Silk in Bonds (MF)

Club Esoteria 18

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 22,886
6 Ratings (4.0)
[Siren Classic: Erotic Consensual BDSM Romance, sex toys, HEA]
Silk Zaccaro wants a man of her own. But there are few single club dominants to choose from. And of those, none seem capable of handling her hyperactive mind and bouncy body. She’s not called the Tasmanian she-devil on speed for nothing. While she loves helping others however she can, she wishes someone could help her stop worrying about everything. 
Rafe Carlton has worked security at Club Esoteria, and watched Silk for three years. Finally, he has a chance to play with her, and begins her training on how to slow and still her mind and body. It doesn’t take long before he realizes that opposites attract and she challenges him in ways he never expected.
Will Rafe be able to settle her hyperactive mind as easily as he does her body? Will Silk run before he gets a chance? Or will Rafe run after meeting Silk’s shotgun toting mother?
A Siren Erotic Romance
Silk in Bonds (MF)
6 Ratings (4.0)

Silk in Bonds (MF)

Club Esoteria 18

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 22,886
6 Ratings (4.0)
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Cover Art by Les Byerley
I loved Rafe and Silk, so happy they found each other......
donna b buccella
This was an interesting short story on taming a hyperactive sub.



Taking a deep breath, Silk closed her eyes and an image of her sadness as little black suckers, like nasty little leeches, clinging all over her body filled her vision. Stretching her arms out to the sides, she dropped her head back and began to twirl around.

She didn’t think about the others in the room. They were too busy to notice her silliness anyway. She could get away with it, at least for the minute or two it would take to wind herself up into a better frame of mind.

As she spun round and round, she imagined the little black happiness suckers flying off, leaving her emotionally clean and shiny once more. Then, a new image formed, one of Rafe Carlton, the man she would most like to play with, but the big security guard was working the front gate again. Besides, he would never be interested in her. Whenever he played, he chose the skinny little blonde submissives, and never the same one twice in a row.

Blowing out a deep breath, Silk released all the negative emotion, allowing her lungs to fully empty. Sucking in a breath, she repeated the gesture, blowing out the internal bad as well. By the time she stopped twirling and dropped her arms to her sides, she was dizzy and giggly, but was in a much brighter state of mind.

At least she was until she opened her eyes and found Rafe Carlton standing about six feet away watching her. His face was nearly as red as her short-short, barely-covers-anything chemise. She wasn’t sure if he was embarrassed or aroused as his expression was the same blank slate she’d seen on other dominants in the past. Except for his pale gray eyes, which blazed with heat.

Rafe was the one dominant in the club she had never played with. He had emigrated from England to the United States as a teenager with his family. His speech still contained a slight accent, which set her temperature rising every time she heard it. He juggled his job as security at Club Esoteria with one at the local health club as a personal trainer, and she’d heard rumors that during the rest of the week he worked at one of the other bars in town as a bouncer.

Giving him a quick look up and down, she could tell he had finished his shift on the front gate and one of the others had taken his place. The suit and tie he wore while on duty had been shed, as well as the white dress shirt. He wore a black leather vest with his black dress pants and black shoes. The open vest drew her eye to this torso, which was ripped and rippling with muscle. She swallowed hard as she imagined licking each and every one. Several inches over six feet tall, and even with his hair cut in a short businessman’s style, Rafe looked like a barbarian warrior looking for a fight.

“Having fun?” he asked in his precise accent as one eyebrow rose in query.

Since she wasn’t sure if he meant the twirling she had just finished, or looking him up and down, Silk grinned and allowed her devil-be-damned personality loose. “As a matter of fact, I am, thank you. Got rid of all the bleckiness. Too bad there’s no one to play with, ’cause I’m in a mood to play hard. Guess I’ll just have to call a cab and go home to Bob.”

Rafe’s raised eyebrow dropped and he frowned. “Bob? I thought you were single.”

“I am single,” she admitted softly as her cheeks heated. “Bob is my battery-operated boyfriend. Since the single dominants are few and far between these days, Bob has become my play partner. Too bad even he has a hard time getting me off lately.”


* * * *


Rafe wanted to pump his fist in the air in triumph before sweeping the sexy little Silk Zaccaro up to carry her off. It was finally happening. He had been waiting for Silk to look at him with more than fear for months. Until tonight, she had never seemed interested when he finally made his way into the club at the end of the evening.

Needing to stake his claim, Rafe reached out and wrapped his right hand around her left wrist.

“Not all are spoken for,” he said softly, staring deep into her black eyes and hoping she understood what he was saying. “I have to find Mr. Jennings and give him a message, but then I’m free to play.”

Rafe was not a talker. He preferred action to words, though his job as a personal trainer required him to explain things. Here in the club, he had learned the unclaimed submissives could not be expected to know his mind.

He had to speak to them, tell them what and how he wanted things done. At least that was what Taurus had told him one night when they’d gotten together for beers and a football game last fall. He had complained about not finding a woman who fulfilled his need to tie them up and love on them until they were both puddles of goo. He might look like a sadist, but appearances, at least in his case, were deceiving.

Since that night, Rafe had become more discriminating in who he played with, but in the three years he had worked, and played, at the club, he had always imagined Silk wrapped in his ropes. Until just now, he had hesitated in approaching her, always choosing another submissive to practice on.

Truth was, Silk Zaccaro intimidated him. Though she was submissive, her sassy mouth, too-busy brain, and hyperactive body made her seem much more than he could handle. Would he be able to help her find a point of stillness, of silence, of peace where she could relax and fly? Or would any scene he had imagined fall apart because he expected too much from the Italian beauty?

As he watched, Silk’s eyes went wide and then cut away. She looked at everything around the room except him.

“Silk? Would you be willing to see if our kinks match up?” he asked, his deep voice rumbling up through his chest causing her to begin to tremble.

Her gaze returned to his then dropped. “I thought you’d play with one of the others like you usually do,” she said softly, speaking to his chest.

“Eyes up here,” Rafe said sharply.

He smiled inside when her eyes rose to his. “Tonight I want to play with an Italian wildcat.”

“Me?” Silk squeaked, her eyes going even wider.

Rafe nodded. “You. The question is, might you be interested in spending time with me?”




Rafe fisted the base of his cock, squeezing hard to keep from coming before he got to feel Silk’s mouth. He was pleased to see that once she had realized there was no escape, and that she was safe, the Italian beauty had relaxed somewhat, and assuring her that no one else would see the pictures he had taken seemed to settle her further. She wasn’t twitching or wiggling or swaying as she waited for what he was to do next to her.

And that was to give himself a bit of pleasure before he fucked her hard and fast.

Without a word, he stroked the tip of his cock across her lips, leaving a smear of pre-cum behind. He was not surprised when those lips parted and her tongue licked at her lips at the same time it stroked across the head of his cock.

Rafe groaned as he watched, unable to look away, no matter how much he might need to. Her lips and the flush on the head of his cock were the same shade of deep rose. Watching her lips close around his length as he pressed forward made it harder to maintain control. Leaning forward, he rested his left hand on the table next to her body while his right hand moved toward her clit and began to play once more with all the delights that made up a woman. Her hot, wet mouth felt so good as she sucked and lapped at his cock, swirling her tongue around the head when he pulled back and sucking hard on his length when he pushed deep.

Rafe played with her clit, circling around the nub of flesh, stroking a finger up and down her maiden’s channel, dipping into her open, wet pussy to gather more of her honey. Then he stroked back and spread her juices around her puckered back hole. In response, she squeezed the star closed and trying to wiggle away, though they both knew there was nowhere for her to go.

“Has anyone ever taken you back here?” he asked as one finger brushed back and forth over the opening.

She shook her head side to side. The knowledge that she was an anal virgin was a surprise, but he also delighted in the fact that he would be the first man, the only man, to take her there.

Though they were only scening for the second time, the trust she had laid at his feet, and the love he could feel growing in his heart, meant that he would do everything in his power to keep her. He had no doubt they could overcome her hyperactivity of both mind and body, and build a good life together, both in the playroom and out.


* * * *


Silk’s world closed down to only two thoughts, giving Rafe the best blowjob she could and enjoying what he was doing to her. Nothing else mattered except the pleasure she was giving and receiving. When Rafe pulled his fingers from between her legs and his cock from her mouth, she couldn’t help it. She whined.

She gasped when a hand came down hard on her mons in immediate punishment for her brattiness, but Rafe didn’t continue with a second or third slap. Instead, she felt the air move as he stepped away from the table. She listened, and heard things moving around to her left. He was looking for something, but what?

She found out a moment later when a cold, wet finger penetrated her virgin ass. She sucked a breath of surprise, and then began to pant as it fucked in and out, going deeper with every stroke. Then, just as she was getting accustomed to having a finger in her ass, Rafe pulled it out.

But she wasn’t empty for long. Instead, a well-lubed, hard something pressed in, growing bigger with ever millimeter until it closed down again. Then she felt something pressing against the tissue around her anal opening.

“How does that feel, wildcat?” he asked just before he kissed her belly.

“Strange,” she admitted softly.

“Does it hurt?”

“No, Sir. What is it?”

“A plug. It’s a small one, to start the process of stretching your ass muscles so that, very soon, I will be able to fuck you there. I’ll change it out for a bigger one in a while,” Rafe answered, sounding pleased with something, though she wasn’t sure exactly what.

She didn’t know what to say, so she rolled her lips over her teeth to keep from saying something completely inappropriate. As Rafe kissed his way down her belly to the top of her slit, she squeezed the muscles around the plug. It felt strange, but not too bad.

Then Rafe licked his way down the valley of her slit, over the top of her clit and to her pussy. After lapping at her open pussy, he moved back up and began to flick and lick and play with her clit, winding her tighter and tighter. Bound as she was, she could only take the treatment, her breathing harsh and fast, little sounds she had never heard keeping the room from being silent.

As she grew closer, she began fighting her bonds, needing something, some little thing, more to send her over the edge she seemed to have come up against, but the ropes held her tight, and she grew even more desperate as Rafe continued playing with the little knot of nerves.

“Please, Sir. Please, I need,” she begged. Tears welled up in her eyes and overflowed, soaking the scarf that covered them.

Something in her tone must have pleased him for he lifted his head and gruffly said, “Come, subbie,” before setting his mouth directly over her inflamed, puffed up clit, and sucking it hard.

Silk screamed as her orgasm bulldozed through her like an elephant on a rampage. Her head came up and her body bowed with the convulsions that shook her despite the bonds that held her. Big hands wrapped around her hips further restrained her, keeping her from pitching herself off the table.

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