Brac Pack Collection, Volume 2 (MM)

Brac Pack 1

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Scorching
Word Count: 130,368
5 Ratings (4.6)

In Oliver’s Heart, Micah Barak rescued his mate from an abusive father, but Oliver was too damaged and young to claim. As Oliver continually lashed out at everyone around him, Micah did his best to protect him and help him heal. Now eighteen, lonely, and desperate, Oliver is trying to let go of his anger and hatred. He yearns for Micah’s heart and body, but can he truly open himself up to love? One night, they are run off the road while driving home by wolves out to kill Oliver for thwarting the violent attacks of the Eastern pack’s ex-alpha, Jackson. Oliver is now the target of rogues who have no sense of playing by the rules. Will Micah finally claim Oliver—if he can keep him alive—or has Oliver’s heart become too hardened and bitter?

In Keata’s Promise, Keata Kia was kidnapped from Japan along with his cousin and three other young men. Struggling to make a home in America, Keata discovers that the men who took him in are wolf shifters—and one of them is his mate. Unfortunately, Keata’s mate has refused to claim him. But if Keata remains unclaimed, there are plenty of eager wolves ready to step in and teach the innocent human a thing or two about making love. However, when Keata is suddenly kidnapped by the prince of vampires, Keata’s mate goes crazy, ready to kill every vampire in the area. But plans change when it is discovered that Keata has a secret, one that has everyone scrambling to save his life.

In George’s Turn, George has had enough of men and his old life. As a cowboy, he’d been run off enough ranches for being gay. So, in his new life as a diner cook, he’s more than happy to play it straight. Ladies love his cowboy swagger, and he loves his job and apartment. Everything seems to be going well…until his eyes land on the most gorgeous man he’s ever seen. Tank longs for a mate of his own to hold at night. And the moment he meets the new diner cook, he’s smitten. But flowers and candlelight dinners don’t seem to be enough to convince George that giving himself to Tank doesn’t mean giving up his manhood. When vampires suddenly attack George, Tank must help care for him. Will George finally realize that the strongest love just might be between two strong men?

In Loco’s Love, Loco Remeere lets Cecil, the Alpha’s mate, talk him into helping with another harebrained scheme, but this time Cecil’s adventure leads Loco right to his own mate. Tangee Highland works two jobs to survive. He doesn’t have time for dating. Rushing in late as usual to his job at the tattoo parlor, he stops dead in his tracks at the sight of a gorgeous, silver-haired man. Despite his better judgement, Tangee quickly indulges his desire for Loco’s touch, but mating for life is a little too intense for a first date. He denies Loco their mating, insisting they take things slowly. But then Tangee’s mother is in a car accident and the responsibility for his five-year-old sister now lies with him. Will Loco still want him with a kid sister on his hip? Or has Tangee already voided the claiming?

In Lewis’s Dream, Detective Lewis Keating has had enough of cheating men. To make matters worse, when a crooked cop steals a stack of files, it’s Lewis’s job to try and close out the ones he can. Evan Triamade has been a control freak since childhood, and his wolf quickly loses control when his aloof mate suddenly shows up at his door to question him about an assault that supposedly happened months ago. Their relationship is volatile from the start, and Evan’s alpha forbids him from seeing Lewis until they can settle their differences. But Evan discovers that convincing his mate not all men are cheaters is harder than he imagined and, to top it all off, Lewis has a drinking problem. Lewis thought living among humans was hard, but living in a world of paranormal creatures tests his very sanity. 

A Siren Erotic Romance
Lynn Hagen is a Siren-exclusive author.
Brac Pack Collection, Volume 2 (MM)
5 Ratings (4.6)

Brac Pack Collection, Volume 2 (MM)

Brac Pack 1

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Scorching
Word Count: 130,368
5 Ratings (4.6)
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Oliver looked up once again at Micah, a blush fanning across his face and neck at the intimate way Micah was seeing him.

Micah gave a low growl. Oliver took him deeper, humming as his tongue swirled around the hard shaft. Micah thrust his hips, and Oliver gagged. His eyes watered as he pulled back.

“Fuck, Oliver.” Micah leaned up to his elbows. “Please tell me you’ve done this before.”

Oliver ignored him as he sucked harder, his mouth going up and down the cock, his hands feathering across Micah’s scrotum. He was not about to engage in a debate about cock sucking with a hard shaft shoved in his mouth.

“Oliver, gonna…” Micah warned as his hands locked onto Oliver’s head, thrusting his pelvis faster in short bursts. Oliver was thankful his mate took into consideration his inexperience.

Oliver grabbed the base and pumped as he swallowed further. Hot pulses hit the back of his throat as he struggled to swallow.

Micah howled as his hands pressed firmer on Oliver, his hips jerking until he collapsed.

Oliver crawled up Micah’s body, craving the feeling of that thick, long shaft inside of him. His heart beat faster at the thought of his mate watching him this time, facing each other. It was heady, exhilarating. Oliver wanted to throw his head back and laugh with the giddiness that was bubbling up inside of him.

He straddled Micah’s abdomen then leaned down to share the musky taste still lingering on his lips and in his mouth.

Micah devoured him. His hands grabbed Oliver’s hips as his tongue ravaged Oliver’s mouth.

“Need you.” Oliver moaned into Micah’s mouth. He reached over and grabbed the lube, setting himself back slightly to pour a generous amount down onto Micah.





“My boyfriend?” Keata looked at him confused.


“But he red-hair boyfriend.” Keata looked even more confused now. How could Tank explain the complications of that screwed up relationship? He didn’t even think an interpretation from his cousin Kyoshi would help this mess out.

Tank only half understood Cody and Jasper. Normally, he stayed out of it, but Keata now had a vested interest in it, and Tank wouldn’t stand by to watch his buddy get hurt.

Tank was getting angrier by the moment. If Cody was indeed Keata’s mate, then this was one fucked-up situation, and Keata deserved better than Cody acting like an ass. Keata deserved someone who would love and cherish him. Tank almost wished Keata was his mate. There wasn’t anything Tank wouldn’t do for the little human.

For some reason fate decided it should be Cody, and Tank thought fate must have been drunk off of her ass when she decided to pair them.

“I don’t know what to say, Keata.” Tank fisted his hands. Cody had some damn explaining to do. “Finish eating, buddy.”

His jaw clenched as he tried to eat. Keata sat there daintily as he ate. Cody was a damn fool. Tank dropped a tip on the table and had the rest of his meal tossed into a to-go container as he led Keata back out to his truck and took him home, forgetting about the post office.

Tank walked Keata into the house and headed straight for Cody’s bedroom. He banged on the door, seething that Cody hadn’t stepped up and claimed what was his instead of acting like a retarded wolf.

“What?” Cody barked as he swung his door open.

Tank shoved past him and stepped into the room. He turned and towered over Cody.

“I know you are aware of who Keata is to you. Why the fuck is he still unclaimed?” Tank wanted to throttle the wolf.

“That’s none of your business.” Cody had looked shocked for a moment, then quickly recovered. Tank wondered if he was shocked that he knew or that Keata was his mate. No, Cody had to have known.

“It is my business when Keata is hurting. He feels the pull and can’t understand it. He’s sad when you aren’t around, Cody. Figure your shit out, or I’ll take Keata from you,” Tank threatened.

“Try it,” Cody snarled as he bumped chests with Tank.

“Why should you care? You’re too busy with your head up your ass to even take care of your mate. Someone needs to.” Tank stormed from Cody’s bedroom to go find Keata. He had to make sure the little guy wasn’t hurting. Had he known Keata was going through this, he would have stepped in a long time ago.

He found Keata sitting next to Loco, one of the other wolves that had been asked by Storm, Kyoshi’s mate, to be Keata’s sponsor. In other words, he was Keata’s babysitter.

Loco was looking through a book as Keata laughed, and Tank’s chest tightened at the unfairness thrust upon Keata. Cody was a damn fool.




Cody added a fourth finger, knowing Keata needed as much stretching as possible with his size.

“You okay?” Cody asked while sucking Keata’s nipple into his mouth. His mate’s skin was heady. Cody lapped at his chest, kissing the tattoo and promising himself to cleanse Keata of those blood red tears. He sucked in the other nipple, rolling it around in his mouth. It peaked to a small point. Cody bit gently at it and then kissed his way back to the other one.

“Yes,” Keata hissed out, pressing his chest into Cody’s mouth.

Cody reached for the lube in the nightstand and came up empty- handed. Crap, Keata didn’t have any. Didn’t his mate jack off?

Duh, that would be a no if the guy just had his first orgasm.

“Keata, no lube?” Cody’s cock was throbbing to get inside his mate. It pressed against his zipper in a painful arousal.

Keata tilted his head and furrowed his brow. “I not understand.”

“Never mind.” Think, dammit. Cody shot off of the bed and ran to the bathroom. He riffled through Keata’s medicine cabinet, knocking things into the sink until he found a jar of petroleum jelly. Fuck it, when in a pinch...

Cody ripped his clothes off on his way from the bathroom, and then set the jar on the nightstand. He opened the lid, and then smeared the thick petroleum jelly around Keata’s ass and his own cock, pushing his fingers back into Keata for good measure. Cody grabbed Keata’s prick, stroking it a few times to get his mate to relax. This seemed to do the trick because Keata went from trembling to moaning.

Cody lined himself up with Keata’s tight hole. His own body started to shake, the anticipation of finally mating Keata shot through him like a lightning bolt.

“Ready?” Cody slid his left hand under Keata’s shoulder, staring at him deep in his midnight black eyes.

“Yes.” Keata’s body trembled again, and Cody knew there was no amount of stroking to settle his mate’s nervousness

“I won’t move until you tell me when I can.” He never looked away from Keata as he slowly pressed in. Cody fought for control. His mate’s tight star threatened his sanity as he inched in a little at a time.

His right hand slid under Keata’s other shoulder, cradling his mate close to his chest. He was buried balls deep, and the need to move drove him insane, but he would never hurt his mate.





“Oh, fuck.” George’s head fell forward, grabbing Tank’s shoulders as he swung his hips back and forth. Tank growled and applied suction, fucking his mouth on George’s cock.

“Tank.” George moaned. It sounded like an angel spreading its wings to Tank’s ears.

His tongue danced with George’s cock in a duel of seduction. Tank was now hopelessly addicted.

The coiled tension in his gut was too much, and Tank needed to claim what fate had given him while George was in agreement.

His mate cried out when Tank released him. That sound was like a symphony on a warm summer’s night. “Strip,” Tank commanded, and George didn’t hesitate. He tossed his clothes off of his lean and—fuck, it was gorgeous—body, and crawled up on the bed, then lay on his back and grabbed his hardened shaft. Tank’s body hummed at the sight before him.

“You gonna finish?” George smiled, and Tank lost the ability to breathe.

“Your smile must bring out the sun every morning.” His mate’s skin flushed, and there was never a more beautiful sight in heaven or on earth.

Tank smiled and crawled between George’s legs, lowering as he took the cock down his throat.

“Yes, Tank.” George hitched his hips, grabbing Tank’s head as he pumped rapidly into Tank’s mouth.

Tank wet a finger then pushed gently into his mate’s ass. Knowing this was the first time the cowboy was being breached, Tank let his finger rest while he squeezed George’s shaft. He ran his tongue up the length of George’s shaft then crooked his finger.

 “Holy fuck!” George shot down Tank’s throat, his back arching off of the bed. He drank his fill of his mate’s seed until George had no more to give.

Tank didn’t stop. He licked and sucked his way down until he lapped at his mate’s balls, inhaling the strong scent of pure man between George’s legs.

“I don’t think I can survive until sundown if you do that again.” George panted out.

“Like that?” Tank grinned around his mate’s balls, sliding a third finger in.





“Hey, tattoo freak. You cut us in line.”

Tangee looked around to see who the guys were talking to. The only tattooed freak in there was him. Shit, just what he didn’t need. Tangee couldn’t fight his way out of a paper bag, but he wasn’t going to let these guys know that. Why did it seem like no matter where he went trouble followed?

“Sorry.” He stepped back behind the men who accused him of cutting, although he couldn’t be sure if he did. He wasn’t paying attention.

“You can buy our food since you’re being so considerate.” The accuser’s words were menacing and void of humor.

Tangee turned to the side, trying his best to ignore them. His heart was beating out of his chest, and he could feel himself shaking. He hated fighting because he was never on the winning end or it. Tangee thought once he became an adult he would be past all that, but apparently not.

“You hear me?” The prick shoved his hand into Tangee’s shoulder, shoving him back a few steps. Tangee needed to get out of there. He’d hit the hamburger place down the street. Catfish was so not worth this. Turning around to leave, the guy pushed him again while taunting him. Tangee could feel the tears welling up and cursed himself for his weakness.

“Since you ain’t gonna buy my dinner…”

Tangee saw stars when the guy punched him in his eye, and shards of light exploded behind his eyes. Fuck, that hurt. With an instant headache and throbbing face, he took off running, forgetting that Mark had sent him for food as he ran into the back door of the parlor and into the bathroom.

“You okay?” Mark yelled from the other side.




“Oh, god,” Loco moaned as his mate wiggled below him, sucking the head of his cock into his mouth. “Tangee.” Loco’s arms threatened to give out as Tangee’s fiery hot hands stroked his cock.

Loco was lost in a world of lust. His mate was sucking the head of his cock with so much enthusiasm that Loco was going to blow any moment. “Tangee,” Loco called out again.

Tangee sucked him down deeper, grazing his sac then rolling them it in his hand, running his fingers over the skin between Loco’s balls and his ass. He pumped his hand around the base, caving in his cheeks for a tight suction. Loco was going nuts as he pushed his cock all the way to the back of his mate’s throat.

Loco yelled Tangee’s name as spurt after spurt of seed bathed the back of Tangee’s hot, succulent mouth. He leaned back and pulled his mate up the bed. “You have a beautiful mouth.” Loco kissed the taste of himself right out of his mate.

“Fuck me,” Tangee breathed. “I need you inside of me now.”

“I plan on tapping that ass.” Loco grabbed the lube, drenching his fingers and sliding them into his mate’s tight entrance, scissoring and stretching until his mate was loose and relaxed. The anticipation was almost unbearable. Loco had to reach deep inside of him for patience he didn’t know he possessed as he took his time preparing Tangee.

Loco wiped his hand on the blanket and then pushed Tangee’s legs back, the head of his cock kissing the tight hole. Loco reached down and grabbed his cock, using the head of it to rub around Tangee’s hole. He could actually feel Tangee’s muscles expand and contract against his cockhead. The anal play was maddening, but the sensation was erotic.

Pushing forward, he could feel the heat engulf his sensitized cock as soon as he entered him. The tight band of muscles clamped down on his shaft, stroking his cock as he worked his prick in inch by patient inch.

“Oh, fuck, yes. More,” Tangee cried, bucking his hips up to take all of what Loco had to give. His mate grabbed his shoulders and pushed down until Loco felt his balls hit his mate’s ass. “So good,” Tangee moaned. His fingers dug into Loco’s shoulders, the sting of fingernails breaking skin only adding to the sexual experience.

Loco pulled back until only the head remained then thrust forward, slamming his pelvis into Tangee’s ass. He pushed his mate’s legs back further, giving him full view of ass swallowing cock.

His prick slid in and out, and Loco watched in fascination. The sight of Tangee’s twin globes drawing up tight to his body made Loco’s teeth ache to nip them.

“Silver.” Tangee’s head thrashed around. “Your cock feels so damn good in my ass.”

Loco snapped his hips faster, those sexual words making his lust shoot up another notch. He could feel sweat dripping down his back as he grabbed Tangee’s ankles tighter. Loco noticed his mate’s toes curling in. How ego-stroking was that?

He knew he wasn’t going to last. Not with the sight below him. Seeing Tangee in the throes of passion was so intoxicating, he could drink that look and get drunk off of it.

He fought to stave off coming so quickly, panting heavily as he concentrated on his lover. Tangee was the most beautiful creature he had ever seen. Loco’s hand caressed Tangee’s soft abdomen, feeling the muscles quiver under his hand.





Evan gave Lewis a throaty growl, climbing up Lewis’s body in a slow and seductive prowl, drinking his mate in with his eyes.

Evan did a reverse push-up, holding his weight on his arms as he lowered his mouth to Lewis.

Lewis placed his hands on Evan’s arms, holding them there loosely as Evan tilted his head, running his tongue over Lewis’s lips, nipping the bottom one. He pulled back when Lewis tried to take more. Evan had waited so fucking long for this that he feared it being over in a heartbeat.

Evan lowered his upper torso back down.

Lewis’s wide-eyed innocent look was merely a smoke screen, and Evan knew it.

Lewis’s hands moved from Evan’s arms and wrapped around his neck in one swift motion. Raw lust glittered in those beautiful eyes.

Yeah, it had been a smoke screen. Evan pushed up, grabbing Lewis’s shirt and lifting it to his wrists, locking them in place.

Lewis licked his lips as he panted, staring up at Evan.

Evan’s hand snaked between them, unfastening Lewis’s jeans and pulling his heavy and aching cock free. He gave one last nip to Lewis’s lip before leaning back and devouring his mate’s cock. Evan didn’t take lightly, and he wasn’t one to hesitate. He sucked his mate’s crown, circling his tongue around, and then backed off. He needed in his mate now.

“Tease,” Lewis hissed.

“Take these jeans off, and I’ll show you a tease.” Evan pulled at the waistband, bringing the fabric down to Lewis’s ankles, removing his shoes. Evan yanked them the rest of the way off.

“Socks…get rid of my socks. Can’t have sex with them on. It’s just weird.”

Evan quirked a brow at Lewis but did as he asked. Evan stood over Lewis, giving his mate an eyeful of what he had to offer.

“I’m impressed,” Lewis tried to joke, but the lustful way his mate was staring at him made Evan rock hard.

Evan lay back down over Lewis, fisting his mate’s cock in his hand. He kissed Lewis, pouring all his emotions into that one intimate act. A web of arousal spun around him as he squeezed his mate’s shaft, his thumb caressing over the leaking head.

Evan growled when the door was cracked open and a bottle of lube was tossed in before the door clicked closed.

He chuckled.

“Damn, any privacy around here?” Lewis asked as Evan leaned over him, grabbing at the bottle. His mate took the opportunity to lick across Evan’s abdomen, the moist tongue taking him close to the edge.

“Are you complaining when it will get us both what we want?” He moaned.

“Guess not.”

Evan grabbed both of Lewis’s ankles in one hand, swinging Lewis’s legs up and over, and then pushing them back to Lewis’s chest. Lewis’s tight hole smiled up at him, and Evan’s teeth began to ache in desire to sample it.


He needed to be inside Lewis now, damn it. Now wasn’t soon enough to Evan. He lubed his cock with one hand, getting the slick stuff all over the place and giving a shit less about it.

He threw the bottle down and walked forward a step on his knees, his heart racing as his cock got closer to coming home. And Lewis was home. Evan knew it in his bones.

After their shaky beginning, he wasn’t taking any chances on waiting.

“Oh, god,” Lewis moaned as Evan thrust hard and deep. His mate bucked, wrapped his ankles around Evan’s neck, and bowed his back for him to go even deeper.

“Do you accept me as your mate, Lewis?”

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