backward until she came up off of him some.

“Now try that on your own,” he said.

He waited as she pushed forward then backward over and over again. He couldn’t stop his hips moving to help her.

“Very good. Same principal applies when the bike leans one way or another. You lean in the opposite direction. Try it for me, baby.” He waited while she did.

“Now, put it all together and show me what you’ve learned,” he said.

Nina smiled a devilish little smile at him and began rocking on him like a pro.

“Fuck! Yeah, baby. You’ve got it down just right.”

He held her hips, helping her to rise up and down on his thick dick as she rotated her hips giving them a little twist at the end. He nearly lost it the first time she did it. Damn, she was so fucking hot.

“That’s right, baby. I can feel your cunt creaming all over my cock. Keep riding me, baby.” Jack panted through the heated pulses coming from his balls.

He was so close right now he didn’t know how much longer he could hold on. Nina used one hand to hold herself up on him and the other to pinch and twist her nipples. She was fucking amazing. Faster and faster she moved until she began to lose her rhythm and was panting right along with him. He didn’t think he could take anymore. He slid a finger up her slit to her clit and began pressing on it in rhythm to their joining.

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