Nicholas's Wolf (MM)

Brac Pack 14

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Scorching
Word Count: 27,814
139 Ratings (4.6)

[#418 Siren Everlasting Classic ManLove: Erotic Alternative Paranormal Romance, M/M, werewolves, public exhibition, sex toys]

Dr. Nicholas Sheehan lives under his father’s thumb—Dr. William Sheehan even picked out a fiancée for him—until he was called to the house of Maverick Brac. All his father’s plans fell by the wayside when he finds he can’t resist the man with the long scar running down his face.

Jason Colt is a grey wolf living in a den of timber wolves. Alpha Zeus traded him off like yesterday’s underwear without a thought. His body scarred and his soul broken, Jason thinks of himself as the ugly duckling amongst swans.

Having been isolated his whole life, Jason struggles to understand humans, especially his mate. He can’t fathom why such a gorgeous man doesn’t want to leave his side, so Jason fights the pull and orders his mate away.

Will Jason be able to get past his torturous self-doubt and be able to claim what fate deemed as his, or will Nicholas be left without a mate to call his own?


Note: Each book in Lynn Hagen's Brac Pack collection focuses on a different romantic couple. To enjoy the overall story arc and crossover characters, we recommend reading the series in sequential order.

A Siren Erotic Romance

Lynn Hagen is a Siren-exclusive author.


Nicholas's Wolf (MM)
139 Ratings (4.6)

Nicholas's Wolf (MM)

Brac Pack 14

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Scorching
Word Count: 27,814
139 Ratings (4.6)
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Cover Art by Jinger Heaston
Very hot read. Scorching. I await each of these books with anticipation. Did not dissapoint. Must have more, more, more. PLease keep up the great writing and your fans will keep reading.
My heart broke for Jason as the most abused of Jackson's pack. Now he feels like he was discarded by his old pack and throne into a den of gorgeous large super model looking Timber wolves. Talk about having a huge complex as the only puny grey wolf. It makes me happy that maverick chose him because he would meet his mate there. His mate Nicholas is actually an independently wealthy, established doctor who at 35 is very mature and able to care for him and draw him out of his shell.

Jason and Nicholas get their well deserved HEA
Professional Reviews

"How someone who manages to get a medical degree not have the balls to tell his own father to mind his own damn business runs through Dr. Nicholas Sheehan’s head more times than he’d care to admit. Nicholas is gay yet his father’s machinations even have him engaged. The problem is that daddy dearest controls his future at the hospital where he works, though secretly Nicholas would like nothing better than to work in a small setting where he can get to know his patients. Sent to the Brac Pack from a neighboring pack Jason Colt keeps to himself for the most part and only speaks when spoken to. They don’t know of his isolated childhood or the abuse and torture he suffered from his very first Alpha. Tense moments amid comic misunderstandings introduce Nicholas to Jason. The doctor is drawn to the scarred shifter though it will take time and patience for Nicholas to get through to Jason. Now, if they can just get Nicholas’s father to understand the days of being brow beaten are over for good. No more mister nice doctor. Nicholas’s Wolf proves that fate and destiny know what they are doing matching Nicholas and Jason. The easy going, genuinely kind doctor finds his other half in an emotionally and physically scarred shifter. Their love story, their blossoming romance, sizzling and scorching is one of those feel good kind of stories. Plus, it’s always a bonus to catch up with other characters in this very popular series. A balance of tender and smoking hot, as well as a chuckle or two, Nicholas’s Wolf is especially fun." -- Lisa, Joyfully Reviewed

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Jason kissed the back of Nicholas’s neck as his mate reached up for a book. It seemed like he couldn’t get enough of him.

He was addicted to his mate’s scent, the look of passion as he came, and the way he shouted Jason’s name. It was all an effective aphrodisiac to set Jason’s blood on fire.

“I want you.” Jason kissed the words into his skin as his tongue trailed along his mate’s neck.

Nicholas moaned, pushing his ass into Jason’s groin. He pressed his erection against his mate’s nicely rounded globes, his needs spiraling higher with the act.

Jason ran his hand up his mate’s back, gently pushing him over the desk in the library. He slid his hands into the waistband of his green pants as he slowly lowered them to Nicholas’s ankles. Jason rained kisses down Nicholas’s spine and then over each mound before parting his globes and running his tongue around his tight star.

“Oh, hell.” Nicholas pulled one leg up as he pushed his ass back, rocking his body onto Jason’s tongue.

Jason licked around his puckered skin, his thumb sliding in as his tongue trailed south, running over Nicholas’s sac that was drawing tightly to his mate’s body.

“Jason, please. I need you.” Nicholas whimpered.

Sex was the one thing Jason knew how to do best, and he was going to give that gift to his mate over and over again.

Nicholas seemed to thrive when Jason touched him. He had yet to be fully naked in front of him. He always took his mate from behind except when he claimed him, and Nicholas couldn’t see in the dark interior of the truck.

Jason wouldn’t be able to take that look of horror again. He made sure only his pants slid down to his knees when he took his mate. Nothing more. He allowed Nicholas to touch his scars from under his shirt, but that’s as far as he would allow it. His mate was determined to touch him, so Jason would give him that much.

“Fuck me, now,” Nicholas demanded with a groan.

Jason pulled the small packet of lube from his front pocket, wetting his mate’s pink hole. He tossed the empty packet onto the desk as he pushed three fingers in.

They fucked so much in the past two days, his mate stayed ready, but Jason would always stretch him first. Nicholas was fragile. He wouldn’t risk harming him.

When a fourth finger fit comfortably inside, Jason knew he was ready. He was still growling at himself for taking his mate so roughly in the kitchen this morning. That had been crass, selfish, something Jason would never do again. His mate meant the world to him. He would never harm him.

Grabbing his cock, Jason lined himself up and then sunk into that sweet, glorious star. His canines began to extend with the powerful feeling rushing through him. The room became crimson as his eyes shifted as well.

Jason’s head fell back onto his shoulders. The feeling was like nothing he had ever felt before. He reached down and slid a finger in alongside his cock, feeling his shaft gliding next to it as Nicholas’s body clamped down on his cock and finger. His entire body shivered as he stared at the point of connection for a moment.

“Oh my god, Jason. Yes, more,” Nicholas mewled.

Jason slowed as he slid a second finger in, then a third. He began to move again, amazed at how his mate’s hole stretched for him. “Am I hurting you? Do you want more, Nicholas?” Jason asked as he rocked in and out.

“No, not hurting me. I want more. Yesss,” Nicholas hissed.

Jason slid his fingers out, reaching down into his front pocket for the mini vibrator. He took a moment to lube it and then pulled his cock free. His mate protested with a whimper, but Jason stilled him with a hand on his back. “Lie still, Nicholas.”

“Okay,” Nicholas agreed breathlessly.

Lining the vibrator up with his cock, Jason slowly pushed back in. He knew he had a thick girth and a long length, and his cock was more than enough to please his mate, but Jason wanted to see this, wanted to give his mate the experience he knew Nicholas would thoroughly enjoy.

He hit the small button at the top, the vibrator buzzing to life.

“Jason,” Nicholas cried out as he clawed at the desk.

Jason finally smiled for the first time in a very long time. His mate bucked his hips, rocking back to impale himself fully onto Jason’s cock and the toy.

Jason had to hold the base of his cock so he wouldn’t lose his grasp on the small purple silicone. Once he had a firm grip, he thrust harder, giving Nicholas the pleasure he was clawing the desk for.

Leaning forward, Jason grabbed Nicholas’s hips, stilling him as he blanketed Nicholas’s back with his chest. “Hold still, Nicholas. I want you to feel it.” His voice was husky in Nicholas’s ear. Jason closed his eyes, feeling the vibrator humming throughout Nicholas’s entire body, drawing them both closer to the edge.

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