[Siren Ménage Everlasting: Erotic Fantasy Paranormal Ménage a Quatre Romance, M/F/M/M, shape-shifters, werewolve/vampires, HEA]
Brooklyn Hightower has loved Damian Carlyle, Samuel Ryland, and her best friend’s brother, Morgan Legacy, for as long as she can remember. Even after studying abroad and trying to forget about them, she realizes time away hasn’t changed her feelings. Now she’s home and ready to claim them as her mates.  
Along with his wizard and vampire friends Samuel Ryland and Damian Carlyle, Morgan Legacy used to think of Brooklyn as their second sister, but she changed while she was away. When she comes back to the tourist town of West End, which is filled with shifters, faeries, witches, and wizards, they realize they’ve always loved her. Now that she’s grown up, they can tell her how they really feel.  
Life in the town of West End is never dull. Trouble is brewing for Brooklyn. She’s helpless to defend herself and must rely on her men to help her.
But will good win out over dark magic? Or will Brooklyn pay for her men’s mistakes?
Note: This book contains double penetration.
Note: This book contains triple penetration. 
A Siren Erotic Romance
Jane Jamison is a Siren-exclusive author.


To Hell and Back (MFMM)
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Cover Art by Harris Channing
Oh, this was just a wonderful start to a new series that I am eagerly waiting for now. We get a mix of different shifters in this story and they all have to learn how to work together to keep the woman they love safe and happy! Can't wait!!!




Damian stood, then motioned toward the living room. “Let the cleaning up go for now. I’m in the mood for a show.”

“Are you planning on singing, vampire?” asked Samuel.

Brooklyn exchanged a knowing look with Reagan and followed her friend to the couch. She’d heard the same type of banter often and loved it. It was funny and made her feel at home.

“Don’t play dumb, wizard.” Morgan plopped his body between his sister and Brooklyn. “You know we want a magic show.”

Damian, his lips barely curved into a knowing smile, eased onto the armchair. Somehow, no matter what he did, his movements were always graceful. “Yeah, wiz, show us what you’ve got.”

“And then what?” asked Samuel. “Is Morgan going to shift? And what about you, vampire? Are you planning on changing into a winged creature of the night and flying around the room?”

Damian’s smile didn’t fade, but the silver in his eyes intensified, changing to a hard glitter. He hated hearing anyone talk about the misconceptions involved in vampire myths. He didn’t need to say anything to convey how he was thinking.

“Please, Samuel, it’s been a long time since I’ve seen any real magic.” Normally, Brooklyn wouldn’t have asked, but if it would calm Damian, then why not? Besides, she loved seeing what Samuel could do.

“Fine. For you.”

Her next breath was swiftly drawn in. The way he looked at her was magic all on its own.

In the next moment, he whipped his hand out, extending a bouquet of flowers. Yet unlike the fake flowers human magicians used, these were real red roses. “Flowers almost as beautiful as you.”

He’d never spoken to her like this. Was it a part of his act? She took them and drew in their fragrance. “Thank you.”

“More, brother.” Reagan often called the other two men, brother. After all, they considered themselves a family.

Will I ever become part of the family, too? Not just a welcomed outsider but a real member?

“All right.” Samuel waved his hand over the coffee table. Immediately the items resting on top popped into the air, a thin book, a decorative bowl, and a pen dancing together in the air. Everyone clapped, the magic appreciated even more because Samuel didn’t like doing tricks and would never stoop to such silliness if not for them.

“That’s great.” Brooklyn ran her hand over and under the bowl. “I never get tired of seeing your magic.”

“Then tell me, Brooklyn, what would you like me to do next? Name it.”

Tell me you want me. Tell me that all three of you want me as your mate.

Yet the real magic of those words would have to wait. She’d never want him to spell anyone to say them.

“I don’t know. Whatever you’d like.”

He thought for a moment then lifted his arms toward the ceiling. Immediately, darkness fell in the room. Outside the sun still shone, but the light couldn’t penetrate the blackness. The four of them waited, sensing this would be better than anything they’d ever seen.

Slowly, pinpoints of light appeared around them. One, then two, then more filled the void, their bright lights becoming stars in the room’s night sky.

“Oh,” whispered Brooklyn, entranced. “It’s beautiful.”

“Damn good, man,” said Damian, his voice filled with respect.

“You really outdid yourself this time,” added Reagan.

“Yeah. Not bad. Not bad at all.” Even Morgan was impressed.

“I wanted to give you the universe, but this is all I can do.” The dim light from the “stars” framed him. “I promise to do better if you’ll give me the time.”

“This is so much.” Brooklyn stared upward, her attention focused on the twinkling stars. She could feel the warmth of them on her face. “Thank you, Samuel.”

“You’re welcome.”

“Don’t forget we’re here, too.” Morgan’s arm slipped around her waist and pulled her closer.

“Where’s Reagan?” When had her friend left the room?

“She’s around.” Damian’s hand skimmed along her leg.

“What are you doing?” Her question was for both men.

“Are they bothering you?” Samuel knelt before her. “Just say the word and I’ll make them disappear.”

“Yeah. Right. As if he could.” Morgan leaned closer, his mouth close enough to her ear to feel his breath. Somehow the slight touch was more sensual than anything she’d ever experienced.

“Don’t argue.” She wasn’t sure why she said that. Or maybe it was so they’d do something else instead?

Damian hooked his finger under her chin, turning her head and taking her attention away from Morgan. “You’re glad to be here, aren’t you?”

“Of course I am. It’s not like anyone compelled me to be here.” She hoped her expression was calm. If it was, it was in direct contrast to the wild romp of emotions running pell-mell inside her.

“We’d never do that.”

His mouth was so close. So very close. 

Kiss me. If you can read my mind, then kiss me.

Yet he held back. What would he do if she were the one to put her mouth to his? Would he kiss her back? Would he take her kiss as encouragement to do more? To tell his friends to do more?

“Take it easy, baby. We won’t let him eat you.” Samuel took her hand between his. “Unless you want him to.”

Yes, please.

Was she breathing hard? How could she not? The air around them, still glittering with the stars, heated up, cocooning her in warmth that was more than mere air. It had a tangible quality to it as though she could feel their need. 

Quickening her pulse, Samuel put her palm to his lips and pressed a sweet kiss to her flesh. When Morgan’s tongue flicked over her earlobe, her heart beat even faster. Then when Damian traced a path along the curve of her jaw, she was sure she’d pass out.

Was it finally happening? Were they making moves on her?




The air, still warm and comforting, smelled sweeter as blossoms of various flowers leapt to life. Although it was still dark, the lights gave her enough to see every detail of the glorious transformation.

A stronger, yet still soft glow surrounded her. She looked up and saw the moon. “But how? The sky was full of clouds.”

“Don’t worry about the how of things. Only the why,” explained a mysterious-looking Damian.

With a final rush of words and a wave of his arms, Samuel opened his eyes. “This is better than the diner, right?”

“So much better,” she agreed. “I can’t tell you how amazing it is. Words aren’t enough.”

“Then show us.” Damian trailed his fingers along her shoulders, her shirt dipping behind as though making room for his touch. “Face me.”

She obeyed of her own free will, yet it wouldn’t have mattered if he’d used his powers to compel her. Her love for him was stronger than any persuasion he could’ve used. When she lifted her gaze to silver metallic one, she realized she was already under his spell. “Yes?”

“Let us take all you in.”

Although he rarely did so, she loved his old-fashioned manner of speech. She stood, unembarrassed as he began tugging her shirt from her jeans. His gaze never left hers until he pulled the shirt over her head and tossed it away.

You are what’s beautiful,” he said.

“And amazing.” Samuel came to her side.

“They’re right.” Morgan flowed his palm over her arm. “They say things better than I do.”

“You say it just fine, too.” She cupped his stubble-covered jawline. “Just fine.” She paused, only now remembering that they were out in the open. “What if someone sees us? What if Reagan comes home?”

Samuel lifted his gaze, bringing hers along. “See the dome? No one, not even Reagan can see through it.”

She hadn’t noticed the almost invisible dome surrounding a wide area above and around them. “But how?”

“Quiet.” Samuel touched a finger to her lips. “Stop asking questions and simply enjoy.”

They took her clothes from her, slowly, sliding her zipper down, easing the material over her hips. Morgan’s large hands handled the small clasps of her bra with ease then slipped it away, letting his hands take the bra’s place over her breasts. Damian dipped his head, and his teeth, as sharp as fangs, grazed her skin along the curve of her neck. Once she was completely naked, they eased away.

“What’s wrong?” Had they changed their minds?

“Nothing,” answered Morgan, his voice thick with primal craving, amber flecking his eyes as his animal clawed to be set free. “Not a damn thing.”

Would he change during sex? Would Damian bite her, needing her blood as much as her body? Would Samuel’s spell last?

“You’re more magnificent than we imagined.”

Morgan tossed Damian an irritated look, obviously once more thinking Damian’s praise was better than his. 

Samuel began taking off his shirt while toeing off his boots. “You’re glorious, baby.”

The men disrobed, not rushing, letting her study each revealed muscle, each tanned inch of them. They were the ones who were glorious, men who could make a woman swoon and fall to her feet in front of them. She’d loved them for so long, and at last, they were going to love her in return. And as any woman would, she sank to the ground, going to her knees.

“What are you doing, baby?” Yet it was clear from Samuel’s elated expression that he knew the answer.

“All of you have given me so much. It’s my turn to give to you.”

Morgan came to her first, denying her words. Would he deny her need? 

“Not true, Brookie. You’ve given us a real future. With love and family.” He stopped, surprise taking hold. “Hey, that wasn’t so bad, was it? Pretty damn mushy like these two?”

She smiled, even as Damian and Samuel gave Morgan smirks.

“You kind of ruined the first part by saying the second part, but not bad, man.” Damian moved to her right, his fingers caressing her neck.

She looked up at him, saw the love glittering in his silver eyes, then lowered her gaze. Gently, she wrapped her hand around his cock. Tensing with a quick intake of air, he tunneled his hands into her hair.

His taste was as unique as he was. Flavors flowed together. A headiness came over her, as though she were drunk with power. She had a vampire’s cock in her mouth. Control blended with her love for him, and she put all that into the flick of her tongue, the skim of her teeth along his length. 


Yes, it was sweetness, pure and simple.

“Baby, I need you.” Samuel bent down and took her hand then guided it to his cock. His fingers wrapped hers around him. “Stroke me.”

She did, her hand sliding up and down his cock easily, as though he had already slickened it for her. He was thick and long and pulsing with life. The tip of him was even slicker. She moaned, sending warm air over Damian’s cock as she continued to pump him.

“Spread your legs, Brookie. Don’t worry. I’ll hold you up.” He lay on the ground, his head directly between her legs, his body stretched out behind her. She sucked in a breath as Morgan placed his hands on her inner thighs and spread her legs apart. He brought his mouth to her pussy. His tongue pushed her folds apart. His mouth found her clit and sucked then released her to give his teeth time to tease her to insanity.

Warm air swirled around them. The stars sparkled brighter the hotter she became. Even the moon appeared to grow bigger until they were swallowed in a milky light.

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