Her Unexpected Love (MF)

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Scorching
Word Count: 72,382
2 Ratings (4.0)

[Siren Classic: Erotic Contemporary Romance, sex toys]

Mike is about to start his dream job as managing owner of a hotel in Montauk, NY, but his focus shifts when he finds out Devon, his high school crush, is part of his new life.

Devon has become an artist with her own retail store, specializing in jewelry made from sea glass, and she is stunned to find Mike taking over the old hotel. Though she’s drawn to him, she is hesitant to begin a relationship with her past experiences still haunting her.

The girl who turned him down has turned into the woman of his dreams. Can Mike convince Devon he’s right for her in all the ways she never expected?

A Siren Erotic Romance

Her Unexpected Love (MF)
2 Ratings (4.0)

Her Unexpected Love (MF)

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Scorching
Word Count: 72,382
2 Ratings (4.0)
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Cover Art by Jinger Heaston
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4.5 CHERRIES: "Her Unexpected Love is a sublime story of love, with a rich and evolving tapestry that will enthrall and delight. What would you do if you met up with your high school flame again and were thrust into a remembered passionate tryst in the back of his parents minivan, fifteen long years ago? Would you dare to take a risk and find out once and for all if the sparks ignited then could be flamed into a lasting passion today? Or rather, passionately guard a wounded heart, protect it from love's sweet folly and instead choose to carry on and just remember fondly, 'the one that got away'? Thankfully, Lillith Payne's tale, Her Unexpected Love isn't quite so cruel, although I must admit to getting as desperate as poor Devon and Mike, by the time these two finally get around to consummating said passionate love. Oh, but when they do, after interruptions, commitment after work commitment, an ex from hell, and with only some hot phone sex to fill the aching void, it's full-on 'monkey sex' with all the satisfying bells and whistles! It's a wonderful and inviting tale most worthy of your perusal, set against the moody background of Montauk Point, New York. It's about change, love lost, love found, rediscovered and remembered, and rejoiced and renewed as they travel down a path and along the road of discovery for them both. It's a joyful observance of life and second chances that speaks from the heart to lovers everywhere. Her Unexpected Love is seductive and erotic, with absorbing characters that beg to be remembered long after you've read the final lines. Thanks, Ms. Payne, for such a compelling and quietly brilliant tale that inspires me to seek other examples of your elegant prose." -- Clematis, Whipped Cream Reviews

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Outside, the air was almost too sharp to breath. Standing off to the side, Mike asked, “Are you as embarrassed as I am?”

“Yes, kind of. If you’d rather just go back to your hotel, I can get to my—”

His arm was through hers before she could finish her thought. “Let’s walk.” He waited for her to decide which direction, and they headed away from town. At the corner, she paused.

“Water or road?”

“You pick.”

“I live here, Mike. I can walk any time I want.”

“Let’s stay on common ground. Road.”

“All right.” They headed down another block. He still had his arm linked with hers. It was strange to be walking with her. For a long while, they were both quiet.

“Are you warm enough, Devon?” He noted that she wore only a canvas barn jacket over her sweater and jeans.

“I’m fine.” She seemed on edge to him. When the sidewalk ran out, she motioned for him to cross to the other side, heading back toward the main part of town.



“Are you as...not uncomfortable, but well, maybe feeling as awkward as I am?” She stopped walking. It took a moment for him to realize what she had said. “I didn’t mean to be rude, it’s just that, well, I figured you might have felt obligated to—”

Devon never finished her sentence. His lips were on hers before she could. Just a brief, light touch of his lips to hers and he drew back, watching her face.

“I figured if we got past that, maybe we would both relax.” He smiled as laughter bubbled up from her throat. “I’ve wanted to do for years.”

“Actually, you did kiss me…and a bit more, as I recall.” She seemed hesitant to bring up the subject.

“I never forgot that night, Devon. Homecoming at the high school. You were a freshman in college, and I was finishing my senior year in college.” He smiled, remembering their brief time together. “I always wondered what happened to you after that.”

“Nothing really, I went back to school.” She hesitated. “Although I was a bit more educated.”

“I wish we’d had more time, been in a different place.”

“I’d say what we did was enough for then.” Devon looked directly at Mike.

“I always wanted to know what it would have been like to make love to you completely, not just orally.” Her neck and cheeks reddened with embarrassment, but he didn’t miss the small smile tugging at the corner of her mouth.

“Mike, what would your mother say?” she teased.

“Let’s not tell her!” Before he could think, his mouth was on hers again, this time with slightly more pressure. Devon brought her hand up to the back of his head, pulling him in closer. She separated her lips, accepting his kiss, pushing him to deepen it. He circled his arm around her waist, pulling her closer, feeling the length of her against him. Suddenly, she pulled away.


“I’m sorry, Devon. I got carried away.” 

“I did, too. Let’s walk.” He left his arm around her waist. He liked the way she fit against him. She didn’t try to pull away. Neither said anything. When they were back in front of the bar, she nodded toward the park in front of the Manor House. They sat on the wooden bench, both quiet, his arm around her shoulder on the back of the bench. They could hear the roar of the ocean just two blocks away, crashing against the sand. They watched as a few people left the bar. Still neither said a word.

Mike was afraid to say anything, Devon was still silent. When she started to shiver from the cold, he pulled her closer.

“I want to ask you something, Devon. I’d like a straight answer.” She stiffened against his arm. “Are you involved with anyone?”

Her body relaxed and relief turned to laugher. “No, Mike. It’s been three years.”


“I beg your pardon!” She twisted to pull away from him, but his arm kept her firmly in place next to him. He noted she didn’t pull too hard.

“Devon, will you have dinner with me tomorrow night?”


“Good.” She looked up at him. The lights from the Manor House were behind them, and it was hard for him to see her face. He pulled her a little closer to him.

“Are you cold?”

“A little, I’m okay for now.”

He stood quickly, holding out his hand for her. “Let me walk you to your car. It’s getting late.” There was a distinct change in his mood. She motioned the direction they should take. It was only two short blocks away. He kept his arm around her shoulders. When they reached the truck, he smiled.


“Nothing. I just pictured you in some small, sporty compact.”

“Just goes to show what you know!” They both hesitated by her door.

“Devon, I…”

“Mike, if you’d rather not see me, it’s okay. I know everyone at the bar tonight put you in an awkward position. We’re both adults. It’s fine if you’d rather not.” Again he cut off her words with his mouth covering hers. This time his kiss was sensual. His tongue slipped over her lips, making them part under his. His right arm pulled her at the waist into him, and his left hand held her head firmly to him. He knew she could feel his arousal against her. Her hands went to his chest, and she pulled his jacket closer to her. When he backed away, they were both breathless.




Reaching forward, she unbuttoned his shirt slowly, stopping to kiss the newly exposed flesh, watching his head fall back and his eyes close. Even slower, she undid his belt and let it fall to the side. His hands went to her hair, pulling her gently back to his mouth to be ravaged for a long time. While his hands were caressing her shoulders and palming her breasts, her nipples peaked hard and full, needing attention. One of the straps fell aside, and he took full advantage of her exposed skin. When he tried to shift her for better access, she refused. Instead, she went back to the button on his jeans, slowly lowering the zipper. As she peeled back the fabric, she laid her head against his crotch, breathing deeply and letting out a small sigh.

Devon wouldn’t stop now.

“Dev, we need to slow down or this will be over before it starts.” He tried to pull her up to him once again, but she resisted. Raising herself up on one arm she looked deeply into his eyes and kissed him with a passion she had never known could exist.

“Let me love you, Mike.” She went back where she had been. She fondled him with both her eyes and hands, and rubbed her taut nipples against the tip of his cock, feeling him quiver.

Between rubbing and touching she finally spoke. “Do you remember that morning in the hotel? When I fell asleep with my head in your lap, I dreamt of doing this.” Just the tip of her tongue brushed against the underside of his penis. She breathed against it, taking a second lick.

“And I wanted to do this.” She ran her warm hand up and down the length of him. “And this.” She kissed at his testicles, feeling them go taut under her touch. “And most especially this.” She leaned down, taking the head into her mouth, swirling her tongue against the tender underside. As she stroked him, she felt his erection grow stronger. The deeper she took him, the harder he became.

A strangled groan came from somewhere deep within his chest, then his hands laced in her hair, not pushing, just holding and guiding as she explored his erection.

Mike shifted her position just as she was beginning to lap at the first drops of his pre-cum. She went willingly, kissing her way up his body until she came to his mouth, where she totally devoured him with hers. Again, she followed the same path downward, until she had settled against him, letting herself get acquainted with his size.

“Devon, I...”

She reached up one hand to stroke his chest, not relinquishing her grip. “Later,” she said, as she slid the length of him back into her hot mouth. As she worked magic on his erection, he finally relaxed under her and let himself go.

“Devon,” was all he managed to groan as his release flooded into her mouth. She held him there, still kissing and licking him through his orgasm. His hands fell from her hair, and she didn’t stop until his breath had gone back to normal.

The amazing thing for Devon, besides the size of him, was that he hadn’t been forceful, pushing her when she wasn’t ready to accept him. While she kissed and fondled, he became erect again. This was even more exciting to her.

Gathering his strength he shifted under her until they were able to kiss. He devoured the last of his cum from her lips before relaxing back onto the bench with her still clasped to him tight. Devon reached forward, returning with one of the wine glasses. She offered him a sip, and then took some for herself. She ran her nails up his spine and around his taught stomach. She still hadn’t let go of his cock.



“My God...” he said, sounding surprised by her attention. He took her mouth to his, kissing her with renewed interest. This time when he motioned for her to move up and lie across him, she went willingly, although she shifted to keep hold of him. Lazily, he ran his hands across her breasts, watching as the silken material fell to the side. His touch was almost feather-light, teasing her without mercy, until he finally lifted her up off him, laying her down on the cushion. Then she had no choice but to let go of his cock. As his tongue ran a path from her neck to her breast, he lightly pinched at her nipple, bringing it to meet his mouth.

Devon didn’t know how long he tortured her like this, but she never wanted it to end. His hand caressed her leg, pushing the silk fabric up and out of his way as his fingers played lightly across her thighs. When he reached the center of her warmth, his fingers toyed with her, making her arch up her back to meet him. When he finally probed her, she shifted to take his finger deeper inside her, letting out an involuntary groan of pleasure.

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