[Siren Ménage Everlasting: Erotic Cowboy Ménage a Trois Romance, M/F/M, sex toys, HEA]

After months of gentle wooing, Adam and Jake Kendall know their sweet Ginny Rose is on the verge of saying yes to a romance with them. But then her former abuser escapes from jail, and suddenly, all bets are off.

Ginny can’t reason through the terror that grips her when she learns Deke Walters is free. He threatened to kill her and her son Benny—and Ginny will do anything to keep Benny safe.

Adam and Jake assure Ginny that they can keep her and her son safe, but Ginny has had enough of feeling like a victim. Besides, how can she stand tall and behave like a whole woman when deep inside, she knows the wounds she suffered never truly healed?

Bold action is required, and Ginny finds her courage, but will that discovery cost her the love of the men she knows she can’t live without?

Note: There is no sexual relationship or touching for titillation between or among siblings.

A Siren Erotic Romance


Morgan Ashbury/Cara Covington is a Siren-exclusive author.

Love Under Two Kendalls (MFM)
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Cover Art by Les Byerley
This is my first review of a book. Love all the books by Cara Covinton, including this book. I have all the Lusty, Texas series. I think there was a mistake though on chapter 21 at the party for the engaged couples. When Richard Benedict said, "the rest of of our branch of the KENDALL clan - Brian and Chase and our middle brother Greg - are back in New York City for a few days, winding up the final transfer of our headquarters in Houston. Shouldn't it have been the Benedict clan?
One of my favorite books in the series, I love them all, but this book is one of the special ones. Ginny is one of my favorite characters. Ginny is a wounded young woman and mother of a young son named Benny. She finds her strength and true self in Lusty. She thrives because of love not just from her men but from so many. Lusty pulls together and helps those who need it. A town like no other, one we wish truly existed. Uplifting sexy story is a testament to triumph over tragedy. Boy howdy Ginny gets her revenge!
Professional Reviews

5 KISSES: "Ginny Rose has been abused by the men in her past. She loves her son fiercely and is willing to do anything to protect him. As she finds her footing in Lusty, Texas, she learns that her ex-boyfriend has escaped from jail. She is sure that he will make good on his threats against her and Benny so she runs. Adam and Jake Kendall have been slowly wooing the shy Ginny Rose. They know that she is perfect for them. However, will they be able to protect her from both her fears and her ex-boyfriend? Or will Ginny allow her fears to cost her both the men and community she has grown to love? Love Under Two Kendalls by Cara Covington is seventh in the Lusty, Texas series. While the reader will have a better understanding of how Ginny came to the town of Lusty having read prior stories in this series, it can be read as a stand alone. Ms. Covington did a wonderful job of portraying Ginny Rose's journey to improve her self-worth. Ginny’s life before finding Lusty, Texas, was filled with heartache only brightened by her adorable son Benny. With the support of the residents of Lusty, she learns that she is stronger than even she knew. I loved that the Kendall brothers, Adam and Jake, allowed Ginny the time that she needed to grow and blossom. Both men are used to taking charge and they gave Ginny the courage to stand up for herself. I loved the building of the relationship between the men, Ginny, and Benny. Ms. Covington gave her characters an emotional depth that readers could appreciate. I thought this was a great addition to the series." -- Tangie, TwoLips Reviews

guiltypleasuresrr.jpg4 STARS, RECOMMENDED READ: "As a fan of Lusty, Texas I’ve been waiting for Ginny Rose’s story since she first appeared in Love Under Two Benedicts. While you can read each of the books in this series individually, I really feel you’ll be lost if you don’t start at the beginning and move forward especially with Ginny’s story. Ginny was in an abusive and dangerous relationship putting both herself and her son at risk. Feeling she had no other choice, she decided to make the ultimate sacrifice to save her son from a man who made it clear he didn’t want him around. Thankfully she was able to get away from him and was rescued by some of Lusty’s residents including Sheriff Adam Kendall. That’s where Ginny’s story begins and Adam’s interest starts. Problem is Adam knows he and his brother Jake will have a tough time convincing Ginny to trust them or anyone again. From that book on, we see glimpses of Ginny, her son Benny, and their interactions with Adam and Jake and know this will be a story like no other. Adam and Jake are brothers and part of a large and loving family who’s ancestors founded Lusty, Texas years and years ago. Lusty was founded by people who wanted to be able to live in ménage relationships without fear of repercussion. Ginny is a single Mom who was raised in a one parent household with a mother who didn’t want her around. She got pregnant at a young age and then dumped. She then found herself involved with a very controlling and abusive man. She’s been beaten down her whole life and once she’s safely ensconced in Lusty she starts to recover and come into her own. She’s never had people she could count on until now and just as she’s starting to feel safe her abusive ex escapes from prison turning her world upside down. Adam and Jake set out to find Ginny’s ex-boyfriend and have him returned to prison. Ginny fearing for her and Benny’s safety decides to go and see a long lost aunt in New Jersey. She is helped by Adam and Jake’s Mom and Grandmother again proving to her that she is no longer alone. Once Adam and Jake realize she’s gone they go after her and show her that she means more to them than revenge on her ex or anything else. Because she has been abused in the past, Adam and Jake know they have to take things slow. They truly realize the gift Ginny gives them when she opens her heart and her arms to them and believe me these guys do everything to make her know she is the only one for them. Once back in Lusty, Adam and Jake set out to bring in her ex and his loser friend. Ginny heads back to work realizing how much stronger she feels back “home”. Ginny ends up taking care of a potential dangerous situation (unbeknownst to her with back up from the women of Lusty). Adam and Jake can’t believe what she’s done and while they manage to hold their tempers there are some truly humorous scenes as Ginny starts to truly assert herself. Love Under Two Kendalls is a great installment in the Lusty, Texas collection from Cara Covington. You can’t help but love the heroes in this book and watching Ginny grow and change as a woman has been fascinating. The Kendall, Benedict, and Jessop families are fun to read about and I highly recommend this story and the entire series to anyone who enjoys reading ménage stories." -- Slick, Guilty Pleasures Book Reviews

4 HEARTS: "Ginny has decided to give Adam and Jake a chance. Right after she decides this, she is told that her abusive ex-husband has escaped custody. Ginny is blindsided at first and she doesn't want to pull away from the men but she wants to come up with a plan and have time to regroup. She heads to her aunt's on the east coast and she takes her son. The men are not happy at first but they understand to a point. They decide to look for the ex and set things in motion and then they go after their girl. The characters in this story are all really well-written. I loved them right away. I knew them from the previous story in this series though you do not have to have read it to enjoy the story. All of the characters in this story were well written and I loved most of them. The story has a realistic feel to it throughout. Ginny is not just jumping into a new relationship after years of an abusive one. She knows the men well. I loved the way that Adam and Jake court Ginny. They know her story and are not willing to push her too fast because they want forever and are willing to wait. The sex is explicit and fairly frequent. It does not happen too quickly because the men are not willing to move too fast. There are plenty of emotions involved by the time that sex enters the picture and so it just adds to the story for me. I really enjoyed the plot line in this story. It was consistent and the story moved along well. There was plenty of action and the story was never slow. I was an excellent blend of romance and action." -- Lexee, The Romance Studio

5 FALLEN ANGELS: "Ginny Rose has been burned before and vowed never to let it happen again. In Lusty, Texas to recover from an abusive ex-boyfriend, she slowly begins to fall for Adam and Jake Kendall. She is content to make her place in this town and care for her son. When she learns her ex has escaped from jail, she is terrified. Jake and Adam have been in love with Ginny from the moment they laid eyes on her. Determined to protect her, they do everything they can to find the escapee. When Ginny runs to the safest place she knows, Jake and Adam follow. Will her ex find them? And will Jake and Adam convince her once and for all that they were meant to be? This is the one I have been waiting for. We were introduced to Ginny in the first book of The Lusty, Texas Collection. I fell in love with Ginny and throughout the series; Ms. Covington has given us more insight into her character. Adam and Jake have been so patient with her and I love the way the entire town has taken her under their wing. It's just one more way that Ms. Covington has gotten me invested in the town and all of its characters. The more books I read about Lusty, Texas, the more I want to read. Even the fact that all the relationships are menage doesn't detract from the newness and originality of each installment. In this one, Jake and Adam are so loving and understanding. They really take the time to make Ginny see that they are true mates and how she can trust them with her life and that of her son. As an added bonus, we get to meet a new character and I like where this series will be going next. I look forward to the next installment in The Lusty, Texas Collection." -- Ursula, Fallen Angels Reviews

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Adult Excerpt


She’d heard sounds and knew that Jake had tossed his clothes aside, yet still she shivered when he pressed his naked body against her back.

“Will you take Adam’s seed into your womb, honey? I can hardly wait to set my hands on your rounded belly and know our child grows there.”

“Oh, yes. I want that more than you can possibly know.”

When Adam lay down on the bed and held his hand out to her, she went to him. The heat of his body as she straddled him rose up, his scent, pure man and hunger, went straight to her cunt. Already so wet, she stroked her slit up the length of his cock, and rejoiced in his shiver. She stopped, her hands braced on his chest, her gaze locked with his. Her nipples had already peaked just from this little bit of foreplay, and when he cupped her breasts, when his fingers tugged at her nipples, she surged her hips forward against him.

The lips of her pussy had separated, making room for him, and his cock nestled between them as if coming home. Oh, the heat of his penis right there, against her clit, felt so wonderful, she couldn’t help but close her eyes and moan in pure pleasure.

Adam flexed his cock, a sweet kind of greeting. She opened her eyes again and smiled.

“I want to remember every nuance of this moment—the moment when we all three become one, and begin a new life—and new lifetime—together.”

The bed dipped behind her, and Jake leaned forward and kissed her neck. She felt his flesh brush against hers and marveled at the wonder of them together.

“Take my cock inside you, Ginny,” Adam said. “You’ll be the first woman—and the last—I’ll ever be naked inside.”

She held his gaze as she raised herself up. She reached for him and encountered his hand, already holding his cock, bringing it to her. So she wrapped her hand around his and moved with him, slid with him, and then sank down onto him.

“Oh, yes, you feel so very good inside me.”

“Sweet baby, good doesn’t begin to describe how hot and wet and wonderful you feel around my cock.”

“This is special.” Jake’s words kissed her shoulder. “Can you feel it? It’s what our fathers told us would happen, when it was right, loving that’s as much spiritual as it is physical. I’m so aroused right now, and so humbled. Move on him, honey. Ride him, nice and slow.”

Ginny did feel it, such reverence, such joy, that she could no longer imagine making love without this connection, this sense of rightness.

Slowly, oh so slowly, she moved on Adam’s cock. He held her waist in his hands, helping her, raising her up and then pulling her down into his thrusts.


Jake’s whisper preceded the glide of his lube-covered fingers up and down over the rosebud of her anus.

She clenched her pelvic muscles because that sliding caress felt so incredible, making her arousal soar.

“Are you ready for me, honey? I’ll be gentle.”

She needed to feel his cock inside her ass, to have him there so that they would climax together. She sucked in a breath when Adam’s right hand left her waist and brushed her clit.

“Yes, Jake, please. Please fuck me. Please fuck my ass.”

“Ginny. Yes, here, honey, take me.”

He moved over and then he moved in, the press of his cockhead against her anus feeling more erotic than anything, ever.

The burn of his entry, as her tiny rosebud stretched and then opened, seemed to add to the arousal that sang through her entire body. Adam continued to brush her clit and pump his cock inside her, and she marveled anew that she could feel so much, so many amazing tingles of electric excitement. She continued to move, up and down, but added a little backward nudge.

Jake grasped her hips as he hissed his pleasure. “You’re going to make me lose control.”

“I won’t break.” She looked down and met Adam’s gaze. “I won’t break. I’m stronger than I was, stronger than I knew. And I need…mm, I need.”

Words split apart and scattered as the physical took over. The pressure of Jake’s cock entering her ass became pain, a burning pain that sent shafts of heat to her clit. Her body stretched to admit him, and as he slid slowly into her, she began to shiver. Never had she felt so full. Never had she felt so horny.

“Oh, lord. Give me more. Move! Fuck me!”

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